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Longshore Work Drags Despite
Judge's Order, Port of Portland says

by Richard Read
The Oregonian, July 4, 2012

(Ross William Hamilton) Terminal 6, usually stacked full of containers, has relatively few boxes waiting for shipping abroad, as steamship lines bypass Portland because of labor disputes. Longshoremen moved only 15 containers an hour while working a vessel in Portland Wednesday, port officials said, a day after a federal judge ordered them to halt an illegal slowdown clogging cargo.

Managers said the normal rate is 27 an hour at the Port's Terminal 6, where a dispute between unions over two jobs has backed up freight across the Northwest, boosting costs expected to be passed along to consumers. Outside the unusually empty yard Wednesday, a longshore union leader engaged in a heated argument with terminal managers.

Union representatives wouldn't comment on the low production a day after U.S. District Judge Michael Simon issued an order prohibiting slowdowns, stoppages or coercion. A continued slowdown could violate Simon's temporary restraining order, risking a contempt-of-court finding and penalties such as fines.

"Trucks moving containers within the yard are driving slow and having issues queuing up properly at the cranes," said Josh Thomas, a Port of Portland spokesman. He said a normal number of 46 workers showed up to work the Cape Manila vessel but accomplished just 15 moves an hour during the first four hours of work.

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Richard Read
Longshore Work Drags Despite Judge's Order, Port of Portland says <-- Full story available at original site.
The Oregonian, July 4, 2012

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