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Ridgeline Energy comes to Idaho Falls

by Jennifer McGraw, April 16, 2009

Those living in Eastern Idaho know all too well how the wind will blow you away. The company Ridgeline Energy is taking full advantage and putting money back into the community.

"We're looking at an investment between labor, material, something close to a $100-million dollars. It's a significant amount of capital will be invested locally," says CEO Steve Voorhees with Ridgeline Energy.

Ridgeline Energy, teamed up with BP Wind Energy, will soon be putting up wind turbines in the Goshen II project site in Bonneville County, just north of Wolverine Canyon to catch all that wind.

"Which is good for them and the economic benefits for the rest of the community are outstanding," says Brandon Bird, Executive Director of Bingham Development.

Especially in a time where the nation as a whole is looking for an alternative sources of energy.

"If we're going to really engage in the economy that is coming in future years, we've got to become producers and producers of energy is one of the places we're going to need to be that kind of producer in. It's good to see them wanting to invest here," says Bird.

"We're going to bring good jobs, we're going to bring some good construction jobs that are really needed," says Randy Gardner, Ridgeline Project Manager.

100 in the beginning... Then 15 to 20 full time. The exact revenue of Goshen II will be determined by the type of turbine the company selects and how much it will produce.

"All the way around. No matter if you're in it for the green in your pocket or in it for the green of energy, it's a win win for both parties," says Bird.

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Jennifer McGraw
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