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Barging commoditis on the Columbia River is a big business on the.  On the Lower Snake River, not so much "Where does economics come into play here? And how is that going to be affected by the recovery of a few Sockeye in a few lakes in Idaho or some Chinook salmon in the Snake River basin. I mean..., how do you balance that against the potential impact on a huge economy?"
- Conrad Mahnken, Research Biologist NOAA Fisheries
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RedFish BlueFish
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Breaching Dam Myths Oregon Quarterly, Autumn 2000 by Ed Whitelaw
Power Hunting California Monthly, 11/5 by Steven Boyd Saum
Dam Arguments & Rebuttals Meeting w/ Helen Chenoweth notes by BlueFish
Case for Partially Removing 4 Dams Save Our Wild Salmon, April 1999 Columbia & Snake Campaign
NMFS Salmon Recovery Strategy Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/22/00 by Barry Espenson
Politics & Economic Concern The Indian Country, 10/20/00 by Cate Montana
Going With The Flow Executive Summary, 4/00 by NW Energy Coalition
Transportation Impacts Of Dam Breaching Port of Portland, 2/23/00 by Aaron Ellis
Grain Transportation After Partial Removal American Rivers, 9/99 by Dr. Edward Dickey
Economic Impact of Restored Fishery Economic Report, 7/99 by Don Reading
Court Battle Over ESA Salmon Listing Construction&Development, 5/99 by Jim Klauser
Salmon = Lawsuits Wheat Life, 7/3 by Glen Squires
Initial Phase of the Lower Granite Dam on Snake River is Completed February 1975 History Link, 4/24/6 by Phil Dougherty
The Lower Snake River Project History Link, 6/1/6 Essay 7774
Dam Removal Costs Analyzed BPA Journal, 4/7 by Staff
World's Most Dammed River Invermere Valley Echo, 8/19/7 by Staff
Why Lower Snake River Dam Removal is not in the Draft Wheat Life, 12/7 by WWC Staff
Why Not Include Removal of Four Lower Snake River Dams FCRPS Biological Opinion, 5/5/8 by NOAA Fisheries
Inside the Failure of $8 Billion Effort to Save Prized Fish Wall Street Journal, 9/19/6 by John J. Fialka
Downsizing the Government: Cutting the Army Corps of Engineers CATO Institute, March 2012 by Chris Edwards

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BPA Projects $280M Loss: Drought, Extreme Weather Hit BPA Revenues The Columbian, 5/29/24 by Sarah Wolf
Grid Analysts Challenge Bonneville Power's Pace in Adopting Advanced Conductors PV Magazine, 5/29/24 by William Driscoll
Batteries are Taking on Gas Plants to Power California's Nights Canary Media, 5/9/24 by Julian Spector
Fire Destroys Office Building Near Ice Harbor Lock and Dam Elkhorn Media Group, 5/21/24 by Dan Thesman
Fire Destroys Tri-Rivers Natural Resources Management Office at Ice Harbor Lock and Dam Big Country News, 5/20/24 by USACE Press Release
Wildfire Embers Destroy a Snake River Dam Building in Eastern Washington The News Tribune, 5/20/24 by Tri-City Herald Staff
Report Estimates Lower Snake River Dams, Reservoirs Emit Millions of Tons of Greenhouse Gases Oregon Capital Chronicle, 4/9/24 by Alex Baumhardt
Corps says Report on Greenhouse Gases from Lower Snake Reservoirs Misleading Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/5/24 by Staff
Rivers are the West's Largest Source of Clean Energy. What Happens When Drought Strikes? Grist Magazine, 4/26/24 by Staff
Northwest Dams' 2023 Power Generation at Lowest Level in 22 Years Daily Tidings, 4/13/24 by Diane Megaw
US West Hydropower Production Plunged to 22-Year Low Last Year The Hill, 3/26/24 by Sharon Udasin
Irrigator Association's Study Measures Dam Breaching Disruption Capital Press, 3/1/24 by Don Jenkins
Columbia-Snake Agreement Plans Next Era of Energy Resources Daily Inter Lake, 2/8/24 by Diego Rivas
Solar Developer Seeks Inslee's OK for 60-MW Eastern Wash. Project RTO Insider, 3/24/24 by John Stang
PSE Undertakes 'Unprecedented' Expansion of Renewables, Zero-Emission Generation Clearing Up, 2/16/24 by Dan Catchpole
Bonneville Power Works to Restore Power to Blue River Substation KMTR Eugene, 1/16/24 by News Staff
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Central Oregon Emerges as a State Leader in Utility Solar Energy Production Capital Press, 12/6/23 by Michael Kohn
You May Not Have Noticed, But the Tri-Cities are Leading the Way on Clean Energy Tri-City Herald, 11/7/23 by Bob Schuetz
Nearby History: Lyons Ferry and Life Before Dams, Bridges on the Lower Snake Moscow-Pullman Daily News, 10/28/23 by Kathryn Meyer
Washington Senator: Hydrogen Hub Not Happening Without Dams News Talk KFLD, 10/14/23 by Staff
Washington Sees Big Opportunity in Offshore Wind Energy Supply Chain 425 Business, 10/13/23 by John Stearns
Delays Invalidate Oregon Solar Facility Permit, But Ruling Leaves Another Option Capital Press, 10/12/23 by Mateusz Perkowski
Bonneville Power Administration Makes 40th Straight Treasury Payment, Aided by Financial Policies Big Country News, 10/4/23 by Staff
Region Gets Big Fed Boost to Rails Capital Press, 8/23/23 by Emily Pearce
U.S. Department of Energy Beckons Clean Energy Development at Hanford Tri-City Herald, 10/5/23 by Ann King
Clean Energy Projects Could Cover 19K Acres Near Tri-Cities. Will They Create Enough Jobs? Tri-City Herald, 10/5/23 by Annette Cary
Here's Where Solar, Wind or Other Clean Energy Projects Could be Built Near Richland Tri-City Herald, 9/5/23 by Annette Cary
New Step Taken to Turn Tri-Cities into National Model for a Clean Energy Center Tri-City Herald, 9/4/23 by Annette Cary
Eastern Washington Gets More Than $2 Million for Green Energy Investments KREM, 9/27/23 by Annette Cary
Washington Farmer Sees Wind, Solar Project as Boon to Agriculture Capital Press, 8/23/23 by Don Jenkins
Farming Concerns Arise at Horse Heaven Wind and Solar Project Hearings Capital Press, 8/15/23 by Don Jenkins
Why Lasers Could Help Make the Electric Grid Greener National Public Radio, 8/13/23 by Julia Simon
A Bottleneck on the Grid Threatens Clean Energy. New Rules Aim to Help New York Times, 7/27/23 by Brad Plumer
Climate Change is Making PNW Hydropower Less Reliable Seattle Times, 8/7/23 by Isabella Breda
OSU: Billions of Dollars Fail to Improve Wild Fish Stocks in Columbia Basin Central Oregon Daily, 7/31/23 by News Sources
Solar Facility Would Take 10,900 Acres of Eastern Oregon Farmland Capital Press, 7/27/23 by Travis Snell
Next-gen Nuclear Reactor Company Signs Deal to Build Up to 12 Reactors in Washington State Geek Wire, 7/18/23 by Lisa Stiffler
Light Headed: In Parts of the Northwest, Roll Open a Head of Wheat and There's Not Much in It Oregon Public Broadcasting, 7/16/23 by Anna King
Cascade Locks Rejects $100 Million Data Center in the Columbia River Gorge The Oregonian, 7/20/23 by Mike Rogoway
Chelan PUD to Sell Power to Seattle Area Utility Spokesman-Review, 7/11/23 by Jason Taylor
'Great Year' for Cloud Seeding Bolsters S. Idaho Snowpack Capital Press, 6/7/23 by Brad Carlson
Big Snowpack Boosts Snake River Water Release to Aid Fish Capital Press, 6/21/23 by Brad Carlson
The NW's Only Nuclear Power Plant is Back On the Grid After a Longer than Expected Outage Tri-City Herald, 6/20/23 by Annette Cary
Clark Public Utilities Joins Study into New Nuclear Power Generation The Reflector, 6/12/23 by Rick Bannan
Millions Coming for Local Solar Projects Around Oregon Capital Press, 6/8/23 by Morgan Rothborne
Proposed Pumped-storage Energy Project on Sacred Yakama Nation Site gets Key Permit Seattle Times, 5/22/23 by Isabella Breda
BNSF Railway's High Profit, Low Performance Capital Press, 3/23/23 by Editorial Board
National Wheat Organizations Slam Railroad Merger Capital Press, 3/15/23 by Matthew Weaver
Substation Connector Failure at Fault for Weekend Power Outage Fox 41, 5/16/23 by Thomas D'Anella
Bonneville Power Administration Proposes Richland Line Rebuild to Prevent Unplanned Outages YakTriNews, 4/11/23 by Madeleine Hagen
Environmentalists Protest as Green-energy Project Clears Hurdle in Washington Capital Press, 5/23/23 by Don Jenkins
FERC Staff Endorses Goldendale Energy Project in Washington Capital Press, 4/30/23 by Don Jenkins
Proposed Plant in Washington Would Get Hydrogen From Water Capital Press, 4/13/23 by Matthew Weaver
Okanogan PUD 3.75 Percent Average Rate Increase Begins April 1 Quad-City Herald, 3/27/23 by Mike Maltais
FBI Offers $50K Reward to Catch Northwest Grid's Armed Attackers Oregon Public Broadcasting, 3/10/23 by John Ryan
Deepening of Navigation Channel Will Allow Lower Snake River to Operate at Lower Levels Lewiston Tribune, 2/25/23 by Eric Barker
Snow, Wind and Cold to Hit Through Monday as 'Arctic Front' Moves into Inland Northwest Oregon Public Broadcasting, 1/4/23 by Quinn Welsch
More Power: Grant PUD Mulling Over Ways to Increase County's Power Supply by 2025 Fiber One, 1/26/23 by Staff
Planning for Eugene's Power Needs Oregon Public Broadcasting, 1/4/23 by Elizabeth Castillo
WSU: 'Very Small Area' with Low Conflicts Over Solar Capital Press, 7/10/23 by Don Jenkins
Council Poised to Override Washington County's Pause on Solar Projects Capital Press, 6/22/23 by Don Jenkins
Inslee OKs Solar Projects in County Despite Moratorium Capital Press, 4/17/23 by Don Jenkins
Inslee's New Way to Greenlight Energy Projects Moving in House Capital Press, 2/23/23 by Don Jenkins
Solar Company Forges Ahead in Washington Counties with Moratoriums Capital Press, 2/17/23 by Don Jenkins
Washington Needs Outside Help to Meet Green-Energy Law Capital Press, 1/17/23 by Don Jenkins
Inslee Proposes Speeding Up Green-Energy Projects Capital Press, 1/11/23 by Don Jenkins
Lava Ridge Wind Power Proposal Concerns Ranchers, Farmers in South-Central Idaho Capital Press, 1/2/23 by Brad Carlson
BPA Finalizes Allocation of $500M in Power Reserves Distribution Clause Funds NW Fishletter, 1/13/23 by Stephen Ernst
BPA Decides to Use Some Power RDC Funds to Reduce Rates HydroWorld, 1/12/23 by Elizabeth Ingram
BPA's $500M Windfall Will Mostly Go To Rate Reductions, Irking Fish, Energy Efficiency Advocates Portland Business Journal, 1/11/23 by Pete Danko
Bonneville Power Administration Proposing Holding Power Fees Flat Lake County Examiner, 11/21/22 by Staff
California Pushed to the Limit by a Relentless Heat Wave that Broke the Mold Los Angeles Times, 9/7/22 by Toohey, Petri & Yee
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watch Emergency Bonneville Power Administration Shutdown Sparks Flathead Power Outages KPAX, 12/22/22 by MTN News
Fears of Extremist Campaign After Attack on US Power Station Voice of America, 12/27/22 by Staff
Fears of Neo-Nazi Campaign After Attacks on US Power Stations Times of Israel, 12/27/22 by Staff
4th Washington State Electrical Substation Vandalized yahoo! Finance, 12/26/22 by Associated Press
3 Washington State Electric Substations Vandalized yahoo! Finance, 12/26/22 by Associated Press
watch Vandalism at 4 Pierce County Substations Knocks Out Power to Thousands on Christmas KOMO News, 12/25/22 by Staff
Investigation Into Attacks on Power Stations Across the U.S. Continues PJ Media, 12/11/22 by Rick Moran
Attacks on Electrical Substations in Oregon and Washington Raise Questions About Grid Security The Oregonian, 12/9/22 by Ted Sickinger
Attacks on Grid Infrastructure in 4 States Raise Alarm E&E News, 12/9/22 by Miranda Willson
String of Electrical Grid Attacks in Pacific Northwest is Unsolved Oregon Public Broadcasting, 12/8/22 Conrad Wilson & John Ryan
'It Was Deliberate': Power Grid Stations in Pacific NW Fall Victim to Recent Attacks King 5, 12/8/22 by Maddie White
PSE Substations Among Six Attacked in Pacific Northwest in November Seattle Times, 12/8/22 Lauren Girgis & Hal Bernton
Five Electricity Substations in Oregon and Washington are Attacked Daily Mail, 12/8/22 by Sophie Mann
Another Oregon Power Substation Attacked Central Oregon Daily News, 12/8/22 by News Sources
Report: Federal Memo Warns of Recent Oregon, Washington Substation Attacks Central Oregon Daily News, 12/7/22 by News Sources
Two Portland Area Power Substations Damaged Recently: 'This was Malicious Intent' KATU, 12/7/22 by Eric Mock
BLM sets Meetings on Large Wind Power Proposal in Idaho Capital Press, 12/26/22 by Staff
Negotiations to Resurrect Ferndale Aluminum Plant Fall Apart Crosscut, 12/28/22 by John Stang
Dredging Planned for Lower Snake and Clearwater Lewiston Tribune, 12/22/22 by Eric Barker
Snake River Navigation Channel Dredging Efforts Will Start in January 2023 NBC Right Now, 12/21/22 by Karlee Van de Venter
Global Wheat Stocks Tight, Prices Volatile in Year of War, Drought Capital Press, 12/20/22 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Drawbridge at Little Goose Dam Fails, Temporarily Closed to Vehicle Crossings Lewiston Tribune, 12/16/22 by Staff
Solar Company asks Inslee Administration to Override Rural County's Ban Capital Press, 12/23/22 by Don Jenkins
Washington Clean-Energy Project Seen as Threat to Tribal Resources Capital Press, 12/23/22 by Don Jenkins
Electric Power System by Mandate, Not Design Capital Press, 12/15/22 by Editorial Board
Washington's Green New Deal: Climate Agenda Generates Many Unanswered Questions Capital Press, 12/8/22 by Don Jenkins
Report: Horse Heaven Energy Project Impact on Farming 'Low' Capital Press, 12/20/22 by Don Jenkins
Solar Projects Progress Over Yakima County's Protest Capital Press, 12/20/22 by Don Jenkins
Yakima County Solar Moratorium Eclipsed by State Council Capital Press, 12/6/22 by Don Jenkins
Analysis: Breaching Two Snake River Dams Insufficient to Avoid Fish Declines NW Fishletter, 12/5/22 by K.C. Mehaffey
End of Low-Cost Power is Barrier to Economic Development Tri-Cities Journal of Business, 12/22 by Wendy Culverwell
Port of Whitman County Drops Boat Launch Fees Lewiston Tribune, 10/27/22 by Elaine Williams
Tidewater to Expand Columbia River Barge Service MarineLink, 10/13/22 by Elaine Williams
With Renewables, Native Communities Chart a Path to Energy Sovereignty Tucson Sentinel, 10/19/22 by Jeff St. John
Wheat Industry Revving Up Visits to Overseas Customers Capital Press, 10/28/22 by Matthew Weaver
Tidewater to Expand Columbia River Barge Service Marine Link, 10/13/22 by Staff
Inland Waterways Report: Columbia-Snake River System Marine Link, 9/15/22 by Tom Ewing
World's Largest Single-phase Battery Goes Online in California PV Magazine, 10/19/22 by Ryan Kennedy
First 'Utility Scale' Plant Combining Solar and Wind with Battery Storage Opens in the US Electrek, 10/6/22 by Peter Johnson
Tiny Oregon Town Hosts 1st Wind-Solar-Battery 'Hybrid' Plant AP News, 9/28/22 by Mateusz Perkowski
Energy Vault to Start Deploying 275MWh BESS in California; Adds to Existing Pipeline Energy Storage, 9/12/22 by Cameron Murray
Pacific Northwest Heat Wave was a Freak, 10,000-Year Event, Study Finds Oregon Public Broadcasting, 9/28/22 by Monica Samayoa
BPA Adopts New Streamflow Forecast to Reflect Changing Climate American Public Power, 9/3/22 by Paul Ciampoli
Users, Not Taxpayers, Should Pay for the Inland Waterways System Reason Foundation, 9/6/22 by Jay Derr
Grain Exports from Port of Portland Decrease 50% Due to Drought Capital Press, 8/16/22 by Mateusz Perkowski
Getting Wheat Where It's Going Columbia Basin Herald, 8/14/22 by Charles H. Featherstone
Stakeholders Tout Value of Snake River Dams at Federal Advisory Meeting Capital Press, 8/17/22 by Matthew Weaver
Energy Secretary Agrees Tri-Cities Assets 'Irresistible' for Growing a Clean Energy Hub Tri-City Herald, 8/14/22 by Annette Cary
US Secretary of Energy First Time in Tri-Cities Has High Hopes for Future of Clean Energy KNDO/KNDU, 8/11/22 by Lindsey Jensen
Electric Vehicles Seen as Driving Demand for Hydropower Capital Press, 8/6/22 by Don Jenkins
Heat Wave to Blast Longer in Tri-Cities. Two Outages Leave 1,200+ Without Air Conditioning Tri-City Herald, 7/28/22 by Annette Cary
Snake, Clearwater Dredging Proposed for This Winter Lewiston Tribune, 7/22/22 by Eric Barker
Wheat Prices Fall to Pre-War Levels Capital Press, 7/6/22 by Matthew Weaver
World's First Large-scale 'Sand Battery' Goes Online in Finland Energy Storage, 7/6/22 by Cameron Murray
Dworshak Dam Increases Discharge to Cool River Temperatures Big Country News, 7/6/22 by Staff
Renewables May Replace Hydro Dams to Restore Endangered Salmon PV Magazine, 6/22/22 by William Driscoll
Relicensing for Idaho Power's 3-dam Hells Canyon Hydroelectric Project Advancing KSL, 6/27/22 by Keith Ridler
Idaho Power is Pulling Out of Coal, with Plan to Exit 50-Year-Old Wyoming Plant Times West Virginia, 6/20/22 by Ian Max Stevenson
Snake River Flow Boost for Fish Less than Last Year's Capital Press, 6/13/22 by Ian Brad Carlson
John Day Dam Storing Water to Minimize Lower Columbia River Flooding Press Release, 6/12/22 by Matt Rabe
Value of Ag Exports is Up, But There's a Hitch Tri-Cities Journal of Business, 6/2/22 by Wendy Culverwell
Dam Accounting: Taking Stock of Methane Emissions from Reservoirs The Revelator, 5/25/22 by Tara Lohan
Climate-Fueled Heat Waves Will Hamper Western Hydropower Scientific American, 5/20/22 by Benjamin Storrow
NW Winter Wheat Outlook 'Considerably More Optimistic' After Last Year's Drought Capital Press, 5/17/22 by Matthew Weaver
Ag Shippers Hope Surface Transportation Board Efforts will Improve Rail Performance Capital Press, 5/12/22 by Matthew Weaver
Surface Transportation Board Tells Railroads to Provide Recovery Plans Capital Press, 5/6/22 by Matthew Weaver
Nez Perce Tribe Eyes Renewable Energy Utility Cooperative Lewiston Tribune, 5/21/22 by Eric Barker
PNNL 'Grid Storage Launchpad' Will Accelerate Energy Storage Innovation, Grid Resilience Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/27/22 by Staff
Record Amounts of Zero-carbon Electricity Generation and Storage Now Seeking Grid Interconnection Lawrence Berekley Lab, 4/13/22 by Staff
Co-op Added More Than 2,000 Meters in 2021 Alone Hungry Horse News, 4/27/22 by Chris Peterson
Okanogan PUD Rates Going Up KOZI, 3/30/22 by Staff
Snake River Dam Power: BPA Hires E3; Council Ponders Study NW Fishletter, 4/4/22 by Dan Catchpole
Wind Power Produced More Electricity than Coal and Nuclear Sources for First Time Ever USA Today, 4/14/22 by Jordan Mendoza
BPA is Balking, Lobbyists Gonna Lobby The Stand, 6/8/22 by Staff
WA Delegation to BPA: Power Up Intalco! The Stand, 5/27/22 by Staff
Union Ratifies Labor Contract with Blue Wolf, While BPA Energy Contract Negotiations Continue The Northern Light, 5/25/22 by Grace McCarthy
Alcoa Aluminum Smelter's Road to Recommissioning Metal Miner, 4/11/22 by Nichole Bastin
'Green' Aluminum Inches Closer in Northwest, If Only They Can Power the Last Remaining Smelter KUOW, 4/1/22 by Tom Banse
Lower Monumental Dam Crossings Close Until May 30 During Repairs Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 5/1/22 by USACE
Lower Monumental Dam Closes Public Crossing Until May 30 to Perform Spillway Maintenance Big Country News, 4/25/22 by USACE
Spring Spill Begins Facilitating Fish Passage at Snake and Columbia River Dams Press Release, 4/6/21 by Matt Rabe
Modernizing Hydropower on the Snake River Press Release, 4/6/22 by USACE
Traffic Resumes on Snake, Columbia Rivers After Closures Lewiston Tribune, 3/11/22 by Elaine Williams
Little Goose Dam Extends Public Dam Crossing Closure to April 22 due to Electrical Maintenance Big Country News, 4/18/22 by USACE
Little Goose Dam to Close Public Dam Crossing from April 4 - 8 to Perform Maintenance Big Country News, 3/21/22 by USACE
Corps Assembles and Begins Installing 2nd Advanced Technology Turbine at Ice Harbor Dam Daily Fly, 3/2/22 by USACE
California's Solar Market is Now a Battery Market PV Magazine, 3/14/22 by Christian Roselund
3,900-acre Solar Project Approved for Southcentral Oregon Capital Press, 3/3/22 by Mateusz Perkowski
PUD Continues to Qualify for Tier 1 Bonneville Power Rate Wahkiakum County Eagle, 3/17/22 by Diana Zimmerman
PUD Commission Ponders Future of Water, Power Supply Wahkiakum County Eagle, 3/3/22 by Diana Zimmerman
American Cruise Lines Introduces National Parks Post-Cruise Packages Travel Market Report, 3/4/22 by Dori Saltzman
Eastern Oregon Wheat Industry Hopes Port Labor Issues Don't Disrupt Exports Capital Press, 5/17/22 by Antonio Sierra
listen Changes to Locks and Dams on the Snake River Could Cut Profits for Wheat Farmers Brownfield Ag News, 3/18/22 by Kellan Heavican
Wheat Prices Spiral; Analysts Predict Continued Volatility Capital Press, 3/8/22 by Matthew Weaver
NAWG Leader: Cost of Wheat Production to Increase with Russian Invasion Capital Press, 3/6/22 by Matthew Weaver
Wheat, Corn Prices Surge Amid Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Capital Press, 3/3/22 by Damian J. Troise
Russia-Ukraine Uncertainty Pushes Wheat Prices Higher Capital Press, 2/12/22 by Matthew Weaver
Corps Seeks Comment on River Dredging Lewiston Tribune, 2/12/22 by Eric Barker
'A Bad Idea': State Democrats Should Drop Assault on Natural Gas The Chronicle, 2/7/22 by Don Brunell
Cloud Seeding, Collaborative Efforts Can Help Restore Idaho's Salmon Runs Idaho Mountain Express, 2/2/22 by Ron Abramovich
Investment Firm in Talks with BPA for Power Contract that Could Reopen Whatcom's Intalco Bellingham Herald, 1/28/22 by Dave Gallagher
Tidewater Grain Barge Stuck in Columbia River KGW, 1/27/22 Anthony Macuk & Pat Dooris
Several Dam Navigation Locks Closed for Routine Maintenance KNDO/KNDU, 1/14/22 by Karlee Van de Venter
Inslee Seeks to Speed-Up Green Projects; Lawmaker says 'Slow Down' Capital Press, 1/26/22 by Don Jenkins
USDA: Northwest Wheat Stocks Down 43%, Winter Wheat Planting Up 3% Capital Press, 1/14/22 by Matthew Weaver
Little Goose Dam Closes Public Dam Crossing due to Inclement Weather Big Country News, 1/4/22 by USACE
Five Alternative Container Ports for Avoiding Congestion Freight Waves, 1/3/22 by Eric Kulish
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Another Round of Snow Before Thaw Comes to Frigid Northwest Oregon Public Broadcasting, 12/29/21 by Staff
Solar Project OK'd Over Yakima Farm Bureau's Objection Capital Press, 12/27/21 by Don Jenkins
Biden Administration Moves to Expand Solar Power on Federal Land Capital Press, 12/21/21 by Matthew Brown
Nez Perce Tribe First in ID to Receive Tesla's Large-Scale Solar Battery Public News Service, 11/18/21 by Eric Tegethoff
How Could the $1 Trillion Federal Infrastructure Act Help Tri-Cities? Tri-City Herald, 11/15/21 by Annette Cary
There Was Never a Concern of Snake River Flooding Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 11/7/21 by Bill MacDonald
Richland Workers Exposed to Radiation at Nuclear Power Plant, says Fed Agency Tri-City Herald, 2/18/22 by Annette Cary
Nuclear Energy Industry Angles for Bigger Role in WA and U.S. as Climate Change Accelerates Seattle Times, 10/31/21 by Hal Berton
Inslee's Natural Gas Ban is Bad for Prices, Environment Tri-Cities Business Journal,10/21 by Don Brunell
NW Energy Plan Emphasizes Solar, Wind Power Through 2041 with Coal Losing Steam Spokesman-Review, 10/7/21 by Greg Mason
Infrastructure Bill Would Let BPA Borrow $10 Billion But Critics say it Props Up 'Failed Status Quo' Spokesman-Review, 10/3/21 by Orion Donovan-Smith
Bonnneville Power Makes Annual Treasury Payment of $1.05 Billion Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/14/21 by Staff
Lower Granite Lock and Dam Looking For Volunteers Big Country News, 10/2/21 by Staff
Call for Major Investment in Renewable Energy Worries Montana Utilities Ravalli Republic, 10/2/21 by Tom Lutey
Northwest Power and Conservation Council Sets Aggressive Targets for Renewable Energy The Chronicle, 10/2/21 by Anthony Macuk
FW Warns Solar Farms Could Blot Out Habitat for At-Risk Species Capital Press, 10/4/21 by Don Jenkins
ID Salmon Industry Feels the Pain from Dismal Runs Public News Service, 9/16/21 by Eric Tegethoff
Declining Salmon Population Threatens Fishing Tourism in Pacific Northwest Wall Street Journal, 8/21/21 by Sarah Trent
Hydropower Dams Are Not the Solution to the Climate Crisis The Hill, 8/26/21 by Marc Yaggi
Vietnam Eliminates U.S. Wheat Import Tariff Capital Press, 11/16/21 by Matthew Weaver
Analysts: As Wheat Tops $11 a Bushel, No Drop in Sight Capital Press, 11/18/21 by Matthew Weaver
U.S. Wheat: Drought Provides 'Reality Check' After Record Year Capital Press, 10/31/21 by Matthew Weaver
Columbia Grain Navigates Supply Chain Challenges Baking Business, 10/20/21 by Eric Schroeder
An Exclusive Club: Unique Wheat Variety Popular Among Asian Customers Capital Press, 10/1/21 by Matthew Weaver
Washington State's Winter Wheat Production Sags 47% During Drought Capital Press, 9/30/21 by Matthew Weaver
The Future of Wheat Moscow-Pullman Daily News, 8/24/21 by Lee Hadwiger
Wheat Tops $10 Per Bushel, But Will it Stay There? Capital Press, 8/17/21 by Matthew Weaver
Severe Drought Devastates Washington State's Wheat Crop Capital Press, 8/12/21 by Nicholas Geranios
Bonneville Power Administration Will Decrease Power Rates by an Average of 2.5% KNDO/KNDU, 8/6/21 by Staff
Bonneville, Northwest's Biggest Clean-Power Supplier, to Cut Rates for First Time in More Than a Decade Seattle Times, 7/30/21 by Hal Bernton
BPA Power Rates Falling for First Time in a Decade Portland Business Journal, 7/29/21 by Pete Danko
Judge Rejects Challenge to Eastern Oregon Transmission Line Blue Mountain Eagle, 8/6/21 by Mateusz Perkowski
Goldendale Project Could Stabilize, Expand Energy Grid The Lens, 8/5/21 by TJ Martinell
Temporary Closure of Little Goose Dam Scheduled for Maintenance Work Big Country News, 7/28/21 by USACE
Ice Harbor Dam Visitor Center Closing Until Further Notice Due to COVID-19 Concerns KNDO/KNDU, 7/27/21 by Staff
Plan for Land Near Ice Harbor Aims to Protect Cultural, Natural Resources Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 7/28/21 by Emry Dinman
Lower Snake River Dams Helped Region Power Through Recent Heatwave HydroReview, 7/28/21 by Staff
This is What Saved the Tri-Cities Area from Rolling Blackouts in Historic Heatwave, says BPA Tri-City Herald, 7/23/21 by Annette Cary
New Report Shows Snake River Dams Helped Keep Electricity Flowing During Heatwave KNDO/KNDU, 7/22/21 by Staff
Richland Nuclear Plant Refueled, Repaired, Restarted Tri-City Business News, 7/21 by Staff
Will Farmers Pay the Freight for Dam Breaching? Lewiston Tribune, 7/18/21 by Elaine Williams
Managers Altering Water Spilling at Two Dams East Oregonian, 7/5/21 by Eric Barker
Cold Water Released from North Idaho Dam to Help Salmon The Olympian, 6/25/21 by Associated Press
Dworshak Reservoir Starts Water Release Early Lewiston Tribune, 6/24/21 by Staff
Stakeholders Greet First New Odessa Water Delivery System Capital Press, 6/3/21 by Matthew Weaver
American Queen Steamboat Company's American Empress Resumes Pacific Northwest Service Travel Pulse, 6/14/21 by Staff
Lower Snake River Dams Provided Crucial Energy and Reserves in Winter 2021 San Juan Islander, 6/17/21 by Press Release
Power Outages Possible as BPA Systems Stressed by Record Demand Journal of Business, 6/21 by Staff
Washington State's Approaching Energy Crisis -- Good Intentions Gone Wrong? Forbes, 6/15/21 by James Conca
Pacific Northwest Rivers Rebounding from Pandemic Waterways Journal, 6/18/21 by David Murray
From the Vault: Concrete Poured at Lower Monumental in 1962 Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 5/30/21 by Joe Drazan
Snake River Flows Increased to Support Juvenile Salmon Migration Capital Press, 5/18/21 by Staff
NW Solar, Wind Developments Could Impact Vast Swaths of Ag Land Capital Press, 5/5/21 by Matthew Weaver
National Lab and Idaho Falls Power Test Small Hydro Startup During Power Outage HydroReview, 4/27/21 by Staff
FERC Issues License for PacWave Wave Energy Test Site in Oregon HydroReview, 4/27/21 by Staff
Solar Power is Emerging as a Major Source of Supply for the Future, Council Planning Suggests NW Council, 4/12/21 by John Harrison
Port of Clarkston Helps Make the Journey to Hells Canyon Easier Lewiston Tribune, 5/23/21 by Elaine Williams
Port of Lewiston May Dock Cruise Boats Lewiston Tribune, 4/17/21 by Elaine Williams
Company Applies to Build Massive Solar, Wind Project on Farmland Capital Press, 3/23/21 by Don Jenkins
Pacific Northwest Power Experts Talk Texas Outages, Washington's Electric Future The Center Square, 3/19/21 by Tim Gruver
Farm Groups ask Biden to Include Rural Investments in Infrastructure Plan Capital Press, 3/15/21 by Sierra Dawn McClain
Railroads Trumpet Trains Over Trucks in Climate Pitch E&E News, 3/2/21 by Valerie Yurk
Snake River Navigation Locks Close March 6 for Maintenance Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/1/21 by Staff
Lewiston Port says It's Not Going Anywhere Lewiston Tribune, 2/11/21 by Elaine Williams
February 2021 North American Cold Wave Wikipedia, 2/22 by Wiki People
New Focus on Snake Dams Raises Hope for Salmon, Fisheries, Local Economies Northwest Sportsman, 2/4/21 by Andy Walgamott
Washington Clean Energy Rules Ban Coal After 2025 Tri-Cities Business Journal, 1/21 by Staff
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Higher Wheat Prices Likely Have 'Staying Power,' Market Experts Say Capital Press, 12/31/20 by Matthew Weaver
Pandemic Puts U.S. on Track to Meet Greenhouse Gas Goals E&E News, 11/19/20 by Jean Chemnick
New Solar Array with Battery Back-Up Latest Step Forward to Clean-Energy Future Forbes, 11/11/20 by James Conca
Richland's New Solar and Battery Project is First of its Kind in Washington State YakTriNews, 11/11/20 by Carissa Lehmkuhl
New Solar Panels Will Power Electricity for About 600 Homes KEPR, 11/10/20 by Samantha Spitz
Odessa Farmers Seek Funding for New Pipeline Capital Press, 11/17/20 by Matthew Weaver
Study: Cruise Boats Brought in $4M to Valley in 2019 Lewiston Tribune, 10/21/20 by Elaine Williams
Oversized Loads of Windmill Parts to Travel North The News Tribune, 10/17/20 by Associated Press
World Demand Grows for Soft White Wheat Capital Press, 9/28/20 by Matthew Weaver
Repairs on Snake River Dam Happening During Peak Wheat-Barging Season NW News Network, 8/28/20 by Anna King
Dam Repairs Come as Big Wheat Crop Heads Downriver Capital Press, 8/27/20 by Matthew Weaver
LS Power Energizes World's Biggest Battery, Just in Time for California's Heat Wave Green Tech Media, 8/19/20 by Julian Spector
A Grid Battery Bigger Than All Utility-Scale Battery Storage in the US Combined PV Magazine, 8/19/20 by Tim Sylvia
Some Win, Some Don't, as USDA Spreads COVID Relief Capital Press, 8/12/20 by Don Jenkins
Expert: Wheat Prices Likely to Remain Flat Capital Press, 8/12/20 by Matthew Weaver
Above-average Yields Seen for NW Wheat Capital Press, 8/7/20 by Matthew Weaver
Even Bigger Wind Turbine Blades Arrive at Port of Vancouver Portland Business Journal, 7/28/20 by Pete Danko
Northwest Clean-Energy Advocates Eye Pumped Hydro to Fill Gaps, with Tribes Noting Concerns Northwest Public Broadcasting, 7/24/20 by Courtney Flatt
BPA Will Give Price Break to Northwest Utilities Struggling Amid the Pandemic Seattle Times, 7/4/20 by Hal Bernton
First of Three New Water Pipelines Crosses Finish Line in NE Oregon Capital Press, 5/15/20 by George Plaven
Cities 'Could Generate Hundreds of Times More Solar Power Than They Do Today' PV Magazine, 6/1/20 by William Driscoll
U.S. Leads World in Power Sector CO2 Emission Reductions Business & Industry Connection, 5/18/20 by Staff
US Interior Department Approves Plan for the Largest Solar Project in U.S. History Renewable Energy World, 5/15/20 by Staff
'Blowing Through Milestones': Hawaiian Electric Picks Winners in Solar-Storage Bonanza GreenTech Media, 5/15/20 by Jeff St. John
Energy Northwest: Paving the Way for Washington's Clean Energy Future Tri-City Herald, 4/23/20 by Brad Sawatzke
Speakers Address National Security Risk of Closing Intalco Lynden Tribune, 4/23/20 by Brent Lindquist
Study will Quantify Cruise Boat Impact Lewiston Tribune, 2/14/20 by Elaine Williams
New Analysis says Dam Removal Means $860M Energy Replacement Costs The Daily News, 2/14/20 by Mallory Gruben
Portland Now Generates Electricity from Turbines Installed in City Water Pipes Up Worthy, 2/6/18 by Rafi Schwartz
CenturyLink Builds Fiber to USACOE Dams, Modernizing Critical Infrastructure in the Northwest Chinook Observer, 2/6/20 by Press Release
Economist: Only Crisis Will Push Wheat Prices Above $5.50 Capital Press, 2/6/20 by Matthew Weaver
New Hydroelectric Turbine Designs are Safer for Fish and Improve Energy Efficiency Crosscut, 2/3/20 by Courtney Flatt
U.S. Army Corps Officials: New Dam Turbines Improve Fish Passage, Energy Efficiency Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 2/2/20 by Jedidiah Maynes
500-foot Turbines Would Stretch Over 24 Miles Near Tri-Cities Under this Plan Tri-City Herald, 2/3/20 by Annette Cary
2nd Nuclear Reactor to Power the Northwest is Being Studied for Richland Tri-City Herald, 1/30/20 by Annette Cary
Weekly Container Shipping Returns to Portland's Terminal 6 Oregon Public Broadcasting, 1/15/20 by Donald Orr
Container Service Resumes at Port of Portland 1190 KEX News Radio, 1/14/20 by Staff
ILWU Wants Judge to Reverse or Reduce $93.6 Million Award or Order New Trial American Shipper, 1/3/20 by Chris Dupin
Study Shows Dam Breaching Costs, Impacts Whitman County Gazette, 1/16/20 by Victoria Fowler
U.S. Would Lose $2.3 Billion if Barging is Lost Through Breach of Lower Snake River Dams Hydro Review, 1/10/20 by Staff
Study: Breaching Dams on Snake River Would Cost Up to $2.3 Billion Waterways Journal, 1/10/20 by David Murray
Report Underscores Hazards of Dam Breaching The Columbian, 1/9/20 by Staff
Breaching Snake River Dams is a $2.3 Billion Bad Idea says PNWA Marine Log, 1/9/20 by Nick Blenkey
Advocates: Transportation Costs Would Spike Without Dams Lewiston Tribune, 1/7/20 by Eric Barker
Study: Dam Removal Would Cost $2.3B, Jeopardize Regional Economies The Daily News, 1/7/20 by Mallory Gruben
New Study Warns of the Dangers Associated with Removal of Snake River Dams Big Country News, 1/7/20 by Staff
Study: Removing Snake River Dams Would Cost Economy, Environment Capital Press, 1/7/20 by Matthew Weaver
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Comment Period Open for Ice Harbor Repair Project Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 12/17/19 by Staff
Power Knocked Out to Thousands in Connell and Two Counties Tri-City Herald, 12/10/19 by Cameron Probert
Kenya Opens Market for Pacific Northwest Wheat Capital Press, 3/4/20 by George Plaven
Experts: Wheat Prices 'Fairly Firm,' Could Go Higher Capital Press, 12/3/19 by Matthew Weaver
Rankings Shift for County's Big Employers Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 12/1/19 by Vicki Hillhouse
Blast from the Past / 1967: September Rains on the Bridge Lewiston Tribune, 11/20/19 by Glenn Vaagen
Weekly Container Shipping to Resume at Portland's Terminal 6 Oregon Public Broadcasting, 11/20/19 by Kate Davidson
Ag Exports to Gain from Portland's Renewed Weekly Ocean Shipping Capital Press, 11/19/19 by Mateusz Perkowski
Weekly Container Shipping Returns to Port of Portland's Terminal 6 The Oregonian, 11/19/19 by Mike Rogoway
CSRIA Lays Out Financial Case for Snake River Dams Washington Ag Network, 11/20/19 by Glenn Vaagen
Laser Protects Young Salmon from Birds My Columbia Basin, 11/19/19 by Staff
Diving Into Lower Granite Dam East Oregonian, 11/16/19 by Jeff Petersen
Bonneville Power Administration Chops its Way to Recycling Savings The Columbian, 11/15/19 by Jeffrey Mize
Judge Delays $93 Million Payout in Longshore Union Case Oregon Public Broadcasting, 11/8/19 by Conrad Wilson
Jury Awards Former Portland Container Ship Operator $93 Million Oregon Public Broadcasting, 11/5/19 by Conrad Wilson
Master Water Service Contract Reached for Odessa Farms Capital Press, 10/4/19 by Matthew Weaver
BPA Makes 36th Consecutive U.S. Treasury Payment BPA Newsroom, 10/3/19 by Staff
Bonneville Lock Reopens After Unscheduled Closure Waterways Journal, 10/7/19 by David Murray
