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DOE Announces Building Energy Efficiency
Investments in Twenty-Two States

by Staff
Clean Edge, June 28, 2012

The Energy Department recently announced new investments in state-led energy efficiency projects with the goal of reducing building energy costs and transferring those savings directly to taxpayers. The Energy Department awarded nearly $14 million to 22 states and territories to conduct energy efficiency upgrades in public facilities and develop local policies and programs to help reduce energy waste and save taxpayer money. The state-led projects will conduct whole-building energy efficiency upgrades across hundreds of public buildings, potentially saving millions for state and local governments and likely creating new local jobs for energy auditors, architects, engineers, and construction workers. The projects selected today fall under three categories, including:

  • Advancing Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings -- The Energy Department will invest $7.9 million to assist 13 states to develop cost-saving whole-building retrofit programs across a broad segment of their public building portfolio.

  • Stimulating Energy Efficiency Action in States -- The Department will invest $1 million to assist two states in generating the necessary policy and program frameworks to encourage cost-effective energy efficiency investments and establish or increase statewide energy savings goals by 2015.

  • Deploying Fee-Based Self-Funded Public Facilities Energy Retrofit Programs -- The Energy Department will invest $5 million to assist eight states in developing, improving and implementing programs that can finance energy upgrades to public facilities, including state and municipal buildings, National Guard assets, school districts and water and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Buildings in the United States last year consumed more than 40% of all the energy used by the U.S. economy. The projects announced today are part of a broader Energy Department effort to reduce energy costs in our homes and buildings, create jobs and boost American competitiveness in the global race for clean energy technologies.

    DOE Announces Building Energy Efficiency Investments in Twenty-Two States
    Clean Edge, June 28, 2012

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