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Turbinators Selected for Existing Facility in the US

by Staff
International Water Power & Dam Construction, January 6, 2012

EBD Hydro LLC is to install three 1000kW Turbinators from Norway's CleanPower AS as part of a low head hydropower project being developed on an existing irrigation canal in Oregon, US.

In a statement, EBD Hydro said it contracted with CleanPower AS in December 2011 to build multiple 1MW Turbinators, which will be installed in the 45-Mile hydroelectric project. The company's engineer in the project is Knight Piesold and Co.

"The Turbinator simplifies low head hydropower installations, and we are excited to get our technology into the US market which we consider to be extremely interesting due to the vast resources available in the irrigation and water supply canals," commented Egil Opsahl, Managing Director of Clean Power AS. "Our next step will be US manufacturing of the Turbinator."

"We are excited to work with the Turbinator technology and CleanPower AS, in conjunction with Knight Piesold and Co, to help develop potential low-head hydropower locations such as irrigation canals where it was previously considered to not be feasible. This new technology opens the door for many new possibilities in clean energy," added Jim Gordon, President of EBD Hydro.

The 45-Mile project has a net head of 33.5m, and will produce more than 10,000MWh annually. The project was recently allocated a US$1.5M Advanced Hydropower Development grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE).

The Turbinator technology has been designed to integrate a low head, axial flow turbine with a permanent magnetized generator in a compact and sealed unit. No gearbox or belt is needed; no need for shaft alignment operations; and no need for a powerhouse. With in-pipe construction, the Turbinator can be easily installed in existing infrastructure such as dams, canals and pipelines, says CleanPower.

Turbinators Selected for Existing Facility in the US
International Water Power & Dam Construction, January 6, 2012

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