Army Corps Fixes Bonneville Dam Early, Barges Again Hauling Wheat to Portland Spokesman-Review, 10/2/19 by Thomas Clouse
United Grain Regains Stride after Bonneville Lock Closure The Columbian, 10/1/19 by Will Campbell
Columbia River Lock Reopens to Barge Traffic as NW Wheat Harvest Finishes Up Oregon Public Broadcasting, 9/30/19 Anna King & Scott Leadingham
Bonneville Lock Closure Starting to Take Toll on L-C Valley Businesses Lewiston Tribune, 9/26/19 by Elaine Williams
Bonneville Navigation Lock to Reopen as Soon as Friday Night The Columbian, 9/26/19 by Anthony Macuk
Broken Lock Backing Up United Grain at Vancouver Port The Columbian, 9/20/19 by Will Campbell
Busy Shipping River at a Standstill Until a Broken Barge Lock is Fixed Route Fifty, 9/20/19 by Bill Lucia
Broken Columbia River Barge Lock Means Commerce Chokehold Capital Press, 9/20/19 by Gillian Flaccus
watch 'Essentially an Entire Stop to the Columbia River' KGW, 9/19/19 by Devon Haskins
'Ginormous' Concrete Chunk Demolished at Bonneville Dam KOIN News, 9/18/19 by Dan Tilkin
Corps Mission: Trying to Fix a Broken Lock The Columbian, 9/18/19 by Anthony Macuk
Columbia River Barge Traffic Idled Until Sept. 30 Workboat, 9/17/19 by David Krapf
Key Columbia River Lock Shutdown Stops All Barges Headed for Export Progressive Farmer DTN, 9/16/19 by Mary Kennedy
Bonneville Lock Closure a 'Break in Supply Chain' for Wheat to Local Ports The Daily News, 9/13/19 by Mallory Gruben
Bonneville Lock Closure Hinders Supply Chain in Pacific Northwest Transport Topics, 9/13/19 by Staff
watch Economic Impact of an Emergency Dam Shut Down KLEW, 9/12/19 by Lauren Kahl
Critical Western Waterway for US Ag Exports is Closed Agri-Pulse, 9/11/19 by Sara Wyant
Columbia River Barge Lock Under Repair Will Return to Service Sept. 30 Tri-City Herald, 9/11/19 by Associated Press
Crews Work to Repair Damaged Lock at Bonneville Dam KPTV, 9/10/19 by John Hendricks
Broken Columbia River Barge Lock Means Commerce Chokehold KIVI TV, 9/10/19 by Associated Press
Broken Lock Shuts Down Barge Traffic on Columbia River System Spokesman-Review, 9/9/19 by Thomas Clouse
Closure of Bonneville Lock Brings River Traffic to Halt The Columbian, 9/9/19 by Anthony Macuk
Leak Closes Bonneville Lock to All River Traffic The Columbian, 9/8/19 by Jack Heffernan
Would Breaching Dams Ruin the Tri-Cities Cruise Industry? We Should Know More Tri-City Herald, 9/23/19 by Editorial Board
Power Bills are Going Up. Changes at the Dams Partly to Blame Tri-City Herald, 9/10/19 by Annette Cary
Anatomy of a 'Bloodbath' E&E News, 9/16/19 by Jeremy Jacobs
Hydropower Giant Bonneville Power is Going Broke E&E News, 9/3/19 by Jeremy Jacobs
Energy's Future - Battery and Storage Technologies Forbes, 8/28/19 by Jim Conca
Solar Project Planned for Richland Will Offer Battery Storage, Bring in Hundreds of Trainees YakTri News, 8/21/19 by Carissa Lehmkuhl
Dam Spills to Help Salmon Migration KOZI, 8/28/19 by Staff
Bonneville Surcharge to Increase PUD Costs Wahkiakum County Eagle, 8/26/19 by Staff
Jet Boat Races Canceled After Fatality Lewiston Tribune, 8/25/19 by Justyna Tomtas
Old Wind Farm Has a Secret Weapon Up Its Turbine Towers Clean Technica, 8/19/19 by Tina Casey
East High Canal: Yet to be Built Capital Press, 8/1/19 by Matthew Weaver
Washington Farmers in Waiting Game for Federal Water Capital Press, 8/1/19 by Matthew Weaver
Energy Storage Boom Goes Into Overdrive, 8/4/19 by Tsvetana Paraskova
$1B Montana Pumped Storage Hydro Project Secures Funding Utility Dive, 7/16/19 by Robert Walton
Nearby History: The Grain Tramways of the Canyons Moscow-Pullman Daily News, 3/15/19 by Mark O'English
Why Energy Storage is Proving Even More Disruptive Than Cheap Renewables Forbes, 8/2/19 by Jeff McMahon
Lesbian Worker says She Feared for Her Safety at Dam Near Pasco Tri-City Herald, 7/26/19 by Staff
BPA: No Increase to Base Power Rates for Both Power and Transmission in FY 2020-2021 KBKW, 7/26/19 by Alex Bruell
BPA: No Increase in Wholesale Power Rates, But Surcharge Likely The Columbian, 7/29/19 by Staff
Bonneville Announces No Increase to Wholesale Power Rates The Daily News, 7/26/19 by Alex Bruell
Under Pressure, BPA Cuts Costs, Keeps Rates in Check Portland Business Journal, 7/26/19 by Pete Danko
BPA: No Increase to Base Power Rates for Both Power and Transmission in Fiscal Years 2020-2021 KBKW, 7/25/19 by Dave Haviland
United States Boasts 24 Gigawatts of Wind Capacity Under Construction Clean Technica, 7/22/19 by Joshua S Hill
Bonneville Power Administration Faces Promise and Perils in Changing Energy Markets Seattle Times, 7/21/19 by Hal Bernton
Planned Small Nuclear Project Reaches Milestone with More Utah Cities Signing On Deseret News, 7/20/19 by Amy Joi O'Donoghue
Killgore Adventures Adds to Number of Jet Boat Tours Idaho County Free Press, 7/19/19 by Lorie Palmer
Little Goose Dam Offers Big Views Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 7/15/19 by Jeff Petersen
Lower Monumental Dam Celebrates Half-Century Mark Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 6/26/19 by Jeff Petersen
watch Nuclear Plant Near Richland is Back on the Grid Just in Time for Peak Power Demand Tri-City Herald, 6/21/19 by Annette Cary
Utilities' Energy Storage Growing Like Gangbusters GreenBiz, 6/14/19 by Sarah Golden
Bonneville Power Office Planned for Clarkston Port Lewiston Tribune, 6/9/19 by Elaine Williams
EIS Alternatives Range From Low Carbon to 125 Percent TDG Spill NW Fishletter, 6/3/19 by K.C. Mehaffey
Farmers Celebrate $5.6 Million Grant to Rehab Rail Capital Press, 5/28/19 by Matthew Weaver
States Approve Water Quality Plan for Hells Canyon Hydro Projects Wallowa County Chieftain, 6/5/19 by Ellen Bishop
Idaho, Oregon Sign Off On Hells Canyon Complex Settlement Agreement Idaho Press, 4/22/19 by Betsy Z. Russell
watch Idaho, Oregon OK Water Certifications for Hydroelectric Dams KIVI TV, 5/29/19 by Associated Press
Washington State Will Need 100% Clean Energy by 2045 KNDO/KNDU, 5/23/19 by Camila Rios
Meeting California's Needs with Out-of-State Hydro HydroWorld, 6/25/18 by Randy Hardy
Bonneville Power Struggles as Salmon Runs Decline KIVI Boise, 5/16/19 by Steve Liebenthal
Juvenile Fish Get a Ride Downriver The Dalles Chronicle, 5/14/19 by Staff
Dworshak Flows Increase; Clearwater Level Expected to Rise Lewiston Tribune, 5/23/19 by Staff
Lewiston Airport's Interim Manager Wants to Stay Until it's Back on Track Lewiston Tribune, 3/28/19 by Elaine Williams
Former Lewiston Airport Board Member Faces Felony Perjury Charge Lewiston Tribune, 3/29/19 by Eric Barker
Northwest's Only Nuclear Plant Dinged for Low-Level Infraction in Federal Inspection NW News Network, 5/13/19 by Anna King
ILWU, Dockworkers in Oregon Sued for Roles in Time Card Scam National Legal & Policy Center, 5/14/19 by Carl Horowitz
Port of Portland Intermodal Service Grows, But Still Loses Money Capital Press, 4/23/19 by Mateusz Perkowski
Brownlee Didn't Take Typical Dive Baker City Herald, 4/5/19 by Jayson Jacoby
Agency Plans to Cut Dworshak Reservoir Water Flows Today Lewiston Tribune, 4/6/19 by Staff
Spring Spills Start at Dams on Snake, Columbia Rivers Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 4/4/19 by Staff
Spring Spill Begins at Four Lower Snake River Dams YakTri News, 4/3/19 by Carissa Lehmkuhl
Fish Count Web-Postings Will See Delays at Most Dams Waitsburg Times, 4/4/19 by Staff
Your Home's Solar and Batteries Could Power the LA Grid PV Magazine, 4/8/19 by John Weaver
"Thermal Battery" Promises Cheap, Eco-Friendly, Grid-Scalable Energy Storage New Atlas, 4/1/19 by Loz Blain
watch March 2019 was Sixth Coldest on Record in Spokane KREM2, 4/1/19 by Megan Carroll
New Cruise Ship Rollin' on the Columbia River The Columbian, 3/22/19 by Anthony Macuk
Idaho Power PPA Sets US Low Price Record Clean Technica, 4/3/19 by Steve Hanley
Idaho Power Proposes Contract with 120-Megawatt Solar Project South of Twin Falls Twin Times-News, 3/24/19 by Heather Kennison
California Solar Sets Record, But That's Not the Big News Clean Technica, 3/24/19 by Steve Hanley
The Decline of Salmon Adds to the Struggle of Puget Sound's Orcas Seattle Times, 3/31/19 by Lynda V. Mapes
PUD Manager Wants Bonneville to Keep Rates Flat The Daily News, 2/7/19 by Alex Bruell
More Outsiders Joining Washington Tree Fruit Family Yakima Herald, 2/16/19 by Mai Hoang
Canadian Group Takes a Bite Out of WA Apple Industry My Columbia Basin, 2/15/19 by Staff
Broetje Orchards Sells to Ontario Teachers' Fund Waitsburg Times, 2/14/19 by Staff
Broetje Orchards Fetches At Least $288 Million Capital Press, 2/14/19 by Dan Wheat
Broetje Orchards Sold to Canadian Teachers Pension Fund Yakima Herald, 2/9/19 by Donald W. Meyers
Sale of Broetje Orchards Creates FirstFruits Farms Good Fruit Grower, 2/27/19 by Jonelle Mejica
To Help Orcas Catch More Salmon, Washington Plans to Increase Spill at Dams Oregon Public Broadcasting, 1/30/19 by Courtney Flatt
Portland Utility Proposes $1/kWh Incentive for Residential Peak Shaving PV Magazine, 1/14/19 by William Driscoll
Blowing Away Dirty Energy: Wind to Pass Hydro as Top Renewable in 2019 Green Car Reports, 1/28/19 by Eric C. Evarts
Solar + Storage Half the Cost of Gas Peaker Plants Clean Technica, 1/13/19 by Steve Hanley
That Natural Gas Power Plant with No Carbon Emissions or Air Pollution? It Works. Vox, 6/1/18 by David Roberts
Vestas Becomes First Company to Install Over 100 Gigawatts of Wind Turbines Clean Technica, 1/9/19 by Joshua S Hill
Nuclear Power Plant Near Richland Breaks Record Tri-City Herald, 1/8/19 by Annette Cary
2018 back to top
Export Terminal Files Lawsuit Against Union Workers Who Allegedly Inflated Time Sheets Ntl. Grain & Feed Assoc, 12/21/18 by Sarah Gonzalez
Workers at Portland Grain Terminal Falsified Time Sheets in Alleged Racketeering Scheme The Oregonian, 12/18/18 by Maxine Bernstein
Port of Lewiston Works to Diversify Capital Press, 10/18/18 by Brad Carlson
Flexible Spill Agreement Aims to Benefit Salmon and Hydropower in U.S. Pacific NW HydroWorld, 12/21/18 by Staff
Salmon Deal to Add More Spillage at Region's Dams Lewiston Tribune, 12/19/18 by Eric Barker
Columbia, Snake Salmon Get Three Years of Spring 'Spill' Help Portland Business Journal, 12/18/18 by Pete Danko
Flexible Dam Spill Agreement Aims to Aid Salmon, Hydropower KTVZ, 12/18/18 by News Sources
U.S. Wheat Urges Trade Rep to Protect Exports to Japan Capital Press, 12/11/18 by Matthew Weaver
U.S. Wheat Prices Competitive in Global Marketplace Capital Press, 12/3/18 by Matthew Weaver
Idaho's Wheat Crop Sets Record for Yield Capital Press, 10/16/18 by Matthew Weaver
Washington State Moves Forward with 5 MW Solar-Plus-Storage Facility Solar Industry, 10/26/18 by Betsy Lillian
watch How Snake River Dam Debate Could Affect Your Power Bill Q13 Fox, 10/25/18 by Simone del Rosario
BPA Completes 35th Consecutive U.S. Treasury Payment BPA Newsroom, 10/3/18 by Staff
Port Officials Looking to Replace Aging Docks at Boyer Park Marina Moscow-Pullman Daily News, 9/19/18 by Garrett Cabeza
Farm Groups Still Want Trade, Not Aid Capital Press, 8/28/18 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Little Goose Dam Closed to Water Traffic Daily Fly, 9/5/18 by Greg Craber
Scientists Pioneer a New Way to Turn Sunlight into Fuel Eureka Alert!, 9/3/18 by Eth Zurich
Washington Utility Increases Power Rates for Bitcoin Mining Lewiston Tribune, 9/2/18 by Staff
Better Real-Time Loss Analysis Tells Utilities Where Solar and Storage DER Make Sense Renewable Energy World, 8/30/18 by Dan Garvey
California One Step Closer to 100 Percent Renewable Energy Obligation Renewable Energy World, 8/29/18 by Jennifer Runyon
Heavy-load Coalition Working to Entice Cargo to Pacific Northwest Journal of Commerce, 8/26/18 by Chris Barnett
Seattle Restaurant Drops Chinook Salmon from Menu KIRO 7, 8/22/18 by Deborah Horne
No Rate Increases for 2018-2019, PUD Says The Daily News, 8/26/18 by Alex Bruell
Idaho Power Irrigation Incentive Program Participation Increases Capital Press, 8/21/18 by Kerri Sandaine
Hydro in the Pacific Northwest: The Region's Electricity Powerhouse HydroWorld, 8/15/18 by Elizabeth Ingram
Senator Cantwell, Locals Talk Transportation Capital Press, 8/15/18 by Kerri Sandaine
Lewiston Airport Seeks Help from City, County to Make Up Lost Revenue Lewiston Tribune, 8/3/18 by Elaine Williams
Wheat Farmers are Becoming Long-term Casualties of Trump's Trade Wars Capital Press, 8/9/18 by Jimmie Musick
Wheat Prices Climb with Russian, European Crop Problems Capital Press, 8/8/18 by Matthew Weaver
Franklin PUD Stops Accepting Applications for Cryptocurrency Mining Tri-City Herald, 7/29/18 by Annette Cary
Much of the US Electric Grid Could Go the Way of the Landline Phone Wired, 7/26/18 by Nick Stockton
Releasing Water Over Dams Means Higher Electric Bills in Mason County Kitsap Sun, 7/24/18 by Arla Shephard Bull
USDA Commits $12B for Farmers, Ranchers Affected by Tariffs Capital Press, 7/24/18 by George Plaven
Trump Plans Emergency Aid to Farmers Affected by Tariffs Capital Press, 7/24/18 by Ken Thomas
Trump to Offer Farmers $12 Billion in Trade Aid Politico, 7/24/18 by multiple authors
Tariffs and Threats of Tariffs are Actually Helping Local Ports -- for Now The News Tribune, 8/2/18 by Bill Virgin
BNSF Rail Service Extended at Port of Portland RTO Insider, 7/20/18 by Robert Mullin
As Harvest Gets Underway, Northwest Wheat Crop Looks 'Superb' Capital Press, 7/18/18 by Matthew Weaver
How Big Batteries at Data Centers Could Replace Power Plants Scientific American, 7/19/18 by Benjamin Storrow
Clearwater River Level to Drop a Foot Below Dworshak; Dam Outflows Reduced for Juvenile Fish Daily Fly, 7/19/18 by Staff
Corps Reduces Dworshak Flows for Fish Lewiston Tribune, 3/27/18 by Eric Barker
Peak Reliability to Wind Down Operations RTO Insider, 7/18/18 by Robert Mullin
Wyoming Utility has Lowest Power Rates in the Nation My Plain View, 7/16/18 by Associated Press
Here's How the Mid-Columbia will Play a Bigger Role in the e-Commerce Boom Tri-City Herald, 7/14/18 by Wendy Culverwell
Disaster Relief Approved for 2016 Fishery The Cordova Times, 6/28/18 by Margaret Bauman
Energy Efficiency has Cut Regional Power Use by 25 Percent Since 1990 BPA Newsroom, 6/18/18 by John Harrison
Dworshak Dam Tests May Cause River Flow Changes Lewiston Tribune, 6/28/18 by Staff
Here Comes the Sun: Solar Plus Storage Energy Solutions Get Competitive GreenBiz, 6/25/18 by Daniel Rothberg
Large Methane Leaks Threaten Perception of 'Clean' Natural Gas National Public Radio, 6/23/18 by Leigh Paterson
Bitcoin Mining Craze Bypasses Oregon: Here's Why The Oregonian, 6/23/18 by Mike Rogoway
Bonneville Looking at Spending Reductions in Columbia Basin Fish/Wildlife Spending Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/15/18 by Staff
Draft Report on Columbia Basin Fish/Wildlife Costs in 2017 Out for Review; $450.4 Million Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/18/18 by Staff
Fish/River Managers Have Differing Interpretations On What 'Spill to the Gas Cap' Looks Like Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/15/18 by Staff
NOAA Fisheries Delivers First Court-Ordered Spring Spill for Fish Report Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/8/18 by Staff
Flows Drop on Columbia/Snake, Allows Transition to Court-Ordered Spill Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/8/18 by Staff
Court-Ordered Spring Spill Now Moot as High Flows Forcing Involuntary Spill at Dams Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/18/18 by Staff
Tesla has Installed a Truly Huge Amount of Energy Storage Fast Company, 6/5/18 by Adele Peters
NV Energy to Consider Energy Storage in 330MW Renewables Push Energy-Storage News, 6/1/18 by Staff
Nevada Utility Is Putting $2 Billion into Solar Power and Storage Renewable Energy World, 6/1/18 by Editors
Mild Weather, Plentiful Solar and Hydro Push Prices Lower Across the West S&P Global, 6/6/18 by Mark Watson
Longtime Spokane Truck Company Closes After 50 Years Capital Press, 6/14/18 by Matthew Weaver
Little Goose Dam to Have Intermittent Crossing Closures Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 6/4/18 by Staff
High Flows Prompt Efforts to Reduce Dissolved Gas, Fish Trauma at Dams NW Fishletter, 6/4/18 by K.C. Mehaffey
Cruise Ship Industry May Help Buoy Airport Lewiston Tribune, 6/5/18 by Elaine Williams
Intermodal Shipping Facility Plan Moves Ahead in Nyssa Capital Press, 6/1/18 by Brad Carlson
Workers File Class-action Suit Against Broetje Orchards Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 5/18/18 by Tony Buhr
The 60-Year Downfall of Nuclear Power in the U.S. Has Left a Huge Mess The Atlantic, 5/26/18 by Fred Pearce
Little Reactor is a Big Edge in Nuclear Energy's Global Race Tri-City Herald, 5/26/18 by Jim Conca
Investigation Continues as Richland Nuclear Power Plant Restarts Tri-City Herald, 5/24/18 by Annette Cary
Columbia Reconnects to NW Power Grid NBC Now, 5/24/18 by Staff
Nuclear Power Plant Near Tri-Cities is Back Online Seattle Times, 5/24/18 by Staff
Nuclear Plant on Columbia River Temporarily Shuts Down Portland Tribune, 5/21/18 by Steve Law
Nuclear Plant Shuts Down Unexpectedly in Washington Bangladesh Post, 5/19/18 by Wire Reports
Tri-City Nuclear Plant Shuts Down Unexpectedly in Washington State Seattle Times, 5/18/18 by Associated Press
Columbia Generating Station Shuts Down in Unplanned Event KUOW, 5/18/18 by Anna King
Problem Triggers Shutdown of Richland Nuclear Plant Tri-City Herald, 5/18/18 by Annette Cary
Washington's Energy Northwest Touts Deal's Savings for Ratepayers The Bond Buyer, 5/16/18 by Imran Ghori
Energy NW Deal Tops $4.9B Muni Bond Slate The Bond Buyer, 5/4/18 by Chip Barnett
Energy Northwest Tops U.S. Muni Bond Sales Next Week Reuters, 5/4/18 by Hillary Russ
Shell Joins Tesla Exec as Investor in Ice Storage Renewable Energy World, 5/10/18 by Editors
Why California's New Home Solar Requirement Includes Batteries and Not Zero Net Energy Renewable Energy World, 5/18/17 by Seth Mullendore
California Will Require Solar Power for New Homes New York Times, 5/9/18 by Ivan Penn
There's So Much Solar Power that Other States are Sometimes Paid to Take It Los Angeles Times, 6/22/17 by Ivan Penn
Budget Reveals Port of Lewiston's Reduced Dependence on River Activity Lewiston Tribune, 5/10/18 by Elaine Williams
Canyons, Locks and Native Americans Atlantic Highlands Herald, 5/4/18 by Muriel J Smith
Container Business Grows at Portland Intermodal Facility Capital Press, 5/3/18 by Mateusz Perkowski
Stanford Researchers Have Developed a Water-based Battery to Store Solar and Wind Energy Stanford University News, 4/30/18 by Tom Abate
Next Steps for Moving Energy Recovery Hydropower Forward HydroWorld, 3/1/18 by Kurt Johnson
Why Hydroelectric Utilities Are Endangered by Soaring Solar and Wind News Deeply, 11/6/17 by Matt Weiser
Aquifer Recharge, Other Efforts Paying Off Capital Press, 7/16/18 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Idaho Water Board Blows Away Recharge Record Idaho Farm Bureau, 4/12/18 by Sean Ellis
Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Recharge Shatters Record Capital Press, 4/4/18 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Mason's PUD 3 Considers New Fee Increases Kitsap Sun, 4/12/18 by Aria Shephard Bull
Dam Spill Could Boost OTEC Bills Baker City Herald, 4/4/18 by Jayson Jacoby
listen This Theme Park's Replica Mini-Dams are Attracting NW Scientists to Mississippi Oregon Public Broadcasting, 3/30/18 by Cassandra Profita
Wind, Solar Power Could Be Key to Salmon Survival in the Northwest News Deeply, 4/25/18 by Matt Weiser
Power from Lower Snake River Dams Can Easily be Replaced by Solar and Wind, Study says Hatch Magazine, 4/23/18 by Chad Shmukler
Dam Replacement Study Reveals New Opportunities Tri-City Herald, 4/21/18 by Nancy Hirsh
Errors and Arbitrary Assumptions Plague Study on Replacing Energy from Snake River Dams Tri-City Herald, 4/13/18 by Todd Myers
Clean Sources Can Replace Power If Snake River Dams are Breached, Study Says Portland Business Journal, 4/4/18 by Pete Danko
Port of Clarkston Adopts Rules for Taxicabs Lewiston Tribune, 4/14/18 by Elaine Williams
Low Boarding's Prompts Alaska Airlines to Stop Service at Lewiston Airport KLEW, 3/27/18 by Anna Veasquez
Can a Heat Pump Water Heater Installed in the NW Reduce Emissions Near the Grand Canyon? NW Power & Conservation Council, 3/19/18 by John Ollis
Bitcoin Miners Are Flocking to Oregon for Cheap Electricity. Should We Give Them a Boost? Willamette Week, 2/21/18 by Katie Shepherd
This Is What Happens When Bitcoin Miners Take Over Your Town Politico, 4/18 by Paul Roberts
Bitcoins and Hydropower: What's the Big Deal? HydroWorld, 1/17/18 by Elizabeth Ingram
Storage Win for US Rooftop Solar Owners Decentralized Energy, 3/7/18 by Tildy Bayar
Bonneville Power Administration and Portland General Electric Agree on PPAs Renewable Energy World, 3/8/18 by Dan McCue
BPA, Seeking New Revenue, to Sell Surplus Hydropower to PGE Portland Business Journal, 3/7/18 by Pete Danko
Old PGG Terminals, Elevators to Get Upgrades Capital Press, 3/14/18 by George Plaven
Transportation Issues Snarl Idaho Ag Twin Times-News, 3/4/18 by Cindy Snyder
Eastern Oregon Co-op to Expand Columbia River Grain Terminal Capital Press, 2/28/18 by George Plaven
Whitgro to Merge with Northwest Grain Growers Capital Press, 1/12/18 by Matthew Weaver
United Grain Corporation to Invest Millions in Old PGG Facilities Capital Press, 7/21/16 by George Plaven
Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental Locks Reopening Delayed Capital Press, 3/16/18 by Staff
Columbia River Locks to Close for Annual Maintenance Daily Fly, 3/1/18 by Staff
Locks to Close on Columbia, Snake Rivers During March Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/1/18 by Staff
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Lewiston Mulls a 'Yard Sale' Lewiston Tribune, 1/29/18 by Joel Mills
EIA Expects Wind Energy to Surpass Hydro in 2019 Clean Technica, 1/26/18 by Joshua S Hill
Grants Fund Cities' Switch to LED Bulbs Spokesman-Review, 1/22/18 by Adam Littman
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BNSF Offers New Rail Service at Port of Portland Progressive Railroading, 1/8/18 by Staff
BNSF, Port of Portland Partner to Shuttle Freight to Seattle DC Velocity, 1/8/18 by Staff
Port of Portland Partners with BNSF to Move Freight Faster Supply Chain Dive, 1/8/18 by Staff
New Business Lines Needed to Subsidize Portland Container Shipping Capital Press, 1/19/18 by Mateusz Perkowski
Port of Portland's Container Terminal at a Competitive Disadvantage, Study Says Bisnow, 1/12/18 by Staff
Port of Portland Must Diversify at Troubled Container Terminal, Study Shows Transport Topics, 1/11/18 by Staff
Portland May Lose Dedicated Container Terminal Container Management, 1/11/18 by Staff
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2017 back to top
Apple Wind Farm in Oregon Will Use 51 Vestas Turbines Portland Business Journal, 12/29/17 by Pete Danko
Trump Administration Reverses Obama-Era Policy on Accidental Bird Deaths Renewable Energy World, 12/28/17 by Jennifer Dlouhy
Audit: Port of Lewiston's Annual Operating Loss Tops $134,000 Lewiston Tribune, 12/14/17 by Elaine Williams
Company Adding Two New Barges to Transport Wheat Capital Press, 12/7/17 by Matthew Weaver
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New State Law Boosts Idaho Recharge Totals Capital Press, 5/24/17 by John O'Connell
More Recharge Projects Planned in Idaho Capital Press, 5/14/17 by Carol Ryan Dumas
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Idaho to Exceed 250,000 acre-feet in Recharge Capital Press, 4/12/17 by John O'Connell
Columbia, Snake Dams Go to Summer Recreation Lock Schedule Monday Tri-City Herald, 5/13/17 by Annette Cary
Nevada Assembly Passes Solar-Energy Consumer Rights, Fees U.S. News & World Reports, 5/23/17 by Alison Noon
Arizona Utility Signs Game-changing Deal Cutting Solar Power Prices in Half Think Progress, 5/23/17 by Joe Romm
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PUD Board Takes Second Look at Rate Changes The Dalles Chronicle, 4/11/17 by Roger Kline
Trains on Track to Resume Dayton Service Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 4/10/17 by Dian Ver Valen
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Granite & Lower Monumental Dam's Navigation Locks Reopen Early Daily Fly, 3/20/17 by Staff
Locks Remain Closed at 2 Snake River Dams Tri-City Herald, 3/20/17 by Annette Cary
Little Goose Navigation Lock Repairs Delayed Another Week Capital Press, 3/17/17 by Matthew Weaver
Little Goose Dam Navigation Lock Repairs Delayed Capital Press, 3/11/17 by Matthew Weaver
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Controlling Electron Spin Makes Water Splitting More Efficient Environmental News Network, 2/1/17 by Staff
For This Metal, Electricity Flows, But Not the Heat Berkeley Lab, 1/26/17 by Sarah Yang
Port Weighs Container Traffic Options Hellenic Shipping News, 3/1/17 by Capital Press
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Port of Portland Takes Back its Container Terminal The Maritime Executive, 2/28/17 by Staff
Port of Portland to Split with ICTSI, Seek New Life for Idled Shipping Terminal The Oregonian, 2/27/17 by Elliot Njus
Port of Portland Lands at No. 1 for Auto Exports on U.S. West Coast Amer. Journal of Transportation, 2/14/17 by Staff
Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental, Dworshak Dams Reclassified from 'Moderate Risk' to 'Low Risk' Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/3/17 by Staff
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Closing Richland Nuclear Plant Would Be a Win for Ratepayers, Study Says The Oregonian, 2/18/17 by Ted Sickinger
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California's Grid Geeks: Flattening the 'Duck Curve' GreenBiz, 1/25/17 by Gregory C. Staple
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Davos Founder Criticizes Populism, Wants Urgent Reform on Capitalism CNBC, 1/11/17 by Gemma Acton
2016 back to top
Richland Nuclear Plant Reconnects to the Grid Tri-City Herald, 12/25/16 by Wendy Culverwell
Richland Nuclear Power Plant to Restart Within Days Tri-City Herald, 12/21/16 by Annette Cary
Richland Nuclear Plant Shuts Down After Equipment Malfunction The Oregonian, 12/21/16 by Samantha Matsumoto
Energy Northwest: Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down Unexpectedly Tri-City Herald, 12/18/16 by Staff
Clearwater Paper Plans to Use New Lewiston Dock to Unload Sawdust Lewiston Tribune, 12/14/16 by Elaine Williams
Wheat Prices Will Remain Low in 2017, Analysts Predict Capital Press, 12/30/16 by Matthew Weaver
Wheat Exports Ride on Pacific Northwest's Reputation for Quality Capital Press, 12/18/16 by Eric Mortenson
Farmers Rely on Overseas Customers to Buy Crops, Boost Prices Capital Press, 12/15/16 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Experts Predict Continued Down Grain Markets in 2017 Capital Press, 12/12/16 by John O'Connell
Washington Farmer Wins National Wheat Yield Contest Capital Press, 12/2/16 by Matthew Weaver
Idaho Wheat Production Rebounds Because of Record Yields Capital Press, 10/31/16 by Sean Ellis
Idaho Power Seeks to Negate Fish-passage Law The Bend Bulletin, 12/12/16 by Keith Ridler
Lower Granite to be Shut to Vehicle Crossings Tuesday Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 12/11/16 by Staff
Solar Looks to Outpace Natural Gas and Wind Scientific American, 12/27/16 by Bobby Magill
Solar Energy Centers Commissioned for Southern CA: NextEra Energy Resources Santa Monica Observer, 12/14/16 by Staff
Solar Power Plant in Nevada Commissioned to Serve California 89.3 KPCC, 12/9/16 by Staff
BPA Rate Proposal Focuses on Cost Management, Maintaining Value BPA Journal, 12/16 by Staff
Movement Seeks to Bring Back Flood Irrigation in Some Areas Capital Press, 11/23/16 by John O'Connell
Odessa Subarea Seeks More Funding for Water Expansion Capital Press, 11/4/16 by Matthew Weaver
Irrigation District, Development League Continue Work, Seek Funding Capital Press, 10/30/16 by Matthew Weaver
League Seeks Funding to Reduce Odessa Irrigation Water Costs Capital Press, 10/24/16 by Matthew Weaver
Ag Industry Gears Up for 14-week River Closure Capital Press, 11/30/16 by Matthew Weaver
Lower Monumental Dam Crossing to Close for Work Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 11/29/16 by Staff
Dam Repairs Mean it's Time for Trade-Offs Lewiston Tribune, 10/17/16 by Eric Barker
PMA, ILWU Talk Contract Extension to Avoid Repeat of Port Slowdown Dan Wheat, 11/4/16 by Dan Wheat
Port of Portland: Future of Terminal Remains Murky Construction Equip. Guide, 11/25/16 by Njus & Hammill
A Hydropower Project Flows Through Port of Vancouver USA Amer. Journal of Transportation, 11/20/16 by Robert L. Wallack
Dworshak Dam Changed Economy Clearwater Tribune, 11/16/16 by Staff
Bonneville Power Releases Initial Rate Proposal for 2018, 2019 Columbia Basin Bulletin, 11/18/16 by Staff
PUD Mulls 5% Rate Hike The Dalles Chronicle, 11/18/16 by Neita Cecil
Bonneville Proposes 3.5 Percent Rate Hike The Daily News, 11/10/16 by Marissa Luck
BPA Makes U.S. Treasury Payment on Time for 33rd Consecutive Year BPA Journal, 11/16 by Staff
BPA Makes U.S. Treasury Payment of $1.9 Billion for FY 2016, Largest Ever Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/7/16 by Staff
Cloud-Tracking Cameras to Tackle Dips in Solar Power Output The Guardian, 11/9/16 by Michael Slezak
BLM Sells 14 Geothermal Power Leases in Nevada, Four in Utah Renewable Energy World, 11/2/16 by Andrew Burger
With Shipping on the Decline, Opportunity Arises to Save Salmon Earthjustice Blog, 10/6/16 by Rebecca Bowe
Nuclear Energy Promoted as Part of Nation's Low-carbon Future Tri-City Herald, 10/27/16 by Annette Cary
Micro-nuclear Power Plants Gaining Acceptance, 10/20/16 by Chelsea Mendez
Wind, Solar Power Plants Cheaper Than Coal in a Decade, 10/11/16 by Frik Els
Winds of Change: How the Industry Can Continue Wind Power's Boom Into the 2020s Utility Dive, 11/1/16 by Herman Trabish
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Cloud Seeding Study Planned in Idaho's Payette Range Capital Press, 10/3/16 by John O'Connell
Baseload vs. Flexibility: Standing the Traditional Generation Model on its Head Clean Edge, 10/1/16 by Clint Wilder
Solar Projects Set to Add Energy to Power Grid Connections, 9/16 by Staff
Community Solar Installation Will Add to Customer Choices Connections, 9/16 by Staff
Washington's Big Dam Climate Nightmare Seattle Weekly, 10/5/16 by Brett Cihon
Hydropower Isn't Carbon Neutral After All, WSU Researchers Say Seattle Times, 9/28/16 by Lynda V. Mapes
Oh Great -- Scientists Just Confirmed a Key New Source of Greenhouse Gases Washington Post, 9/28/16 by Chris Mooney
Longshoremen Oppose Defunct Subsidy Program Capital Press, 10/7/16 by Mateusz Perkowski
Port of Portland: Mega-Ship Era Casualty Port Technology, 9/23/16 by Staff
Portland Container Shipping Faces Broad Challenges Capital Press, 9/22/16 by Mateusz Perkowski
Work Underway at Ice Harbor Dam KAPP-TV, 9/26/16 by Dennis Shannon
Ice Harbor Dam Repair to Slow Passage Through Lock Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 9/25/16 by Staff
United Grain Pledges $9 Million to Plans for Upgrades in Oregon's Wheat Country KATU, 9/27/16 by Associated Press
From Nuclear to Solar Power KXTV, 9/29/16 by Adam Christy
Permit Approved for Drilling on Federal Land in Idaho's Raft River Geothermal Area Renewable Energy World, 9/20/16 by Staff
US EIA Paper Shows Promise of Geothermal, Need for National Effort Renewable Energy World, 9/16/16 by Karl Gawell
As Renewable Energy Grows, So Does the Need to Manage Demand for Power Wall Street Journal, 9/13/16 by Bill Spindle
New Simulations of Wind Power Generation Eureka Alert!, 9/6/16 by Eth Zurich
How Storm Predictions Help Dams Keep Reservoirs Full GreenBiz, 6/29/16 by Matt Weiser
Facing Stricter Climate Goals, California Passes 4 Bills to Boost Energy Storage Utility Dive, 9/2/16 by Robert Walton
Snohomish PUD Lands $3.5 Million Clean Energy Grant SC News, 9/20/16 by Staff
Energy Northwest Plans Richland Solar Facility Bristol Herald Courier, 9/6/16 by Associated Press
Energy Northwest Plans Richland Solar Center, with Storage and Training Tri-City Herald, 9/4/16 by Annette Cary
U.S. DOE Awards $20 Million for MHK Systems HydroWorld, 9/1/16 by Elizabeth Ingram
Port, State Officials Discussed Letting Hanjin Walk Before Increasing Incentive Package The Oregonian, 9/22/16 by Luke Hammill
Port of Portland's Path to Idle Container Terminal Began with Shift in Philosophy The Oregonian, 9/18/16 by Njus & Hammill
Hanjin Shipping Line Files for Bankruptcy The Oregonian, 8/31/16 by Elliot Njus
Idaho Power Prices Among the Lowest in the Region Connections, 7/16 by Staff
New Hydro Unit at 10.2-MW Black Canyon Dam in Idaho One Step Closer to Reality Hydroworld, 6/28/16 by Elizabeth Ingram
Retiring Coal Plants Means NW Will Need More Generation to Lower Chance of Power Shortfall Columbia Basin Bulletin, 8/26/16 by Columbia Basin Bulletin
PUD Getting State Funds for Clean Energy Technologies Everett Herald, 8/18/16 by Staff
Washington State Awards Money for Two Public Utility Microgrids MicroGrid Knowledge, 8/18/16 by Elisa Wood
Washington Commits $12.6M to Grid Modernization Effort Utility Dive, 8/22/16 by Robert Walton
Solar Energy Takes Root in the Flathead Flathead Beacon, 9/1/16 by Molly Priddy
Clients Would Help Build 'Community Solar Project' Argus Observer, 7/25/16 by Keith Ridler
Largest University Solar Power Project Pushes UC Toward Carbon Neutrality Univ. of California News, 8/19/16 by Andy Murdock
watch A New Crop is Now Growing in Idaho: Solar Energy Idaho Statesman, 7/25/16 by Cynthia Sewell
Intalco Aluminum Smelter Celebrates 50th Year, But Will it Last Another 50? Bellingham Herald, 8/14/16 by Dean Kahn
DOE: NW Has Little New Potential Left In Undeveloped Stream Reaches Columbia Basin Bulletin, 8/9/16 by Staff
Building on a Legay Resource Utility Dive, 8/5/16 by Gillian Charles
California Freeways to Go Greener by Generating Electricity Care2, 8/9/16 by Laura Goldman
Bonneville Already Projecting Electricity Rate Increase for 2018 The Daily News, 8/9/16 by Marissa Luck
Idaho Growers Reporting Strong Wheat Harvest Capital Press, 7/28/16 by John O'Connell
Despite a Better Wheat Outlook This Year, Issues Cloud the Horizon Capital Press, 6/27/16 by JEric Mortenson
PGG Sells Grain Assets to United Grain Corporation Capital Press, 6/14/16 by George Plavin
Solar Cell Sucks Up CO2 and Spits Burnable Fuel Out the Other Side GizMag, 7/29/16 by Nick Lavars
Grounded Bulk Carrier Sustained Significant Damage to Bottom The Daily Astorian, 3/22/16 by Staff
East Washington Terminals Save Farmers Money Capital Press, 12/3/15 by Matthew Weaver
Bridge Trouble Closes Little Goose Dam to Vehicles Tri-City Herald, 7/20/16 by Staff
Work to Delay Traffic Crossing Lower Granite Dam Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 7/19/16 by Staff
Clean Energy Continues to Grow as Emissions Decline GreenBiz, 7/15/16 by Bobby Magill
Obama Announces Plans to Increase Solar Energy to Low-income Households UPI, 7/20/16 by Allen Cone
Clients Would Help Build 'Community Solar Project' Argus Observer, 7/19/16 by Keith Ridler
Here Comes the Sun: US Solar Power Market Hits All-Time High The Guardian, 6/28/16 by Matt Weiser
System Converts Solar Heat into Usable Light,
Increasing Solar Cell's Overall Efficiency, 5/24/16 by David L. Chandler
PUD Candidates Try to Crack Code of Rising Rates The Daily News, 6/27/16 by Marissa Luck
FY 2015 Fish And Wildlife Program Costs Reported Two Ways NW Fishletter, 6/6/16 by Laura Berg
Former Legislator Seeks to Bring Traffic Back to Port Portland Tribune, 6/26/16 by Jake Bartman
Energy Storage Market to Equal Rooftop Solar by 2028 Renewable Energy World, 6/13/16 by Anna Hirtenstein
