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Idaho Power Customers Increased
Energy-Efficiency Savings in 2014

by Staff
Connections, May 2015

By participating in energy-efficiency activities last year, our customers helped save nearly 140,000 megawatt-hours of energy, according to the company's Demand-Side Management 2014 Annual Report submitted to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission in March. That's enough electricity to serve more than 9,000 average-sized homes in the Idaho Power service area for a year, and a 33 percent increase in savings from the previous year.

(bluefish does the math: 140,000 MWh/yr x 1 yr/365 day x 1 day/24 hr = 16 aMW, and previous year would then be 12 aMW.)

Demand-Side Management (DSM) refers to two kinds of energy-related activities: things you do to reduce overall electricity use, like using more efficient appliances or light bulbs, increasing insulation and sealing heating ducts; and programs that reduce energy use only during periods of extreme demand, called demand response programs. The Demand-Side Management 2014 Annual Report, available online, reviews our DSM activities and finances throughout 2014 and outlines our plans for future activities.

Idaho Power Customers Increased Energy-Efficiency Savings in 2014
Connections, May 2015

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