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Wind Generators Destroy Open Spaces

by Curtis W. Martin
Capital Press, September 5, 2008

Environmental groups challenge series of projects

On our eastern horizon our once-open space range land view has now been forever changed by the recent completion of the Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm, near North Powder, Ore. In the day these sanitary white pillars stand out in horrific contrast to the surrounding grassland, and at night we are enlightened by the multiple blinking red lights. It used to be a beautiful moon rise to see, but no more. It seems somewhat curious that all of these energy-production facilities are in our rural landscape, and not near urban areas where the aesthetic value would be compromised, and the highest electrical usage occurs.

If it were not that this "green energy" is so politically correct and the huge tax incentives to the parent companies, there would be no logical or economical merit to the $1.3 million dollar-plus per tower cost.

No way will this form of energy ever be cost-effective, and I am sure that our future electricity rates will bear this truth. If any other segment of the economy had attempted this massive footprint, hell would have frozen before it was allowed.

Biofuels generation, using the aftermath of much-needed thinning in our surrounding forests before we lose our watersheds to catastrophic fire, would be productive power generation and an economic stimulus for our rural communities by creating family-wage employment.

Our ranch goes back seven generations, and we are stewards of our resources. We believe that one of these resources that we protect is the "open space" that all enjoy. If these production facilities continue to expand, everyone will lose the landscape we cherish.

Curtis W. Martin, North Powder, Ore.
Wind Generators Destroy Open Spaces
Capital Press, September 5, 2008

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