As Solar Energy Heats Up, NorthWestern Tries to Eclipse Movement Billings Gazette, 6/10/16 by Tom Lutey
Army Corps Attempts to Engineer Salmon Recovery The Drake, 6/8/16 by Brett Wedeking
Fast Tracked Lewiston Tribune, 6/5/16 by Elaine Williams
FERC Lets DER Aggregate into Cal-ISO Markets Power Markets Today, 6/3/16 by Staff
Seattle City Council Passes Resolution Opposing Nuclear Power Tri-City Herald, 6/1/16 by Annette Cary
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Corps Makes Tours of Lower Granite Dam Available Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 5/31/16 by Staff
April Heat Produces Dramatic PNW Snowmelt Capital Press, 5/13/16 by Staff
New Ladder Cooling System Expected to Help Decrease Water Temperatures Lewiston Tribune, 5/4/16 by Eric Barker
Voith Hydro Wins Rehab Contract at Ice Harbor Project, US Intl. Water Power, 5/16/16 by Staff
New Turbines at Ice Harbor Dam Aims to Improve Fish Passage Yakima Herald, 5/14/16 by Associated Press
Ice Harbor Gets 150 Tons of Fish-friendly Stainless Steel Tri-City Herald, 5/13/16 by Annette Cary
Port of Portland Faces Challenges, Opportunities, Director says in Albany Visit Albany Democrat-Herald, 5/30/16 by Alex Paul
listen What's a Port Without Container Shipping? Oregon Public Broadcasting, 5/26/16 Davidson & Raymond
Portland Shipping Woes Result of Global Shakeout The Mail Tribune, 5/25/16 by Greg Stiles
Restoration of Container Services to Portland Hinges on Labor Journal of Commerce, 5/24/16 by Bill Mongelluzzo
State-ownership Not the Solution for Portland Port Strategy, 5/24/16 by Staff
Port of Portland Loses Last Container Ship Service Wall Street Journal, 5/19/16 by Erica E. Phillips
Portland Port's Container Future Uncertain After Last Service Exits Journal of Commerce, 5/19/16 by Reynolds Hutchins
Westwood Shipping, Last Remaining Terminal 6 Carrier, Leaving Port of Portland The Oregonian, 5/18/16 by Luke Hammill
Port of Portland Loses its Only Remaining Container Service Portland Business Journal, 5/18/16 by James Cronin
Shipping Authority Seeks to 'Adopt' Portland Port Strategy, 5/12/16 by Staff
Here's Why Portland Won't Get New Shipping Container Service Anytime Soon Portland Business Journal, 5/9/16 by James Cronin
Idaho Funds Treasure Valley Aquifer Model Capital Press, 6/23/16 by John O'Connell
Recharging Idaho's Economic Future Capital Press, 5/27/16 by John O'Connell
Irrigators Step Up Cloud Seeding Support Capital Press, 5/26/16 by John O'Connell
Idaho Growers Propose Irrigation and Recharge Pipeline Capital Press, 4/19/16 by John O'Connell
Most Precipitation Evaporates or Returns to Ground Capital Press, 4/14/16 by Mateusz Perkowski
State Falls Short of Recharge Goal, But Develops New Infrastructure Capital Press, 4/13/16 by John O'Connell
Tribes Ratify Long-Term Water Lease with IGWA Capital Press, 5/9/16 by John O'Connell
Alcoa Reaches Power Accord to Avoid Washington Smelter Cuts Bloomberg, 5/2/16 by Sonja Elmquist
San Francisco Mandates Solar on All New Buildings 10 Stories or Less Environmental News Net, 5/31/16 by Triple Pundit
Franklin PUD Community Solar Making Power, Shade Tri-City Herald, 5/25/16 by Annette Cary
Ashland Institutions, Residents, Take Strides Toward Solar Power Ashland Daily Tidings, 5/17/16 by Caitlin Fowlkes
Prince Quietly Helped Oakland Solar Projects East Bay Times, 5/12/16 by Mark Hedin
These 10 States are Leading the US in Solar Energy Tech Insider, 5/10/16 by Harrington Gould
Santa Monica Approves Solar Requirement for New Construction Renewable Energy World, 5/3/16 by Editorial Board
Solar Energy Surge in Washington Leads to Reduced Incentives KUOW, 4/14/16 by Tom Banse
EPRI, Seattle City Light, BPA Host Workshop to Boost Server-room Efficiency BPA Journal, 5/16 by Staff
BPA Expecting Normal Water Year Operations BPA Journal, 5/16 by Staff
Small Turbines can Outperform Conventional Wind Farms, with No Bird Kill Forbes, 4/29/16 by Jeff McMahon
Richland, Energy Northwest Project Shows Promise to Cut Power Costs Tri-City Herald, 4/24/16 by Annette Cary
Lower Monumental Dam Repairs Underway Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 4/18/16 by Andy Porter
Turbine Lifted to Allow Repairs at Lower Monumental Dam Tri-City Herald, 4/15/16 by Staff
listen Nuclear Developer Details Timeline for Trailblazing Reactor Debut in Idaho NW Public Radio, 4/14/16 by Tom Banse
Federal Dams and Preliminary Permits JD Supra Business Advisor, 4/11/16 by Todd Griset
New Ferndale Smelter Energy Deal Made to Benefit Both BPA, Alcoa Bellingham Herald, 4/13/16 by Dave Gallagher
Alcoa in Power Deal that may Keep Intalco Aluminum Plant Open Reuters, 4/13/16 by Josephine Mason
Intalco Aluminum Smelter in Ferndale may Stay Open Bellingham Herald, 4/12/16 by Dave Gallagher
Alcoa Hiring Temporary Employees for Ferndale Smelter Work Bellingham Herald, 2/28/16 by Dave Gallagher
Port of Portland Budgets for 17.4 Percent Dip in Marine Revenue Amid Labor Strife The Oregonian, 4/11/16 by Luke Hammill
Barge-Rail Effective, Draws Additional Trains to Portland Port Marine Link, 4/8/16 by Joseph R. Fonseca
More Than $500,000 in Savings Identified in Council Fish and Wildlife Program NW Fishletter, 4/4/16 by Laura Berg
Study Addresses Economics of Dams Idaho Mountain Express, 3/30/16 by Staff
Nuclear Power Plant Near Richland Operating Again Tri-City Herald, 3/31/16 by Annette Cary
Washington State's Only Nuclear Power Plant Unexpectedly Shut Down CBS News, 3/29/16 by Associated Press
Nuclear Power Plant Near Richland Unexpectedly Shut Down Tri-City Herald, 3/28/16 by Annette Cary
Firm Could Turn 'Straw Into Gold' Post Register, 3/24/16 by Kathy Corgatelli NeVille
US Considers 800-MW Floating Wind Farm in California Renewable Energy World, 3/24/16 by Brian Eckhouse
Google Buys More Land in The Dalles Washington Times, 3/24/16 by Mike Rogoway
Google to Expand Data Center in The Dalles KGW, 3/24/16 by Staff
Voith wins Corps Contract for Ice Harbor Hydropower Plant Turbine Rehab Work HydroWorld, 3/14/16 by Michael Harris
BPA Fish and Wildlife Future Holds Promise and Uncertainty NW Fishletter, 3/7/16 by Laura Berg
Judge Dismisses Suit Against Snake River Dredging NW Fishletter, 3/7/16 by Laura Berg
Moving Salmon Via a Whooshh Pressurized Tube NW Fishletter, 3/7/16 by Laura Berg
Annual Lock Closure on Columbia-Snake Rivers Starts Saturday Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/4/16 by Staff
Columbia, Snake Dam Locks Closing for Maintenance Tri-City Herald, 3/3/16 by Staff
Global Forces Shifting the Ground Under Wheat Trade Wall Street Journal, 3/8/16 by Kanthchev & Ballard
Analyst: Strong Dollar, Large Supply Keep Wheat, Corn Prices Low Capital Press, 3/7/16 by Matthew Weaver
Low Wheat Prices to Continue, Economist Says Capital Press, 2/4/16 by Matthew Weaver
Oregon Delivers Huge Clean Energy Win, 3/9/16 Noah Long and Angus Duncan
Oregon Legislature Passes 50 Percent Renewable Portfolio Standard Renewable Energy World, 3/7/16 by Jennifer Delony
New US Generating Capacity in January is from Wind, Solar Renewable Energy World, 3/7/16 by Kenneth Bossong
Wind Power Will Soon Surpass Hydro as the Largest Source of Clean Energy in the US Renewable Energy World, 2/29/16 by Jennifer Runyon
Solar Power Growth Expected to Accelerate in 2016, Companies to Add 16 GW of New Panels International Business Times, 3/9/16 by Avaneesh Pandey
Big Cargo Ship in Seattle Signals Big Stakes as Nation's Ports Compete Seattle Times, 2/29/16 by Janet I. Tu
Port of Pasco may Sell Crane, End Container Business Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 2/28/16 by Wendy Culverwell
Former Oregon Lawmaker Proposes Fix for Portland Shipping The Oregonian, 2/19/16 by Associated Press
Former Politician Proposes Oregon Container Shipping Authority East Oregonian, 2/18/16 by George Plaven
End of the Line for the Palen Solar Project KCET, 2/11/16 by Chris Clarke
Little Goose Dam Lock to Close (for inspections) Thursday Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 2/10/16 by Staff
$8 Million Upgrades Set at Ice Harbor, LoMo Dam Locks Tri-City Herald, 2/7/16 by Staff
Contracts Awarded for Dam Lock Repairs Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 2/2/16 by Andy Porter
Judge Rules Against Environmentalists on Snake River Dredging Capital Press, 2/11/16 by Matthew Weaver
Oral Arguments in Federal Court Over Lower Snake River Dredging Set for Feb. 2 Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/29/16 by Staff
BPA Puts Modernized Celilo Converter Station into Service, Tames High Volumes of Power Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/22/16 by Staff
Nevada Will Move All Solar Customers to New Rates Reuters, 2/13/16 by Nichola Groom
PG&E Seeks to Expand Solar Power The Hanford Sentinel, 2/9/16 by Staff
Solar Energy Jobs Expand in Oregon Jefferson Public Radio, 1/31/16 by Staff
Solar Panel Costs Predicted to Fall 10% a Year The Guardian, 1/26/16 by Megan Darby
Energy Department Announces $18 Million to Develop Solar Energy Storage Solutions Electrical Construction & Maint. 1/21/16 by Staff
Alcoa official: Cheap Power Could Keep Ferndale Smelter Open Bellingham Herald, 1/25/16 by Dave Gallagher
Alcoa Delays Curtailment of Intalco Smelter Until End of Second Quarter Reuters, 1/19/16 Rukmangadhan & Patnaik
Portland Dock Work Wanes, But Pay Doesn't Capital Press, 1/13/16 by Molly Harbarger
Portland Longshore Workers Paid $1.2 Million to Not Work at Port of Portland The Oregonian, 1/12/16 by Molly Harbarger
New Wheat Buyer Enters Idaho Market Capital Press, 1/7/16 by John O'Connell
U.S. Wheat Applauds WTO End to Export Subsidies Capital Press, 1/4/16 by Matthew Weaver
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Idaho Poised for Solar Energy Boom Capital Press, 12/31/15 by John O'Connell
Idaho's Energy Future: Less Coal, Uncertain Hydro Post Register, 12/28/15 by Luke Ramseth
Bulging Global Wheat Supply, Strong Dollar Impact U.S. Growers Capital Press, 12/22/15 by Matthew Weaver
Port of Portland Labor Dispute Created Far-reaching Problems Albany Democrat-Herald, 12/28/15 by Alex Paul
NLRB Rules Longshore Union Broke Labor Laws Jefferson Public Radio, 12/22/15 by Conrad Wilson
State, Port Officials Work on Export Solutions, Still Courting Shipping Lines The Oregonian, 12/19/15 by Molly Harbarger
Portland Container Terminal Operator Courts 4 Shipping Partners Portland Business Journal, 12/11/15 by James Cronin
listen Legume Farmers Feel the Squeeze from Oregon's Port Feud Oregon Public Broadcasting, 9/1/15 by Conrad Wilson
Lower Salmon Dam Gets a Makeover Twin Times-News, 12/3/15 by Tetona Dunlap
EWEB to Vote on Rate Increase KVAL, 12/4/15 by Staff
Longshoremen Cited for Unfair Labor Practices Capital Press, 12/8/15 by Mateusz Perkowski
ICTSI Oregon Scores Again vs Portland Port Labor Unions Manila Bulletin, 12/6/15 by James Loyola
ILWU Guilty of Federal Labour Violations Port Strategy, 12/4/15 by Staff
Federal Labor Board Affirms Ruling Against ILWU for Coercion of Portland Terminal Journal of Commerce, 12/4/15 by Bill Mongelluzzo
ID Senator Tries to Stop Labor Slowdowns after Container Terminal Woes Voice Observer, 12/18/15 by Gregory Rogers
New Problems, Same Solution at Port The Oregonian, 12/17/15 by Editorial Board
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Port of Portland's Marine Terminal Shipments Plummet Year Over Year Portland Business Journal, 11/20/15 by James Cronin
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Port of Portland Subsidizes Lewiston Container Service Bend Bulletin, 12/5/15 by Associated Press
Port of Portland Subsidizes Lewiston-to-Portland Container Service The Oregonian, 12/4/15 by Molly Harbarger
A Solution for Inland Farmers Struggling with Port of Portland Problems Oregon Business, 12/2/15 by Jacob Palmer
New Shipping Option Gives NW Farmers a Break Oregon Public Broadcasting, 12/1/15 by Conrad Wilson
Barge and Rail Service Helps Connect PNW Exporters to Asia Journal of Commerce, 12/1/15 by Bill Mongelluzzo
watch Container Shipments into the Port of Lewiston is Good News for the Economy KLEW TV, 12/1/15 by Suzette Reynoso
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Barge-Rail Service on Upper Columbia, Snake Rivers Marine Link, 12/1/15 by Joseph R. Fonseca
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Shippers Still Harbor Hopes for Port of Portland Service Journal of Commerce, 11/30/15 by Mateusz Perkowski
New Barge Service Provides Much-Needed Relief for Oregon Exporters Portland Business Journal, 11/30/15 by James Cronin
Expert: Shippers Haven't Abandoned Hopes for Port of Portland -- Yet Capital Press, 11/18/15 by Mateusz Perkowski
Container Traffic to Resume at Northern Idaho Port KIRO 7, 11/12/15 by Associated Press
BPA Makes 32nd Consecutive Annual U-S Treasury Payment on Time and in Full Energy News Feed, 10/7/15 by Joel Myer
Port of Newport Receives $2 Million for Facility to Serve Oregon Agricultural Producers The Oregonian, 10/29/15 by Molly Harbarger
U.S. Extends Bidding to Install New-design Turbines at 603-MW Ice Harbor Hydro Project HydroWorld, 10/10/15 by Staff
Navy Contractor To Use Lewiston Port Dock Lewiston Tribune, 9/30/15 by Elaine Williams
Study Shows Excessive Foreign Farm Support Costing U.S. Wheat East Oregonian, 9/14/15 by George Plaven
Thresher Pilots 'Act of God' Clause for Wheat East Oregonian, 7/10/15 by John O'Connell
Another Step Taken Toward Bringing Water to Odessa Subarea Capital Press, 9/14/15 by Matthew Weaver
listen Farmers Lose Out During Harvest with Portland Containers Service Gone Northwest Public Radio, 9/8/15 by Conrad Wilson
Port's Problems Shift Attention to Trucks, Railroads The Oregonian, 8/29/15 by Editorial Board
Yes, There are More Trucks on Our Freeways The Columbian, 8/28/15 by Eric Florip
Traffic Hits Braking Point The Columbian, 8/26/15 by Editorial Board
U.S. Seeks Stoplogs for Ice Harbor and Little Goose Hydro Projects HydroWorld, 10/21/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Fish Counting at Eight Columbia, Snake River Hydro Projects HydroWorld, 10/12/15 by Staff
Andritz to Rewind Unit 3 at Corps' Dworshak Hydropower Plant HydroWorld, 10/1/15 by Michael Harris
U.S. Seeks Bids to Install New-design Turbines at Ice Harbor Hydro Project HydroWorld, 9/10/15 by Staff
Corps Awards Contract for Floating Barrier at Lower Monumental Hydropower Plant HydroWorld, 9/10/15 by Michael Harris
HCMS Wins Contract tor Turbine Hub Rehab Work at Lower Granite Hydropower Plant HydroWorld, 9/9/15 by Staff
U.S. Again Extends Bidding for HVAC Upgrades at Lower Granite Dam Hydro Project HydroWorld, 9/8/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Firms for Fish Counting at Eight Columbia, Snake River Hydro Projects HydroWorld, 7/16/15 by Staff
New Solar Panel Product to Reduce Costs Up To 10% Los Angeles Times, 10/25/15 by Ivan Penn
Researchers Develop Cool Way to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency Digital Trends, 9/24/15 by Kelly Hodgkins
Government to Spend Millions on Solar Power Research Climate Central, 9/16/15 by Staff
Why Storing Solar Energy and Using It at Night is Closer Than You Think Washington Post, 9/16/15 by Chris Mooney
Obama Pledges $120M Toward Solar Power, Clean Energy The Hill, 9/16/15 by Timothy Cama
Solar-Power Sharing Programs May Be Poised to Take Off Wall Street Journal, 9/13/15 by Cassandra Sweet
Solar Power Today and its Potential for the Future Huffington Post, 9/14/15 by Peter D. Rosenstein
Solar Energy is Poised for Yet Another Record Year Washington Post, 9/9/15 by Chris Mooney
SMUD Approves Solar Power Array on 62 Acres of Rancho Seco Site Sacramento Bee, 9/9/15 by Mark Glover
PUD to Launch Community Solar Project The Daily News, 9/9/15 by Marissa Luck
Kettleman Solar Project Fires Up Electricity for Bay Area Fresno Bee, 9/1/15 by Tim Sheehan
Obama Joins the Nevada Political Fray Over Rooftop Solar Energy Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/28/15 by Sean Whaley
Yeloha Connects Roof Owners with Those Who Want Renewable Energy and Vice Versa PSFK, 8/28/15 by Leo Lutero
California Achieves New Utility-Scale Solar Energy Generation Peak of 6.391 GW Clean Technica, 8/29/15 by James Ayre
San Diego Gas & Electric Hits Renewables Peak of 1 GW on August 19 The Oregonian, 8/26/15 by Tsvetomira Tsanova
Small Nukes: a Long-term Prospect for Tri-Cities? Crosscut, 8/18/15 by John Stang
GE to Build its Largest Battery Storage System in California Bloomberg Business, 8/20/15 by Chris Martin
The U.S. Just Approved One of the World's Biggest Solar Power Plants Yahoo News, 8/24/15 by Todd Woody
watch Obama Flies to the Nevada Desert to Promote Solar Energy New York Times, 8/24/15 by Gardiner Harris
Hanford Dairy Has Solar Energy Farm Installed KFSN, 8/24/15 by Staff
Obama Adds $1 Billion in Loan Guarantees to Boost Clean Energy Bloomberg Business, 8/24/15 by Mike Dorning
Regions: The Key to Unlocking a Renewable Energy Future GreenBiz, 8/10/15 by Carl Zichella
Richland Nuclear Plant Increases Electricity Output Capacity Tri-City Herald, 8/11/15 by Annette Cary
U.S. Sets Site Visit for Installation of New-Design Turbines at Ice Harbor Hydro Project HydroWorld, 8/24/15 by PennWell
U.S. Seeks Floating Bulkhead for Little Goose Hydro Project HydroWorld, 8/17/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks HVAC Upgrades at Lower Granite Dam HydroWorld, 8/12/15 by Staff
Firm Sought to Study Salmon Survival Through New-design Turbines at Ice Harbor, 8/3/15 by Staff
Testing to Improve Fish Passage Through the Ice Harbor Turbines, 5/20/15 by Foust, J.M., et al
Managing Columbia River Water Resources In Hot, Dry Year is Balancing Act NW Fishletter, 8/11/15 by Laura Berg
Power Plant CO2 Emissions at 27 Year Low Environmental News Net, 8/11/15 by Kevin Mathews
Bill Would Allow Governors to End Port Slowdowns Capital Press, 8/7/15 by Joseph Gallivan
Port of Kalama Approves $900,000 Dredging Contract at TEMCO Terminal The Daily News, 8/15/15 by Marissa Luck
Vancouver Welcomes Freight Congestion Relief Project Portland Business Journal, 8/11/15 by Andy Giegerich
Supersized Cargo Skips Small Ports Wall Street Journal, 8/3/15 by Erica E. Phillips
listen Producers Seek Solutions for Portland's Shipping Crisis Oregon Public Broadcasting, 8/3/15 by Phoebe Flanigan
Container Ship Docks Briefly at Port of Portland Portland Tribune, 8/3/15 by Joseph Gallivan
Port of Portland Needs a Fix Bend Bulletin, 8/2/15 by Editorial Board
BPA's Annual Costs for Basin Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Expected to Nudge Above $500 Million Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/11/15 by Staff
Co-op's Huge Riverside Terminal Handles Wheat Harvest Capital Press, 7/27/15 by George Plaven
Japanese Millers Follow Northwest Wheat Harvest Capital Press, 7/7/15 by Matthew Weaver
Northwest Co-ops Face 7.1 Percent Power Rate Hike Electric Co-op Today, 7/27/15 by Steven Johnson
New Material Combines Photons for Big Solar Energy Gains Extreme Tech, 7/28/15 by Graham Templeton
Where is Solar Power Headed?, 7/22/15 by Renee Cho
Energy Northwest Plant Back to Full Power Tri-City Herald, 7/23/15 by Annette Cary
Council Moves Forward on Nuclear Power Option St. George News, 7/23/15 by Mori Kessler
First U.S. Small Modular Reactor Inches Ahead Energy Biz, 7/16/15 by Amy Gahran
State Ports Losing Ground Courier-Herald, 7/26/15 by Don Brunell
Pacific Northwest Ports Gain Momentum After Months of Problems Journal of Commerce, 7/31/15 by Bill Mongelluzzo
State Seeks Container Shipping Solutions, Brings Workshop to Hermiston East Oregonian, 7/27/15 by George Plaven
Lack of Ships Visiting Portland Likely to Hurt Metro's Export Gains Go Local PDX, 7/23/15 by Rebecca Randall
Port of Portland Sees First Boxship Call in Three Months Global Trade, 7/28/15 by Michael White
Portland Welcomes First Boxship in Three Months Splash 24/7, 7/22/15 by Sam Chambers
Port Of Portland to Welcome First Cargo Ship In Months Oregon Public Broadcasting, 7/21/15 by Conrad Wilson
Port of Portland Welcomes First Container Ship Since April Portland Business Journal, 7/20/15 by Erik Siemers
Andritz Wins Rewind, Cavitation Repair Contract for Lower Monumental Hydro Plant HydroWorld, 7/20/15 by Michael Harris
10 Years After Installation, Fish Slide at Ice Harbor Celebrated Tri-City Herald, 7/15/15 by Annette Cary
watch Ice Harbor Dam Celebrates Ten Years of Saving Salmon Through Successful Spillway KNDO / KNDU, 7/15/15 by Chris Luther
Amazon Web Services will Power Data Centers with Wind-farm Energy East Oregonian, 7/13/15 by Associated Press
After Rocky 2014, Pacific Northwest Ports Return to Normal Journal of Commerce, 7/11/15 by Bill Mongelluzzo
Hells Canyon an Example of Bipartisan Conservation Idaho Statesman, 7/9/15 by Bert Bowler
U.S. Extends Call to Replace Generator Windings at 402-MW Dworshak Hydro Project HydroWorld, 7/2/15 by Staff
Council Reports BPA F&W Costs Last Year Totaled $782.3 Million NW Fishletter, 8/11/15 by Laura Berg
NW Fish Expenses Hits $782 Million Electric Co-op Today, 7/6/15 by Steven Johnson
Council Report Tallies Bonneville Power's Fish/Wildlife Costs for 2014: $782 Million Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/26/15 by Staff
Olympia Keeps Local Rail Upgrades on Track The Daily News, 7/12/15 by Staff
Portland Area Exports Rise, But Fallout from Hanjin Unknown Oregon Public Broadcasting, 7/10/15 by Conrad Wilson
California Electricity Rates to Undergo Biggest Change in 15 Years San Francisco Chronicle, 7/4/15 by Baker & Aleaziz
Price of Solar Hits Record Low Again! Clean Technica, 7/10/15 by Nicholas Brown
The $520 Million White House Bid to Widen Access to Solar GreenBiz, 7/15/15 by Barbara Grady
Funds Granted to Bring Solar Power, Jobs to 'Underserved' Areas Like Vallejo Vallejo Times-Herald, 7/15/15 by Rachel Raskin-Zrihen
Sanders Seeks to Boost Poor's Access to Solar Power The Hill, 7/7/15 by Jordain Carney
White House Aims to Give Renters, Lower-income People Access to Solar Washington Post, 7/7/15 by Chris Mooney
Bright Ideas: New Regulations Pave Way for Solar Energy Las Vegas Sun, 7/6/15 by Staff
There's a Lot More Solar Power in the US Than We Thought Vox Energy & Environment, 7/2/15 by David Roberts
US Solar Electricity Production 50% Higher than Previously Thought GreenTech Solar, 6/30/15 by Kaminsky & Baca
Equipment Issue Limiting Richland Nuclear Plant Power Production Tri-City Herald, 7/1/15 by Staff
Richland Nuclear Plant Producing Electricity Again Tri-City Herald, 6/29/15 by Staff
ICE Fines Broetje, 6/16/15 by Greg Martin
ICE Issues Record Fine of $2.25 Million National Law Review, 6/10/15 by Staff
U.S. Apple Orchard Fined US$2.25M for Hiring 'Unauthorized' Workers Fresh Fruit Portal, 6/10/15 by Staff
Broetje Orchards Agrees to Pay a $2.25 Million Fine for Illegals Wall Street Journal, 6/9/15 by Miriam Jordan
Washington State Fruit Grower Hit with $2.25 Million Immigration Fine Ag Web, 6/5/15 by Paul Neiffer
Broetje Orchards to Pay Record $2.25M in Immigration Penalty Yakima Herald, 6/4/15 by Staff
Broetje Orchards to Pay Record $2.25M in Immigration Penalty Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 6/4/15 by Nicholas K. Geranios
Leaving the Fields: Immigration Policy Takes a Toll at Harvest Time Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 2/5/14 by Andy Porter
Apple Growers Face Near-record Harvest, Worker Shortage Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 9/19/12 by Andy Porter
ROI on Pacific Northwest Channel Deepening Project: Over 5 to 1 Global Trade, 6/30/15 by Peter Buxbaum
Study Highlights Investments in Columbia River Ports Capital Press, 6/29/15 by Matthew Weaver
Columbia River Deepening Sparks $1 Billion in Investments The Daily News, 6/27/15 by Marissa Luck
Port Begins Final Phase of West Vancouver Freight Access Rail Projects Port of Vancouver, 11/12/14 by Web Page
Canpotex Expanding Portland, Oregon, Marine Terminal Wall Street Journal, 10/8/14 by David George-Cosh
ADM Muscles in on Asian Grain Markets Good Fruit & Vegetables, 10/6/14 by Andrew Marshall
Temco Grain Terminal Expansion on Track for Fall Completion The Daily News, 7/21/14 by Justin Pittman
Mitsui Harvesting Opportunities in Agriculture Mitsui & Co., 6/30/13/13 by Web Page
Port of Kalama to Double Temco Site's Rail Capacity The Columbian, 12/13/13 by Staff
Louis Dreyfus Plans $21M Update to Rose Quarter Grain Elevator Portland Business Journal, 12/27/12 by Wendy Culverwell
EGT Facility Creates New Export Opportunities for American Farmers EGT Grain, 7/9/12 by Press Release
Port of Vancouver Launches Key Component of Multimillion-dollar Rail Expansion Project Port of Vancouver, 12/7/11 by Kristine Guerra
Vancouver Port Lands $72M Deal Portland Business Journal, 1/14/11 by Erik Siemers
Port of Longview Inks Property Lease for Export Grain Terminal Port of Longview, 6/1/9 by Press Release
Hanjin Port of Portland Pull-out Means More Truck Traffic KPTV, 6/19/15 by Kimberly Eiten
Hanjin Shipping Leaves Portland and Your Commute Turns Nightmarish The Oregonian, 6/18/15 by Joseph Rose
listen Losing Water Transportation is a Big Blow to the Entire Region, 6/17/15 by David Sparks
listen Log Jam in Lewiston, 6/16/15 by David Sparks
listen Lewiston Port Considers Rail, 6/15/15 by David Sparks
Official Hints at Possible Return of Container Traffic Lewiston Tribune, 6/10/15 by Elaine Williams
Why BPA Sees Aggregation as the Future of Demand Response Utility Dive, 6/12/15 by Robert Walton
Bonneville Power Deploys AutoGrid's Big Data Software Inside Big Data, 6/20/15 by Daniel Gutierrez
Bonneville Power Uses Analytics to Manage Demand Datanami, 6/18/15 by George Leopold
How Bonneville is Tapping Demand Response to Balance Power From Dams, Wind and Sun GreenTech Grid, 6/17/15 by Jeff St. John
Solar Energy Market to Climb 36% in 2015 Amid Falling Solar Prices, Climate Change Concerns International Business Times, 6/17/15 by Maria Gallucci
SunPower Starts to Build 102MW Henrietta Solar Project Zacks, 6/10/15 by Staff
Why You Should Be Paying Attention to the 'Other' Form of Solar Power Climate Progress, 6/10/15 by Joe Romm
NRC Report Suggests 'User-Pays' to Help Fund Corps' Inland Waterways Operation Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/19/15 by Staff
Industry Prepares for 14-week Lock Closure in December 2016 Capital Press, 6/3/15 by Matthew Weaver
Corps Announces Extended (14-Week) Columbia/Snake Lock System Closure 2016-17 for Repairs Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/29/15 by Staff
Columbia-Snake River System Lock Closure Set for December 2016 Capital Press, 5/27/15 by Staff
Extended Outages Planned for Columbia, Snake Navigation Locks in 2016-'17 News Tribune, 5/27/15 by News Services
State Approves Recharge Infrastructure Projects Capital Press, 6/1/15 by John O'Connell
Hanford Reach National Monument, A Very Hot 15th Birthday Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 6/25/15 by Joel Connelly
Energy Northwest Pays Record State Tax Amount Tri-City Herald, 6/1/15 by Staff
watch Inside the Reactor: Columbia Generating Station KNDO/KNDU, 5/21/15 by Morgan Ashley
Richland Nuclear Plant Prepares for Emergencies from Terrorist Attacks to Volcanic Eruptions Tri-City Herald, 5/22/15 by Annette Cary
U.S. Seeks Fishway Temperature Improvements at 810-MW Lower Granite Dam HydroWorld, 5/27/15 by Staff
Idaho Power Customers Increased Energy-Efficiency Savings in 2014 Connections, 5/15 by Staff
Critics of Corps' Dredging Plan Continue Fight NW Fishletter, 5/23/15 by Bill Rudolph
Columbia and Snake River Navigation Locks Schedule for Recreational Boaters KEPR TV, 5/13/15 by ACOE
Southern California's Hemet: Solar Power Replacing Horsepower Hydroworld, 5/8/15 by Craig Shultz
Flows Increased at McNary to Move Fish Through Columbia Dams Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/22/15 by Staff
BPA Says It's Ready for Dry-year Power Demands KTVZ, 5/10/15 by News Sources
Basin Water Supply Forecast Drops Again: Warm Temps, Low Precipitation, Early Runoff Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/8/15 by Staff
Public Power, BPA Top Five-year EE Target BPA Journal, 12/14 by Staff
In-active Devices Waste Billions of Dollars of Electricity NRDC, 5/7/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Boat Barrier for 810-MW Lower Monumental Hydro Project Hydroworld, 6/16/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Fishway Temperature Improvements at 810-MW Lower Granite Dam Hydroworld, 5/27/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Generator Windings Replacement at 402-MW Dworshak Hydro Project Hydroworld, 5/18/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Turbine Linkage Upgrades at 810-MW Lower Granite Hydro Project Hydroworld, 5/6/15 by Staff
NRC Asks for More Information on Richland Nuclear Plant Quake Risk Tri-City Herald, 5/14/15 by Annette Cary
Regulators Asked to Close Washington Nuclear Plant Until Crack in Cooling System Repaired Tri-City Herald, 5/14/15 by Ted Sickinger
When Should a Nuclear Power Plant be Refueled? Forbes, 5/11/15 by James Conca
Columbia Generating Station Sets Longest Run Record of 683 Days Tri-City Herald, 5/9/15 by Staff
Hanford Has Been an 'Unlimited Spigot' Daily Astorian, 5/5/15 by Editorial Board
Richland Nuclear Plant Refueling Outage Starts May 9 Tri-City Herald, 5/5/15 by Annette Cary
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Is Tesla's Powerwall Battery a Utility Killer? GreenBiz, 5/4/15 by Jessica Shankleman
U.S. Extends Bidding for Rewind, Cavitation Repair at 810-MW Lower Monumental Dam Hydroworld, 4/1/15 by Staff
Western US Utilities Eye California ISO Expansion The Ecologist, 4/26/15 by Mark Shwartz
Refrigeration Battery Could Lower Supermarket Energy Use by 40 Percent Triple Pundit, 4/29/15 by Andrew Burger
The New Battery That Could Power the Renewable Revolution The Ecologist, 4/26/15 by Mark Shwartz
Cloud-seeding Project Proposed Idaho Mountain Express, 4/24/15 by Staff
West Side Story: California and Energy Northwest Lead $8.7B Week The Bond Buyer, 4/17/15 by Aaron Weitzman
watch Portland Shipping Fight Hits Inland Northwest Farmers KXLY, 4/29/15 by John Hendricks
Port Container Terminal Dispute Drags Portland Tribune, 4/15/15 by Joseph Gallivan
Container-Terminal Loss at Port of Portland Felt Deeply Upriver Oregonian, 4/12/15 by Molly Harbarger
Hapag-Lloyd Stops Scheduling Trips to Terminal 6 in Portland Customs Today Report, 4/9/15 by Staff
Second Shipping Company Pulls Out of Port of Portland KPTV, 4/8/15 by Staff
Shipping Firms' Departures Sink Port of Portland Marketplace, 4/7/15 by Conrad Wilson
Oregon's Direct Marine Line to Europe, Hapag-Lloyd, Officially Pulls Out of Port of Portland Oregonian, 4/7/15 by Molly Harbarger
Hapag-Lloyd Makes It Official, No Stops at the Port of Portland Daily Journal, 4/7/15 by Associated Press
Port of Portland's Container Terminal Needed to Keep Costs Low at Bigger Ports Hellenic Shipping News, 4/6/15 by Staff
Portland Port Container Terminal Loses All Business After Hapag-Lloyd Stops Trips Customs Today Report, 4/5/15 by Staff
Second Major Container Carrier Stops Visiting Portland Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/5/15 by Associated Press
Hapag-Lloyd Drops Port of Portland Port Technology, 4/3/15 by Staff
Port Container Traffic on Hold Indefinitely Lewiston Tribune, 4/8/15 by Elaine Williams
Port of Portland's Future Looks Bleak as Second Carrier Shuns Terminal Mail Tribune, 4/6/15 by Associated Press
Port of Portland Container Terminal Loses Almost All Business After Hapag-Lloyd Stops Trips Oregonian, 4/3/15 by Molly Harbarger
Outside Factors Keep Wheat Prices Low Despite Lower Supply Capital Press, 4/1/15 by Matthew Weaver
Planning Grant to Help City Untangle Rail Congestion Capital Press, 3/27/15 by Matthew Weaver
Dworshak Reservoir Filling Up Early KTVB, 4/26/15 by Associated Press
Below-Average Snowpack in Clearwater Basin Calls for Early Fill of Dworshak Reservoir Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/24/15 by Staff
U.S. Reissues Call for Circuit Breakers at 402-MW Dworshak Hydro Project Hydroworld, 4/27/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Firms to Supply Stoplogs to Ice Harbor and Little Goose Hydro Projects Hydroworld, 4/24/15 by Staff
U.S. Extends Call for Oil Filtration Systems for 402-MW Dworshak Hydro Project Hydroworld, 4/8/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Transformer for 810-MW Little Goose Hydro Project Hydroworld, 4/2/15 by Staff
Snake River Dams Spill Water to Help Fish Tri-City Herald, 4/6/15 by Staff
Idaho Well Users Owe Large Surface Call Obligation Capital Press, 4/21/15 by John O'Connell
Idaho Sees Potential for Winter Recharge Expansion Capital Press, 4/2/15 by John O'Connell
Energy, Interior, Corps Renew Five-Year Partnership to Advance Hydropower Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/27/15 by Staff
Gov. Kate Brown's Signature Could Trigger Data Center Boom in Rural Oregon The Oregonian, 3/29/15 by Mike Rogoway
Tax Breaks for Internet Companies The Dalles Chronicle, 3/24/15 by Jonathan J. Cooper
Bonneville Pushes for Northwest Imbalance Market Argus, 3/17/15 by Staff
Bonneville Looks to Pour $5M Toward Energy Entrepreneurs Portland Business Journal, 3/13/15 by Andy Giegerich
America's Non-hydro Renewables Outpace Hydroelectric Power Through 2014 HydroWorld, 3/10/15 by Michael Harris
Nuclear Power Measures Face Questions Crosscut, 3/25/15 by John Stang
Nuclear Energy Scores Two Victories in Olympia Crosscut, 3/11/15 by John Stang
Why the Nuclear Energy World is Thinking Small Jefferson Public Radio, 3/12/15 by Jes Burns
Senate OK Bills to Promote Nuclear Energy in Washington KREM2, 3/6/15 by Associated Press
Columbia-Snake Irrigators Push Plea for Water to the Top Capital Press, 3/3/15 by Don Jenkins
New Kind of "Tandem" Solar Cell Developed MIT News, 3/24/15 by David L. Chandler
Solar Energy: Tribes Try to Block Project The Press Enterprise, 3/17/15 by David Danelski
Massive Solar Project Proposed Near Blythe The Desert Sun, 3/11/15 by Sammy Roth
Sonoma County is Building the Largest Floating Solar Project in the US GreenTech Solar, 3/11/15 by Julia Pyper
New Concept in Solar Energy Starts to Catch On Poughkeepsie Journal, 3/10/15 by Steve Karnowski
Google Makes Biggest Renewables Bet Yet on $750 Million SolarCity Fund GreenBiz, 3/2/15 by Staff
From Boom to Bust: A Short History of CFAC Hungry Horse News, 3/5/15 by Richard Hanners
U.S. Seeks Bids for Rewind, Cavitation Repair at 810-MW Lower Monumental Dam Hydroworld, 3/24/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Static Inverters for 603-MW Ice Harbor Dam Hydro Project Hydroworld, 3/11/15 by Staff
U.S. Sets Site Visit for Rewind, Cavitation Repair at 810-MW Lower Monumental Dam Hydroworld, 3/6/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Biological Services for Hydro Projects in Northwest Hydroworld, 2/17/15 by Staff
Repair Work to Close Road Near Lower Granite Dam Thursday Evening Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/25/15 by Staff
Lock Closures Planned on Columbia, Snake Rivers The Oregonian, 3/8/15 by Associated Press
River Locks Close Early for Inspection, Maintenance Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/7/15 by Staff
Maintenance, Repair Work to Close Columbia, Snake Dams The Columbian, 3/7/15 by Staff
Corps Dredging of Federal Navigation Channel Completed for Snake, Clearwater Rivers, Two Ports Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/27/15 by Staff
Judge Tells Longshore Union to Pay $60,000 in Portland Dispute Register-Guard, 3/11/15 by Associated Press
Fed Judge Orders Longshore Union to Pay $60,000 for Violating Court Order in Slowdown Case The Oregonian, 3/10/15 by Molly Harbarger
Terminal Operator, Union Spar Over Call for Peace Portland Tribune, 3/14/15 by Jim Redden
