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BPA Pays U.S. Treasury

by Staff
BPA Journal, November 2006

In early October, BPA paid the U.S. Treasury $1.113 billion for fiscal year 2006, which ended Sept. 30. This is the full, scheduled annual payment, with interest, plus a prepayment on the U.S. taxpayer investment in the Federal Columbia River Power System.

"This is the 23rd year in a row that we have paid the U.S. Treasury in full and on time," said Steve Wright, BPA administrator. "This payment, along with lowering wholesale power rates for the fourth year in row, is further evidence that we are putting the West Coast energy crisis behind us."

The Treasury payment included $646.2 million in principal, $390.6 million in interest and $76.1 million in other obligations. In addition to the Treasury payment, BPA paid operation and maintenance expenses for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service projects directly funded by BPA. This amount came to $217.2 million in fiscal year 2006.

BPA Pays U.S. Treasury
BPA Journal, November 2006

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