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Port of Portland Partners with
BNSF to Move Freight Faster

by Staff
Supply Chain Dive, January 8, 2018

Interested shippers now may transport their product five days a week via rail shuttle to Puget Sound ports.

BNSF rail car loading containers for intermodal shipment. Adaptations by U.S. ports in search of survival are taking a variety of forms.

In the post-Panamax era, smaller ports are working hard to remain viable, and are generally supported in their efforts by surrounding communities seeking the economic benefits ports provide, such as jobs and cash flow.

Meanwhile, intermodal transport methods are increasing, allowing ports more versatility in absorbing freight.

Coupling the new rail service -- which transports smaller containers between Portland and Seattle/Tacoma, where ocean containers are available -- with the Port of Portland's intent to increase sustainability, whether in transport or shipping efforts, will increase value by potentially serving as a beta test site for new initiatives.

By thinking outside the box, the Port of Portland is likely to maintain or possibly increase its value. Operating beyond the "bigger is better" ethos currently in fashion may ultimately yield greater results, especially if the novelty of cost and capacity lose momentum.

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Port of Portland Partners with BNSF to Move Freight Faster
Supply Chain Dive, January 8, 2018

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