listen Hanjin's Departure Leaves Region's Shippers in a State of 'Chaos' Oregon Public Broadcasting, 3/13/15 by Conrad Wilson
Terminal 6 a Potentially Terminal Problem Portland Tribune, 3/12/15 by Jim Redden
Despite West Coast Deal, Portland Terminal Hurting Bend Bulletin, 2/28/15 by Associated Press
Oregon's Exports Help U.S. Hit Record High in 2014 Statesman Journal, 2/27/15 by Laura Fosmire
Port of Portland Container Terminal Would Close for Good if ICTSI Leaves, Official Says Oregonian, 2/26/15 by Molly Harbarger
Port of Portland, Longshore Union Still Trading Blame, Barbs as Rest of West Goes Back to Work The Oregonian, 2/24/15 by Molly Harbarger
Port Agreement Reached, But Hanjin's Still Out Oregonian, 2/20/15 by Anna Marum
listen Portland Port Aims to Replace Hanjin Amid Labor Dispute Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/19/15 by Conrad Wilson
Loss of Ocean Carrier 'Devastating Blow' to Ag Exporters Capital Press, 2/11/15 by Mateusz Perkowski
Upper Snake Recharge Expands, Despite Dry Month Capital Press, 2/27/15 by John O'Connell
Bonneville Requests 100MW of External Reserves Argus, 2/20/15 by Staff
Bonneville Changing Energy Conservation Program Wahkiakum County Eagle, 2/19/15 by Diana Zimmerman
US Healthcare Group Kaiser Permanente Signs Up for 180MW of Solar Power PV Tech, 2/18/15 by John Parnell
Apple Swings for the Fences with $848 Million Solar Deal GreenBiz, 2/10/15 by Barbara Grady
Fertile Ground Lewiston Tribune, 6/5/16 by Elaine Williams
Hydroelectric (Hells Canyon) Project License is 5 Years Out The Argus Observer, 2/11/15 by Larry Meyer
NuScale Hires an Energy Giant to Help get its Nuclear Plant Certified Portland Business Journal, 2/17/15 by Wendy Culverwell
Nuclear Hearing Draws Eastern Washington Support, Western Washington Opposition Tri-City Herald, 2/13/15 by Staff
Federal Budget Proposal Includes Millions for U.S. Hydroelectric Power, Dams Hydroworld, 2/10/15 by Michael Harris
U.S. Seeks Governor Installation at 810-MW Little Goose Hydro Project Hydroworld, 2/5/15 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Firms to Supply Standby Generator at 810-MW Little Goose Dam HydroWorld, 1/14/15 by Staff
LED Outdoor Lights Could Save $6 Billion in the U.S. Every Year GreenBiz, 2/10/15 by Noah Horowitz
Philips Teams Up with Mayors to Power City LEDs GreenBiz, 1/27/14 by Staff
California Turns on a Giant Solar Power Farm CBS News, 2/9/15 by Associated Press
Solar Power Shines on Apartments, Renters in California San Diego Union-Tribune, 1/29/15 by Morgan Lee
Report: Wind and Solar Energy Have Tripled Since 2008 Washington Post, 2/4/15 by Chris Mooney
Ready or Not, the U.S. Clean Power 'Revolution' is Here GreenBiz, 2/4/15 by Garrett Hering
Is the Solar Panel & Battery Combo Ready to Change Energy Markets? GigaOm, 1/11/15 by Katie Fehrenbacher
Lower Monumental and Little Goose Dams Closed to Crossings Monday Tri-City Herald, 2/14/15 by Staff
Lower Granite Dam has Reopened to Vehicle Crossings after Repairs Lewiston Tribune, 2/12/15 by Staff
Corps Suspends Vehicle Crossing at Lower Granite Dam Lewiston Tribune, 2/6/15 by Staff
Corps Finds Crack in Holding Tank for Adult Fish at Lower Granite Dam Lewiston Tribune, 2/5/15 by Eric Barker
Ports Shut Down for the Weekend; Cargo Ships Anchor Near Astoria KPTV, 2/14/15 by Associated Press
Port of Portland to Close 4 of Next 5 Days KOIN 6, 2/11/15 by Staff
South Korean Shipping Company's Portland Exit Will Affect Many Jobs, Businesses The Register-Guard, 2/16/15 by Associated Press
Long-term Issues Will Remain After Port Dispute The News Tribune, 2/15/15 by Bill Virgin
Agriculture Companies Ask for Federal Intervention in West Coast Longshore-Port Dispute Oregonian, 2/12/15 by Molly Harbarger
Hanjin Shipping Leaves Port of Portland, Taking Vast Majority of Port's Business with It Oregonian, 2/10/15 by Molly Harbarger
News of Hanjin Leaving Port of Portland Surprises Port Operator as Shippers Receive Letters Oregonian, 2/10/15 by Molly Harbarger
What the Heck is Going On at the Port of Portland Oregonian, 2/13/15 by Molly Harbarger
Port of Portland's Wyatt: Shippers Prepared for Lockout Portland Business Journal, 2/10/15 by Erik Siemers
ILWU Goes Back to Work at Port of Portland's Terminal 6 Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/10/15 by Conrad Wilson
watch 'Port Slowdowns Same Effect as Workers Strike' KOIN 6 News, 2/9/15 by Ken Boddie
Work at Container Terminal Stopped Again as Longshore Union Demonstrates Oregonian, 2/9/15 by Molly Harbarger
Port of Portland Container Terminal Open for Business Again After Weekend Halt Oregonian, 2/9/15 by Molly Harbarger
Port of Portland Shuts Down for Weekend Oregonian, 2/6/15 by Mike Francis
Hanjin Cargo Ship Turns Away from Portland as Port Labor Issues Near Crisis Oregonian, 1/30/15 by Mike Rogoway
ICTSI says Portland Slowdowns are Worse Than at Other West Coast Ports Journal of Commerce, 1/30/15 by Staff
ILWU Local 8 Shuts Down Portland Container Terminal Tuesday Journal of Commerce, 1/30/15 by Staff
Terminal Operator: Work Stoppages Wreaking Havoc on Portland's Economy Portland Business Journal, 1/29/15 by Andy Giegerich
Port Talks Advance, But Cargo Waits The Packer, 1/27/15 by Mike Hornick
Work Group Focuses on Aquifer Recharge Credits Capital Press, 1/2/15 by
Idaho Commences Winter Recharge Pilot Capital Press, 1/2/15 by John O'Connell
Solar Energy in Yuma a Boon for Electric Grid Yuma Sun, 1/29/15 by Chris McDaniel
How the Rise of a Mega Solar Panel Farm Shows Us the Future of Energy GigaOm, 1/20/15 by Keith Ridler
U.S. Seeks HVAC Upgrades for 402-MW Dworshak Hydro Project HydroWorld, 2/11/15 by Staff
Judge Says Corps Can Start Lower Snake River Dredging NW Fishletter, 1/15/15 by Bill Rudolph
Dredging of Lower Snake River Channel Begins NW News Network, 1/12/15 by Tom Banse
Landfill Could be One of Last to Tap Methane for Power NewsOK, 1/22/15 by Gillian Flaccus
California Landfill Taps Methane for Power San Jose Mercury News, 1/22/15 by Gillian Flaccus
Report Shows Big Gains in Solar Employment Silicon Beat, 1/16/15 by Levi Sumagaysay
Solar Power Heating Up in Idaho The Washington Times, 1/18/15 by Keith Ridler
Solar Power Gains Traction in Idaho Twin Falls Times-News, 1/14/15 by Mychel Matthews
How to Store Solar Energy for a Rainy Day? A Really Big Battery Seattle Times, 1/15/15 by Hal Bernton
Idaho Could Soon Have the Most Solar Per-Capita of Any State Utility Dive, 1/15/15 by Robert Walton
New PGE Plant Will Help Balance Renewables and Meet Peak Demand for Customers Business Wire, 1/2/15 by Press Release
Federal Judge Clears Way for Snake River Dredging Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1/6/15 by Associated Press
Coalition Seeks Funds to Study Rail Interchange Improvements Capital Press, 1/6/15 by Matthew Weaver
Port Slowdown Impacts Lewiston Shipping Capital Press, 1/15/15 by Associated Press
watch Longshoreman Dispute 'Port Slowdown,' Blame PMA King 5, 1/13/15 by Chris Daniels
Judge: Longshoremen's Work Slowdowns Violate Court Order Capital Press, 12/24/14 by Mateusz Perkowski
Long, Costly ILWU Portland Port Dispute Nears End Journal of Commerce, 12/18/14 by Bill Mongelluzzo
Port Slowdowns Keep Northwest Farm Exports Stuck on the Ranch KUOW, 12/17/14 by Anna King
Port Extends Ocean Carrier Subsidies Capital Press, 12/10/14 by Mateusz Perkowski
Researchers Set World Record in Solar Energy Efficiency Energy Harvesting Journal, 12/15/14 University of New South Wales
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Cambridge Company's Battery May Give Grid a Boost Boston Globe, 12/30/14 by Jon Chesto
Richland Nuclear Power Plant Sets New Production Record Tri-City Herald, 1/6/15 by Staff
Energy Northwest Celebrates 30 Years of Operations Tri-City Herald, 12/15/14 by Drew Foster
Washington State Task Force Will Continue Look at Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Tri-City Herald, 12/4/14 by Annette Cary
BPA Announces Proposed Rate Hike Bend Bulletin, 12/5/14 by Tim Doran
Rate Hikes Loom for Northwest Utilities Electric Co-op Today, 12/8/14 by Steven Johnson
Bonneville Power Seeking 6.7 Percent Rise in Wholesale Power Rate The Daily News, 12/4/14 by Brooks Johnson
Port Extends Ocean Carrier Subsidies Capital Press, 12/10/14 by Mateusz Perkowski
Barges Running Aground at Lewiston as Dredging Controversy Drags On NW News Network, 11/25/14 by Tom Banse
Irrigators Seek Support in Olympia for Stalled Project Capital Press, 12/9/14 by Don Jenkins
Funding to Finish East Low Canal a 'Rough Pull' Capital Press, 11/11/14 by Matthew Weaver
U.S. Seeks Turbine Blade Packing for 810-MW Little Goose Hydro Project HydroWorld, 11/24/14 by Staff
Ag Group Opposes Power Rate Increases Capital Press, 11/21/14 by Dan Wheat
Study: Energy Storage Will Soon Replace Peaker Plants Utility Dive, 11/13/14 by Robert Walton
Washington Utility Tries Community Solar Projects Spokesman Review, 11/26/14 by Becky Kramer
New Hybrid Solar Cell Battery Takes Aim at Solar Power's Energy Storage Problem Spokesman Review, 10/28/14 by Peniel Dimberu
The $400 Billion Better Building Conundrum: How People Can Help GreenBiz, 11/21/14 by Maria Tikoff Vargas
Solutions Project: Power the Planet with 100 Percent Renewables GreenBiz, 11/10/14 by Antonio Pasolini
The Audacious Goal of 100% Renewables GreenBiz, 11/3/14 by Antonio Pasolini
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Energy Northwest's Columbia Reactor Back at Full Power After Work Reuters, 11/17/14 by Reuters
Nuke Plant Sets Operations Record Spokesman-Review, 11/14/14 by Staff
Research Shakes Up Seismic Knowledge Near Northwest Nuclear Plant King 5, 11/6/14 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Firms for Windings, Cavitation Repair at 402-MW Dworshak Hydro Project Hydroworld, 11/18/14 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Firms for Turbine Linkage Upgrades at 810-MW Lower Granite Hydro Project Hydroworld, 11/7/14 by Staff
U.S. Seek Firms to Install Governors at 810-MW Little Goose Hydro Project Hydroworld, 11/5/14 by Staff
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Shifting Up to Higher Octane MIT News, 10/28/14 by Jennifer Chu
Renewables Can Supply 100% of World's Power by 2050 The Ecologist, 10/15/14 by Tim Radford
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Solar Prices Still Falling Fast, Study Finds Triple Pundit, 10/27/14 by Gina-Marie Cheeseman
Big Utilities Can't Beat Solar, So They're Jumping In Business Insider, 10/22/14 by Nichola Groom
Boise, Broetje Top Property Tax Payers in County Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 10/28/14 by Alasdair Stewart
Sinking Barge at Bonneville Dam KXL Radio, 10/25/14 by Anna Erickson
LCOE of Utility-Scale Solar Power Getting Really Competitive Clean Technica, 10/26/14 by Staff
Solar Power is Contagious: Installing Panels Often Means Your Neighbors Will Too Vox, 10/24/14 by Brad Plumer
Washington Keeps Up 8-year Pursuit of More Water Capital Press, 10/22/14 by Don Jenkins
Retired Economists Find Holes in Odessa Plan Capital Press, 4/25/14 by Matthew Weaver
U.S. to Seek Fishway Temperature Improvements at Lower Granite Dam Hydroworld, 10/14 by Staff
Making Turbines Safer for Fish BPA Journal, 10/14 by Staff
Here Are the 12 Most Energy Efficient States in America The Street, 10/22/14 by Laurie Kulikowski
Grain Co-ops Building Shuttle-loading Rail Facility Capital Press, 10/7/14 by Matthew Weaver
Lower Granite and Ice Harbour Navigation Channel Maintenance - Solicitation Dredging News Online, 10/7/14 by Staff
BPA Makes Annual U.S. Treasury Payment Of $991 Million Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/10/14 by Staff
Third Hanford Deadline to be Missed The Columbian, 9/23/14 by Staff
Bond Sale Benefits Ratepayers BPA Journal, 9/14 by Staff
Railroad says it's Trying to Catch Up with Demand Capital Press, 8/19/14 by Matthew Weaver
Traffic Jam Slows Railroad Service Capital Press, 4/17/14 by Editorial Board
Idaho to Start Winter Recharge Under New Fee Structure Capital Press, 9/22/14 by John O'Connell
New Irrigation Method Save Power, Water Capital Press, 9/5/14 by John O'Connell
Idaho Water Resources Molding Strategic Aquifer Plan Capital Press, 6/25/14 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Idaho Conducts Spring Recharge at New Site Capital Press, 3/20/14 by John O'Connell
U.S. Seeks Firms for Fishway Temperature Improvements at Lower Granite Dam HydroWorld, 9/24/14 by Staff
Fate of Subsidy Warrants Explanation, Court Says Courthouse News Service, 9/18/14 by Tim Hull
Big Companies Agree to Cut Back on a Potent Greenhouse Gas Christian Science Monitor, 9/17/14 by Valerie Volcovici
Cloud Seeding Boosts Hydroelectric Production Times News, 9/16/14 by Kimberly Williams-Brackett
Washington Irrigators Await Water Fix Capital Press, 9/15/14 by Dan Wheat
U.S. Awards Fish Passage Construction for 810-MW Lower Granite Dam HydroWorld, 10/6/14 by Staff
Fish Passage Bidding Extended Again at 810-MW Lower Granite Dam HydroWorld, 9/2/14 by Staff
Biggest Solar Energy Purchase Ever by Higher Education in US Clean Technica, 9/20/14 by James Ayre
UC Makes Largest Solar Energy Purchase by U.S. Higher Education Institution Daily California, 9/10/14 by Jean Lee
Solar Incentives Reward West-facing Panels Union-Tribune, 9/12/14 by Morgan Lee
Google Invests in Solar in an Aging Oil Field, 9/12/14 by James Murray
Biogas Initiative Recognizes Dairy Potential Capital Press, 9/9/14 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Energy Northwest Picked for BPA Pilot Project The News Tribune, 9/18/14 by Annette Cary
DOE Agrees to Pay $23.6M to Energy Northwest Tri-City Herald, 8/28/14 by Staff
Nuclear Power: A Risky Wager for the Northwest Crosscut, 9/11/14 by Amundson & Johnson
Nuclear Energy is Here to Stay Crosscut, 8/28/14 by John C. Dobken
Seattle City Light's Little Nuclear Share Crosscut, 8/20/14 by Martha Baskin
NuScale Looking to Build Small Scale Nuclear Power Plant in Washington PennEnergy, 8/12/14 by Editorial Board
Crestline Tapped for PUD Work at The Dalles Fish Ladder The Oregonian, 8/22/14 by Kathy Ursprung
Idaho National Laboratory: A Place Where Research Meets Agriculture Capital Press, 8/21/14 by John O'Connell
How Big Data is About to Ignite Smart Grids Worldwide, 8/8/14 by Alan Rose
AirBNB: How Sofa-Surfing Helps the Environment, 8/7/14 by Joe Gebbia
Developers Want to Shrink, Delay The Dalles Wind Farm KOIN, 8/31/14 by Associated Press
What's Rooftop Solar Power Worth? Not Much, Utility Says Salt Lake Tribune, 8/4/14 by Brian Maffly
PGE Solar Project Receives Zoning Recommendation Statesman Journal, 8/4/14 by Michael Rose
How Solar Energy is Taking Over the U.S. Motley Fool, 8/3/14 by Travis Hoium
Lewiston Levee Parkway Irrigation Schedule Returns to Nighttime Hours Ag Weekly, 7/30/14 by Associated Press
State Comes Up Short in Grain Inspections Capital Press, 10/2/14 by Editorial Board
Grain Agreement Ends Lockouts in Northwest Ports Labor Notes, 9/10/14 by Paul Bigman
Longshore Workers OK Northwest Grain Deal Capital Press, 8/26/14 by Mateusz Perkowski
Longshormen Lose Refer Container Work Capital Press, 8/26/14 by Mateusz Perkowski
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Labor Deal Eases Fears of Grain Export Disruptions Capital Press, 8/13/14 by Mateusz Perkowski
Longshore Workers at NW Ports Ratify Contract with Grain Operators The Columbian, 8/12/14 by Aaron Corvin
Tentative Deal in NW Grain Terminal Dispute Miami Herald, 8/12/14 by Steven DuBois
Grain Operations Resume at Port of Vancouver Farm Futures, 8/12/14 by Bob Burgdorfer
listen Idaho Wheat Growers Impacted by Washington Export Terminal Shutdown Boise State Public Radio, 8/5/14 by Conrad Wilson
Farmers Fret Over On-Going Port Shutdown Oregon Public Broadcasting, 8/1/14 by Conrad Wilson
Labor War: Longshore Union Shows Aggression in Washington Port Dispute Fox News, 7/31/14 by Perry Chiaramonte
Terminal Operators, Union Negotiating New Pact Capital Press, 7/8/14 by Mateusz Perkowski
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Industrial Park Considered 'Choke Point,' as Big Exporters Bring Big Railroad Traffic Seattle Times, 7/28/14 by Angel Gonzalez
Record Year for Only Nuclear Plant in Northwest San Francisco Chronicle, 7/25/14 by Associated Press
Nuclear-Renewable Mix is Just What the EPA Ordered Forbes, 7/15/14 by Staff
Storage Gets a Lift from California's $415 Million for Behind-the-meter Generation Smart Grid News, 7/25/14 by Dean Frankel
Energy Storage Projects Integrate Renewable Energy, Improve Power Grid Clean Edge, 7/15/14 by Staff
U.S. Extends Bidding for Fish Passage Overhaul at 810-MW Lower Granite Dam HydroWorld, 7/11/14 by Staff
Corps Awards Contract to Modify Fish Channel at Lower Granite Hydropower Project HydroWorld, 7/11/14 by Staff
BPA Sees Limited Success in Preschedule Capacity RFOs to Manage Wind, Hydro Supplies SNL, 7/18/14 by Christine Cordner
DOE Makes Additional $4 Billion in Loan Guarantees for Renewable and Efficient Energy Clean Edge, 7/3/14 by Staff
YieldCos Could Cut Renewables Costs by 20%, Study Finds Clean Edge, 6/30/14 by Staff
World Future Council Going Global with 100% Renewable Energy The Ecologist, 5/23/14 by Anne Reis
Peninsula Utilities Wait for Decision on Electricity for Marijuana-growing Operations Peninsula Daily News, 7/6/14 Charlie Bermant & Leah Leach
Clallam PUD Electricity Rates Increase 3.5% Peninsula Daily News, 7/3/14 by Rob Ollikainen
Rate Hike is Fourth in Five Years Sequim Gazette, 7/2/14 by Michael Dashiell
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Collection Highlights Hydropower History The Dalles Chronicle, 6/24/14 by Staff
Top 50 Stories: 1956-1967 -- Hells Canyon Dams Built Idaho Statesman, 6/18/14 by Sven Berg
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New Idaho Hydro Generation Unit Delayed Capital Press, 7/10/14 by Sean Ellis
Energy Northwest Near Richland Sets New Megawatt Record Tri-City Herald, 7/1/14 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Thrust Bearing Shoe Refurbishment at Lower Monumental, Ice Harbor Dams HydroWorld, 6/19/14 by Staff
BPA Fish Costs Total Nearly $14 Billion NW Fishletter, 6/26/14 by Bill Rudolph
BPA's Columbia Basin Mitigation Costs Pegged at $682 Million for 2013 Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/19/14 by Staff
Tab for Saving NW Fish Nears $700 Million Electric Co-Op Today, 6/18/14 by Steven Johnson
Tab for Saving NW Fish Nears $700 Million Electric Co-op Today, 6/18/14 by Steven Johnson
watch Solar Power Makes Gains in US Voice of America, 7/2/14 by Jim Randle
Google Invests $145 Million in Kern County Solar Project LA Times, 6/26/14 by Chad Garland
SolarCity's Bold Move to Become a Solar Panel Maker Forbes, 6/19/14 by Ucilia Wang
Wind Turbines Generate Prompt Energy Payback -- Study E & E, 6/18/14 by Daniel Cusick
Utilities Connect at Efficiency Exchange BPA Journal, 6/14 by Staff
Six Electric Utilities Charging a New Energy Course, 5/12/14 by Garrett Hering
Port of Portland Workers Tried to Force Shipper to Abandon Port Supply & Demand Chain, 6/10/14 by Staff
Portland Slowdown Just Got Slower Maritime Executive, 6/4/14 by Staff
Labor Judge Hands Port-working Portland Union a Major Loss Portland Business Journal, 6/2/14 by Staff
Proposed Galloway Dam Studies Continue Capital Press, 6/5/14 by Staff
Energy Northwest Pays Nearly $4.4 Million in Taxes KVEW TV, 6/2/14 by Yasmeen Hassan
Fast HFC Phase-Down Could Avoid 200 Billion Tonnes of CO2-eq by 2050 Environmental News Net, 5/12/14 by Katie Fletcher
A PV Market First: Residential Solar in the US Beats Commercial Installations Greentech Solar, 5/29/14 by Mike Munsell
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Homeowners Dismiss Clouds, Reap Benefits of Solar Panels The News Tribune, 5/28/14 by Craig Sailor
Judge: Port of Portland Longshore Union Intentionally Slowed Work at Terminal 6 The Oregonian, 5/31/14 by Joseph Rose
Industrial Growth: Columbia's Deeper Channel is a Magnet for Big Business The Daily News, 5/25/14 by Shari Phiel
Timeline Traces Key Dates in Idaho Water Development Idaho Statesman, 5/21/14 by Rocky Barker
Corps of Engineers Offers Summer Recreation Opportunities Near Ice Harbor Dam Ag Weekly, 5/24/14 by Staff
EnerVault Unveils 'Flow Battery' for Solar Energy Storage San Francisco Chronicle, 5/22/14 by David R. Baker
BPA Breaks Ground on New Power Line BPA Journal, 5/14 by Staff
Global Geothermal Added 530 MW in 2013, Best Year Since 1997 Clean Edge News, 5/5/14 by Staff
Renewables Made Up 92% of New U.S. Electrical Generating Capacity for Q1 Clean Edge News, 4/21/14 by Staff
Why Utilities Need to Get Real About Distributed Energy Energy Efficiency Markets, 5/6/14 by Lisa Cohn
DOI Secretary Announces Solar Energy Project on Trust Land Native American Times, 5/7/14 by DOI Press Release
290-MW Solar Project Says Get Over It: The Age Of Solar is Here Clean Technica, 5/1/14 by Tina Casey
Solar Co-ops Bring Affordable Green Power to the People, 4/28/14 by Laurie Guevara-Stone
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Empress Becomes Regular Visitor The Dalles Chronicle, 4/17/14 by RaeLynn Ricarte
American Empress Just One of Many Ways to Cruise Columbia, Willamette Rivers The Oregonian, 4/5/14 by Terry Richard
Dworshak Hatchery Recognized for Energy Upgrades KHQ TV, 4/19/14 by Associated Press
U.S. Seeks Firms for Rewind, Cavitation Repair at 810-MW Lower Monumental Dam, 4/24/14 by Staff
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Solar Power Threatening Future for U.S. Electric Utilities, 3/17/14 by Llewellyn King
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U.S. Seeks Firms to Repair Fish Pump at 980-MW McNary Dam HydroWorld, 2/26/14 by Staff
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US Seeks Firms to Replace Valve in Fish Pump System at 810-MW Lower Granite Dam HydroWorld, 3/6/14 by Staff
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A Bright Year for Solar in the U.S. -- But There are Clouds on the Horizon Time, 3/5/14 by Bryan Walsh
watch Tapping Solar Power with Perovskites Chemical & Engineering News, 2/24/14 by Mitch Jacoby
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Freight-rail Constituents Form Coalition to Bolster Great Northern Corridor Progressive Railroading, 2/5/14 by Staff
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2013 back to top
State Energy Efficiency Scorecard Released for 2013 Triple Pundit, 12/30/13 Check by Mary Mazzoni
Home Electricity Use in US Falling to 2001 Levels ABC News, 12/30/13 by Jonathan Fahey
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Study to Look at Tri-City-area Small Nuclear Reactor The Bellingham Herald, 12/30/13 by Annette Cary
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PUD Set to Lower Budget The Dalles Chronicle, 12/12/13 by Kathy Ursprung
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California Leads U.S. in Record First Quarter for Solar Installation Los Angeles Times, 6/12/13 by Catherine Green
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Sources Of Energy In The U.S., Since 1776 Today's Facility Manager, 7/4/13 by Anne Vazquez
Dworshak to Give Up its Cool Bounty Lewiston Tribune, 7/3/13 by Eric Barker
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watch Dworshak Reservoir Early Water Released Due to High Temperatures KLEW TV, 7/3/13 by Sophie Miraglio
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Energy Northwest Joins Nuclear Initiative Tri-City Herald, 7/1/13 by Annette Cary
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listen New Battery to Store Wind Energy Being Tested In Tri-Cities Northwest Public Radio, 7/8/13 by Steve Jackson
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CA Energy Storage Plan May Require $3 Billion Investment Renewable Energy World, 6/13/13 by Andrew Herndon
Agency, Again, Orders Bonneville to Reexamine Pricing Plan Sustainable Business Oregon, 7/1/13 by Andy Giegerich
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Corps Looks to Dredge Lower Snake River this Winter Capital Press, 6/26/13 by Matthew Weaver
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Federal Judge Tosses NLRB Ruling in Dispute Over Port of Portland Jobs The Republic, 6/17/13 by Steven DuBois
Utility Rate-Making Carries Disincentives for Opting for 'Salmon-Friendly' Renewables Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/7/13 by Staff
U.S. Utilities Grow Renewable Energy But Lack Incentives for Efficiency E & E, 6/6/13 by Daniel Cusick
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Commission Decides Idaho Power Customers Should Pay 15 Percent More Starting Saturday Idaho Statesman, 5/31/13 by Staff
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Port of Longview is Third Largest in the State, Surpasses Vancouver The Daily News, 5/23/13 by Erik Olson
American Queen to Begin Service in Pacific Northwest USA Today, 5/21/13 by Larry Bleiberg
Dept. of Energy Won't Extend Operations at Ky. Enriched Uranium Plant; 1,000 Jobs Lost The Republic, 5/24/13 by Alford & Schreiner
Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Will Close at End of Month WFPL, 5/24/13 by Erica Peterson
Kalama Natural Gas Power Plant Plans in Jeopardy The Daily News, 5/20/13 by Barbara LaBoe
Agriculture and Livestock Remain Major Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Science Codex, 5/8/13 by DOE / PNNL
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Bodi: Projects Based on Council's Basin Mitigation Program Showing "Real Results" Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/12/13 by Staff
NW Utilities Report Details Load, Resources Need, Says Demand Down 2014 Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/3/13 by Staff
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Little Goose Dam Closing to Traffic Spokesman-Review, 5/13/13 by Rich Landers
Summer Lock Schedule at Corps' Dams Starts Wednesday Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 5/7/13 by Staff
Union says Longshoremen Injured by Truck at Port of Portland Picket Line The Republic, 5/18/13 by Associated Press
Longshore Protest Boat Violates Safety Zone at Port of Kalama The Oregonian, 5/7/13 by Associated Press
Another Grain Handler Locks Out Longshore Workers Capital Press, 5/7/13 by Mateusz Perkowski
Another Grain Terminal Union Lockout Portland Business Journal, 5/6/13 by Staff
Columbia Grain Export Terminal Locks Out Longshore Workers at Port of Portland The Oregonian, 5/4/13 by Richard Read
Columbia Grain Locks Out Dockworkers in U.S. Pacific Northwest Reuters, 5/4/13 by Teresa Carson
Grain Lockout Expands to Port of Portland The Columbian, 5/4/13 by Mark Bowder
Portland Grain Terminal Locks Out Union Workers Herald Business Journal, 5/4/13 by Associated Press
Attempt to Restart Longshore Talks Sputters to a Halt Capital Press, 3/25/13 by Mateusz Perkowski
listen Northwest Nuclear Plant Scores Higher Safety Rating NW Public Radio, 5/15/13 by Anna King
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DOE Research Creates Low-cost Flow Battery Modern Power Systems, 5/3/13 by Staff
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PUC Renews Idaho Power-Simplot Deal Capital Press, 4/23/13 by Staff
listen Ending Year-End Checks for Green Energy Surpluses Earth Fix, 4/26/13 by Aaron Kunz
The Electricity Distribution Network is Gearing up to Serve New Needs Power-Technology, 5/2/13 by Ensto
New Tech Enables EV Fleets to Sell Electricity to Grid Sustainable Business News, 5/1/13 by Staff
Annual New Renewable Capacity Investment to Hit $630 Billion Clean Edge News, 4/22/13 by Staff
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Nevada Utility to Shut Out Coal, Embrace Renewables Renewable Energy World, 4/4/13 by Meg Cichon
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In-pipe Power - Developing Hydropower from Urban Water-systems Power Technology, 4/10/13 by Staff
Electric Vehicles Sell Power to the US Grid, 4/29/13 by Staff
watch New BPA Battery Stores Excess Energy KGW, 2/27/13 by Keely Chalmers
No New Wind Farm Construction In PNW This Year Earth Fix, 5/7/13 by Courtney Flatt
BPA Plan Would Share Costs of Wind-power Shutdown Seattle Times, 4/17/13 by Hal Bernton
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Energy Forecasting - a New Approach to Managing Demand Smart Grid News, 4/17/13 by Jesse Berst
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Renewable Energy and Natural Gas Drive Coal and Oil Use Downward E & E, 2/1/13 by Daniel Cusick
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How Deep is It? Lewiston Tribune, 4/18/13 by Bonnie Schonefeld
listen U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Prepares Snake River Dredging Plans Northwest Public Radio, 4/8/13 by Aaron Kunz
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Nuclear Plants Ordered to Upgrade Vents Tri-City Herald, 3/19/13 by Staff
Corps Assesses Danger from Big Quake at 20 NW Dams Yakima Herald, 4/7/13 by Jeff Barnard
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Tester Discusses Murky CFAC Future The Daily Inter Lake, 3/26/13 by Jim Mann
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After Explosion, Digester Repaired Capital Press, 1/10/13 by Kelsey Thalhofer
PGE Weighs Biofuel Alternatives Capital Press, 11/29/12 by Mitch Lies
Dairies, Canal Firms Favored by Renewable Energy Ruling Capital Press, 12/19/12 by Sean Ellis
Idaho Irrigators, Utilities Reach Deal on Peak Energy Plans Capital Press, 2/25/13 by Mitch Lies
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Grain Shipments Resume Following Union Lockout Capital Press, 3/7/13 by Mateusz Perkowski
2nd Day of Picketing at Port of Vancouver, Washington Bellingham Herald, 2/28/13 by Steven DuBois
Grain Handler Locks Out Union Capital Press, 2/27/13 by Mateusz Perkowski
Dispute Simmers on the Docks Capital Press, 1/24/13 by Mateusz Perkowski
Talks Resume on Contract Dispute Capital Press, 12/13/12 by Mateusz Perkowski
Extensions Forestall Dock Workers Strike Until Dec. 8 Capital Press, 12/5/12 by Mateusz Perkowski
Grain Handlers Await Union Response Capital Press, 11/29/12 by Mateusz Perkowski
Water Proponents Split Over Annual Fee Proposal Capital Press, 2/21/13 by Mitch Lies
2013 Could be a Watershed Year for Water in Oregon Capital Press, 1/8/13 by Mitch Lies
Stuck Barge Sparks Calls for Dredging Capital Press, 3/21/13 by Matthew Weaver
Upgrades at Ports, More Exports of Corn Benefit Wheat, Official Says Capital Press, 3/18/13 by Matthew Weaver
Bonneville, The Dalles and John Day Locks Open Early The Dalles Chronicle, 3/16/13 by Staff
Kitzhaber Unveils Energy Plan Capital Press, 12/27/12 by Mitch Lies
Show Seminars Focus on Renewable Energy Projects Capital Press, 12/12/12 by Geoff Parks
Japan Adds 1,178 Megawatts of Mostly Solar Energy in Nine Months Bloomberg, 3/15/13 by Chisaki Watanabe
Solar Power has Record Year Despite Bankruptcies CNN Money, 3/14/13 by Steve Hargreaves
World's Largest Solar Power Towers to Rise in California Clean Technica, 3/15/13 by Tina Casey
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DOE Helps Manufacturers Find Millions in Hidden Energy Savings, 3/11/13 by Jonathan Bardelline
Sequester Carbon, Not Spending Sustainable Industries, 2/27/13 by Erica Etelson
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U.S. Army Corps Closes Columbia Locks for Maintenance East Oregonian, 2/21/13 by Staff
Port of Portland OKs Subsidy for Terminal Operator The Columbian, 2/15/13 by Richard Read
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Oregon Picks Four Spots for Wave and Offshore Wind Energy Oregon Public Broadcasting, 1/25/13 by Amelia Templeton
Four Regional Ports to Purchase Howard Island for $1.32 Million The Daily News, 3/12/13 by Erik Olson
Water Quality Certification - Public Comments about Proposed Dredging Due April 11 Press Release, 3/13 by US Army Corps of Engineers
Comment Period Extended for Snake River Dredging Plans Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/13/13 by Staff
Corps Has Plans for Spoils Lewiston Tribune, 3/12/13 by Eric Barker
Don't Take Linwood Laughy's Word for It Lewiston Tribune, 1/31/13 by Marty Trillhaase
Lower Snake River PSMP EIS: Comment Period Extended Dredging Today, 1/24/13 by Staff
Analysis Questions Economics of Barging Lewiston Tribune, 1/21/13 by Eric Barker
Dam Generators Getting Back Online After Fire The Bellingham Herald, 1/19/13 by Staff
Small Fires Briefly Shut Down Ice Harbor Dam My Northwest, 1/18/13 by Associated Press
Fires Cause Shutdown of Ice Harbor Dam Power House Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 1/17/13 by Staff
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Clean Energy Investment Falls Modern Power Systems, 1/14/13 by Staff
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7.5MW Solar Power Plant for Water Treatment PV Magazine, 1/7/13 by Staff
This 42-inch TV Uses Less Electricity than a Lightbulb Venture Beat, 1/7/13 by Dean Takahashi
Port Votes to Offer Subsidies to Shipping Firms Portland Business Journal, 1/9/13 by Suzanne Stevens
Antelope on Its Way to Warren Modern Power Systems, 1/10/13 by Staff
listen Congress Extends Key Tax Credits for Wind, Biofuels NW Public Radio, 1/2/13 by Amelia Templeton
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Last-Minute PTC Revision Sparks New Hope for Geothermal Stocks Renewable Energy World, 1/2/13 by Meg Cichon
Post-PTC Extension, Wind Energy Developers Face New Questions North American Windpower, 1/3/13 by Mark Del Franco
Port Townsend Paper Contract Extended BPA Journal, 1/13 by Staff
BPA and Alcoa Sign 10-year Contract BPA Journal, 1/13 by Staff
BPA Customers Pay It Forward BPA Journal, 1/13 by Staff
FERC Issues Oversupply Orders BPA Journal, 1/13 by Staff
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Calmer Heads Prevail in Port of Portland Disputes The Oregonian, 12/28/12 by Editorial Board
Oregon State Begins Solar Power Project Corvallis Gazette-Times, 12/22/12 by James Day
Cloud Seeding Program Expands Consumer Connections, 12/12 by Idaho Power
Precise Control of Power Flows to Facilitate Wider Adoption of Renewable Energy Alternative Energy Magazine, 12/17/12 by Press Release
Dredging Proposed on Snake River The Columbian, 12/16/12 by Associated Press
Corps Wants to Dredge Valley Channel Lewiston Tribune, 12/14/12 by Eric Barker
Columbia Grain Extends Port Lease, Plans $40M Expansion Portland Business Journal, 12/12/12 by Erik Siemers
Clinton Calls for Rebuilding U.S. Electric Grid to Carry More Wind and Solar Power E&E, 12/13/12 by Daniel Cusick
New BPA Agreement to Provide Millions in Savings, Hundreds of Jobs Oregon Public Broadcasting, 12/10/12 by Rob Manning
BPA to Provide Power Supply for Alcoa's Intalco Works, 12/10/12 by Alcoa
10-Year Power Deal Ensures Jobs for 625 Alcoa Workers The Columbian, 12/9/12 by Associated Press
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Tiny Structure Gives Big Boost to Solar Power R&D Magazine, 12/7/12 by Princeton University
Installed Price of Solar PV Systems in the U.S. Continues to Decline at a Rapid Pace Clean Edge, 11/28/12 by Staff
Cost of Installed Solar Power is Sinking Like a Stone Triple Pundit, 11/28/12 by Tina Casey
Microsoft to Debut Sewage-Powered Data Center, 11/26/12 by
DOE Announces New Investments in U.S. Offshore Wind Projects Clean Edge, 12/13/12 by Staff
GE is Working on 'Revolutionary' Wind Turbine Blade Modern Power Systems, 11/30/12 by Staff
Wind Sets Record, Out-Generates Hydro BPA Journal, 11/12 by Staff
Groups Back Wind-Energy Tax Credit Duluth News Tribune, 11/29/12 by John Myers
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No Pollution from Barge Accident on Columbia River Seattle Times, 11/23/12 by Associated Press
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Grays Harbor PUD Approves 2013 Budget, Expects 8% Rate Increase KBKW, 12/4/12 by David Haviland
BPA Proposes Rate Increase to Bolster System BPA Journal, 12/12 by Staff
