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New Solar Panels Will Power
Electricity for About 600 Homes

by Samantha Spitz
KEPR, November 10, 2020

Map: USA Solar Resources RICHLAND, Wash. -- More than 11,000 new solar panels are up and running in Richland. They will power electricity for about 600 homes in the area.

The Horn Rapids Solar, Storage and Training Project is the first one of its kind in Washington state and the latest clean energy development for Energy Northwest.

In addition to the 11,400 solar panels, the project's battery energy storage can power about 150 homes for four hours.

The City of Richland will use the solar and battery storage energy for its customers to create a more reliable and flexible source of energy.

"The message that I hope it sends is that it's doable. We can make this happen, we can accomplish this. You know it's going to take a complete mix at Energy Northwest with our carbon-free footprint. We have hydro, we have wind. Now we have the solar project," Energy Northwest CEO Brad Sawatzke said.

The project was created in partnership with Tucci Energy Services, the City of Richland, Potelco Inc., the Department of Commerce and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Tucci Energy Services owns and operates the solar panels and Energy Northwest owns and operates the battery storage system.

Part of the project was funded by a $3 million grant from the state's Clean Energy Fund in 2017. Construction for the project started back in February 2020.

In addition to the solar field and battery system, Horn Rapids will also have a training program for solar and battery storage technicians.

The 20-acre lot of solar panels is located seven miles north of Richland off Horn Rapids Rd.

Table: Twenty-six US cities with at least 50 watts of solar per capita.

Samantha Spitz
New Solar Panels Will Power Electricity for About 600 Homes
KEPR, November 10, 2020

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