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Utilities' Energy Storage
Growing Like Gangbusters

by Sarah Golden
GreenBiz, June 14, 2019

Solar panels in Arizona, soaking up the abundant Southwest sunshine. As companies and states pursue aggressive decarbonization goals, the pressure to find a cost-effective storage solution is mounting.

A growing number of companies are deploying on-site energy storage, usually paired with solar. Commercial and industrial behind-the-meter storage just had its best quarter yet, reaching 44.9 megawatts of capacity in Q1.

But C&I buyers aren't driving the growth in storage. Utilities are, with massive energy storage deployments and announcement becoming more common. In fact, the United States just became the world’s largest grid-connected energy storage market, and researcher Wood Mackenzie’s Energy Storage Monitor shows that Q1 2019 was the best quarter for deployments, with 148.8 megawatts coming onto the grid.

Projections show utility energy storage deployments are just getting started; they're expected to double in 2019 and triple in 2020.

Utility energy storage is growing like gangbusters

Utilities have been announcing 100+ MW energy storage plans at an impressive clip over the last six months:

Major drivers of all this action What does this mean for corporate buyers?

As was the case with renewable energy, the increase in storage deployments, favorable policies and falling cost of technologies are sure to continue to bring down costs and spur on financial models that work for more use cases.

That means more businesses soon could be thinking about energy storage as a key tool to reach 100 percent renewable goals, especially as more companies consider how to match clean energy loads with demand.

"We expect to see larger corporate off-takers looking to storage as a means to achieve cleaner energy that matches their facilities’ load profiles and add resilience attributes," Ravi Manghni, head of energy storage at Wood Mackenzie, said in an email.

Manghni pointed out that Google and Microsoft already have made moves in this direction, and Kaiser Permanente signed a combined wind, solar and storage contract with Nextera last year.

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Sarah Golden
Utilities' Energy Storage Growing Like Gangbusters
GreenBiz, June 14, 2019

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