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Ice Harbor Lock to Close to Boaters Next Week Tri-City Herald, 11/8/12 by Staff
Port of Benton Officials Prepare for Rail Growth Bellingham Herald, 11/7/12 by Kristi Pihl
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Northwest Grain Purchases Diminish as Longshore Talks Resume in Portland The Oregonian, 10/27/12 by Richard Read
Port of Vancouver, Growers Nervously Monitor Grain Talks The Columbian, 10/29/12 by Aaron Corvin
US Power Market Watchdog Seeks Record $470 mln from Barclays Reuters, 12/31/12 by DiSavino & Leff
NRC to Increase Richland Nuke Plant Oversight Due to Findings Tri-City Herald, 10/25/12 by Annette Cary
In the Pacific Northwest, a Smarter Grid Comes Online E&E, 10/25/12 by Nathanael Massey
Vestas to Close Three U.S. Research Centers Sustainable Business Oregon, 10/31/12 by Erik Siemers
BPA Wind Curtailments Trailing 2011 Levels Renewables Biz, 10/23/12 by Carl Dombek
Wind Beats Hydro, for a Day, in Pacific NW Earth Techling, 10/18/12 by Pete Danko
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Cement Producers, Eyeing their Bottom Line, Pledge to Cut Emissions Climate Wire, 10/18/12 by Carl Dombek
Sediment Warning for Ice Harbor Dam Boaters The Bellingham Herald, 10/15/12 by Staff
Aquifer Recharge Effort Opens Door to New Water Capital Press, 10/9/12 by John O'Connell
Science Panel says Corps Needs Infusion to Boost Aging Water Projects Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/12/12 by Staff
Washington Energy Deal Beats Challenge in 9th Courthouse News, 10/16/12 by Tim Hull
Alcoa Signs Tentative BPA Contract Nasdaq, 10/15/12 Zacks Equity Research
Intalco gets Long-awaited 10-year Power Deal for Ferndale-area Smelter The Bellingham Herald, 10/9/12 by John Stark
Intalco, Bonneville Reach Tentative Power Deal KGMI News Talk, 10/10/12 by Mike Curtiss
BPA Proposes 10-year Contract with Alcoa's Intalco Aluminum Smelter The Republic, 10/10/12 by Associated Press
Benchmarking Drives 7 Percent Cut in Building Energy Green Tech Enterprise, 10/16/12 by Katherine Tweed
Virtual Energy Storage: Using Buildings as Batteries, 10/11/12 Greg Kats & Andrew Seal
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Energy Northwest Mulls Using Richland Land for Solar Power Tri-City Herald, 10/22/12 by Annette Cary
US Sets Aside Land for Solar Development Modern Power Systems, 10/19/12 by Staff
Interior to Fast-track Solar Projects on Public Lands The Hill, 10/12/12 by Zack Colman
US Makes Waves as Marine Power Gains Popularity Intl. Water Power, 10/16/12 by Staff
New Poll Shows Support for Nuclear Energy is Still Low Modern Power Systems, 10/19/12 by Staff
Vestas to Cut a Further 1400 Jobs Modern Power Systems, 10/19/12 by Staff
Major Wind Energy Project Approved in Wyoming Environmental News Net, 10/10/12 by Roger Greenway
New Wind Farm is Nation's Largest; Means More Clean Energy, Jobs Grist, 9/24/12 by Mary Anne Hitt
Bonneville Won't Use NorthWestern Line for Idaho Sacramento Bee, 10/3/12 by Associated Press
Bonneville Power Administration Opting Out of MSTI Project KTVQ News, 10/3/12 by MTN News
PUD Commission Fields Questions Nisqually Valley News, 9/18/12 by Steven Wyble
NW Grain Terminal Managers Prepare for Epic Showdown with Longshoremen The Oregonian, 9/25/12 by Richard Read
watch Tug's Trip Along Snake and Columbia Rivers The Oregonian, 9/17/12 by Jamie Francis
Port of Lewiston Set to Improve Dock Capital Press, 9/13/12 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Data Barns in a Farm Town, Gobbling Power and Flexing Muscle New York Times, 9/23/12 by James Glanz
San Francisco's 100% Renewable Energy Plan Smart Planet, 9/20/12 by Tyler Falk
California Tests Auction System Modern Power Systems, 9/14/12 by Staff
Starbucks, J&J, Yahoo! Fight to Extend Wind Energy Tax Credit Sustainable Business News, 9/21/12 by Staff
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Wind Power Group on Layoffs: Congress Can Make it Stop Wichita Business Journal, 9/19/12 by Emily Behlmann
Survey Says the World is in Favour of Wind Energy Modern Power Systems, 9/16/12 by Staff
Southwest Needs Power Lines to Become Solar Hub Fox News, 9/16/12 by Staff
U.S. Solar Industry Anticipates Utility Metering Backlash Bloomberg, 8/28/12 by Chris Martin
California's Solar Energy Passes a Milestone Sacramento Bee, 9/7/12 by Mark Glover
The Effect of Dams on Global Warming Environmental News Net, 8/20/12 by Staff
Council Sends Annual Report on BPA's Fish/Wildlife Spending to NW Governors Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/14/12 by Staff
Council: Pacific NW in 2011 Sets Record for Energy Efficiency Improvements Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/14/12 by Staff
10,000th Inefficient Refrigerator Unplugged Customer Connections, 9/12 by Idaho Power
White House Energy Efficiency Plan Will Up Output, Curb Emissions, 9/6/12 Nate Aden & James Bradbury
U.S. Emissions Reach 20-Year Low Environmental News Net, 9/6/12 by Reese Rogers
Brownlee Reservoir to Begin Dropping in the Coming Weeks KIVI TV, 9/5/12 by Jaclyn Brandt
Oil Bath, Anyone? Intel Servers Take a Dip, 9/5/12 by Staff
High Stakes for Tacoma, West Coast Ports The News Tribune, 9/2/12 by John Gillie
Utility Companies Plan Transmission Upgrades in MT KPAX, 8/31/12 by Marnee Banks
Corps Awards Contract for Repairs at 980-MW McNary Hydropower Project The Oregonian, 8/14/12 by Richard Read
Port OKs $4.7M to Cover Excess Costs from Labor Dispute Portland Business Journal, 8/8/12 by Erik Siemers
Portland Port Completes Rail Yard Expansion Progressive Railroading, 8/9/12 by Staff
Oregon Port's South Rivergate Expansion Boosts Export Flow Railway Track & Structures, 7/25/12 by Staff
The West Hayden Island Problem: Sudden Surprises The Oregonian, 7/14/12 by Editorial Board
BPA Making 9-year Deal with Port Townsend Mill Seattle Times, 8/17/12 by Associated Press
Weyerheuser's NORPAC Plant in WA Pioneering New Energy Saving Technology Triple Pundit, 8/20/12 by Tina Casey
Non-Hydro Renewable Energy Nears 6% of US Electrical Generation Clean Edge News, 8/29/12 by Staff
Ocean Power Technologies Gets First FERC License for Wave Power Station Clean Edge News, 8/28/12 by Staff
U.S. Wind Power Expected to Peak in 2012 The Green Economy, 8/19/12 by Staff
DOE Report States Wind Accounted for 32% of New Generation in 2011 Clean Edge News, 8/17/12 by Staff
Study Projects Strong Wind Market but Likely Crash if Tax Credits Expire Clean Edge News, 8/16/12 by Staff
2011 a Strong Year for U.S. Wind Power Environmental & Energy Study, 8/14/12 by Staff
Wind Turbine Net Capacity Factor -- 50% the New Normal? Clean Technica, 7/14/12 by Zachary Shahan
US to Make Solar Energy Development on Public Land Easier ARS Technica, 7/27/12 by John Timmer
Solar Cell Industry in Free Fall Trib Total Media, 7/26/12 by Lou Kilzer
Solar Expected to Make Up 40 Percent of PG&E's Renewable Portfolio by 2020 San Jose Mercury News, 7/25/12 by Dana Hull
San Francisco Cutting Back Solar Program Clean Edge News, 7/13/12 by Staff
Energy Northwest to Sell $777,180,000 Electric Revs Aug 15 Reuters, 8/8/12 by Reuters
NRC Issues Safety Findings at Columbia Generating Station Tri-City Herald, 7/26/12 by Annette Cary
EEA Exceeds Savings Targets for 2011 MarketWatch, 7/26/12 by NW Energy Efficiency Alliance
Utilities Embracing Smart Thermostats to Help Manage Grids Giga Om, 7/17/12 by Katie Fehrenbacher
GE's Novel Battery to Bolster the Grid Technology Review, 7/12/12 by Kevin Bullis
Richland Electric Rate Payers to Face Steep Bill Increase Tri-City Herald, 7/25/12 by John Trumbo
Ice Harbor Dam Lock to be Closed Next Week Tri-City Herald, 7/28/12 by Staff
Port of Portland Showdown Looms as Longshoremen Vow to Fight for Jobs The Oregonian, 8/14/12 by Richard Read
Feds: Electricians, Not Longshoremen, get Disputed Port of Portland Jobs The Oregonian, 8/13/12 by Richard Read
Portland to Compensate Terminal Operator for Losses Journal of Commerce, 8/10/12 by Joseph Bonney
NLRB Awards Disputed Port of Portland Jobs to Electricians The Republic, 8/13/12 by Steven DuBois
Hanjin to Resume Portland Container Service Saturday Portland Business Journal, 8/1/12 by Erik Siemers
Longshore Union Risks Contempt Finding for More than Just Two Portland Jobs The Oregonian, 7/18/12 by Richard Read
Portland Longshoremen Urge Judge Michael Simon Not to Find Them in Contempt The Oregonian, 7/17/12 by Richard Read
Judge Orders End to Illegal Port of Portland Slowdown Statesman Journal, 7/4/12 by Associated Press
Judge Bars ILWU from Slowdowns at Portland Journal of Commerce, 7/4/12 by Bill Mongelluzzo
Port of Portland Longshoreman Must Speed Work to Satisfy Judge The Oregonian, 7/3/12 by Richard Read
Port of Portland Dispute: Judge Orders Longshoremen to Stop Slowdown The Oregonian, 7/3/12 by Richard Read
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Dock Workers On The Job Today Oregon Public Broadcasting, 7/4/12 by April Baer
Port of Portland says Longshoremen Doing Their Job Statesman Journal, 7/4/12 by Associated Press
Longshore Work Drags Despite Judge's Order, Port of Portland says The Oregonian, 7/4/12 by Richard Read
Judge, Arbitrator Tell Longshoremen to Speed Up as Port of Portland Problems Persist The Oregonian, 7/4/12 by Richard Read
Port Dispute Boosts Agriculture Shipping Costs KGW, 6/27/12 by Associated Press
Longshoremen Boost Production at Port of Portland, Servicing the Hanjin Madrid The Oregonian, 6/23/12 by Richard Read
Judge Appoints Ex-governor to Settle Port Dispute Register-Guard, 6/23/12 by Steven DuBois
Judge Appoints Ex-governor to Settle Port Dispute New England Cable News, 6/22/12 by Staff
Judge Names Kulongoski to Help Settle Port of Portland Dispute Statesman Journal, 6/22/12 by Steven DuBois
Judge to Hear Portland ILWU Case Friday Journal of Commerce, 6/21/12 by Joseph Bonney
Hapag-Lloyd may Join Hanjin in Bypassing Portland Over Labor Dispute Portland Business Journal, 6/21/12 by Erik Siemers
Hanjin Halts Port of Portland Service Due to Labor Dispute Portland Business Journal, 6/21/12 by Erik Siemers
Hanjin Shipping Skipping Port of Portland Statesman Journal, 6/21/12 by Staff
Two Unions at Odds Over Terminal 6 Jobs KGW, 6/20/12 by Joe Smith
ILWU Files Suit in Portland Dispute Journal of Commerce, 6/20/12 by Bill Mongelluzzo
Union Dispute Slows Work at Port of Portland News-Register, 6/20/12 by Steven DuBois
Hapag-Lloyd, Hanjin Skip Portland Calls The Journal of Commerce, 6/22/12 by Joseph Bonney
Missing Parts, Subordination Claims Arise in Port Labor Dispute Portland Business Journal, 7/13/12 by Erik Siemers
Longshore Union Sues Portland Terminal Operator Portland Business Journal, 6/14/12 by Erik Siemers
Portland Longshore Union Dispute Wounds Businesses Across Northwest, Beyond The Oregonian, 7/14/12 by Richard Read
Portland Longshore Lawsuits Multiply as Union Dispute, Cargo Backups The Oregonian, 7/13/12 by Richard Read
Northwest Energy Angels Exceeds $1 Million Investment Milestone Energy Digital, 7/12/12 by Jaime Quick
Longview Grain Terminal Holds Grand Opening KGW, 7/9/12 by Tim Gordon
Report: Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure Jump 383% in 2011 Federal Times, 7/3/12 by Nicole Blake Johnson
Construction to Delay Lower Granite Dam Crossings Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 7/9/12 by Staff
Work on Lower Granite will Cause Traffic Delays Lewiston Tribune, 7/7/12 by Staff
DOE Announces Building Energy Efficiency Investments in Twenty-Two States Clean Edge, 6/28/12 by Staff
BPA Announces Behavior-Based Energy Efficiency Pilot with NW Power KBKW, 7/7/12 by Staff
Starbucks, Utilities Test Behavior-Based Energy Savings Program Environmental Leader, 7/5/12 by Staff
Utility Uses Social Media to Spur Conservation Oregon Public Broadcasting, 7/5/12 by Rob Manning
On the Longest Day of the Year, Celebrate Solar Power! Huffington Post, 6/20/12 by Billy Parish
More U.S. Companies Calling for Extension of Wind Power Tax Credit RevModo, 6/20/12 by David Quilty
U.S. can Expect 80% Drop in Wind Market if PTC for Renewables Not Extended RevModo, 6/12/12 by David Quilty
BPA: Wind Curtailment may be Done for 2012 Sustainable Business Oregon, 6/4/12 by Christina Williams
Creating Power from Wheat Straw Northwest Public Radio, 6/13/12 by Staff
Next Nukes at Hanford Might be Little Guys Crosscut, 6/28/12 by John Stang
Lawmakers Push for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in Tri-Cities Tri-City Herald, 6/21/12 by Annette Cary
Modular Reactor Concept Perfect for Hanford Site Tri-City Herald, 6/20/12 by Editorial Board
Small Modular Reactor Proposed at Nuclear Plant Tri-City Herald, 6/7/12 by Annette Cary
Columbia Generating Station License Renewal Celebrated, Hated Tri-City Herald, 6/25/12 by Annette Cary
CGS Deserved its Nuclear License Renewal The Oregonian, 6/25/12 by Mark Reddemann
If DOE wants to Tax N-Waste Storage, it Should Come Up with a Plan Seattle Times, 6/4/12 by Editorial Board
Ruling Could Help Break the Nuclear-Waste Logjam National Public Radio, 6/7/12 by Christopher Joyce
Energy Northwest Pays Privilege Tax for 2011 Power Engineering, 6/6/12 by ENP Newswire
USEC Updates Outlook for 2012 Financial Metrics Market Watch, 6/27/12 by Press Release
Energy Northwest Getting Depleted Uranium KNDU/KNDO, 5/18/12 by Brian Brennan
Energy Northwest Plans 10-day Maintenance Outage Tri-City Herald, 5/18/12 by Annette Cary
Fed Agency Upgrades Safety Rating of Dworshak Dam Idaho Press-Tribune, 6/20/12 by Rebecca Boone
After Review, Dworshak is Safer Lewiston Tribune, 6/19/12 by Eric Barker
1 of Just 2 Remaining Aluminum Smelters in NW, Celebrates 60 Years The Republic, 6/22/12 by Shannon Dininny
Intalco Smelter Near Ferndale Gets Short-term Power Contract Extension The News Tribune, 5/24/12 by John Stark
Intalco Needs New BPA Power Deal Soon Bellingham Herald, 4/27/12 by Staff
Officials, Visitors Mark Dam's 50th Anniversary Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 6/16/12 by Andy Porter
Ice Harbor Dam to Celebrate Anniversary Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 6/15/12 by Andy Porter
Ice Harbor Lock and Dam 50th Anniversary KNDO, 6/16/12 by Staff
Ice Harbor Lock and Dam Turns 50 Tri-City Herald, 6/16/12 by John Trumbo
Ice Harbor Dam Near Tri-Cities Turns 50 Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 6/16/12 by Associated Press
Corps to Fete 50th Year of Ice Harbor Dam Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 5/29/12 by Staff
U.S. Solar Power Shines, Will Increase 75 Percent this Year Talking Points Memo, 6/15/12 by Carl Franzen
Renewable Energy Sees a Record $257 Billion of Investment in 2011 Oil, 6/13/12 by James Burgess
Megaload Decision a Blow to Business at the Port of Lewiston Idaho Statesman, 8/10/11 by Rocky Barker
Container Ship Will Skip Portland as Longshore Slowdown takes Greater Toll The Oregonian, 6/18/12 by Richard Read
Longshore Union: We're Not Slowing Down Port of Portland Portland Business Journal, 6/18/12 by Staff
ILWU Dispute Hits Port of Portland Journal of Commerce, 6/15/12 by Joseph Bonney
Port of Portland Intervenes in T6 Labor Dispute Portland Business Journal, 6/8/12 by Erik Siemers
Longshoremen Dispute Shuts Down Terminal 6 Operations KTVB, 6/7/12 by Staff
State-owned Rail Seeks Aid Capital Press, 5/31/12 by Matthew Weaver
Chickpea, Lentil, Dry Pea Acres Soar in Idaho Capital Press, 5/31/12 by Sean Ellis
River Terminal Moving Grain Despite Fire, Labor Trouble Capital Press, 5/31/12 by Steve Brown
110-Car Train Loader Facility to be Operational for 2013 Harvest Capital Press, 5/25/12 by Matthew Weaver
Congress Revives Zombie Light Bulbs as Energy Dept. Funds New Tech Triple Pundit, 6/11/12 by Tina Casey
Idaho Power Preps for Future Surge in Electric Vehicles KTVB, 5/24/12 by Jacqueline Quynh
Salazar Activates First Solar Power Project on U.S. Land Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/7/12 by Justin Doom
Main St, Wall St. Join in Residential Solar Lease Program Clean Technica, 5/6/12 by Andrew
Big Wind Farm Planned for the Palouse Tri-City Herald, 5/1/12 by Associated Press
Increased Spills from River Dams Could Help Young Fish Survive KLEW TV, 5/3/12 by Whitney Hise
BPA Curtails Another 10 GWh of Wind Energy Generation on NW Grid North American Windpower, 5/1/12 by Staff
BPA Curtails Wind Generation Due to Increase of Hydropower Power Engineering, 5/1/12 by Staff
BPA Orders NW Wind Farms to Curtail Production Oregon Public Broadcasting, 4/30/12 by Staff
Bonneville Power Calls for First Wind Shutdown of the Season Sustainable Business Oregon, 4/30/12 by Christina Williams
BPA Orders NW Wind Farms to Curtail Production Seattle Times, 4/30/12 by Steven DuBois
Big Digester Comes with No Price Tag Capital Press, 4/26/12 by Carol Ryan Dumas
Idahoans Deserve Clean Energy at a Fair Price Idaho Power, 4/12 by Lisa Grow
Shock: PacifiCorp Pushes Up Rates Capital Press, 3/22/12 by Mateusz Perkowski
Fisheries Scientists Redefine the Salmon Debate by Trumpeting more 'Spill' Idaho Statesman, 4/22/12 by Rocky Barker
Grand Coulee upgrade brings 240MW: Dam Project is Much Needed The Olympian, 4/23/12 by Staff
Additional Hydro Identified at USBR Sites Intl. Water Power, 4/13/12 by Staff
listen Army Corps Getting Ready for 'Big Water' in Northwest KUOW, 4/16/12 by Tom Banse
BPA Braces for Strong Spring Runoff, Excess Power and Wind Power Cuts The Oregonian, 4/6/12 by Ted Sickinger
Hanford Target of Occupy Portland Protest Tri-City Herald, 4/16/12 by Annette Cary
NRC Issues Final Report on Columbia Generating Station Tri-City Herald, 4/7/12 by Annette Cary
Rail Charges Spark Alarm Capital Press, 4/5/12 by Matthew Weaver
BPA Trials Acquifer Recharge System Windpower Monthly, 4/13/12 by Staff
BPA Testing New Energy Storage Method to Avoid Wind Power Curtailment North American Windpower, 4/12/12 by Laura DiMugno
BPA to Test Out Aquifer Remedy for Oversupply Emergencies Platts, 4/5/12 by Hilary Milam
Geothermal Energy Could Generate 3 Million Megawatts Power in US Alone Power Engineering, 3/31/12 by B.Sameer Kumar
BPA Filing Comes Under Criticism Sustainable Business Oregon, 3/30/12 by Erik Siemers
Wind Power on BPA System Sets New Record KBKW, 3/26/12 by David Haviland
CA Solar Energy: Bill Would Provide Renewable Rooftops to Poor Communities California Watch, 4/17/12 by Bernice Yeung
Proposed Satellite Would Beam Solar Power to Earth, 4/6/12 by Leonard David
New Report Finds US Solar Installations Rose 109% in 2011 to 1,855 Megawatts Clean Edge, 3/21/12 by Staff
Think Solar Power Can't Compete with Big Utilities? Think Again Minnesota Public Radio, 3/26/12 by John Farrell
Apple, C. Ore. Officials Make Data Center Tax Deal Bend Bulletin, 4/20/12 by Associated Press
With Facebook, Central OR's Data Centers Expands Democrat Herald, 4/1/12 by Associated Press
Oregon's Data Center Industry Flourishes Statesman Journal, 3/26/12 by Staff
Apple Starts Small with Prineville Data Center The Oregonian, 3/25/12 by Mike Rogoway
Hydropower's Devices Beyond Dams Renewable Energy World, 3/23/12 by Janneke Pieters
Corps Re-Opens Columbia-Snake Locks Tri-City Herald, 3/29/12 by Staff
Port of Portland Linked to Med by German Line Maritime Reporter, 3/9/12 by Associated Press
Time to Make Views Known on Sediment The Daily Astorian, 3/15/12 by Staff
Kitzhaber Backs Columbia Withdrawals Capital Press, 3/1/12 by Mitch Lies
Water Warrior Honored for Efforts Capital Press, 3/15/12 by Matthew Weaver
State of the County: Optimism Despite Tough Ecomony The Daily News, 3/13/12 by Barbara LaBoe
Solar Cell Company Promises Solar Power for $0.50/Watt (Not Twin Creeks) Clean Technica, 3/19/12 by Mathias
Aluminum Cans: the Ultimate in Recycling Seattle Times, 3/9/12 by Tom Watson
Power Supplier Still Talking with CFAC The Daily Inter Lake, 3/2/12 by Staff
Columbia Nuclear Power Plant Issued Final Safety Evaluation for License Renewal PennEnergy, 3/2/12 by U.S. NRC
Distinguished Award for Industrial Energy Efficiency BPA Journal, 3/12 by Staff
BPA Proposes Resolution to Electricity Oversupply BPA Journal, 3/12 by Staff
EnXco, Riverbank Partnering on Pumped Storage Sustainable Business Oregon, 2/28/12 by Christina Williams
Gridflex Plans Grid-scale Power Storage in Oregon Sustainable Business Oregon, 4/21/11 by Lee van der Voo
Rising Temps in Northwest May Impact Hydro, California Climate Central, 3/2/12 by Alyson Kenward
Idaho Power Customers Can Expect their Cost of Electricity to Rise Idaho Statesman, 3/10/12 by Rocky Barker
44 Gallons of Transformer Oil Spill into Snake River Tri-City Herald, 2/29/12 by Annette Cary
Baucus Presses BPA to Help Columbia Falls Aluminum Plant Reopen Missoulian, 3/2/12 by Tristan Scott
CORPS: Ice Harbor Mooring "Dolphin" Declared Hazardous Tri-City Herald, 2/29/12 by Staff
Regional Dams to Close March 6 Tri-City Herald, 2/25/12 by Staff
listen Power Grid Must Adapt to Handle Renewable Energy National Public Radio, 3/12/12 by Christopher Joyce
Solar Power Growth Jumps to New Record Reuters, 3/14/12 by Matt Daily
Solar Energy Applications Now Open for Consumers Energy Business Customers Sacramento Bee, 2/27/12 by Consumers Energy
Slicing Silicon Thinner to Cut the Price of Solar Cells New York Times, 3/13/12 by Matthew L. Wald
Thinly Sliced Cells Slash Solar Power Costs CNet, 3/11/12 by Martin LaMonica
Excess Pacific Northwest Power Generation a Concern KPAX/KAJ, 3/12/12 by Staff
Council: NW Likely to Produce More Electricity Than it Needs Spring, Early Summer Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/9/12 by Staff
BPA Proposes New Approach for Compensating Generators During Oversupply Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/9/12 by Staff
Wind Farms Paid to Stop Producing Power The New American, 3/9/12 by James Heiser
watch Wind Farms in Pacific Northwest Paid to Not Produce Fox News, 3/7/12 by Dan Springer
Bonneville Power Submits Oversupply Plan with FERC Sustainable Business Oregon, 3/6/12 by Christina Williams
Wind Farm In WA State is its Biggest to Date Earth Techling, 3/3/12 by Pete Danko
Washington's Largest Wind-Power Site Begins Generating Electricity MarketWatch, 2/29/12 by Puget Sound Energy
President's 2013 Energy Budget Seeks $2.27 Billion for Efficiency, Renewables Clean Edge, 2/16/12 by Staff
NW Hydroelectric Output Above Five-year Range for Much of 2011 The Financial, 2/25/12 by Staff
Wind Energy Makes New Inroads in Q4 2011 Clean Edge, 2/10/12 by Staff
FERC's Golden Rule Juice, 2/21/12 by NIPCC Staff
BPA Completes Power Transmission Line Early Register-Guard, 2/25/12 by Shannon Dininny
Wind Operators, RNP Protest Latest BPA Proposal Sustainable Business Oregon, 2/13/12 by Christina Williams
NASA Finds 2011 Ninth-Warmest Year on Record NASA News, 1/19/12 by Staff
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Renewables Now Provide 12 Percent of Domestic Energy Clean Edge News, 1/5/12 by Staff
Factions Cheer Grain Ship Capital Press, 2/9/12 by Steve Brown
New Terminal Offers Opportunity Capital Press, 1/19/12 by Matthew Weaver
First Ship to Arrive at New Longview Grain Terminal Capital Press, 1/9/12 by Steve Brown
City, Port Bank on Ambitious Export Plan Portland Tribune, 2/16/12 by Jim Redden
Montana Co-op Turns Waste to Power, 2/14/12 by Staff
Flathead Electric to Purchase Renewable Energy from Stoltze Lumber Great Falls Tribune, 2/12/12 by Staff
Flathead Electric to Purchase Renewable Energy Great Falls Tribune, 2/12/12 by Myers Reece
Solar Projects Take Home of Hoover Dam Back to Future Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/6/12 by Doug McMurdo
U.S. Solar Projects Rose 67 Percent in Fourth Quarter, SEIA Says Bloomberg Businessweek, 2/15/12 by Christopher Martin
Problems Cast Shadows of Doubt on Solar Project Los Angeles Times, 2/15/12 by Louis Sahagun
Cambridge University Reveals Breakthrough for Super-efficient Solar Cells Click Green, 2/8/12 by Staff
Fluor to Design, Build, Operate 125-Megawatt Solar Energy Facility in AZ CleanTechnica, 1/31/12 by Nicholas Brown
California Solar Plans Exceed State Goals: Regulator Reuters, 1/31/12 by Matt Daily
Steven Chu Takes on 'Vampire Slayer' Role in Cutting Energy Use, 2/11/12 by Meg Waltner
Companies Make Last-Ditch Push for Congress to Extend Wind Tax Credit, 2/15/12 by Matthew Wheeland
Wind Energy Installed in 2011 Totals 41,000 MW Renewable Energy World, 2/13/12 by Carl Levesque
Bonneville Power Stretches Grid Flexibility for Wind Energy Sustainable Business Oregon, 2/2/12 by Christina Williams
Hydro, Wind Power Seek Peace In Northwest Earth Techling, 2/15/12 by Pete Danko
Northwest Wind Generators Oppose Bonneville Plan Reuters, 2/13/12 by Eileen O'Grady
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BPA Proposes to Pay Wind Developers to Reduce Power When Rivers High Idaho Statesman, 2/7/12 by Rocky Barker
BPA Proposes to Split the Cost of Wind Farms Power Cuts The Oregonian, 2/7/12 by Ted Sickinger
BPA Proposes Compromise in Wind Power Halt Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/7/12 by Jeff Barnard
Farms, Salmon Needs Vie for Columbia River Water Levels Statesman Journal, 3/11/12 by Jonathan J. Cooper
Columbia River Water Bill Still Alive Capital Press, 2/16/12 by Mitch Lies
Water Push Ignites Debate Capital Press, 2/9/12 by Mitch Lies
Improved Model Analyzes Aquifer Recharge Capital Press, 2/9/12 by John O'Connell
Water Board Announces Commitment to Aquifer Recharge Times-News, 2/1/12 by Melissa Davlin
Irrigation Method Saves Power, Water, Money Capital Press, 1/12/12 by John O'Connell
Farmers Set Beet, Wheat Yield Records Capital Press, 1/19/12 by John O'Connell
Pea, Lentil Acres Slashed Capital Press, 12/1/11 by Sean Ellis
New Grain Terminal Slated for Spring Construction Capital Press, 1/26/12 by Matthew Weaver
US Navy Preps Massive Solar Project Earth Techling, 1/26/12 by Pete Danko
DOE Moves Forward with Small Modular Reactors Tri-City Herald, 1/20/12 by Staff
$30 Million in Upgrades to Generating Station KVEW TV, 1/26/12 by Kristi Paulus
New Safety Standards Post Fukushima Could Cost $30M The News Tribune, 1/26/12 by Annette Cary
watch Energy NN Must Spend at Least $30 Million to Meet New Safety Standards KNDO / KNDU, 1/26/12 by Lisa Loevsky
Idaho Power Rates Remain Among Lowest in Nation Customer Connection, 1/26/12 by Idaho Power
PUD Rate Increase Would Bump Up Average Residential Bill $2.56 a Month The Daily Herald, 1/26/12 by Bill Sheets
U.S. Carbon Emissions on Decline Despite Political Gridlock E&E News, 1/25/12 by Joel Kirkland
U.S. CO2 Emissions to Stay Below 2005 Levels as Coal Use Shrinks Scientific American, 1/24/12 by Valerie Volcovici
Port of Portland Tonnage Up 2% in 2011 The Oregonian, 1/24/12 by Staff
Shipping Blues Lewiston Tribune, 1/22/12 by Elaine Williams
Davos Man Weighs Future of Capitalism The Baltimore Sun, 1/15/12 by Thomasson & Hirschler
Wind Tower Makers Enter the Trade War Modern Power Systems, 1/15/12 by Staff
Oregon Company May Use Montana Power Via MSTI KTRV News, 1/11/12 by Marnee Banks
BPA, Utility Groups Request FERC Reconsider Ruling on Transmission Policy Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/13/12 by Staff
Bonneville Power Asks for Rethink on FERC Wind Power Ruling Environmental Finance, 1/11/12 by Staff
BPA Practices: Federal Action Enforces Fairness in Electricity System The Oregonian, 1/9/12 Reiten Shimsack Furman Piro
BPA Files For Rehearing On FERC's Environmental-Redispatch Order North America Windpower, 1/10/12 by Staff
At Port of Pasco, Cantwell Urges Passage of Freight Measures, 1/11/12 by Staff
Port Official Reports Exports 'Sexy' Again Capital Press, 1/9/12 by Barbara Coyner
Grain Terminal, Union Reach Settlement Capital Press, 1/26/12 by Steve Brown
EGT Labor Settlement Postpones NLRB Hearing on Illegal Picketing The Daily News, 1/8/12 by Staff
Call for Solidarity with Longview Longshoremen The Internationalist, 1/8/12 by Staff
Protest Planned for First Ship to Dock at EGT Grain Terminal The Daily News, 1/6/12 by Erik Olson
Turbinators Selected for Existing Facility in the US Intl. Water Power, 1/6/12 by Staff
Utility Customers Play Role in Future The Columbian, 1/15/12 by Lynn Latendresse
Idaho PUC Accepts Idaho Power's Integrated Resource Plan Renew Grid, 1/9/12 by Staff
Idaho PUC Accepts Idaho Power Long-Range Growth Plan Power Engineering, 1/7/12 by Press Release
Brown Expedites Renewable Energy Projects My Mother Lode, 1/17/12 by Mark Truppner
Renewable Energy Projects in California Go Unused Los Angeles Times, 1/9/12 by Julie Cart
First Solar Panel Reaches Record 14.4% Efficiency, Company Says Bloomberg Businessweek, 1/17/12 by Christopher Martin
It's Time to Pick Sides in the US-China Solar Trade Wars, 1/9/12 by Marc Gunther
Solar Power from External Walls Daily Yomiuri, 1/4/12 by Yomiuri Shimbun
BP Calls Time on Its Solar Activities Modern Power Systems, 1/7/12 by Staff
Hydro Among Renewables that Would Benefit from PTC Extension Hydro World, 1/12 by Staff
Oregon Community Wind Finds Seattle Market Earth Techling, 1/4/12 by Lauren Craig
Feds Propose Allowing Wind-farm Developer to Kill Golden Eagles MSNBC, 1/4/12 by James Eng
Richland City Council Considers Electric Rate Increase KNDO, 1/4/12 by Staff
Suit Over Columbia Nuclear Plant Steam Condenser Replacement Goes to Mediation Nuclear Street, 1/2/12 by Staff
2011 back to top
Hanford Commercial Nuclear Reactor Cited for Safety Violations Salem-News, 12/21/11 by Staff
5 Violations Reported During Shutdown at Columbia Generating Station Tri-City Herald, 12/21/11 by Jacques Von Lunen
10 Ways to Boost Your Building's Energy Efficiency in 2012, 12/28/11 by Elaine Gallagher Adams
Repeal of Lightbulb 'Ban' a Dim Move Florida Today, 12/20/11 by Matt Reed
Congress Reaches Deal to Blunt New Light-Bulb Standards Dow Jones News, 12/20/11 by Tennille Tracy
Farmers Seek Columbia River Water Help Capital Press, 12/15/11 by Mitch Lies
Columbia Water Tops Priorities Capital Press, 12/8/11 by Mitch Lies
BPA, CAISO Enhance Coordination BPA Journal, 12/11 by Staff
Feds Tell BPA it Cannot Cut Off Wind Power Earth Techling, 12/8/11 by Staff
'Wind Lens' Magnifies Turbine Output Modern Power Systems, 12/22/11 by Staff
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Obama Administration Approves 2 Huge Renewable Energy Projects Clean Technica, 12/22/11 by Zachary Shahan
New Wind Energy Projects (7 More Big Ones) Clean Technica, 12/22/11 by Zachary Shahan
Idaho PUC Approves Previously Rejected Wind Energy Projects Renew Grid, 12/27/11 by Staff
E. Idaho to Get More Wind Turbines After PUC Deal Boston Globe, 12/22/11 by Associated Press
President Obama Announces $4 Billion Investment in Energy Upgrades to Buildings Clean Edge News, 12/2/11 by Staff
MidAmerican Energy to Acquire 550-Megawatt Topaz Solar Farm Clean Edge News, 12/14/11 by Staff
SolarCity & Bank of America Merrill Lynch Move Forward with Project SolarStrong Clean Edge News, 12/1/11 by Staff
BPA and Wind Developers: Federal Energy Ruling is Wrong for Our Region The Oregonian, 12/21/11 by Scott Corwin
BPA Ruling Could Reshape the US Windscape Recharge News, 12/15/11 by Benjamin Romano
FERC Ruling Hailed as Victory Fierce Energy, 12/12/11 by Barbara Vergetis Lundin
Bonneville Power Unfairly Favored Hydro Over Wind, Rules FERC Grist, 12/9/11 by Sean Casten
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Nanowire Battery can Holds 10 Times the Charge of Existing Lithium-ion Battery Stanford University News, 12/18/11 by Dan Stober
Microgrids Poised to Grow to Meet Campus-Scale Energy Demands, 12/15/11 by Derek Top
New Grain Terminal Breaks Ground in McCoy The Daily News, 6/21/12 by Kelli Hadley
BP to Close its Solar Business After 40 Years, 12/21/11 by Staff
Google Invests $94 Million in California Solar Farms Christian Science Monitor, 12/20/11 by Michail Vafeiadis
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Buffett Investment in California Solar Farm Could Boost Industry Los Angeles Times, 12/8/11 by Ronald D. White
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Port Shutdown Costs Ag Time, Money Capital Press, 12/15/11 by Steve Brown
Wall Street of the Waterfront Fog City Journal, 12/11/11 by Steve Stallone
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Longshore Workers Prepare for Long Fight The Militant, 12/5/11 by Mary Martin
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U.S. Extends Bidding for Intake Gantry Crane at 810-MW Little Goose HydroWorld, 12/14/11 by PennWell
Ice Harbor Dam gets New Gantry Crane The News Tribune, 12/7/11 by Staff
Lower Granite Upgrades to Close Dam for 3 Days Tri-City Herald, 12/5/11 by Staff
Work Will Close Locks on Lower Granite Dam Lewiston Tribune, 12/3/11 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Trash Boom Repair at 810-MW Lower Granite HydroWorld, 12/2/11 by PennWell
U.S. Seeks Breaker Replacement, Rehab at 810-MW Little Goose HydroWorld, 11/29/11 by PennWell
U.S. Seeks Intake Gantry Crane for 810-MW Little Goose HydroWorld, 11/22/11 by PennWell
BPA, California ISO Enhance Coordination with Faster Response Electric Light & Power, 11/28/11 by Staff
BPA Makes Annual Treasury Payment BPA Journal, 11/30/11 by Staff
After 20 Years, Consumers are Finally Getting Greener, 11/30/11 by Kelly M. Semrau
Solar Power: Google Pulls the Plug Christian Science Monitor, 11/26/11 by Alexei Oreskovic
Google Pulls the Plug on Its Green Energy Program, 11/23/11 by Leslie Guevarra
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Port of Whitman County Seeks Grant for Rail Work Lewiston Tribune, 11/28/11 by William L. Spence
Money and Clout No Match for an Idaho Winter Lewiston Tribune, 11/21/11 by Marty Trillhaase
Data Centers Sprouting Up in Oregon Canadian Business, 11/20/11 by Associated Press
Google Cans Solar Energy Project Smart Planet, 11/23/11 by Mark Halper
Proposed Wind Farm in WA's Most Important Marbled Murrelet Area Scrubbed Surfbirds News, 12/10/11 by Staff
Endangered Bird's Plight Tables Wind Farm; Demand may Bring it Back The Daily News, 12/2/11 by Editorial Board
Planned Wind Energy Project Terminated Power Engineering, 11/29/11 by Staff
Energy Northwest Makes Wise Choice on Radar Ridge Tri-City Herald, 11/20/11 by Staff
Northwest Wind Plans Dropped in Face of Strict Regulations Recharge, 11/19/11 by Staff
Wind Farm Effort's End Blamed on Agency The Columbian, 11/18/11 by Kathie Durbin
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Americans Getting Turned on by New Light Bulb Tech CNet, 11/17/11 by Martin LaMonica
Flathead Electric Cooperative to Begin Exploratory Geothermal Drilling Flathead Beacon, 11/14/11 by Myers Reece
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An Investment in Recycling Will Create Millions of New Green Jobs, 11/15/11 by Allen Hershkowitz
CFAC Backers Await Word on BPA Contract KAJ 18, 11/17/11 by Katy Harris
Corps to Seek Transformer Installation at Ice Harbor HydroWorld, 10/6/11 by Pennwell
U.S. Seeks Electrical Upgrades at 603-MW Ice Harbor HydroWorld, 10/6/11 by Pennwell
U.S. Seeks Gate Cable Installation at 603-MW Ice Harbor HydroWorld, 10/6/11 by Pennwell
Economic Panel Compares Methods to Keep More Water In-Stream for Fish Columbia Basin Bulletin, 11/11/11 by Staff
Northwest Communities Alter Cold War Economies Chem.Info, 11/13/11 by Shannon Dininny
Amazon Opens New Oregon Data Center for Web Services CIO, 11/9/11 by Nancy Gohring
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Contractor Sues Energy Northwest Over Nuclear Plant Work The Herald, 11/13/11 by Associated Press
Clallam County Public Utility District Customers Could See Rates Rise Peninsula Daily News, 12/6/11 by Rob Ollikainen
Washington Public Facility Districts Meet in Pasco, Talk Cutting Costs KNDU/KNDO, 12/1/11 by Lisa Loevsky
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Renewables: The View from Other Public Utilities The Wenatchee World, 11/5/11 by Christine Pratt
watch Condit Dam to be Demolished Wednesday Seattle Times, 10/26/11 by Lynda V. Mapes
