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Construction Begins on First
U.S. Carbon Capture Plant

Clean Edge News, September 24, 2013

Skyonic Corporation is commencing construction on the Capitol SkyMine plant in San Antonio, Texas. The plant will be the first commercial-scale carbon capture and utilization plant in the United States. The plant will be retrofitted to the Capitol Aggregates Cement Factory at the same site and is expected to capture 75,000 tons of CO2 and to offset an additional 225,000 tons annually. Capitol SkyMine is expected to turn a profit from the sale of products produced during the carbon capture process and plans to generate more than 200 jobs through the plant's construction and ongoing operations. Capitol SkyMine will operate Skyonic's electrolytic carbon capture technology, SkyMine to selectively capture CO2, acid gases and heavy metals from the flue gas of the Capitol Aggregates Cement Factory. The estimated 75,000 tons of CO2 and other pollutants captured annually will be mineralized into solid product, sodium bicarbonate, and produce byproducts, hydrochloric acid and bleach. The SkyMine process operates at energy-efficient conditions and uses low-cost chemical inputs to create valuable products, which can be sold into a variety of markets. This allows the process to capture CO2 at a profit, compared to the high cost of other carbon capture technologies, which allows emitters across a variety of industries to turn a profit from reduced emissions.

Construction Begins on First U.S. Carbon Capture Plant
Clean Edge News, September 24, 2013

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