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Idaho Power Prices Among
the Lowest in the Region

by Staff
Connections, July 2016

On June 1 every year, Idaho Power summer rates go into e ect. ey run through August. Even though summer rates are a bit higher than non-summer rates (because we need more power in the summer to serve customers running seasonal items like air conditioners and irrigation pumps), they still compare favorably to other utilities in the region. is is shown in the biannual Edison Electric Institute (EEI) national survey that compares the prices of investor-owned utilities.

This map (not shown so see following table instead) shows a typical Idaho Power bill for a residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. You can also see those same bills for several other cities in the region. As you can see, Idaho Power is second only to Bellevue, Washington, in price, according to the EEI national survey.

Typical Monthly Electric Bills

Idaho Power Prices Among the Lowest in the Region
Connections, July 2016

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