Snake River Airports to Stay Open Year-Round KVEW, 11/2/11 by Dan Thesman
Lower Granite Dam Open for Vehicle Crossing on Veterans Day Spokesman-Review, 11/2/11 by Rich Landers
Lower Monumental Dam to Close Until Oct. 28 Tri-City Herald, 10/13/11 by Staff and wire reports
Maintenance Will Close Parts of Little Goose Lewiston Tribune, 10/13/11 by Staff and wire reports
Lower Monumental Dam Crossing to Close Monday Through Oct. 28 Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 10/6/11 by Staff
Lower Granite Dam Open for Vehicle Crossing on Monday Spokesman-Review, 10/6/11 by Rich Landers
The High-Stakes Math Behind the West's Greatest River Forbes, 11/7/11 by Jon Bruner
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Intalco Workers Approve New Contract, Avert Strike at Ferndale Smelter Bellingham Herald, 10/28/11 by John Stark
Intalco Workers Will Vote on New Contract Proposal Bellingham Herald, 10/25/11 by John Stark
Intalco to Train Replacement Workers in Event of Strike Bellingham Herald, 10/17/11 by John Stark
Intalco Workers Vote to Strike at Ferndale Area Smelter, But Talks Continue Bellingham Herald, 10/14/11 by Dave Gallagher
Baucus, Tester Push for Power Deal Hungry Horse News, 10/10/11 by Richard Hanners
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$10 Million Bird Bond may Doom Naselle Wind Farm The Daily World, 10/18/11 by Angelo Bruscas
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watch EWEB set for Vote on Proposed 5% Rate Increase KMTR, 10/3/11 by Chris McKee
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Energy NW Sues for Higher Nuclear Fuel Storage Costs Tri-City Herald, 7/31/11 by Annette Cary
Washington Files New Yucca Lawsuit The News Tribune, 7/30/11 by Annette Cary
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Nuclear Plants Deserve Their Repayment by DOE Tri-City Herald, 7/22/11 by Editorial Board
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BPA to Manage Energy Efficiency Programs Using Nexant TrakSmart Business Wire, 7/18/11 by Staff
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Spring Rise Ebbs in NW; Wind Farms at Full Output Seattle Times, 7/18/11 by Tim Fought
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BP Joins Others in Opposing BPA Environmental Redispatch at FERC Platts, 7/5/11 by Hilary Costa
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U.S. Northwest Hydro Supplies Near Record Highs Reuters, 6/27/11 by DiSavino & O'Grady
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Study Finds Port of Pasco's Transload Needs Being Met Tri-City Herald, 6/24/11 by Kristi Pihl
Columbia-Snake Repairs get a Lift from Manitowoc 888 Cranes Today, 6/30/11 by Staff
Lower Granite Lock Reopens After Gate Cables Replaced Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 6/23/11 by Staff
Recreational Traffic Has Been Suspended at Lower Monumental Dam Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 6/23/11 by Staff
Lower Monumental Dam Lock Closed Wednesday Tri-City Herald, 6/23/11 by Staff
Late Runoff Complicates Reservoir Refill Lewiston Tribune, 6/23/11 by Eric Barker
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Secretary Chu Announces Almost $15 Million for Energy-Efficient Lighting Clean Edge News, 6/8/11 by Staff
watch Wind Farm Developers Hold Blade Signing Local News 8, 6/29/11 by Marissa Bodnar
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Levels of Gas Bubble Trauma on Migrating Salmon, Not Alarming (?) Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/3/11 by Staff
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Google Powers Up Alt-Energy Investments, 5/26/11 by Kent Bernhard, Jr
Wind Farm Moves Forward Capital Press, 5/26/11 by Dave Wilkins
GE Aims for 61% Efficiency Combined with Record Flexibility Modern Power Systems, 5/27/11 by Staff
BPA Makes Wind Forecast Public Power-Gen Worldwide, 5/24/11 by Staff
Energy NW Extends Power Outage Tri-City Herald, 5/21/11 by Annette Cary
Ferndale Plant Adjusting Operations KGMI, 6/2/11 by Mike Curtiss
Murray Praises River Locks Project as Investment in Economy The Columbian, 5/31/11 by Aaron Corvin
Mechanical Trouble to Close The Dalles Navigation Lock Four Days Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/20/11 by Staff
watch Outdoor Adventure: Run of the River Statesman Journal, 6/3/11 by Thomas Patterson
Ore. Water Managers Work to Control Spring Runoff The Seattle Times, 5/27/11 by Associated Press
Reservoirs Prepare for Biggest Chunk of Runoff Volume Yet to Come Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/20/11 by Staff
Shutting Down Wind Power a Necessary Measure of Last Resort The Oregonian, 5/25/11 by Scott Corwin
Flexible Power System a Must to Meet the Region's Demands The Oregonian, 5/24/11 by Angus Duncan
Congressman to BPA: Turn Wind Farms Back On Boise Weekly, 5/24/11 by George Prentice
At Times, it's Wind We Can't Afford Wenatchee World, 5/21/11 by Editorial Board
BPA's Wind Power Cutoff Sends a Troubling Signal The Oregonian, 5/19/11 by Editorial Board
Push for Wind Power Was Not Thought Out Democrat-Herald, 5/17/11 by Editorial Board
Industry Demands Solution to Northwest Grid Overload Delaware Online, 5/24/11 by Jeff Barnard
Congressman Encourages Long-Term Wind Policy North American Windpower, 5/23/11 by Angela Beniwal
Blumenauer, Wind Advocates Blast BPA on Curtailment Plan The Oregonian, 5/23/11 by Ted Sickinger
BPA Decision to Curtail Wind Power Sends 'Chilling Signal' to Industry Renewable Energy World, 5/23/11 by Jennifer Runyon
Clark Public Utilities on Sidelines of Wind Power Battle The Columbian, 5/18/11 by Courtney Sherwood
Wind Farms Curtailed Again as BPA Copes With Runoff NW Fishletter, 6/3/11 by Steve Ernst
High River Flows Prompt BPA Action BPA Journal, 6/11 by Staff
Forced Outages for Northwest Wind Farms Forbes, 5/23/11 by William Pentland
Big Flows Bring Limits on Non-Hydro Energy Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/20/11 by Staff
BPA Decision Discriminates Against Wind Power Reve, 5/20/11 by Rob Manning
Northwest Power Provider Limits Nonhydro Sources Wall Street Journal, 5/18/11 by Joel Millman
Switches Off Wind, Sticks With Water Oregon Public Broadcasting, 5/18/11 by Rob Manning
BPA Curtails Wind Farm Electricity Generation The Oregonian, 5/18/11 by Ted Sickinger
River Rises; Northwest Wind Farms, Plants Cut Back Sacramento Bee, 5/18/11 by Tim Fought
Smelter's Tax Waiver Request Turned Down Hungry Horse News, 5/17/11 by Richard Hanners
CFAC Owners Unveil $12 Billion Stock Offering Hungry Horse News, 5/10/11 by Richard Hanners
CFAC Tax Cut Request Denied KPAX, 5/10/11 by Laura Wilson
U.S. Seeks Fishway Exit Cranes at 980-MW McNary HydroWorld, 6/2/11 by PennWell
U.S. Seeks Equipment, Work at 980-MW McNary HydroWorld, 5/18/11 by PennWell
Summer Recreational Vessel Lockage Schedule Begins Sunday at 9 a.m. East Oregonian, 5/12/11 by Staff
SoloPower Plans for $340 Million North Portland Solar Panel Plant The Oregonian, 5/12/11 by Molly Young
Vancouver Port Lands High-speed Rail Grant for Freight Access Project Progressive Railroading, 5/11/11 by Staff
BPA Prepares for High Runoff BPA Journal, 5/11 by Staff
Northwest Power Surplus may Halt Wind Energy Idaho Statesman, 5/14/11 by Rocky Barker
BPA Will Tamp Down Windfarms When Too Much Power Floods System The Oregonian, 5/13/11 by Ted Sickinger
Wild Salmon and Wind Power Can Work Together Seattle Times, 5/12/11 by Pat Ford
NW Wind Power Could Double, Cause Grid Problems Seattle Times, 5/6/11 by Associated Press
Green Energy Efforts Bring Unexpected Opposition Seattle Times, 5/8/11 by Associated Press
Green Talk vs. Green Action The Daily News, 5/7/11 by Erik Olson
BPA Rolls Back Renewable Energy Incentives Sustainable Business, 5/5/11 by Lee van der Voo
Idaho Power Amps it Up in Fight against Wind Sun Valley Online, 5/3/11 by K Miller
Batteries Hold Promise for Wyoming Wind Power Casper Star-Tribune, 4/22/11 by Jeremy Fugleberg
Price of Power is Going Up East Oregonian, 4/26/11 by Staff
Port Townsend Contract Saves Jobs BPA Journal, 5/11 by Staff
Port Townsend Paper Locks in Low-cost Power for Another Two Years Peninsula Daily News, 4/24/11 by Jeff Chew
Andritz to Overhaul Turbines at Palisades Dam, US Intl. Water Power, 5/10/11 by Staff
Reclamation Awards Contract for Turbine Overhaul at Palisades Dam HydroWorld, 4/28/11 by PennWell
BOR Kicks in $25 Million to Overhaul Turbines at Palisades Dam Daily Reporter, 4/28/11 by Associated Press
Is Our Nuclear Plant Safe? Yes Wenatchee World, 5/10/11 by Ann Congdon
Inside Hanford: A Tour of the NW's Only Nuclear Power Plant KATU, 5/5/11 by Dan Tilkin
Reactor Undergoes Refueling, Upgrades Spokesman-Review, 5/4/11 by Bert Caldwell
Columbia Generating Station Getting Upgrades The News Tribune, 5/4/11 by Michelle Dupler
Hanford Nuclear Plant Midway Through Refueling Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5/3/11 by Shannon Dininny
Hanford Plant's Safety Records Reveal Five Reactor Shutdowns in 1 Year KING 5 News, 4/29/11 by Gary Chittim
U.S. Wind Industry Reports Continuing Growth in First Quarter of 2011 Clean Edge News, 4/29/11 by Gary Chittim
PSE's Lower Snake River Wind Project to Boost Power Generation Clean Tech, 4/15/11 by Cameron Chai
Brown Signs Law Requiring 33% Renewable Energy San Francisco Chronicle, 4/13/11 by David R. Baker
BPA Taking Measures to Deal with 'Over-Generation' Conditions Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/29/11 by Staff
Wind Boom's Costs Looming on the Horizon Record Searchlight, 5/1/11 by Editorial Board
Hydro, Wind Battling for Grid Space Wenatchee World, 4/26/11 by Christine Pratt
Power Peak Could Mean Lowered Income for PUDs Wenatchee World, 4/25/11 by Christine Pratt
Bonneville Power may Shut Down Wind Turbines to Protect Salmon Treehugger, 4/14/11 by John Laumer
BPA, Wind Developers Argue Over Too Much Power from Renewables Oregonian, 4/14/11 by Ted Sickinger
Grid Problems Trigger Rolling Wind-Farm Outages in Pacific NW Forbes, 4/14/11 by William Pentland
Wind Turbines Shutdown Possible KAPP TV, 4/13/11 by David Mance
Wind-Power Producers Fight Possible Shutdown of Turbines The Spokesman-Review, 4/10/11 by Hal Bernton
Bonneville Power Plan Creates Buzz in Industry The Spokesman-Review, 4/10/11 by Bert Caldwell
Lack of Dredging Forces Balancing Act for Fish, Navigation, Flood Control Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/8/11 by Staff
Three Data Centers Going Up in Region East Oregonian, 3/27/11 by Dean Brickey
Turning Windows Into Power Plants Photonics Online, 4/20/11 by MIT
Mammoth Solar PV Plant Planned for California Sustainable Business, 4/15/11 by Staff
BrightSource Finalizes $1.6 Billion Financing for Ivanpah Project Clean Edge News, 4/12/11 by Staff
U.S. may Spend $130 Million for Energy Research, Chu Says Bloomberg, 4/20/11 by Brian Wingfield
SunPower Project Receives $1.187 Billion Loan Guarantee from DOE Clean Edge News, 4/14/11 by Staff
DOE Announces Nearly $170 Million for SunShot Projects Clean Edge News, 4/11/11 by Staff
US SunShot Initiative Invests $112.5 Million to Reduce Costs of Solar Energy Efficiency News, 4/8/11 by Staff
Interior, Energy Announce $26 Million to Develop Advanced Hydropower Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/8/11 by Staff
Solar Panel Efficiency Mother Nature Network, 4/8/11 by Roni Robbins
G.E. Plans to Build Largest Solar Panel Plant in U.S. New York Times, 4/7/11 by Todd Woody
Providing Solar Power as a Standard Feature in 10 California Communities Clean Edge News, 3/28/11 by Staff
Power Plant Shuts Down Ahead of Schedule The News Tribune, 4/4/11 by Staff
Energy Northwest Begins Planned Outage at Columbia Generating Station Tri-City Herald, 4/2/11 by Staff
Dairies Get Their Manure Together Capital Press, 4/7/11 by Steve Brown
Wind Power Hits a Trough Wall Street Journal, 4/5/11 by Jeffrey Ball
Feds See Expanded Role for Hydropower in 70 Existing Dams Sustainable Industries, 4/5/11 by Jonathan Hiskes
Report Reveals Hydro Potential at Existing Dams in the US International Water Power, 4/1/11 by Staff
Interior: Potential for Expanding Hydro Energy at Existing NW Dams Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/1/11 by Staff
Ice Harbor Dam Offers More Tours KNDO, 4/1/11 by Staff
Power Plant: One Small Leaf Could Electrify an Entire Home Tech News World, 3/28/11 by Richard Adhikari
'Artificial Leaf' Makes Hydrogen from Solar Cell Green Tech, 3/28/11 by Martin LaMonica
A Battery That Charges in Seconds Environmental News Net, 3/24/11 by Edwin Cartlidge
The New Solar Middlemen Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/24/11 by Goossens & Wade
Lasting Home Elusive for Used Hanford Fuel Spokesman Review, 3/27/11 by Karen Dorn Steele
Corps' Spill Program to Help Salmon, Steelhead Migration The News Tribune, 4/4/11 by John Trumbo
Feds File Spring Hydro/Fish Plan, More Spill Testing at John Day Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/25/11 by Staff
listen Spring Salmon Get Smoother Ride Over NW Dams Public News Service, 3/24/11 by Chris Thomas
Columbia Spill Will Continue for 2011 Osprey Steelhead News, 3/23/11 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Design-Build Work at Projects in Snake River Basin HydroWorld, 3/25/11 by PennWell
Study: Railcar Fleet in Jeopardy Capital Press, 3/3/11 by Matthew Weaver
Alcoa to Add 60 Jobs BPA Journal, 2/11 by Staff
EnerNOC, California Utility Team on Energy Efficiency Mass High Tech, 3/25/11 by Kyle Alspach
Plan Calls for Bio-Energy Plant Near Scappoose South County Spotlight, 3/23/11 by Tyler Graf
NV Energy Seeking Over 100 MW of Solar and Geothermal Projects Renew Grid, 3/15/11 by Staff
BLM Approves 236-Mile North-South Nevada Power Transmission Line The Republic, 3/18/11 by Associated Press
Wind: The Center of the Plan B Economy Earth Policy Institute, 3/15/11 by Lester Brown
Idaho House Panel Rejects Wind Power Moratorium Local News 8, 3/22/11 by John Miller
State Lawmakers Look at Wind Energy Moratorium Local News 8, 3/18/11 by Brett Crandall
Idaho's Peak Rewards Program Changes OK'd Capital Press, 3/11/11 by Dave Wilkins
Aquifer Recharge Funds Ebb Capital Press, 3/17/11 by Dave Wilkins
Idaho Aquifer Plan on Track Capital Press, 2/25/11 by Associated Press
Benton PUD 32% Rate Rise is Topic of Meeting Tri-City Herald, 3/6/11 by Staff
BPA Rate Hike Looms for OTEC Tri-City Herald, 3/2/11 by Blue Mountain Eagle
Wind, Sun Power Still Face Hurdles Wall Street Journal, 3/31/11 by Russell Gold
The Cost of Green: Big Questions about Wind Farm Subsidies The Oregonian, 3/12/11 by Ted Sickinger
Shepherds Flat Wind Farm: What's the Cost to Taxpayers? The Oregonian, 3/12/11 by Ted Sickinger
BPA may Turn Off Unneeded NW Wind Turbines when Power Plentiful The Republic, 3/11/11 by Associated Press
Critics say BPA Drops Ball While Juggling its Power The Register-Guard, 3/11/11 by Susan Palmer
Wind Power on BPA System Sets New Record Transmission & Distribution, 3/3/11 by BPA
Wind Power Sets New Record BPA Journal, 3/11 by Staff
BPA Prepares for Too Much Power BPA Journal, 3/11 by Staff
US Energy Budget Proposal Promotes Huge Shift to Clean Energy International Water Power, 2/22/11 Modern Power Systems
Port of Longview Master Plan Includes Demolition of Grain Terminal The Daily News, 3/9/11 by Erik Olson
Columbia-Snake River Shipping Reopens after Three-Month Shutdown The Oregonian, 3/25/11 by Whitney McFerron
Columbia River to Reopen to Barges, Army Corps Says Bloomberg, 3/25/11 by Whitney McFerron
Companies Cheer Reopening of River's Many Locks Capital Press, 3/24/11 by Matthew Weaver
Corps Extends Bonneville Lock Closure to Midnight East Oregonian, 3/24/11 by Dean Brickey
Bonneville Repairs Taking Longer Than Expected East Oregonian, 3/23/11 by Dean Brickey
Columbia River Reopening, More Mega-loads on the Way Boise Weekly, 3/23/11 by George Prentice
Lower Monumental Lock Opening Again Delayed Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/22/11 by Staff
John Day Lock Open, Bonneville, The Dalles Closed East Oregonian, 3/21/11 by Staff
Bonneville Lock Damaged, Corps Extends Columbia-Snake Closure East Oregonian, 3/19/11 by Staff
Bonneville Lock Damaged; Detour in Place KGW, 3/18/11 by Jeff Thompson
Bonneville Locks Damaged by Debris The Columbian, 3/18/11 by Craig Brown
More Locks Problems Upstream The Columbian, 3/18/11 by US ACOE
Reopening Rivers The Columbian, 3/15/11 by Editorial Board
River Locks to be Out for a Bit Longer Tri-City Herald, 3/16/11 by Kathy Korengel
Corps of Engineers Delays LoMo Opening East Oregonian, 3/15/11 by Dean Brickey
Opening of Lower Monumental Dam Lock Pushed Back Walla Walla Union Bulletin, 3/14/11 by Staff
Snake, Columbia River Dams to Open After Long Maintenance Closure KUOW, 3/14/11 by Anna King
Columbia-Snake River Shipping Resuming After Repairs to Locks The Republic, 3/7/11 by Associated Press
River Locks Scheduled to Reopen Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/5/11 by Andy Porter
Locks Repairs on Schedule Hermiston Herald, 3/4/11 by Staff
Navigation Lock Projects Entering their Final Phase East Oregonian, 3/2/11 by Dean Brickey
River Closures Positive So Far Capital Press, 2/28/11 by Matthew Weaver
With a Month to Go, Lock Rehab Continues East Oregonian, 2/16/11 by Staff
Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle Turbines Promise Giant Leap in Power Science Daily, 3/4/11 by Staff
LA's Water Department to Install 11.6-Megawatt Photovoltaic Array, 3/4/11 by Staff
Geothermal Site Lands Federal Loan Capital Press, 3/3/11 by Associated Press
Idaho's Geothermal Potential Faces Barriers to Large-scale Production Times-News, 2/14/11 by Laura Lundquist
Juniper Canyon Wind Farm, USA Power-Technology, 3/11 by Staff
Reedsport Wave Power Station, Portland, Oregon Power-Technology, 3/11 by Staff
A Twin-Cell Solar Panel Technology Review, 2/15/11 by Kevin Bullis
Four California Startups Snag Federal Funds Sustainable Industries, 2/4/11 by Sara Stroud
Washington Must Move Fast to Catch Clean Tech Wave Sustainable Industries, 1/26/11 by Jonathan Hiskes
SoloPower to Build $340 Million Solar Factory in OR Sustainable Industries, 1/12/11 by Jonathan Hiskes
PGE, BPA Initiate Collaboration on Transmission Infrastructure Renew Grid, 2/17/11 by Staff
ON Line Project Nets First DOE Loan Guarantee for Transmission Renew Grid, 2/16/11 by Staff
Blades for Wind Farm Arrive in Pasco Tri-City Herald, 2/5/11 by Kathy Korengel
Wind Farm Proposed on Palouse Spokesman-Review, 10/27/10 by Becky Kramer
EnerNOC Providing Demand Response for BPA Renew Grid, 2/3/11 by Staff
Bonneville Power Taps EnerNOC for Demand Response Sustainable Industries, 2/1/11 by Sara Stroud
Lighting Overhaul Brings Efficiency Boost at WA Dam Brighter Energy, 2/3/11 by Staff
Lighting Upgrades at Dam Cut Energy Use in Half Wenatchee World, 2/4/11 by Christine Pratt
Bill Would Ease Permitting Process for Digesters Capital Press, 1/27/11 by Steve Brown
Dredging Work Benefits Mid-Columbia Tri-City Herald, 1/31/11 by Kathy Korengel
Port of Lewiston's Future Viability in Doubt Tri-City Herald, 10/12/10 by Associated Press
How Does the Port of Portland Stack Up in Local Economy? The Oregonian, 2/5/11 by James Mayer
Port of Portland Future Looks Bright KBND News/Talk, 2/1/11 by Staff
Port of Portland Makes Road and Rail Improvements Oregon Public Broadcasting, 1/31/11 by Kristian Foden-Vencil
Portland Cargo Numbers on the Rise Port World, 1/31/11 by Samantha Cacnio
Scores Turn Out to See Progress at Dam Union-Bulletin, 1/27/11 by Andy Porter
State Studies Wind Health The Dalles Chronicle, 2/2/11 by RaeLynn Ricarte
New Power Line Will Leave Somebody Unhappy Yakima Herald-Republic, 1/20/11 by Ross Courtney
Noise Complaints Draw Opposition to Wind Farms Miller-McCune, 1/6/11 by David Rosenfeld
Wind Increasingly Cost-Competitive with Natural Gas Clean Edge News, 1/25/11 by Staff
Spinning the Color Wheel for a 'Green' Alternative Tri-City Herald, 1/28/11 by Editorial Board
Rising NW Hydro Output may Hurt Wind Farms Reuters, 1/25/11 by Eileen O'Grady
BPA Considers Alternatives to New Transmission Line The Columbian, 1/20/11 by Erik Robinson
The Power of Wind The Dalles Chronicle, 1/13/11 by RaeLynn Ricarte
U.S. to Seek Breaker Reconditioning at 810-MW Little Goose HydroWorld, 1/3/11 by PennWell
U.S. to Seek Fish Bypass Relocation Work at 980-MW McNary HydroWorld, 12/28/10 by PennWell
Vancouver Port Lands $72M Deal Portland Business Journal, 1/14/11 by Erik Siemers
Foreign Markets Bolster Inland Economy Capital Press, 1/13/11 by Dave Wilkins
ICTSI Oregon Seen Sustaining Growth Malaya Business Insight, 1/6/11 by Staff
Grain Train Welcomes 29 More Cars Capital Press, 1/6/11 by Matthew Weaver
State Grain Train System Adding 29 Cars Capital Press, 12/22/10 by Associated Press
Alcoa Intalco to Restart Idled Capacity, Create 60 Jobs KGMI, 1/7/10 by Alcoa Staff
Intalco Adding 60 Jobs, Restarting Idled Smelting Capacity The Bellingham Herald, 1/7/10 by John Stark
Columbia Shippers Sign Up for Port Subsidy During Lock Closures The Oregonian, 1/5/11 by James Mayer
Shippers to Receive Financial Help The Peak 104.1, 1/4/11 by Staff
Shippers Seek Port of Portland Subsidies Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1/3/11 by Associated Press
Shippers Sign on for Port Support Capital Press, 12/30/10 by Matthew Weaver
Corps Announces Extension of The Dalles Lock Closure by Five Days Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/7/11 by Staff
The Dalles Dam Lock Closure Extended The Oregonian, 1/3/11 by Staff
Barge Traffic on Hold as Snake River Dams Undergo Maintenance KLEW TV, 1/2/11 by Tracci Dial
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River and Lake Fish 'Neglected But Essential' BBC News, 10/22/10 by Richard Black
Four New Studies Detail Economic Contribution of Fisheries Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/17/10 by Staff
Fishing's Net Effect Unknown Lewiston Tribune, 11/8/9 by Elaine Williams
WA State Fourth In Sales From Commercial Fishing Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/9/9 by Associated Press
Plan Outlines Snake Dam Removal Steps The News Tribune, 4/1/10 by Kevin McCullen
Corps to Study Breaching Snake River Dams Seattle Times, 4/1/10 by Associated Press
Corps Plan Lays Out How to Study Dam Breaching Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 4/1/10 by Andy Porter
Corps Releases Possible Dam Breaching Plan of Study Tri-City Herald, 3/31/10 by Staff
Council's 6th Power Plan on Removing Four Lower Snake Dams Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/9/10 by Staff
Assumptions Fuel Dam Cost Differences Idaho Statesman, 3/9/7 by Rocky Barker
Snake Dam Removal could be Costly Capital Press, 3/9/7 by Pat McCoy
BPA: Removing Snake Dams has High Cost KTVZ, 3/2/7 by Staff
Juvenile Fish Barging - Photo Gallery Tri-City Herald, 5/21/10 by Bob Brawdy
BPA Reports: Salmon Ride Smoothly Through Eight Dams KBKW, 5/26/10 by David Haviland
Dual Strategy Ramps Up to Increase Fish Survival Tri-City Herald, 5/23/10 by Kevin McCullen
Traveling Screens to be Sought for 980-MW McNary in U.S. Pennwell, 5/6/10 by Staff
Voith Mission: Making Dams Safe for Fish York Dispatch, 4/30/10 by Christina Kauffman
listen Fish-Friendly Hydro Turbines on the Drawing Board KPLU, 3/29/10 by Liam Moriarty
New Turbine at Ice Harbor Dam Better for Salmon Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 3/30/10 by Associated Press
Ice Harbor Awaits Fish-friendly Turbine Parts Tri-City Herald, 3/17/10 by Kevin McCullen
Voith Hydro Awarded Ice Harbor Hydro Project Turbine Upgrade HydroWorld, 3/16/10 by PennWell
Dam Managers Tweak Reservoir To Aid Fish NW Fishletter, 8/18/9 by Bill Rudolph
Hydropower Boom May Not Be a Bust for Salmon Los Angeles Times, 7/27/9 by Kim Murphy
Boom in Hydropower Pits Fish Against Climate Los Angeles Times, 7/27/9 by Kim Murphy
Improved Fish Passage at Little Goose Dam BPA Journal, 3/9 by Staff
New Weir Helps Fish at Little Goose Dam The News Tribune, 4/13/9 by Staff
Fish Get Assist at Little Goose Dam on Snake River Daily Journal of Commerce, 2/17/9 by Tyler Graf
Weir Completes Fish-passage Project on Snake Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 2/17/9 by Jack Sands
Wyoming, Idaho Kindred Spirits in Fighting Mussels Billings Gazette, 5/29/10 by Jeff Gearino
If Invasive Mussels Get Into Columbia, Salmon are in Trouble The Oregonian, 8/21/9 by Matthew Preusch
Mussels Will Eventually Bug Northwest Dams, Experts Say NW Fishletter, 8/18/9 by Bill Rudolph
A Big Wall for Small Fish The Dalles Chronicle, 11/30/8 by Kathy Gray
Feds say New I-5 Bridge may Harm Salmon The Oregonian, 8/17/8 by Dylan Rivera
Best Way to Reduce Overfishing, Maximize Profits Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/7/7 by Staff
Working Weirs Tri-City Herald, 10/29/7 by Editorial Board
Help for Salmon The Columbian, 10/29/7 by Editorial Board
Huge Weir Arrives at Dam Union-Bulletin, 10/24/7 by Andy Porter
Salmon Passage, River Temperatures Still Key Obstacles Idaho Statesman, 10/11/7 by Rocky Barker
Dangerous Dam for Fish Idaho Statesman, 10/9/7 by Anna King
Fossil Fuels May be Affecting Salmon Populations, 7/21/7 by Allen Press
WA Gov AK Trade Mission, Talks about Fish, Shipping Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 6/4/7 by Jeannette Lee
"Gone Fishin'" Signs Scarce this Year Sun Valley Online, 5/31/7 by Gary Stivers
Salmon Economic Act Tackles Fiscal, Enviro Crisis Bend Weekly, 3/16/7 by News Sources
Bill Asks for New Studies of Salmon Idaho Statesman, 3/14/7 by Kevin Diaz
Bill Urges Study of Fish Funds The Columbian, 3/14/7 by Erik Robinson
New 'Fish Slide' for Dam behind Schedule Columbia Basin Bulletin, 11/3/6 by Staff
Council says Snake River Chinook Survival Rate Improving KNDO / KNDU, 9/12/6 by Associated Press
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The Power of the Snake River Dams BPA Journal, 3/9 by Staff
Hydropower: It's Renewable, But Is It Green? Oregon Public Broadcasting, 5/11/9 by Ethan Lindsey
BPA Makes Annual Treasury Payment BPA Journal, 11/10 by Staff
BPA Makes Payment to U.S. Treasury KBKW, 10/19/9 by David Haviland
Treasury Payment Reflects Stability BPA Journal, 11/8 by Staff
BPA Makes 25th Annual Payment $963 Million for 2008 Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/17/8 by Staff
BPA Pays $1B to Government Portland Business Journal, 10/12/7 by Staff
BPA Makes $1 Billion Treasury Payment in Full Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/12/7 by Staff
BPA Pays U.S. Treasury BPA Journal, 11/6 by Staff
BPA pays $1.1 Billion to U.S. Treasury Tri-City Herald, 10/11/6 by Staff
Treasury Payment - On Time and In Full BPA Journal, 11/5 by Staff
BPA Pays Treasury in Full and On Time BPA Journal, 11/4 by Staff
BPA Makes $1 Billion Annual Payment to Treasury Columbia Basin Bulletin,10/15/4 by CBB staff
BPA Ends Fiscal Year in Black, Pays Treasury BPA Journal, 12/3 by Staff
BPA Pays Treasury $1 Billion Portland Bus. Journal, 11/17/3 by Staff
BPA Pays U.S. Treasury BPA's Journal, 11/2 by Staff
BPA Pays Treasury $1 Billion in Year 2002 Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/7/2 by Staff
Proposal to Change BPA Hits Brick Wall The Oregonian, 2/8/7 by Jeff Kosseff
BPA Budget Plan Looks Dead The Oregonian, 2/7/7 by Jeff Kosseff
Bush Pressures BPA for Extra Cash The Oregonian, 2/5/7 by Jeff Kosseff
US Senator Introduces Bills to Boost Hydro Generation Intl. Water Power, 7/14/10 by Staff
Dix Set to Begin $25 Million Worth of Dam Lock-gate Work Spokane Journal of Business, 12/3/10 by Mike McLean
Long Reach from Lampson International Cranes, 11/23/10 by Euan Youdale
Thompson Metal Ships Parts for Snake River Dam The Columbian, 11/9/10 by Staff
Corps to Seek Cavitation, Linkage Repair at Lower Monumental HydroWorld, 11/16/10 by PennWell
U.S. Reissues Call for New Gearboxes at 810-MW Lower Monumental HydroWorld, 10/10/10 by PennWell
U.S. Seek Diesel Generators, Switchgear for Three Snake River Plants HydroWorld, 9/29/10 by PennWell
Boosting Power and Fish Survival Through Cutting-Edge Turbines Renewable Energy World, 9/23/10 by Ucilia Wang
New Gearboxes, Restoration Sought for 810-MW Lower Monumental HydroWorld, 9/3/10 by Staff
Ice Harbor Navlock Downstream Gate Cable Contract Awarded Interconnection World, 9/3/10 by Staff
Excitation Equipment Contract Awarded for WA Hydro Projects HydroWorld, 8/25/10 by Staff
U.S. Awards Lower Monumental Bridge Crane Rehab Contract HydroWorld, 8/10/10 by Staff
Federal Funds for Walla Walla-area Projects Move Ahead Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 7/21/10 by Staff
Bonneville Dam's $140M Makeover Done KGW, 7/20/10 by Keely Chalmers
Work Starts Soon to Fix Leaky Idaho Dam Spokesman-Review, 8/24/10 by Associated Press
Dam Safety Contract for Dworshak Dam and Hydro Project in ID HydroWorld, 8/6/10 by Staff
U.S. Awards Lower Granite Hydro Project Generator Rewind Contract HydroWorld, 6/30/10 by PennWell
DOE Deputy Secretary Unveils Northwest ARRA Projects Transmission & Distribution, 6/23/10 by BPA
Weir at Little Goose Improves Fish Passage Efficiency HydroWorld, 6/10 by Staff
More Powerful Turbine Arrives in NW BPA Journal, 6/10/10 by Staff
Impact-Resistant Security Gates for Blocking Vehicle Traffic HydroWorld, 6/14/10 by Eric Barker
Dam Safety Monitoring Tender Set for 402-MW Dworshak HydroWorld, 5/20/10 by Staff
Corps to Begin Inspecting Levees in Tri-Cities The Daily News, 5/20/10 by Kristi Pihl
Meeting Today on Dam, Levy Safety Daily Journal of Commerce, 5/19/10 by Staff
Excitation Equipment Bid Date Set for U.S. Snake River System HydroWorld, 4/16/10 by Staff
Gantry Crane Bidding Extended by US for 635-MW Ice Harbor HydroWorld, 3/16/10 by Staff
Despite Dam Woes, Hydropower Grows Capital Press, 2/14/10 by Mateusz Perkowski
Dams in Doubt Capital Press, 2/11/10 by Mateusz Perkowski
Equipment to be Replaced in Snake River System HydroWorld, 4/24/10 by Staff
Hydro Set to Ease Economic Woes Intl. Water Power, 2/5/10 by Staff
Bonneville Dam Contract Awarded for Seismic Mitigation Work HydroWorld, 2/24/10 by PennWell
US Seeks Generator Rewind for 810-MW Lower Granite HydroWorld, 1/15(?)/10 by Staff
US Seeks Tailrace Gantry Crane for 635-MW Ice Harbor HydroWorld, 1/13(?)/10 by Staff
BPA, Corps Table Lake Level Request Bonner County Daily Bee, 1/16/10 by Keith Kinnaird
Water Under the Bridge The Daily Astorian, 1/13/10 by Staff
Hawaiian Garbage Waits on New Plans The Columbian, 1/10/10 by Erik Robinson
New Report Charts Salmon Progress BPA Journal, 1/10 by Staff
2009 White Book Available BPA Journal, 1/10 by Staff
Expanded Ag Hall of Fame Honors Industry's Leaders Tri-City Herald, 1/5/10 by Editorial Board
Contract Security at Army Corps' Dams Comes to an End The News Tribune, 1/2/10 by John Trumbo
Emergency Deal Puts Security Guards Back at Dams The News Tribune, 10/2/9 by John Trumbo
Wanted: Manned Security for Dams The News Tribune, 9/23/9 by John Trumbo
Two Dam Crossings Temporarily Close Union Bulletin, 9/4/9 by Staff
Snake River Dam Crossings Closed Union-Bulletin, 5/22/9 by Staff
Crossing Times to Change for Three Dams on Snake River Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 9/30/8 by Staff
Dam Controversy Stretches Back to Inception Lewiston Tribune, 12/6/9 by David Johnson
NHA Applauds Funding for Waterpower Program Intl. Water Power, 11/17/9 by Staff
Chu Pledges to Push Hydropower Hydro Currents, 11/6/9 by Staff
DOE Hydropower Funding Upgrades Dams Rather Than Building New Solve Climate, 11/12/9 by Amy Westervelt
DOE Allocates $30.6 Million to Hydroelectric Projects Renewable Energy World, 11/5/9 by Staff
Study Says New Hydro Could Create 700,000 Jobs in the US Intl. Water Power, 10/14/9 by Staff
Dworshak Hopes of Keeping Lower Snake Below 68 Degrees Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/31/9 by Staff
Utility Plans to Reduce Flows Below Hells Canyon Dam Lewiston Tribune, 8/1/9 by Eric Barker
EPA Questions Utility's River Plan Idaho Statesman, 7/12/9 by Rocky Barker
EPA Questions Plan for Cooling Snake River Local News 8, 7/12/9 by Associated Press
Washington Looks to Hydro to Combat Climate Change Intl. Water Power, 7/10/9 by Staff
U.S. Again Extends Bid Date for Turbines at 603-MW Ice Harbor Hydro Review, 5/11/9 by Staff
U.S. Seeks Generator Repair at 558-MW Bonneville Second Hydro Review, 5/11/9 by Staff
Company Considering Hydro Project in N. Idaho KTRV TV, 4/11/9 by Associated Press
Dam Safe Lewiston Tribune, 10/5/8 by Eric Barker
Failure is Not an Option Lewiston Tribune, 10/5/8 by Eric Barker
Dworshak Dam Wins 'Potentially Unsafe' Rating Montana News Station, 10/5/8 by Associated Press
Dworshak Leak Leads to Repairs KLEW News, 7/25/8 by Staff
Conditions bring Vanport Flood to Mind The Columbian, 5/28/8 by Tom Koenninger
Should We Trust? News with Views, 3/4/8 by Lynn Stuter
More Dams May Become Reality KPLU 88.5, 3/26/8 by Anna King
West, Northwest Looking at Building New Dams Seattle Times, 3/3/8 by Nicholas Geranios
WA State Dam Owner Selling Pollution Credits The Bellingham Herald, 3/30/8 by Les Blumenthal
Inland NW Snow Levels Higher Than 30-Year Average Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 3/30/8 by Associated Press
Report Identifies Seepage Issues for Proposed Dam Site Intl. Water Power, 9/20/7 by Staff
Sali Wins Support for Hydropower Idaho Press-Tribune, 8/5/7 by Staff
Window into a Simpler Time Independent-Republic, 6/10/7 by Martin Kidston
Repairs Needed at John Day Dam The Oregonian, 4/20/7 by Associated Press
Weir Work Delayed at Lower Monumental Seattle Daily Journal, 4/17/7 by Staff
Saving the Salmon (w/video) Tri-City Herald, 6/30/7 by Andrew Sirocchi
McNary Provides Multiple Functions East Oregonian, 5/4/7 by Tammy Malgesini
Dams are Integral Part of the PNW Wheat Life, 12/6 by WA Wheat Commission
Enviro Groups Challenge New Dam Relicensing Rules Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 8/29/6 by Gene Johnson
ALUMINUM check 2011
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Why Recycling Is Worth It Environmental News Net, 5/23/8 by Big Green Purse
Alcoa Spends $680,000 to Lobby Government in 2Q Business Week, 8/23/10 by Associated Press
Alcoa Spends $560,000 to Lobby Government in 1Q Business Week, 5/17/10 by Associated Press
Alcoa Spends $340,000 Lobbying in 4th Quarter Business Week, 3/26/10 by Staff
Alcoa Spent $410,000 in First Quarter on Lobbying Houston Chronicle, 5/12/8 by Associated Press
Glencore in Talks on Power for U.S. Aluminum Plant, Union Says Businessweek, 12/19/10 by Natalie Doss
Speculation Ramps Up Over Potential CFAC Reopening Flathead Beacon, 12/14/10 by Molly Priddy
BPA Sweetens Power Deal for Glencore's Montana Plant Metal Bulletin, 12/9/10 by Staff
Tester Working to Reopen CFAC Plant KPAX, 12/11/10 by Laura Wilson
Tester Urges Long-Term Contract Between CFAC, BPA The Missoulian, 12/7/10 by Tristan Scott
Power Deal Made Final to Keep Intalco Smelter Operating Bellingham Herald, 10/29/10 by John Stark
Intalco Hires New Plant Manager Bellingham Herald, 10/21/10 by Dave Gallagher
BPA to Extend Intalco Power Deal One Year Bellingham Herald, 10/7/10 by John Stark
Ferndale's Three Major Manufacturers Staying Busy During Recession Bellingham Herald, 7/18/10 by Dave Gallagher
Alcoa Planning $20 Million Upgrade to PUD Grid Wenatchee World, 1/19/10 by Christine Pratt
Transformative 2000s; Slipping Aluminum The Dalles Chronicle, 12/31/9 by Kathy Ursprung
BPA, Alcoa Sign Power Contract BPA Journal, 1/10 by Staff
Officials: Loss of Intalco Would Have Been Hit to Taxpayers The Bellingham Herald, 12/27/9 by Sam Taylor
Alcoa's Intalco Works gets Power Contract Wenatchee World, 12/23/9 by Christine Pratt
listen Power Contract Gives Lifeline To Big Smelter KUOW, 12/22/9 by Tom Banse
listen BPA Seals Power Deal with Alcoa Intalco Works Plant KGMI, 12/22/9 by Staff
Alcoa, BPA Reach Accord for Smelter Helping Secure 528 Jobs Earth Times, 12/21/9 by Business Wire
