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Residents Angry Over
New Windmill Proposal

by Ian Parker
KIDK, May 27, 2010

BONNEVILLE COUNTY - Anne Detrick & Jaque Moravek love the view from their homes in the foothills east of Idaho Falls.

"We moved out here because of the area, because of the scenery, the peace and quiet. And to get away from industrial areas," said Moravek.

But last night the Bonneville County Planning and Zoning Commission approved a plan to put dozens of new windmills in the foothills.

It's a plan residents say will ruin their view and decrease their property value.

"Each windmill has a blinking red light that will be on all night," said Detrick. "These lights will be seen a mile away, three miles away, ten miles away, all the way to Rexburg. We are not the only ones that are going to be impacted by this."

But there are benefits for Bonneville County.

"[There will be] profit for the community. The materials that are required, concrete that's sold, labor forces that are being built," said Steve Serr, the planning and zoning administrator for Bonneville County. "Idaho Falls has a power system. They could purchase [the power] if they wanted to sign a contract."

Residents say the bigger problem is it's too easy for windmill companies to build near some residential areas.

"Yes, have energy and promote green energy. But there has to be a way we can live somewhat side-by-side and still protect the little person who has their heart and soul in their property, as well as their property value," said Detrick.

Residents have 10 days to appeal planning and zoning's decision.

Ian Parker
Residents Angry Over New Windmill Proposal
KIDK, May 27, 2010

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