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Energy Northwest Plant
Back to Full Power

by Annette Cary
Tri-City Herald, July 23, 2015

Workers at Energy Northwest install fire protective piping around one of three new 175-ton power transformers Tuesday at the Columbia Generating Station in Richland. The new transformers cost $9.1 million and are being installed during the scheduled refueling outage. (Andrew Jansen photo) Energy Northwest's nuclear power plant near Richland is again operating at full power.

Work to free a stuck valve was finished Wednesday evening and the Columbia Generating Station was ramped up to 100 percent power just after midnight Thursday morning, said Energy Northwest spokesman John Dobken.

The Pacific Northwest's only commercial nuclear power reactor had been operating at 65 percent power because of the malfunctioning valve since the reactor reconnected to the grid in late June. It had been shut down for a 50-day refueling outage. The plant produces enough power to meet the electricity demand of a city the size of Seattle.

The valve is needed only in refueling outages and a full repair will be done in the next refueling outage in 2017, according to Energy Northwest.

Annette Cary
Energy Northwest Plant Back to Full Power
Tri-City Herald, July 23, 2015

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