Intalco Smelter gets Breathing Room, Support on Power Deal The Bellingham Herald, 12/21/9 by John Stark
Gregoire, BPA Boss to Visit Intalco Monday The News Tribune, 12/19/9 by John Stark
Tentative Power Deal with BPA Looks Good for Intalco Smelter The Bellingham Herald, 10/31/9 by John Stark
Jobs at Columbia Falls Aluminum Relied on Ratepayers' Subsidies The Missoulian, 11/1/9 by Michael Jamison
CFAC Goes Dark Daily Inter Lake, 10/31/9 by K.J. Hascall
Recycling a Simple Step to Saving Energy Montana Kaimin, 10/29/9 by Laura Lundquist
CFAC Runs Out of Power Options The Daily Inter Lake, 10/22/9 by Staff
Columbia Falls Aluminum to Close at End of October The Missoulian, 10/22/9 by Michael Jamison
Columbia Falls Aluminum to Shut Down by End of the Month Flathead Beacon, 10/21/9 by Molly Priddy
CFAC to Shut Down "Indefinitely" Oct 31 Montana's News Station, 10/21/9 by Staff
No Decision on DSI Service Yet BPA Journal, 10/9 by Staff
Power Deal Deadline Looms for Ferndale-area Smelter Bellingham Herald, 9/26/9 by John Stark
Columbia Falls Aluminum Staying Open into October Great Falls Tribune, 9/11/9 by Associated Press
$32M Power Deal Doesn't Add Up, 9th Circuit Rules Courthouse News Service, 8/31/9 by Staff
Alcoa's Energy Deal With Bonneville Quashed by Court Bloomberg, 8/28/9 by Karen Gullo
Aluminum Plant gets One-Month Reprieve Daily Inter Lake, 7/26/9 by K.J. Hascall
Columbia Falls Aluminum Operations Extended KXMB, 7/26/9 by Associated Press
Low-Price Power Deal May Be in Works for Intalco KGMI, 7/20/9 by Staff
BPA Proposal Looks Like it Will Keep Intalco Smelter Going Bellingham Herald, 7/17/9 by John Stark
Intalco Plant Continues to be Worth Supporting The Bellingham Herald, 6/28/9 by Editorial Board
CFAC Negotiates for Lower Rates with Hopes of Reopening The Missoulian, 6/8/9 by Allison Maier
CFAC Contract Amended for FY 2009 BPA Journal, 3/9 by Staff
DSI Service Workshop BPA Journal, 6/9 by Staff
Intalco says Offer Not Enough to Keep Ferndale Smelter Running The Bellingham Herald, 5/2/9 by John Stark
Intalco Works says it Could Shut Without BPA Break Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/10/9 by Associated Press
Intalco Tells BPA it Could Shut Down in Weeks Without Rate Cut Bellingham Herald, 4/9/9 by John Stark
PUD Directs Rate Hike Ire at Bonneville Power The Daily World, 3/27/9 by Steven Friederich
Intalco says Plant Could Close Without Power Deal The Bellingham Herald, 3/21/9 by John Stark
Columbia Falls Company Won't Close KPAX, 2/16/9 by Staff
Columbia Falls Plant to Remain Operating The Missouian, 2/15/9 by Associated Press
CFAC Power Deal Averts Plant Closure The Missouian, 2/14/9 by Associated Press
Columbia Falls Aluminum Co. Avoids Closure Daily Inter Lake, 2/13/9 by Nancy Kimball
Intalco Power Talks Stall with BPA The Bellingham Herald, 1/23/9 by John Stark
Optimizing Profitability: Aluminum and Electricity Prices The Expert Network, 1/9/9 by GLG Energy Councils
Quebec Hydro Deal Vital Amidst Alcoa Belt-Tightening Intl. Water Power, 1/7/9 by Staff
Senators Seek Power for CFAC The Missoulian, 1/8/9 by Michael Jamison
Senators Ask BPA for CFAC Solution Hungry Horse News, 1/7/9 by Chris Peterson
Baucus, Tester Press BPA to Renegotiate Prices with CFAC Flathead Beacon, 1/5/9 by Dan Testa
BPA Decision on Smelter Contracts Expected this Month The Daily News, 1/5/9 by Erik Olson
Result of BPA Suit: $17 Million Loss to CFAC Hungry Horse News, 12/31/8 by Chris Peterson
Aluminum Plant Shuts Down, Lays Off 200 Billings Gazette, 12/25/8 by Michael Jamison
Columbia Falls Plant Closing Tri-City Herald, 12/24/8 by Staff
As Usual, Opinions Split on BPA-Smelter Contracts, 11/17/8 by Associated Press
As Usual, Opinions Split on BPA-Smelter Contracts San Diego Union Tribune, 11/17/8 by Staff
BPA's Aluminum Power Deals Stir More Debate Metal Bulletin, 11/17/8 American Metal Market
BPA Subsidies for Aluminum Industry Under Siege The Oregonian, 11/16/8 by Ted Sickinger
Jobs are Jobs The Daily News, 11/15/8 by Pat Flaherty
Say 'No' to Alcoa The Daily News, 11/13/8 by Wesley E. Wheeler
Energy Deal Sparks Strong Objections The Daily News, 11/7/8 by Erik Olson
Alcoa, BPA Sign Power Supply Deal for Intalco Smelter Intl. Water Power, 10/28/8 by Staff
BPA Proposes Long-term Deal for Intalco The Bellingham Herald, 10/11/8 by Samantha Bates
Alcoa Signs Power MOU with BPA Die Welt, 10/10/8 by Staff
BPA Proposes Energy Deal for Washington Aluminum Plant Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 10/10/8 by Associated Press
BPA Boss Tells Intalco Workers No Guarantee of Cheap Power Bellingham Herald, 10/1/8 by Philip Dwyer
Senator Seeks Alcoa Contract Record-Journal, 8/13/8 by Shawna Keen
Alcoa Finalises WA Hydro Deal for Smelter, BPA Talks Next Intl. Water Power, 7/22/8 by Staff
Larsen Optimistic on Intalco The Bellingham Herald, 7/5/8 by John Stark
CFAC May Cut Back Production Daily Inter Lake, 5/24/8 by Nancy Kimball
Aluminum Industry Puts Focus on Energy Sources Wall Street Journal, 9/13/7 by Robert Guy Matthews
BC Hydro Re-files Alcan Power Supply Deal Intl. Water Power, 9/12/7 by Staff
City Annexes Alcoa Property Gresham Outlook, 3/2/7 by Chad Abraham
Vancouver Port Buys Smelter Site, 2/14/7 by Tom Stundza
Port Action Positive Step for Vancouver The Columbian, 2/14/7 by Tom Koenninger
Intalco Ramps Up Production Bellingham Herald, 2/6/7 by John Stark
Metals Industry Recycling for Sustainable Development, 12/14/6 by Staff
Airlines Toss Enough Cans Each Year to Build a Fleet, 12/15/6 by Staff
Alcoa To Restart Intalco Line Washington CEO, 11/30/6 by Staff
CFAC Adds to Labor Pool, Could Start Up more Pots Hungry Horse News, 11/23/6 by Chris Peterson
Aluminum Plant may Hire 130 People Daily Inter Lake, 11/22/6 by Nancy Kimball
Alcoa Shares Rise on Restructuring Plans MarketWatch, 11/22/6 by Laura Mandaro
Optimism at Aluminum Smelter The Bellingham Herald, 10/8/6 by Dave Gallagher
Intalco Boosting Output The Bellingham Herald, 10/1/6 by Mary Lane Gallagher
Alcoa Adds 170 Jobs to Support Re-Start of 2nd Potline Business Wire, 9/30/6 by Staff
US Aluminum Industry Reeling from Power Issues MarketWatch, 9/12/6 Alison Guerriere Ciaccio
BPA Subsidy The Oregonian, 9/9/6 by Ted Sickinger
CFAC wants BPA Hungry Horse News, 8/30/6 by Heidi Desch
Aluminum Not Foiled The Daily Score, 8/1/6 by Clark Williams-Derry
Intalco Secures 5-year Power Supply Bellingham Herald, 8/1/6 by John Stark
Alcoa, BPA Reach Deal for Ferndale Smelter PS Business Journal, 7/31/6 by Staff
Alcoa Reports Surge in Profits Bellingham Herald, 7/11/6 by Associated Press
Kaiser Aluminum Back in the Black, Feeling Optimistic The News Tribune, 7/7/6 by Nicholas Geranios
Alcoa Buys Out Minority Partners at Smelters Pittsburgh Business Times, 6/30/6 by Staff
Alcoa Takes Control of Two Smelters Metal Producing, 6/6 by Staff
BPA Deal will Help CFAC Hungry Horse News, 6/7/6 by Chris Peterson
BPA Deal Offers Hope to Industrial Producers The Missoulian, 6/6/6 by Michael Jamison
BPA Finalizes Plan to Help Aluminum Companies The World LInk, 6/2/6 by Nicholas Geranios
C. Falls Aluminum Firm, BPA Approve Contract The Daily Inter Lake, 6/1/6 by Staff
Intalco will Struggle with New Power Deal The Bellingham Herald, 6/1/6 by John Stark
Bonneville Offers Smelter Financing The Dalles Chronicle, 6/2/6 by Rodger Nichols
Alcoa Plant Operators Prepare for Worst-Case Scenario Business First, 5/26/6 by Brent Adams
Alcoa Nod Nets $484m Herald Sun, 5/31/6 by Brett Foley
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Agencies, Farmers Mull Aquifer Options Capital Press, 10/28/10 by Matthew Weaver
Officials Mull Aquifer Decline, Canada Treaty Capital Press, 10/21/10 by Matthew Weaver
Ice Age Ground Water Vanishing Capital Press, 10/7/10 by Matthew Weaver
Columbia Basin Farmers Rejoice Over a Key Irrigation Pipeline Seattle Times, 3/13/10 by Craig Welch
Ecology Must Find Way to Approve Irrigation Trial Tri-City Herald, 11/22/9 by Staff
Irrigators Fed Up with State Over Increased Water Rights The News Tribune, 11/12/9 by Annette Cary
Irrigation Pipeline Replaces Deep Wells Capital Press, 9/1/9 by Dave Wilkins
Irrigation Project Continues The Othello Outlook, 2/7/9 by LuAnn Morgan
After Years of Waiting, Water may Finally Flow Wenatchee World, 6/10/8 by K.C. Mehaffey
New Water Allocations May Ease Irrigation Worries Capital Press, 6/6/8 by Jamie Henneman
Water Users can Tap Cost-sharing Program The Omak Chronicle, 6/4/8 by Staff
WA Gov Signs Bill Providing more Water for Columbia Basin Seattle Times, 3/21/8 by Nicholas Geranios
New Columbia River Water Rights Under Review Environment News Service, 1/20/7 by Staff
Aquifer sets Stage for Rest of State Farm & Ranch Guide, 1/14/8 by Cindy Snyder
Odessa Water Study Released Capital Press, 10/19/7 by Wes Nelson
Odessa Aquifer Water Relinquishment Program Wheat Life, 10/6 by Staff
Final SRBA Report Sent to Court Capital Press, 3/9/7 by Pat McCoy
State Mulls Water Buys Capital Press, 2/23/7 by Dave Wilkins
Oasis Project Would Revitalize East Oregon Capital Press, 2/9/7 by Dan Zinkand
Snake Aquifer Recharge Project Moves Ahead Capital Press, 7/7/6 by Associated Press
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Many more stories in the 2011 section
Columbia-Snake Rivers Closed for Repairs Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12/18/10 by Nicholas Geranios
Three Dams Shut Down for Replacement KNDO/KNDU, 12/14/10 by Staff
Dam Locks are Now Closed East Oregonian, 12/11/10 by Staff
Corps Reminds Mariners of Extended Navigation Lock Outage Dredging News Online, 12/10/10 by Staff
River Locks Closure to Affect Highways, Gas Prices Tri-City Herald, 12/10/10 by Cathy Kessinger
Columbia Lock Overhaul Could Stall Fuel Supplies Blue Mountain Eagle, 12/9/10 by Staff
Closing Columbia-Snake River to Barges, May Curb Wheat Exports Bloomberg News, 12/9/10 by Whitney McFerron
Lock Closures Will Have Impact, But Early Warning Will Help The Oregonian, 12/9/10 by Staff
Fuel Costs Rise with Barge Loss (schedule) Capital Press, 12/9/10 by Matthew Weaver
Lock Down Farm and Ranch, 12/9/10 by Bob Hoff
Run-Up to Lockdown Beset by Problems Lewiston Tribune, 12/5/10 by Elaine Williams
River Lock Closures to Begin Friday Hermiston Herald, 12/4/10 by Mitch LeClair
Lock Gate Pieces for Dam En Route Tri-City Herald, 12/3/10 by Michelle Dupler
Columbia Shipping to Close for River Lock Repairs Seattle Times, 11/30/10 by Associated Press
Port Reimburses Shippers as Rivers' Locks Shut Down Capital Press, 11/24/10 by Barbara Coyner
A Big Dam Job The Dalles Chronicle, 12/5/10 by Matthew Neal
WSU to Study Columbia, Snake River Closures Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12/2/10 by Shannon Dininny
Future Directions for Snake River, Dams Envisioned WSU Today, 11/29/10 by Brian Clark
Impact of Transportation Alternatives to be Studied WSU Today, 12/1/10 by Matt Haugen
Gas Prices Likely to Spike in 2011 East Oregonian, 11/12/10 by Dean Brickey
Port to Pay Shippers During Shutdown Oregon Business, 11/12/10 by High Five
Port of Portland to Pay Shippers During Upriver Locks Shutdown The Oregonian, 11/11/10 by James Mayer
Shipping on Rivers to Shut Down for 14 Weeks Tri-City Herald, 11/6/10 by Cathy Kessinger
Tidewater to Lay Off 200 for 3 Months The Columbian, 11/1/10 by Libby Tucker
Tidewater Barge to Idle Workers to Make Way for River Locks The Oregonian, 11/1/10 by Allan Brettman
Barge Line Urges Shippers to Plan Ahead for Closure Capital Press, 10/21/10 by Matthew Weaver
Shippers Prep for Lock Closure Capital Press, 10/21/10 by Barbara Coyner
Dredging the Columbia was Crucial to Our Economic Future The Daily News, 11/9/10 by Editorial Board
Columbia Dredging Project Officially Wraps Up Near Longview The Daily News, 11/5/10 by Staff
Officials Pleased with Completion of Columbia River Dredging Dredging News Online, 10/25/10 by Staff
Long Journey to Deeper Columbia River Ends The Columbian, 10/21/10 by Aaron Corvin
Columbia River Channel Deepening Completion Celebration Farm and Ranch, 10/21/10 by Bob Hoff
OR, WA Officials Praise Completion of Columbia River Dredging The Oregonian, 10/21/10 by James Mayer
Elected Officials Celebrate Completion of Columbia Dredging Oregon Public Broadcasting, 10/21/10 by April Baer
WA, OR Will Celebrate Completion of Columbia River Deepening The Cunningham Report, 10/18/10 by Yvonne Smith
Credit Port Officials for Sustained Success During Recession The Daily News, 10/20/10 by Editorial Board
It's Time to Get Serious About Rebuilding the Jetties The Daily Astorian, 10/10/10 by Chelsea Gorrow
The Lower Columbia River's Queen of Commerce The Daily News, 10/9/10 by Erik Olson
Corps to Dredge Post Office Bar on Summer of 2011 Dredging Today, 10/8/10 by Staff
Palouse's Wheat Farmers Harvest the Years Near-Perfect Mix Spokesman Review, 10/17/10 by John Stucke
Port of Lewiston in Business Slump Seattle Times, 10/10/10 by Nicholas Geranios
Lock Wall Repair Sought by U.S. for 810-MW Lower Monumental International Water Power, 9/20/10 by Staff
American Safari Offers Rebooking on Cruise West's Cancellations Travel Agent Central, 9/20/10 by Staff
listen Cruise West Troubles Worry Port Cities KSTK, 9/10/10 by Ed Schoenfeld
Cruise West Lays Off Seattle Staff, Strands Some Passengers Seattle Times, 9/9/10 by Kristin Jackson
Portland Breakbulk Surges 155 Percent Breakbulk, 8/23/10 by Staff
Marine Cargo Up 47 Percent Portland Business Journal, 8/20/10 by Erik Siemers
Railroads Expect to Meet Demand Capital Press, 9/23/10 by Staff
Boaters Can Use Locks The News Tribune, 9/18/10 by Staff
Luck, Planning Help Growers Cope with Closure Capital Press, 9/2/10 by Matthew Weaver
Time to Fix Some Locks Lewiston Tribune, 7/31/10 by Elaine Wiliams
Lock Work to Halt River Shipping Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 7/29/10 by Vicki Hillhouse
Companies are Working to Mitigate Effect of River Closure Lewiston Tribune, 7/18/10 by Elaine Williams
Growers Earn Less for Trucked Wheat Capital Press, 8/19/10 by Mitch Lies
Future Uncertain for County's Last Elevator Capital Press, 8/13/10 by Jamie Henneman
Wildlife vs. Development Debate Erupts Over West Hayden Island KGW, 7/24/10 by Keely Chalmers
Navigating the Future from West Hayden Island The Oregonian, 7/24/10 by Editorial Board
Officials Seek Support for Columbia River Jetties Capital Press, 7/22/10 by Matthew Weaver
Port Looks Ahead for New Connections, Deeper Channel Oregon Business, 7/14/10 by Jessica Hoch
River-Deepening Project Planned for Port of Longview Berths The Daily News, 7/13/10 by Erik Olson
Lawmakers to Scrutinize Economy of State's Ports Snohomish County Journal, 7/18/10 by Staff
Idaho's Port of Lewiston Launching Point for Big Rig Debate Missoulian, 7/10/10 by Kim Briggeman
Port of Lewiston Facts and Figures Missoulian, 7/10/10 by Staff
Marine Shipments Continue to Improve Portland Business Journal, 7/1/10 by Staff
Port Of Portland Shipping Up by 45% This Year Daily Markets, 6/2/10 by Mark Perry
Accident Closes Navigation Lock at Lower Granite Dam KLEW, 6/11/10 by Staff
Repairs to Shut Down Columbia, Snake Locks Tri-City Herald, 5/31/10 by Kevin McCullen
Rail-rate Rise Boosts Trucking Capital Press, 5/21/10 by Dave Wilkins
Cargo Ship Runs Aground Near Kalama The Daily News, 5/23/10 by Leslie Slape
Columbia River Dredging Project Nears Completion Dredging News Online, 5/20/10 by Staff
Summer Lock Schedule Starts Saturday Union-Bulletin, 5/13/10 by Sam Sanders
Port's Marine Business Picks Up Portland Business Journal, 5/17/10 by Staff
Westwood to Provide Valuable Link to Asia for Ag Exporters The Cunningham Report, 5/17/10 by Staff
Port of Portland Signs Direct Japanese Service with Westwood The Oregonian, 5/11/10 by James Mayer
listen Port Of Portland Approves T6 Lease To Filipino Firm Oregon Public Broadcasting, 5/12/10 by Sam Sanders
Port of Portland Rejects Complaint, Leases to Philippine Company The Oregonian, 5/12/10 by Richard Read
Port of Portland Approves Lease of Terminal 6 Daily Journal of Commerce, 5/12/10 by Nick Bjork
Filipino Firm to Manage Portland Port Daily Journal of Commerce, 5/11/10 by Nick Bjork
Enrique Razon's Global Ties Wealth Could Lure Business to Portland Break Bulk, 5/4/10 by Bruce Barnard
Portland to Lease Breakbulk and Container Terminal Break Bulk, 5/5/10 by Bruce Barnard
Cruising Into Clarkston KLEW TV, 4/30/10 by Stephanie Smith
Cruise West Re-Traces Famed Expedition PR Newswire, 4/13/10 by Cruise West
Quad Cities Too Generic a Name for ID, WA Cities Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/28/10 by Associated Press
Columbia Dredging Benefits Could Fall Short The Oregonian, 4/16/10 by Hsuan & Learn
The Prosperity Slackwater Never Delivered Lewiston Tribune, 2/14/10 by Marty Trillhaase
U.S. Wheat Informs Overseas Customers of River Closure Capital Press, 4/10/10 by Matthew Weaver
Shipping Rates Up for Montana Wheat Farmers Capital Press, 4/8/10 by Staff
Japan, Korea may Face U.S. Wheat Supply Disruption Bloomberg News, 3/17/10 Park, Takada, Dreibus
Crews Prepare for Columbia Lock Closures Capital Press, 3/13/10 by Matthew Weaver
Container Shortage Strangles Ag Exports Capital Press, 3/20/10 by Mateusz Perkowski
Longview will Benefit from Deepened River Channel The Daily News, 3/17/10 by Editorial Board
Coast Guard Closes Columbia River and Tillamook Bay River Bars KATU, 3/11/10 by Staff
Historic Sternwheeler to Dock in Tri-Cities Tri-City Herald, 3/7/10 by Loretto J. Hulse
Design Services for Repowering the Dredge Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce, 3/2/10 by Staff
Digging for Dollars The Columbian, 2/28/10 by Editorial Board
Murray Touts Benefits of Columbia River Channel-Deepening The Daily News, 2/19/10 by Erik Olson
As Dredging Nears Completion, Industry Looks to Fix Jetties The Oregonian, 2/19/10 by Dylan Rivera
Annual Snake and Columbia Lock Closures Start Friday Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 3/4/10 by Staff
Port Handled More Freight in January Portland Business Journal, 2/23/10 by Staff
Kalama Port Grain Export Expansion will Create 180 Jobs The Daily News, 2/17/10 by Erik Olson
Judge Recommends Incomes For Columbia River, Bar Pilots The Cunningham Report, 5/17/10 by Staff
Columbia River and Bar Pilots Ask for Controversial Rate Hike Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/12/10 by Staff
Cruises Still Bringing Boost to Local Economy KLEW TV, 1/29/10 by Stephanie Smith
State Grant Provides Port Review Funding East Oregonian, 2/12/10 by Dean Brickey
Port of Vancouver Expects Growth in 2010 The Oregonian, 2/5/10 by Allan Brettman
Winds of Change: Port Looks Beyond Recent Boom The Daily News, 2/5/10 by Erik Olson
Investing in the Present and Future The Daily Astorian, 1/21/10 by Staff
Paddlewheeler to Launch Columbia River Trips in August Leisure Group Travel, 1/19/10 by Staff
Learn about the Columbia Dredging Daily Journal of Commerce, 1/13/10 by Staff
Port Slide May Be Over, Now For The Long Journey Back The Cunningham Report, 1/17/10 by Staff
Port Faces $70M Shortfall on Project The Columbian, 1/13/10 by Libby Tucker
Wheat Growers Brace for River Closure Ag Weekly, 1/8/10 by Cindy Snyder
Container Shortage Threatens Portland, NW Export Boom The Oregonian, 1/7/10 by Richard Read
Port of Kalama Gearing up for Grain The Daily News, 12/17/9 by Erik Olson
Dix Picks Up Three Dam Jobs Together Worth $14.3 Million Spokane Journal of Business, 11/26/9 by Mike McLean
Worth the Wait Port Strategy, 12/8/9 by Staff
Shippers, Columbia River Pilots Debate Pay Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11/27/9 by Associated Press
Port's Success Spills Over to Community The Daily News, 12/6/9 by Editorial Board
When the Terminal's Done, Who Will Supply the Grain? The Daily News, 11/28/9 by Erik Olson
Water Under the Bridge Daily Astorian, 11/25/9 by Bob Duke
What's The Buzz The Cunningham Report, 11/16/9 by Staff
Columbia Shutdown Could Add to Jam Capital Press, 11/16/9 by Mitch Lies
US West Coast Ports Highlight Bunker Savings Port World, 11/16/9 by Staff
West Coast Ports Band Together to Fight Global Competition The Oregonian, 11/11/9 by Amy Hsuan
Port Execs Travel to China in Hopes of Luring Back Asian Shippers Daily Breeze, 11/11/9 by Art Marroquin
West Coast Ports, Rails Collaborate The Journal of Commerce, 11/11/9 by Bill Mongelluzzo
watch Port of Lewiston Docks Busy After Barge Traffic Resumes KLEW TV, 10/17/9 by Stephanie Smith
watch Barges will return to Port of Lewiston Thursday KLEW TV, 10/14/9 by Matt Loveless
The Dalles Dam Lock Reopens to Columbia River Traffic The Oregonian, 10/12/9 by Staff
Dalles Lock Closure Could Have Been Worse The Oregonian, 10/6/9 Jonathan Brinckman
The Dalles Dam Lock Closed for at Least Another Week The Oregonian, 10/3/9 by Michael Russell
Contractors Probe Lock The Dalles Chronicle, 10/2/9 by Kathy Ursprung
Lock at the The Dalles Dam to Remain Closed Tri-City Herald, 10/2/9 by Staff
The Dalles Lock Will Remain Closed at Least Through Saturday The Oregonian, 9/30/9 by Michael Russell
Columbia River Shipping Closed by The Dalles Dam Malfunction KGW, 9/30/9 by Eric Adams
Port Shipments Down 34.3 Percent Portland Business Journal, 10/19/9 by Staff
Port of Portland Numbers Show Some Improvement OPB News, 10/16/9 by Kristian Foden-Vencil
Murray Wins Funding for Columbia Basin, Lower Monumental Tri-City Herald, 10/15/9 by Staff
West Coast Ports Promote Asian Gateway Potential Progressive Railroading, 10/14/9 by Staff
Port of Portland Could Soon Face Stiffer Competition Daily Journal of Commerce, 10/14/9 by Jonathan Nelson
West Coast Ports Gear Up for Competition Journal of Commerce, 10/6/9 by Bill Mongelluzzo
Port Project Will Ease Train Traffic Daily Journal of Commerce, 10/6/9 by Justin Carinci
August a Good Month for Marine Cargo Portland Business Journal, 9/22/9 by Staff
Oregon Ports Build Passages to Puget Sound The Journal of Commerce, 8/31/9 by Thomas Gallagher
WA State Hoping to Receive Federal Rail Stimulus Funds PS Business Journal, 8/31/9 by Deirdre Gregg
Additional $14M for Lower Monumental Lock & Dam Repairs BYM Marine & Maritime News, 8/21/9 by Staff
Lock Repair Funds OK'd Walla Walla Union Bulletin, 8/20/9 by Staff
Transportation Bill Includes Port Entry The East Oregonian, 8/20/9 by Dean Brickey
Marine Freight Numbers Falling Portland Business Journal, 8/17/9 by Staff
Travel the Historic Columbia & Snake Rivers by Small Ship Examiner, 8/21/9 by Arthur Wright
$52 Million to Close Out Columbia River Channel Deepening Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/24/9 by Staff
Eroding Jetties at River's Mouth Imperil 'Economic Lifeline' The Columbian, 7/23/9 by Erik Robinson
Corps Beginning Maintenance Dredging of Columbia River The Daily Astorian, 6/15/9 by Staff
Lessons From a Stuck Barge The Oregonian, 7/21/9 by Editorial Board
Fuel Barges Running Afoul on the Columbia River The Oregonian, 7/21/9 by Scott Learn
Unstuck barge New Dawn arrives in Pasco The Oregonian, 7/11/9 by Allan Brettman
Barge Stuck in Columbia River is Freed The Oregonian, 7/10/9 by Matt Preusch
Barge Freed from Columbia River Mud Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 7/10/9 by Associated Press
Crews Begin Freeing Barge Grounded in Columbia River KGW, 7/10/9 by Staff
Gas Barge Still Stuck One Day Later KPTV, 7/10/9 by Staff
Barge Runs Aground KXI, 7/9/9 by Staff
Barge Hauling 1 Million Gallons of Gas Runs Aground The Oregonian, 7/9/9 by Mortenson & Preusch
Barge Hauling 1 Million Gallons of Gas Runs Aground The Oregonian, 7/9/9 by Staff
Port of Portland Numbers Continue to Drop Portland Business Journal, 7/23/9 by Staff
Dibblee Point Beach to Close for Dredge Work The Daily News, 5/27/9 by Staff
Deal Near for $150 Million Grain Terminal Portland Business Journal, 5/22/9 by Staff
Tacoma Imports Tumble 33 Percent Journal of Commerce, 5/22/9 by Staff
Summer Lock Schedule Starts Friday Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 5/14/9 by Staff
Empress of the North Owner Fined for Grounding Juneau Empire, 4/28/9 by Kate Golden
"K" Line Withdrawal Will be a Major Impact on Portland The Cunningham Report, 4/26/9 by Staff
Trade Delegation Finds Familiar Emptiness In China Oregon Public Broadcasting, 4/13/9 by April Baer
'K' Line Pulls Up Portland Anchor The Oregonian, 3/5/9 by Richard Read
Port Pushes for New Terminal on Columbia River Island Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/26/9 by Rob Manning
Port of Portland Cargo Down Slightly Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/5/9 by Associated Press
Pacific NW Ports Post Mixed Results For 2008 The Cunningham Report, 1/25/9 by Staff
Port's Cargo Business Drops Portland Business Journal, 1/21/9 by Staff
Boxes Weaker at Portland Journal of Commerce, 1/21/9 by Bill DiBenedetto
Port may Bring in Short Sea Shipping East Oregonian, 12/11/8 by Staff
Grain Train Brings Hope to Palouse Capital Press, 12/18/8 by Barbara Coyner
Portland Boxes Off 4% Journal of Commerce, 12/22/8 by Bill DiBenedetto
Portland Boxes Up Journal of Commerce, 11/19/8 by Bill DiBenedetto
Deeper River, Stronger Economy The Daily News, 11/30/8 by Editorial Board
Ship Cargo Volume Slumping at West Coast Ports San Francisco Chronicle, 11/30/8 by George Raine
Port Of Vancouver Buys Railroad Right-Of-Way Oregon Public Broadcasting, 12/24/8 by Staff
Containerized Future? Wheat Life, 12/8 by Staff
Railroads Taken to Task Wheat Life, 5/8 by Staff
Foss Sells Barges to Tidewater Wheat Life, 5/8 by Staff
Lock Repair: John Day Dam Back in Business The Oregonian, 10/29/8 by Staff
John Day Lock Under Repair Wheat Life, 5/8 by Staff
New Weirs for Salmon Wheat Life, 5/8 by Staff
Shippers Blast Soaring Rail Profits Capital Press, 10/30/8 by Dave Wilkins
Snake River Sediment Buildup Slows Capital Press, 10/20/8 by Associated Press
Snake River Sediment Buildup May Be Slowing Seattle Times, 11/9/8 by Associated Press
Portland Boxes Up 9.6% Journal of Commerce, 10/16/8 Bill DiBenedetto
Port Sees Growth But Expects Slowdown Oregon Public Broadcasting, 10/16/8 Kristian Foden-Vencil
Port Struggles During Financial Storm East Oregonian, 10/12/8 by Eric Florip
Infrastructure Delays Grain Exports Capital Press, 8/29/8 by Leonard & Tsai
Ups, Downs of Trade Benefit Farmers Capital Press, 8/22/8 by Cookson Beecher
Columbia Ports Offer to Purchase Howard Island KTVZ, 10/5/8 by Associated Press
Transportation will be Subject of Economic Forum Daily Journal of Commerce, 8/25/8 by Staff
Dredging Planned at Port of Chinook Seattle Post-Intellligencer, 8/25/8 by Associated Press
Port of Portland Marine Cargo Declines in July The Oregonian, 8/21/8 by Associated Press
Poor Wheat Harvest Trims Port of Lewiston Revenues Lewiston Tribune, 8/17/8 by Statesman Wire
Corps Starts Work on Columbia River Jetty The Daily News, 8/6/8 by Staff
Shippers Balk at Proposed Lockage Fees Capital Press, 7/4/8 by Dave Wilkins
Waterway Groups Blast Lock User Fees Journal of Commerce, 5/18/10 by R.G. Edmonson
Obama Administration Proposes Lockage Fees Professional Mariner, 2/18/10 by Carlo Salzano
$60 Million Earmarked for Mid-Columbia Projects Tri-City Herald, 6/8/8 by Chris Mulick
Ports Aiding Tri-City Development Tri-City Herald, 6/26/8 by Pratik Joshi
"K" Line Ships Return The Oregonian, 6/20/8 by Amy Hsuan
Transportation: Trust But Anti-Trust Wheat Life, 6/8 by WWC Staff
Summer Lock Schedule Set to Begin Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 5/14/8 by Andy Porter
Lewiston's Levee Pond Pumps Causing Some Concerns Lewiston Tribune, 5/7/8 by Sandra L. Lee
Imports, Volume Decline at Port The News Tribune, 5/31/8 by Kelly Kearsley
Nation Can't Afford to Neglect Shipping Channels The Daily News, 5/11/8 by Editorial Board
Container Shortage Crimps Exports Capital Press, 5/16/8 by Dave Wilkins
Oregon Exports May Keep Local Economy Strong KGW, 4/28/8 by Amy Hsuan
Locally, Falling Dollar a Boon for Exporters Mail Tribune, 3/20/8 by Greg Stiles
Clarkston Port Looks at New Boat Dock, Possible Heliport KLEW TV, 4/13/8 by Stephanie Smith
Letter: Super Port The Daily Astorian, 2/29/8 by Dave Smith
Columbia River Cruise Ship Evacuated After Fire The Columbian, 4/9/8 by Associated Press
Coast Guard Responds to Cruise Ship Fire on Columbia Salem-News, 4/9/8 by Staff
3 Smoke Injuries from Cruise Ship Fire on Columbia River Montana's News Station, 4/8/8 by Associated Press
Engine Room Fire Forces Evacuation of Cruise Ship Seattle Times, 4/8/8 by Staff
Cruise Ship Catches Fire Near The Dalles KPTV, 4/8/8 by Staff
Columbia River Traffic Slated to Reopen Monday KATU, 2/29/8 ACOE Press Release
Barge Accident Closes Down Traffic on Part of Columbia Union-Tribune, 2/29/8 by Sarah Skidmore
Barge Rams Lock Gate at John Day Dam, Halts River Traffic The Oregonian, 2/29/8 by Hill & Mortenson
Shallow Water Stirs Up Deep Problem The Daily Astorian, 1/25/7 by Cassandra Profita
Wheat Growers Look into Jetties Capital Press, 12/21/7 by Scott Yates
Port of Portland Will Fly to $250M Airport Building Portland Business Journal, 1/25/7 by Staff
Port Hires Sockeye Creative Portland Business Journal, 12/26/7 by Staff
Explore the Columbia/Snake Aboard Majestic America Line CNN Money, 1/24/8 by PR Newswire
Omnibus Spending Bill Includes $360 Million for OR Projects Salem-News, 12/26/7 by Press release
Port Clears Alcoa Site for Sale to FedEx The Gresham Outlook, 1/11/8 by Shannon Wells
Land Acquisition Suits Vancouver Port Portland Business Journal, 1/13/8 by Larry Paulson
Port Sees Container Slowdown The News Tribune, 12/26/7 by Kelly Kearsley
Port Posts Record Year Portland Business Journal, 12/26/7 by Staff
Port Approves FedEx Sale Portland Business Journal, 1/10/8 by Staff
2007 a Record Year for Port The Columbian, 1/8/8 by Jonathan Nelson
Ephrata Port Receives Port of Year Award Columbia Basin Herald, 11/26/7 by Matthew Weaver
Ships Draw Fire for Rising Role in Air Pollution Wall Street Journal, 11/27/7 by Bruce Stanley
Big Ships No Threat to Ports Capital Press, 11/23/7 by Philip S. Moore
Water Bill is High and Dry Seattle Times, 11/12/7 by Editorial Board
NW Reps Vote to Override Bush Veto on Water Bill Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11/8/7 by Matthew Daly
Officials Talked Tourism Tuesday KLEW TV, 10/31/7 by Stephaine Smith
Paddle America's NW onboard Majestic America Line Travel Blackboard, 10/15/7 by Staff
Marine Cargo Up, Despite Loss of Shipper Portland Business Journal, 10/23/7 by Staff
New West Coast Ports Spur Competition Capital Press, 10/19/7 by Barbara Coyner
Wheat Growers Leery of Farm Bill Proposals Capital Press, 10/5/7 by Scott Yates
'When to Sell' Nearly Always Up To Farmer Capital Press, 10/5/7 by Scott Yates
WA Wheat Farmers Rolling in the Dough Capital Press, 9/30/7 by Nicholas Geranios
Washington Ports Go Against the Tide CargoNews Asia, 10/1/7 by CNA Staff Tacoma
Tacoma Port Plans Giant Project The News Tribune, 9/4/7 by Kelly Kearsley
Big Bucks, Big Plans for Port The News Tribune, 8/31/7 by Staff
Port of Vancouver Breaks Ground on Terminal Expansion Logistics Management, 8/13/7 by Jeff Berman
What About the Extra Trucks? The News Tribune, 8/8/7 by Kelly Kearsley
Port Executive Receives Exceptional Rating and Raise The Oregonian, 8/8/7 by Alex Pulaski
Empress of the North 2008 Majestic America Line Itinerary eTravel Blackboard, 7/11/7 by Staff
Corps Warns Boaters about Turbulence Near McNary Dam KTVZ, 7/31/7 by Associated Press
Container Carrier Decides to Leave Portland The Oregonian, 7/10/7 by Erin McCarty
Cars to Flood Port of Olympia The Olympian, 7/5/7 by Jim Szymanski
OR Legislature Commits $60 Million to Coos Bay Dredging The Oregonian, 7/5/7 by Associated Press
Taiwan, Idaho Sign Wheat Agreement Capital Press, 6/15/7 by Pat McCoy
Vancouver Port Project to Help Seattle-Portland Rail Traffic The World, 6/11/7 by Associated Press
Toyota Auto Distribution Expands at Port of Portland Logistics Management, 5/31/7 by Staff
Portland on Mission to Secure First-call Status Cargonews Asia, 5/28/7 by Greg Knowler
Port of Tacoma Expansion a Move to the Future The News Tribune, 5/27/7 by Staff
Big Pasco Barracks Going Down Tri-City Herald, 5/15/7 by Pratik Joshi
Rail Overpass Debate gets Rolling The Columbian, 4/25/7 by Courtney Sherwood
No Congestion in 2007, US Ports Tell Shippers Cargonews Asia, 4/23/7 by Patrick Burnson
Firm Finds Way Around River Shipping The Columbian, 4/15/7 by Erik Robinson
Trip to PNW Port makes Things Clearer for Producers Farm & Ranch Guide, 3/18/7 by Terry Anderson
Tax Relief Would Help Agriculture Regain Edge in WA Capital Press, 3/2/7 by Newhouse & Kretz
Wheat Grower: Johanns Left Us Out in the Cold Capital Press, 2/9/7 by Scott Yates
Farm Bill Proposal Caps Subsidies Capital Press, 2/2/7 by Jerry Hagstrom
McMorris Leads Way to Amend Payments Capital Press, 2/2/7 by Scott Yates
Wheat Tops $5 a Bushel; Barley Hits $3.62 Capital Press, 2/9/7 by Scott Yates
Corps Gets Earful about Snake River Sediment Problems The Columbian, 2/16/7 by Associated Press
Dredging for Columbia River Navigation to Begin The Daily Astorian, 2/2/7 by Staff
Heavy Lifting at the Port The Columbian, 12/24/6 by Jonathan Nelson
Red Light Down the Pike: Will Cargo Roll? The Columbian, 12/13/6 by Jonathan Nelson
Potlatch Preparing Log Shipment to China East Oregonian, 11/29/6 by Dean Brickey
Huge Month Says Volumes about Changes at L.A. Port Los Angeles Times, 11/21/6 by Ronald White
Company Corners Paddlewheel Market San Francisco Chronicle, 10/22/6 by Spud Hilton
Columbia Queen Under New Flag in 2007 PR Newswire, 10/18/6 by Press Release
Iraq Becomes Big Customer for Columbia Grain The Prairie Star, 10/26/6 by Shannon Burkdoll
Truckload Carrier Opening of New Facility in Portland Business Wire, 10/19/6 by Press Release
Asia Trade Strains Port San Francisco Chronicle, 10/18/6 by David Armstrong
Port of Seattle Cargo Going Back to Southern California Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 10/16/6 by Kristen Millares Bolt
Shipping Outlook Brightens Capital Press, 10/13/6 by Barbara Coyner
Port Traffic Declines in Tacoma, Goes South The News Tribune, 10/1/6 by Kelly Kearsley
Wheat Growers Call for Higher Target Price Capital Press, 12/22/6 by Mitch Lies
Hot Year Helps Wheat Prices Soar Financial Times, 10/11/6 Morrison & Warwick-Ching
Dockage Rates Rile Wheat Growers New York Times, 9/22/6 by Scott Yates
Rising Price for Soft White Won't Offset Input Costs Capital Press, 9/1/6 by Scott A. Yates
Security at Port of Portland to get Lift Under New Law KXLY, 10/14/6 by Associated Press
No Homeland Security Grants for Portland, Vancouver Seattle Times, 9/29/6 by Associated Press
Portland Hopes to Catch Up on Container Boom KGW, 9/28/6 by Associated Press
New Rail Project for Portland World Trade Magazine, 9/22/6 by Staff
Toyota Brings Jobs, Money to Port of Portland KOIN, 9/12/6 by Staff
Port of Portland Bounces Back Capital Press, 9/1/6 by Associated Press
Court Gives Corps OK to Dredge The Daily Astorian, 8/24/6 by Staff
Court Refuses to Block Dredging of River Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 8/23/6 by Tim Fought
U.S. Court OKs Study on Deepening Columbia River Reuters, 8/23/6 by Reuters
Court Rules for Govt. in Channel Deepening Lawsuit Portland Business Journal, 8/21/6 by Staff
Promising Wheat Crop Falls Short Capital Press, 8/11/6 by Scott Yates
State Hands Port Check for Crane Capital Press, 7/21/6 by Mitch Lies
Port of Portland Bounces Back KGW, 8/13/6 by Libby Tucker
Yang Ming Lines Arrives this Week Portland Business Journal, 6/12/6 by Staff
Hay Shipments Head Downriver Again East Oregonian, 5/20/6 by Staff
Port Sets Sail into Happy Seas in 2007 Capital Press, 5/15/6 by Wendy Culverwell
Port Congestion Unlikely Logistics Management, 6/6/6 by Jeff Berman
Seattle, Portland Anti-Terror Grants to be Cut Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5/31/6 by Matthew Daly
New Carrier makes First Call in Portland The Oregonian, 5/15/6 by Alex Pulaski
Port Likely to Buy Big Crane The Columbian, 5/6/6 by Jonathan Nelson
2007 Columbia / Snake Rivers Cruise Schedule Yahoo Finance, 4/27/6 by Press Release
RAIL check 2011
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Congress to Examine Trickle Down of Rail Rates Capital Press, 9/16/10 by Samantha Bomkamp
Oregon Exports Rebound, Boosting State Economy The Oregonian, 11/11/10 by Richard Read
WA to get $590 Million for High-Speed Rail Improvements Seattle Times, 1/27/10 by Mike Lindblom
Industrial Property, Freight Movement and the Livability Plan Daily Journal of Commerce, 1/22/10 by Staff
Understanding What Puts the "Port" in Portland The Oregonian, 12/27/9 by David Dent
BNSF, WA State Port Launch Construction on Loop Track Progressive Railroad, 8/19/9 by Staff
Leaders Hold Ground-breaking Ceremony for Grain Terminal The Daily News, 8/4/9 by Erik Olson
Port of Vancouver Seeks Stimulus Cash The Columbian, 7/27/9 by Libby Tucker
New Rail Could Equal New Jobs in Franklin County KEPR TV, 7/1/9 by Lena Vargas
Port of Seattle Looks Toward Moses Lake Columbia Basin Herald, 6/25/9 by Lynne Lynch
Port Expands Freight Rail Capacity Portland Business Journal, 6/22/9 by Staff
Port of Portland Laying New Tracks The Oregonian, 6/21/9 by Amy Hsuan
Port of Portland Numbers Continue to Drop PS Business Journal, 6/19/9 by Staff
Should Taxes Fund Railroad Improvements in WA State? PS Business Journal, 6/19/9 by Steve Wilhelm
Ramsey Rail Yard Project Set to Start in May Daily Journal Commerce, 3/27/9 by Tyler Graf
Thinking About Rail During Harvest Capital Press, 8/22/8 by Wayne Hurst
Central Oregon Rail, Transit, Air Projects get $10 Million KTVZ.COM, 6/20/8 by Staff
Region's Transportation Heads Toward Traffic Jam Capital Press, 2/8/8 by Elaine Shein
Cargo Ship Runs Aground Near Portland KTVL, 9/19/7 by Staff
CommerceGuard Installs Container Security Network CNN Money, 9/18/7 by Staff
Ship Pulled Off Columbia River Sand Bar KOIN, 9/17/7 by Staff
Corps Begins 'On-Request' Lockage Service East Oregonian, 9/13/7 by Staff
$34 Million for Columbia River Channel Dredging Defense Link, 9/14/7 by Staff
Cargo Worth $16 Billion Relies on Columbia River Capital Press, 9/14/7 by East Oregonian
Grain Alliance Expects Hefty Bank Account Capital Press, 9/21/7 by Scott Yates
Wheat Prices Break Long Overdue Record Capital Press, 9/21/7 by Editorial Board
Wheat Prices Rise; Analysts Point to Complicating Factors The Billings Gazette, 9/13/7 by Jim Gransbery
Wheat's Surge to Pinch Wallets Wall Street Journal, 9/5/7 by Tom Polansek
Wheat Sets Record: $7.34 a Bushel Capital Press, 8/24/7 by Lauren Villagran
Wheat Still King East of Cascades Capital Press, 8/3/7 by East Oregonian
Global Weather Drives Up Wheat Prices Capital Press, 8/3/7 by Scott Yates
Wheat Contributes $21.5-billion to U.S. Economy Wheat Life, 5/7 by WWC Staff
STB: Rail Infrastructure and Capacity Hearing Wheat Life, 5/7 by WWC Staff
WA Senator Pushes for Rail Competition Bill Wheat Life, 5/7 by WWC Staff
Economist Sees Growth in Tri-City Ag, Non-farm Jobs Tri-City Herald, 7/18/7 by Pratik Joshi
Wheat Prices Surge Ahead Capital Press, 6/29/7 by Associated Press
Rails Along the Columbia VIA Magazine, 7/7 by Eric Fisher
3 Railroads Divvy up Short-line System Capital Press, 5/25/7 by Scott Yates
Franklin Fastest-Growing County in Washington Capital Press, 4/6/7 by Staff
Just Can It: The Shipping of Wheat by Containers Wheat Life, 3/7 by Glen W. Squires
Container Brochure for Buyers Wheat Life, 2/7 by Robert Stokes
Gov. Gregoire, Watco Sign Railroad Purchase Agreement Wheat Life, 3/7 by Staff
Lend Your Voice for Strong Farm Policy Wheat Life, 1/7 by Jim White
Rail Issues Intensify Wheat Life, 11/6 by WWC Staff
WWC Provides Comments on Rail Capacity Wheat Life, 6/6 by WWC Staff
Whiteside Testifies Before STB Wheat Life, 6/6 by Glen W. Squires
CW Line Dynamics Revealed Wheat Life, 4/6 by Glen W. Squires
Shortline Rail White Paper Wheat Life, 3/6 by WWC Staff
Funding for Dams Changes Wheat Life, 3/6 by WWC Staff
Murray Secures $4.5-million for Central WA Transportation Wheat Life, 1/6 by Staff
State to Buy Short-line RR Capital Press, 2/16/7 by Scott Yates
Railing Against the Costs Spokesman-Review, 11/23/6 by John Barnhill
Railex Speeds Goods to Market in Record Time Capital Press, 12/8/6 by Editors
GAO Calls for Balance in Rail Wheat Life, 12/6 by WA Wheat Commission
North Idaho Trains Back in Action Capital Press, 11/3/6 by Barbara Coyner
Vancouver Port Plans Rail Expansion Portland Business Journal, 11/27/6 by Staff
Crapo Wants Better Rail Access to Ag Markets ID Farm Bureau Quarterly, 8/6 by Jake Putnam
Rail Surcharges for Fuel May Get Closer Scrutiny Wall Street Journal, 8/5/6 by Daniel Machalaba
Rail Improvements Under Way Capital Press, 7/14/6 by Dave Wilkins
Port Drops Troutdale Rail Facility Idea The Gresham Outlook, 7/26/6 by Erin Shea
Freight Center Merits Study The Olympian, 7/16/6 by Editors
Barge Changes Increase Rail Shipping Port of Pasco Beacon, 12/4 by Staff
Port of Pasco Grain Terminal Demolition Complete Port of Pasco Beacon, 3/4 by Staff
The Washington Grain Train WA State DOT Brochure, 12/3 by Ray Allred
Idaho Rail Shipments Rebound Idaho Statesman, 6/19/6 by Katy Moeller
Come On, Ride that Train Tri-City Herald, 6/11/6 by John Trumbo
Improve Freight Rail Routes The Columbian, 5/12/6 by Bob Byrd
UNP on Track to Save Fuel Despite Increased Traffic, 5/3/6 by Staff
Rail Supporters Voice Freight Concerns Columbia Basin Herald, 4/28/6 by Matthew Weaver
Lack of Rail Service Pinches Idaho Mill Capital Press, 4/21/6 by Barbara Coyner
Camas Rail Abandonment Approved Lewiston Tribune, 9/14/00 by AP and Tribune
RATES check 2011
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Clark Public Utilities Approves Budget Without Rate Hikes The Oregonian, 12/14/10 by Elliot Njus
Transmission Rates to Stay Flat BPA Journal, 1/11 by Staff
BPA (Transmission) Rates to Remain Stable Portland Business Journal, 12/16/10 by Erik Siemers
Rise of Power Costs Could Drive Up Rates West Yellowstone News, 12/12/10 by Staff
BPA Proposes Rate Increase to Sustain Hydro System Value KBKW, 11/19/10 by David Haviland
BPA Seeks Rate Increase for Wholesale Power Oregon Public Broadcasting, 11/19/10 by David Nogueras
BPA Chief: Revenue Down, Costs Up, Rates may Rise Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11/17/10 by Associated Press
BPA Expects to Increase Electricity Rates Next Year The Western News, 11/16/10 by Jim Mann
BPA Looks at Rate Hike Next Year Daily Inter Lake, 11/10/10 by Jim Mann
BPA Officials Discuss Rate Hikes in Heyburn Times News, 11/10/10 by Welch and Lundquist
BPA Shrinks Hike Request Spokesman Review, 11/9/10 by Becky Kramer
BPA Talks to Benton and Franklin PUD About Rate Increases KNDO, 11/9/10 by Staff
Benton PUD Rates to Increase 32% KNDO, 10/27/10 by Staff
Avista Rates on the Rise in Washington Spokesman-Review, 10/29/10 by Becky Kramer
PenLight Warns Consumers of Rate Increases in October 2011 Peninsula Gateway, 9/15/10 by Jeanine Stewart
PUD Electricity Rate Hike Looms Spokesman Review, 9/14/10 by Staff
Clark Bumps Electric Rates by About 5.7 Percent The Columbian, 8/17/10 by Erik Robinson
Grant PUD: Protecting Utility's Finances Columbia Basin Herald, 6/3/10 by Bob Bernd
Grant PUD Plans to Curb Power Woes Columbia Basin Herald, 6/3/10 by Lynne Lynch
Drought Portends Electrical Rate Hikes The Register-Guard, 5/8/10 by Christian Wihtol
BPA says Low Snowpack Means Revenue Loss KOMO News, 5/7/10 by Associated Press
Low Snowpack to Cost BPA Projected $233M Tri-City Herald, 5/4/10 by Kevin McCullen
Water Rate to Rise 6.2%, Power 8.5% News Register, 4/22/10 by Hannah Hoffman
Peninsula Light Reacts to Bonneville Power Rate Increase The Peninsula Gateway, 3/9/10 by News Service
Low Snowpack in the Cascades May Affect Utility Rates KEZI, 2/11/10 by Aaron Ofseyer
BPA Expects $6M Revenue Loss from Dry Weather Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/10/10 by William McCall
Decreased Runoff Could Cause BPA Revenue Shortfall HydroWorld, 2/10/10 by PennWell
Low Runoff Cuts Hydro Power, Revenue Forecasts for BPA Intl. Water Power, 2/9/10 by Staff
Light Snowpack Hits BPA Revenue Forecast The Seattle Times, 2/8/10 by Staff
Poor Snowpack Could Shrink NW Hydropower The Oregonian, 2/6/10 by Ted Sickinger
BPA Predicts Being $6 Million in the Hole KNDO / KNDU, 2/8/10 by Staff
City Keeps Electric Rate Flat for Users Bandon Western World, 2/4/10 by Staff
PUD Rates Go Up Feb. 1 The Daily World, 1/12/10 by Jacob Jones
Clearwater Power to Raise Rates in Idaho, Wash. Lewiston Tribune, 1/5/10 by Associated Press
PUD Eyes Electrical Rates Increase for Lewis County Lewiston Tribune, 11/18/9 by Carly Nairn
PGE Posts Lower Q2 Results The Oregonian, 8/3/9 by Ted Sickinger
Franklin PUD Challenges BPA Industrial Rates KPAX, 8/3/9 by Associated Press
Bonneville Power to Up Rates by 7 Percent Peninsula Daily News, 7/24/9 by Rob Ollikainen
BPA to Raise Rates; Tri-City Suppliers May Follow Tri City Herald, 7/24/9 by Drew Foster
Bonneville Announces Rate Increases by this October Cheney Free Press, 7/23/9 by Staff
Bonneville Power Administration Raising Rates Forbes, 7/22/9 by Staff
BPA Will Raise Rates for Power and Transmission Salem-News, 7/21/9 by Staff
BPA Announces Increased Rates Portland Business Journal, 7/21/9 by Staff
Some Avista Customers May See Rate Decrease Local News 8, 7/1/9 by Associated Press
PUD Ready to Start Electrical Talks with Puget Sound Energy Peninsula Daily News, 6/8/9 by Jeff Chew
PUD Hosts Rates Forum Monday Night The Daily World, 3/28/9 by Steven Friederich
PUD may Raise Power Rates by 4 Percent The Daily World, 3/17/9 by Staff
Bonneville Proposes Electricity Rate Bump The Missoulian, 2/13/9 by Michael Jamison
Agency Proposes Electricity Rate Hike in NW The Seattle Times, 2/12/9 by Staff
BPA Proposed First Rate Increase in Six Years KNDU-TV, 2/12/9 by Staff
BPA Calls for Rate Increase The Oregonian, 2/11/9 by Ted Sickinger
BPA to Increase Wholesale Power Rates 9.4% Next Fall Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/11/9 by Staff
Mason PUD Would Be Hit by Bonneville Rate Hike Kitsap Sun, 2/11/9 by Staff
Idaho Power Seeks 15 Percent Increase for Farms Capital Press, 10/9/8 by Dave Wilkins
Salem Electric Brings Good News, Lower Rates Keizer Times, 12/26/8 by Staff
TPU to Refund $15 Million to Customers Tacoma Weekly, 11/27/8 by John Larson
December Bills May be Cheap The Daily World, 11/14/8 by Leif Nesheim
Clark Public Utilities Faces Upward Pressure on Electricity Cost The Columbian, 10/26/8 by Courtney Sherwood
Idaho Power Customers Learn about Proposed Rate Hike Times-News, 10/12/8 by Nate Poppino
Fitch Rates Snohomish PUD Market Watch, 10/9/8 by Business Wire
Puget Sound Energy Electric Rates Drop, Gas Rises The Seattle Times, 10/8/8 by Staff
Flathead Electric Co-op Rebates Coming in November The Daily Inter Lake, 10/5/8 by Staff
PSE Customers Poised to Receive 3 Percent Electric Rate Cut Market Watch, 10/1/8 by Business Wire
Utility Plans $3.5 Million Rebate Daily Inter Lake, 9/28/8 by Nancy Kimball
BPA Tries to Settle Public-Private Rate Dispute The Seattle Times, 9/24/8 by Associated Press
Proposed Power Rate Hikes Need to be Scrutinized Idaho Statesman, 7/1/8 by Editorial Board
PUC Approves Electricity Rate Hike Idaho Mountain Express, 6/4/8 by Greg Stahl
Idaho Power Rates Go Up, Again Idaho Statesman, 5/31/8 by Rocky Barker
Swan Falls Deal Defended Capital Press, 5/9/8 by Pat McCoy
Idaho Power Seeks Rate Increase Idaho Press-Tribune, 4/16/8 by Jon Meyer
County PUD Joins Larger Supplier The Bellingham Herald, 4/24/8 by John Stark
Idaho Power to Pursue Rate Increases Times-News, 4/9/8 by Nate Poppino
Future Rate Hike? Argus Observer, 4/4/8 by Larry Meyer
BPA Paying After Circuit Court Ruling The Chronicle, 3/27/8 by Aaron VanTuyl
PUD Plans Rate Cut The Dalles Chronicle, 3/26/8 by Kathy Gray
Oregon May Get Lower Electric Rates CNN Money, 3/14/8 by Associated Press
PUD Votes to Join Lawsuit Over BPA Payment Offer Examiner, 3/11/8 by Leif Nesheim
Pacific Power says it Will Not Accept Agreement from BPA The Daily World, 3/6/8 by Associated Press
PUD Unhappy with Bonneville's Interim Payment Offer The Daily World, 3/3/8 by Leif Nesheim
BPA Plan Could Lower Tri-City Electric Rates Tri-City Herald, 2/12/8 by Chris Mulick
BPA Proposal Could Lead to Cheaper Power Portland Business Journal, 2/8/8 by Staff
Local Power Bills to Rise This Month Forest Grove News-Times, 1/2/7 by John Schrag
Part of Residential Exchange Program Credit could Return Idaho Business Review, 12/31/7 by Sean Ellis
Flathead Electric Having One of its Best Years Ever Daily Inter Lake, 12/16/7 by Nancy Kimball
BPA Payback Means PUD Rate Cut The Dalles Chronicle, 12/19/7 by Kathy Gray
BPA Offers Interim Fixes to Utilities The Oregonian, 12/18/7 by Ted Sickinger
PUD Earns $19 Million Refund The Daily Herald, 12/18/7 by Lukas Velush
Deal Lined Up for BPA Payments The Olympian, 11/29/7 by John Dodge
Compromise Shares NW Hydropower Seattle Times, 11/13/7 by Editorial Board
PUD Sees BPA Settlement as a Sell-Out Daily World, 11/9/7 by Jordan Kline
Tentative Deal Reported in Fight Over BPA Benefits, 11/6/7 by Associated Press
Irrigators Worry About Proposed Rate Hike in ID Times-News, 10/29/7 by Associated Press
Most Would Pay Higher Bills to Help Climate: Poll Environmental News Net, 11/5/7 by Reuters
Ninth Circuit Court Revives CA Bid for Electricity Refunds San Francisco Chronicle, 8/25/7 by Bob Egelko
Power Rates Headed Higher Capital Press, 6/15/7 by Dave Wilkins
PUC Approves 13% Electric Rate Hike KTVZ, 6/13/7 by Associated Press
Survey: Highest Electricity Prices in CA, MD, NY Columbia Basin Energy, 6/5/7 by Andrew Sirocchi
BPA and Utilities Hope to Settle Subsidy Dispute The Daily World, 7/2/7 by Jordan Kline
BPA Chief Optimistic for Utilities' Pacts Tri-City Herald, 6/9/7 by Andrew Sirocchi
Power-Sharing Pickle Spokesman Review, 6/3/7 by Editorial Board
OR Regulators Ask for Aid to Cope with Rate Increase Union-Tribune, 6/1/7 by Sarah Skidmore
Senators Urge BPA to find a Compromise Over Rates Seattle Times, 5/30/7 by Matthew Daly
Rate Hike Not Pacific Power's Idea Yakima Herald-Republic, 5/31/7 by Leah Beth Ward
BPA Stops 'Residential Exchange' Payments The Daily World, 5/26/7 by Jordan Kline
Shush! Don't Put Bonneville at Risk Seattle Times, 5/25/7 by Editorial Board
Power Credits Must Be Saved Democrat-Herald, 5/23/7 by Editorial Board
Many in Northwest to Lose Power Subsidy Wall Street Journal, 5/22/7 by Staff
BPA Proposal Could Hurt Irrigators ID Farm Bureau Quarterly, 9/6 by Sean Ellis
PUC Guts Portland General Electric Rate Hike Request Portland Business Journal, 1/8/7 by Staff
Power Rate Decrease BPA Journal, 11/6 by Staff
IPCo. Increases Energy Credits after BPA Settlement Capital Press, 10/27/6 by Pat McCoy
BPA Cuts Rates on Wholesale Power Capital Press, 10/6/6 by Mitch Lies
Bonneville Wholesale Rate Drop Goes in Effect The Missoulian, 10/7/6 by Michael Jamison
Bonneville Cuts Wholesale Rates 4th Year The Dalles Chronicle, 10/3/6 by William McCall
New Era in Electricity The Daily News, 10/1/6 by Don Jenkins
Shift in BPA's Strategy could Benefit Local Utility The Daily Herald, 9/26/6 by AP & Staff
BPA Looks To Create Two-Tiered Rate System OPB News, 8/23/6 by Ley Garnett
PSE Raises Rates for Residential Natural Gas Seattle Times, 9/28/6 by Associated Press
State to Hear Lower Valley Rate Request KNDO/KNDU, 9/28/6 by Noah Brenner
Electric Rates Could Decrease Again The Register-Guard, 8/27/6 by Jeff Wright
Clark-BPA Pact may Lower Power Rates The Columbian, 8/9/6 by Erik Robinson
BPA Plans to Cut Rates by 3 Percent Capital Press, 7/21/6 by Patricia McCoy
No Hot Gas, Just Northwest Hydro Power Seattle Times, 7/14/6 by Editors
Wholesale-rate Cut Wouldn't Help PUD Seattle Times, 7/26/6 Christopher Schwarzen
BPA Cuts Wholesale Power Rate The Missoulian, 7/19/6 by Michael Jamison
Bonneville Announces Fourth Year of Rate Cuts Seattle Times, 7/19/6 by Eric Teegarden
BPA to Drop Price of Power it Sells Utilities Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 7/18/6 by Bill Virgin
BPA Expects to Reduce its Wholesale Rate The Oregonian, 7/18/6 by Ted Sickinger
PUD Had Hoped for Even Lower Rate from Bonneville The Daily World, 7/18/6 Staff & News Sources
BPA Expects Wholesale Power Rate Cut KTVZ, 7/14/6 by News Sources
Congressional Focus on Power Rates, Fish Costs Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/14/6 by Staff
Legislators Urge BPA to Continue Rate Cutting Tri-City Herald, 7/14/6 by Chris Mulick
Think Ahead: Rebuild BPA's Technical Capability The Columbian, 4/27/6 by Jim Malinowski
Time for Bonneville Power to Lower Energy Rates The Columbian, 4/25/6 by Cooper & Rainey
BPA: Good News, Times Three The Oregonian, 4/22/6 by Ted Sickinger
Agency sees Better Days, Which may Help Rates The Oregonian, 4/22/6 by Associated Press
Power Bills will Drop, Thanks to Plentiful Water Idaho Statesman, 4/13/6 by Melissa McGrath
BPA Rates Could Fall 5 percent Next Year Statesman Journal, 4/11/6 by Associated Press
Idaho Power Rates to Drop 14 Percent KTVB, 5/25/6 by Staff
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Many more stories in the 2011 section
A Secret to Drive Energy Revolution The Register-Guard, 2/16/3 by Jack Robertson
Invention Harnesses Hydrogen Energy Beaverton Valley Times, 10/30/9 by Steve Law
Pacific NW Hydro Output in December Even with Previous Year Platts, 1/3/11 by Hilary Costa
Overgeneration Discussions Continue BPA Journal, 1/11 by Staff
BPA Develops New Wind Plan BPA Journal, 1/11 by Staff
Too Much Power in the Northwest? The Oregonian, 1/2/11 by Staff
Can Wind Power Both Portland and Seattle? KATU, 12/26/10 by Associated Press
New Energy Coming Online Faster than Idaho Utilities Can Handle Idaho Statesman, 12/19/10 by Rocky Barker
Analyzing the 'California Effect' on the NW's Wind Power Boom KATU, 12/17/10 by Dan Tilkin
High Water Talks Begin BPA Journal, 10/10 by Staff
Can Wind Power be Too Much of Good Thing? The Oregonian, 7/18/10 by Ted Sickinger
listen Wind Farms Fight Headwinds West of The Cascades KUOW, 6/30/10 by Tom Banse
Too Much Wind Power? Kitsap Peninsula Journal, 5/3/10 by Don Brunell
Sudden Surplus Calls for Quick Thinking New York Times, 7/7/10 by Matthew L. Wald
listen High River Flows Put Electric Grid to Test KUOW, 6/22/10 by Tom Banse
Dams on Columbia Working Overtime The News Tribune, 6/12/10 by Pratik Joshi
Swollen River Churns So Much Electricity BPA is Giving Some Away The Oregonian, 6/11/10 by Ted Sickinger
Some Columbia Basin Reservoirs See Turnaround in Refill Potential Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/4/10 by Staff
Spring Snow Too Little Too Late BPA Journal, 6/10/10 by Staff
CA Renewables Push Could Drive Up Prices in Oregon The Oregonian, 9/14/9 by Ted Sickinger
BPA Holding Up with Record Electricity Use Curry County Reporter, 1/14/9 by Staff
Wind Success Comes with Challenges BPA Journal, 12/8 by Staff
How Too Much Wind Power Could Actually Hurt Salmon KATU News, 11/5/8 by Dan Tilkin Video
Managing with Wind and Water The Oregonian, 10/12/8 by Ted Sickinger
NW Power Managers Struggle with Electricity Surplus The Oregonian, 6/26/8 by Gail Kinsey Hill
Google and Utility to Test Hybrids That Sell Back Power New York Times, 6/19/7 by Barringer & Wald
BPA Announcing US Northwest Power Shares in Spring Reuters, 2/20/7 by Reuters
BPA Sees 'Precarious' NW Energy Picture KTVZ, 2/20/7 by Staff
Energy Supply/Demand Requires Action BPA Journal, 3/7 by Staff
BPA Forecasts Adequate Power BPA Journal, 2/7 by Staff
Council Sees Enough Water to Run Hydro The Dalles Chronicle, 1/21/7 by Nicholas Geranios
Columbia Runoff Portends Adequate Supply of Electricity KNDO / KNDU, 1/19/7 by Associated Press
Test Driving Electric Cars for BPA BPA Journal, 10/6 by Staff
Bonneville Expects Surplus Power Supply Great Falls Tribune, 10/20/6 by Associated Press
EFFICIENCY check 2011
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Conservation Key to Meeting Growth BPA Journal, 10/10 by Staff
BPA Welcomes New Customer BPA Journal, 10/10 by Staff
Efficiency Industry Eyes Expiration of U.S. Treasury Energy Grants San Jose Business Journal, 9/27/10 by Mary Duan
Irrigators Help Conserve Power Capital Press, 8/31/10 by Dave Wilkins
GE Discovers Demand for Its Energy Efficiency Treasure Hunts, 7/29/10 by Staff
BPA Sets Up Website to Monitor Power Consumption Portland Business Journal, 7/8/10 by Matthew Kish
Energy Efficient Home Tips iFloor, 7/10 by Staff
How Many Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Does it Take? Earth Policy Institute, 6/16/10 by Lester R. Brown
DOE Gives $60 Million To Expand Local Energy Efficiency Efforts Matter Network, 6/16/10 by Sustainable Business
LED Light Bulb to Replace the Most Common Household Bulb Environmental News Net, 5/13/10 by Staff
DOE Announces $13 Million in Grants for Industrial Energy Efficiency Clean Edge News, 5/6/10 by Staff
NW Utilities, Agencies Plan to Save 200 Megawatts Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5/4/10 by Associated Press
Companies Cut Energy Use as Rate Hikes Loom Sustainable Business OR, 4/19/10 by Courtney Sherwood
Conservation is Cheapest Option Lewiston Tribune, 3/21/10 by Eric Barker
Energy Efficiency Proposals Could Create 333,000 Jobs in 2010 Clean Edge News, 3/10/10 by Staff
BPA Will Bring Efficiency Proposals to Pasco Meeting Tri-City Herald, 4/21/10 by Kevin McCullen
Clean Energy Conundrum The Daily Evergreen, 3/8/10 by William Stetson
Energy Efficiency: The Key to Our Clean Energy Future The Oregonian, 3/5/10 by Sara Patton
85 Percent of Electricity Demand Can Be Met with Efficiency Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/9/10 by Staff
Conservation Play Key Role in Meeting NW's Energy Needs The Oregonian, 2/10/10 by Matthew Presch
Why Is a Utility Paying Customers? New York Times, 1/23/10 by Kate Galbraith
How Conserving Energy Saves Money Now and in the Future KIDX, 12/11/9 by Emily Florez
$88M Grant Aids Utilities in Quest for Efficiency Daily Journal of Commerce, 11/30/9 by Justin Carinci
Conservation Pays Off for PUD The Dalles Chronicle, 11/27/9 by Kathy Ursprung
Weatherization: Saving Money by Saving Energy The Huffington Post, 10/14/9 by Steven Chu
'08 Energy Efficiency Reduced Electricity Demand by 234 aMW Columbia Basin Bulletin, 11/6/9 by Staff
Power from Nothing: Energy Plan Stresses Conservation The Daily News, 10/25/9 by Don Jenkins
Finding the Right Path to Our Energy Future The Oregonian, 10/26/9 by Dick Adams
NW Power Plan: Fewer Fossil Fuel Plants, More Conservation The Missoulian, 10/14/9 by Rob Chaney
NW Power Panel: Save Juice, Build Fewer Plants Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 9/3/9 by Associated Press
California Approves $3.1 Billion Energy Efficiency Program Clean Edge News, 9/28/9 by Staff
U.S. Food Processors Vow to Cut Energy Use UPI, 2/23/9 by UPI
DOE Launches $450M Program to Ramp Up Energy Efficiency Retrofits Green Biz, 9/17/9 by Staff
Alas, Energy Efficiency Isn't Sexy Green Biz, 9/16/9 by Marc Gunther
Efficiency can Help NW Meet 85% of New Electricity Demand Seattle Times, 8/11/9 by Nicholas Geranios
Conservation Could Provide 85 Percent of Power Seattle Times, 7/29/9 by Nicholas Geranios
Energy Efficiency Could Save U.S. $600 Billion Environmental News Net, 7/29/9 by Timothy Gardner
Obama, Chu Unveil New Lighting Rules and Release $346M, 6/30/9 by Staff
BPA Helps Tribe Switch to CFLs BPA Journal, 7/9 by Staff
BPA Pursues Changes in EE Industrial Program BPA Journal, 6/9 by Staff
DOE Earmarks $256M for Industrial and IT Energy Efficiency Green Biz, 6/2/9 by Staff
Interest in Energy Efficiency Remains High, But Actions Lag GreenBiz, 5/6/9 by Leslie Guevarra
LADWP Gives Away 2 Million Light Bulbs KABC, 4/2/9 by Staff
California Seeks to Curb Appetite of Power-Hungry TVs New York Times, 4/14/9 by Felicity Barringer
Energy Efficiency Initiatives Could Save $168.6 Billion Clean Edge News, 3/25/9 by Staff
BPA Plans for Future of EE BPA Journal, 2/9 by Staff
Utilities Urge Consumers to 'Save More' Sustainable Industries, 4/13/9 by Sara Stroud
Utilities, Retailers & Manufacturers Partner for Efficient Push Greener Computing, 4/9/9 by GreenBiz Staff
Utilities Push Energy-Efficient Ductless Heat Pump The Oregonian, 3/30/9 by Associated Press
Feds and Food Processors Sign Energy Reduction Deal Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/18/9 by Rob Manning
Efficiency and Conservation Drops Energy Demand by 2020 Environmental News Net, 1/6/9 Earth Policy Institute
Energy Efficiency Means Profitability Capital Press, 8/22/8 by John Aguirre
USPS Aims to Cut Energy Use by a Third, 10/3/8 by Staff
Experts Plan Energy Efficiency for Offices of the Future MarketWatch, 7/16/8 by Press Release
Recycling CFLs is Finally Easy to Do! Environmental News Net, 6/30/8 by Staff
Saving Energy, One Megawatt at a Time The Seattle Times, 6/24/8 by Editorial Board
Lighting an Efficient Future, Minus the Mercury Environmental News Net, 5/30/8 by Worldwatch Institute
Energy Efficiency: Overlooked and Misunderstood, 5/16/8 by Staff
Wal-Mart's Latest Green Store Slashes Energy Use, 3/19/8 by Staff
BPA: Conservation Saved Enough to Power Small City Missoulian, 1/20/8 by Michael Jamison
Era of Cheap Power is Ending Idaho Statesman, 6/8/8 by Rocky Barker
For All the Ecological Concern, Economy Drives Energy Use Wall Street Journal, 5/27/8 by Jeffrey Ball
DoE Increases Efficiency in Federal Buildings by 30% Environmental News Net, 11/27/7 by Staff
Bonneville Hosts October Energy Awareness Month The Dalles Chronicle, 10/30/7 by Staff
PGE Donates Additional $50,000 to Oregon HEAT, 10/14/7 by Associated Press
GE's Environment Push Hits Business Realities Wall Street Journal, 9/14/7 by Kathryn Kranhold
Wal-Mart Markets House-Brand CFLs to U.S. Customers, 9/21/7 by Staff
CA Asks Consumers to Cut Power Use Weds., Thurs. Reuters UK, 8/28/7 by Staff
Power Companies Get Incentive to Save Kilowatts, 9/7/7 by Eric Kelderman
Lights Out Market Watch, 8/23/7 by Stephanie Cohen
Computer Power Waste Targeted Wall Street Journal, 6/13/7 by Don Clark
Putting Energy Hogs in Home on a Strict Low-Power Diet New York Times, 6/10/7 by Larry Magid
BPA Seeks Efficiencies, Less Pollution Great Falls Tribune, 5/3/7 by Associated Press
DOE gets its First Ever Secretary of Energy Efficiency Columbia Basin Energy Report, 5/1/7 by Staff
Puget Sound Energy's Resource Plan Stresses Efficiency Columbia Basin Energy Report, 5/2/7 by Staff
Ban the Bulb Earth Policy Institute, 5/9/7 by Lester Brown
Lights Out in Ontario for Incandescent Bulbs Environmental News Net, 4/19/7 by Reuters
Energy Efficiency Program Enhanced BPA Journal, 3/7 by Staff
BPA Works to Improve System Efficiency BPA Journal, 3/7 by Staff
Consumers Wring in Energy Savings NW Current, 2/28/7 by Becky Brun
Utility Ups Energy-saving Rewards Capital Press, 2/2/7 by Dave Wilkins
Edison's Light Bulb Could Be on Endangered List Environmental News Net, 2/12/7 by David Porter
CA may Ban Conventional Lightbulbs by 2012 Environmental News Net, 1/31/7 by Bernie Woodall
CFL Conundrum NW Current, 1/31/7 Vicki Fulbright Calwell
Idaho Taking Comments on Energy-Saving Plans Idaho Mountain Express, 1/17/7 by Rebecca Meany
Congress Aces Efficiency Bill NW Current, 1/3/7 by Becky Brun
Pushing Market to Improve Computer Energy Efficiency Environmental News Net, 11/21/6 by NWEEA
Wal-Mart to Sell 100 Million Compact Fluorescents, 11/30/6 by Staff
Wal-Mart Evaluates Green Stores' Progress, 11/13/6 by Staff
GM Cuts Energy Use by One-Quarter at Facilities, 12/15/6 by Staff
Christmas Drain on Idaho Power KTRV, 11/29/6 by Dan Hamilton
BPA Aids Low-income Northwesterners NW Current, 11/28/6 by Becky Brun
Canal Company gets Pipeline Project Funds Capital Press, 9/8/6 by Mike Griffel
BPA Seeks New Energy Savings BPA Journal, 9/1/6 by Staff
Hybrid Lighting Technology Gains Momentum in U.S., 8/11/6 by Staff
Getting Windows Right: A Guide, 8/6 by David Altenhofen
Governors Plug Efficiency, Generation NW Current, 10/31/5 by Michael Burnham
SOLAR check 2011
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Solar Goes Hyper in the U.S. Mother Nature Network, 2/9/11 by Karl Burkart
California County has Approved Six Solar Projects Cooler Planet, 12/6/10 by Staff
Southern California Edison Buys More Solar Power GetSolar, 11/28/10 by Staff
Solar-power Farm Near Cle Elum gets OK Seattle Times, 10/7/10 by Associated Press
Solar Energy Projects Receive License Approvals Power-Gen Worldwide, 9/30/10 by PennWell
Green Light for Idaho's Largest Solar Project Boise Weekly, 9/22/10 by George Prentice
Future of Hanford Land Up for Debate The News Tribune, 9/19/10 by Annette Cary
California's Farm Belt Using Solar to Turn Brown into Green, 9/2/10 by John Lindt
Recovery Act Keeps U.S. on Clean Energy Path, 8/26/10 by Staff
Recovery Act Propels 3 GW of Solar Projects to Front in California Clean Technica, 8/31/10 by Staff
1,000-Megawatt Plant in CA Marks New Milestone in Solar Expansion New York Times, 8/26/10 by Scott Streater
Southern California Edison Awards Contracts for Desert Solar Projects The Desert Sun, 7/31/10 by Mike Perrault
Sacramento Utility Announces Solar Power Purchase Agreement Cooler Planet, 7/8/10 by Nate Lew
Solar Industry Powers Up Slowly in Washington Seattle Times, 7/7/10 by Jason Bacaj
Obama Announces Nearly $2 Billion in Solar Loan Guarantees Clean Edge News, 7/6/10 by Staff
Obama Pledges $2B in Stimulus Funds to Solar Firms GreenBiz, 7/6/10 by Staff
Obama Gives $1.85B for Solar Energy Plants Daily Tech, 7/5/10 by Staff
SunRun Scores $100M Deal with PG&E to Take 3,500 Homes Solar Venture Beat, 6/21/10 by Camille Ricketts
PG&E to Finance SunRun Solar Panel Installation San Francisco Chronicle, 6/21/10 by David R. Baker
U.S. Senators Propose Extending Renewable-Energy Grant Program Wall Street Journal, 6/16/10 by Cassandra Sweet
SunPower Announces Efficiency Record: Is the End Near? Green Tech Media, 6/23/10 by Michael Kanellos
Solar Cells: Coming to a Window Near You? CNN, 6/10/10 by John D. Sutter
Sprawling Solar Farm Proposed in Jerome Co. The Times-News, 5/22/10 by Joshua Palmer
NREL: Power Grid can Accommodate Large Increase in Wind & Solar Clean Edge News, 5/26/10 by Staff
GE Places Solar Bets on Thin-film Cells CNet, 3/18/10 by Martin LaMonica
Environmental Questions Await Proposed Solar Farm Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12/9/9 by John Stang
Ellensburg Residents Invest in Solar Power Park Yakima Herald-Republic, 12/11/9 by Leah Beth Ward
In Eastern Washington, Big Plans for Solar Power The Yakima Herald-Republic, 11/1/9 by Leah Beth Ward
Solar Energy, Wind a Big Part of West Coast's Energy Agenda Cooler Planet, 8/14/9 by Danny Vo
World's Largest Solar Plant May be Built in Cle Elum Seattle Times, 7/9/9 by Sandi Doughton
Solar Panel Maker is Out of This World Private Equity Week, 7/21/9 by Alexander Haislip
New Measures to Aid Solar on Public Lands New York Times, 6/29/9 by Kate Galbraith
CPUC Approves 500 MW Distributed Solar for SoCal Edison Clean Edge News, 6/23/9 by Staff
Flexible Solar Power Shingles Transform Roof to Energy Source Science Daily, 6/8/9 by Staff
PG&E Expands Solar Power Plans San Francisco Chronicle, 5/14/9 by David R. Baker
Texas Moves to Foster Solar Power Wall Street Journal, 4/23/9 by Russell Gold
Cheaper Materials Could Be Key To Low-cost Solar Cells Environmental News Net, 2/19/9 by UC Berkeley
'Major Discovery' from MIT to Unleash Solar Revolution watch video at MIT News, 7/31/8 by Anne Trafton
Los Angeles Boasts World's Largest Solar Energy Plan Environmental News Net, 12/12/8 by ASH Institute
Los Angeles to Add 1.3 Gigawatts of Solar Power by 2020 Environmental News Net, 12/12/8 by Triple Pundit
SF Mayor Issues Solar Challenge to 1,500 Biggest Firms, 10/1/8 by Staff
Spain Expects 3,000 MW in Solar Plants by 2010 Environmental News Net, 9/26/8 Thomson Financial
PG&E, SunPower Announce Major Solar Deal The Mercury News, 8/14/8 by Matt Nauman
JCPenney Adds Solar and Wind Power to Its Green Program, 8/15/8 by Staff
Big U.S. Retailers Look to Solar Energy Environmental News Net, 8/13/8 by WBCSD
Can High-tech Giants Revolutionize Solar Market? MarketWatch, 7/1/8 by Therese Poletti
National Semiconductor Enters PV Market, 7/1/8 by Staff
Researchers Develop Efficient Solar Power Devices Environmental News Net, 7/11/8 by Will Dunham
Shedding Light on Solar Wall Street Journal, 6/30/8 by Yuliya Chernova
Reid: Government Should Help Solar Power Industry Business Week, 6/30/8 by Laura Davis
Solar Power Could Reach One-Tenth of Energy Supply by 2025, 6/17/8 by Staff
eBay Bids on Solar, 5/12/8 by Staff
$3 Billion Solar Power Deal Signed By California Utility Environmental News Net, 4/4/8 by Mercury News
65 Million Square Feet of Solar Rooftops Environmental News Net, 3/31/8 by MetaEfficient
The Future of Solar-Powered Houses is Clear Environmental News Net, 4/9/8 Queensland University
Colourful Idea Sparks Renewable Electricity from Paint Environmental News Net, 3/10/8 by Swansea University
Nanosolar: Power to the People Environmental News Net, 11/13/7 by Triple Pundit
Hot Properties Wall Street Journal, 11/13/7 by Rebecca Smith
PG&E and Ausra Sign 177 MW Solar Thermal Deal Clean Edge News, 11/5/7 by Staff
IBM Turning Silicon Waste Into Solar Panels InformationWeek, 10/30/7 by Paul McDougall
Safeway Plans Solar Arrays for 23 CA Stores, 9/17/7 by Staff
Wells Fargo sees Bright Outlook for NV Solar Investment Sacramento Business Journal, 8/16/7 by SF Business Times
Thin-Film PV Market Could Top $7 Billion by 2015 GreenBiz, 8/9/7 by
Sharp Installs Largest Solar Electricity System Memphis Business Journal, 6/19/7 by Staff
Rainy Washington Pursues Solar Power North County Times, 5/12/7 by Associated Press
Solar Power Plant to be Built Near Ellensburg Yakima Herald-Republic, 5/9/7 by Mai Hoang
EI Solutions to Build Largest Solar Facility in the NW Start Up Beat, 5/9/7 by Staff
Today's Topic Is Solar Energy Systems New York Times, 4/19/7 by Claudia Deutsch
Wal-Mart Launches Major Solar Power Project, 5/8/7 by Staff
Energy Trust Boosts Incentives for Commercial Solar Columbia Basin Energy Report, 4/18/7 by Staff
Solar Panels Power Small Dairy Capital Press, 2/9/7 by John Schmitz
Professor Devises New Form of Solar Cell Environmental News Net, 11/28/6 by Associated Press
Sunny Side Up New York Times, 10/21/6 by Claudia H. Deutsch
WIND check 2011
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Wind Power Cost Competitive with Natural Gas, 1/25/11 by Philip Proefrock
BP Starts Operations of Idaho's Largest Wind Farm NASDAQ, 11/4/10 by Naureen S. Malik
Multiple Wind Farm Proposals Explained KIDK, 11/4/10 by Danica Lawrence
Wind Turbines Update KIDK, 11/2/10 by Michelle Ludtka
Farmers in Bonneville Want Wind Turbines KPVI, 10/29/10 by Johnny Archer
Washington's Wind Power Windfall The Columbian, 10/10/10 by Kathie Durbin
Wind in BPA Grid Tops 3,000 MW BPA Journal, 10/10 by Staff
Two Wind Pilot Projects Launched BPA Journal, 10/10 by Staff
Wind, Tides Hold Economic Potential, Top Lab Chief Says Peninsula Daily News, 10/4/10 by Jeff Chew
watch Race With the Wind KLEW TV, 10/1/10 by Stephanie Smith
Pilot Project Seeks to Put More Wind Energy on the Grid reve, 9/28/10 by Staff
Oregon Wind Energy Too Much to Handle Daily Journal of Commerce, 9/27/10 by Nathalie Weinstein
Breaking Out of the Wind Ghetto New York Times, 9/23/10 by Matthew L. Wald
BPA Builds Wind Integration Pilot Program Penn Energy, 9/22/10 by Staff
BPA Seeks Dialogue On Spill-Wind Integration Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/17/10 by Staff
Iberdrola, BPA in Pilot Project for Wind Backup Sustainable Business Oregon, 8/22/10 by Christina Williams
Wind Company Raises $18M for Transmission Space KULR 8, 9/24/10 by Asssociated Press
Wind in BPA Grid Tops 3,000 MW North American Windpower, 9/14/10 by BPA
Calpine to Buy Pacific Northwest Wind Power Brighter Energy, 9/13/10 by James Cartledge
PGE Completes $1bn Wind Farm in Oregon