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Yeloha Connects Roof Owners with Those Who
Want Renewable Energy and Vice Versa

by Leo Lutero
PSFK, August 28, 2015

A SolarCity solar rooftop installation Yeloha links those who want to buy solar energy with those with enough roof space. The service provides the solar panels so both roof owner and roof borrower don't have to shoulder set-up costs, so, that in the end, they only worry about how much they'll be saving by harvesting power from Mr. Sun.

By enlisting roof-owners or Sun Hosts to lend their space, Yeloha can increase their output which they can sell to Sun Partners, or people who have the intention of cashing in on solar energy but don't have the space. In theory, Yeloha is like a crowdsourced renewable energy plant.

As "rent" for the roof space, Sun Hosts get a chunk of the electricity generated at their address at zero cost. The savings are automatically rebated on their electricity bill. Roof owners don't have to worry about a thing. Insurance and maintenance costs are all handled by Yeloha.

On the other hand, Sun Partners who'd like to use solar energy have to pay a yearly fee. On the sample page, a panel rental is priced at $65 per year. A single panel can reduce an average home's bill by 5% while taking away over 500 pounds of CO2 emissions from the air.

According to Yeloha, these panels "pay for themselves" over time. If your house falls on the average and you'd like to go 100 percent solar, that would require renting 20 panels a year. That means $1,300 for a year of clean, renewable electricity and, most likely, $0 monthly electricity bills.

The Yeloha service isn't the first to offer going solar minus daunting upfront fees. Services like Solar City and Sun Run allow Americans to turn solar through leasing programs. However, because there is technically no monthly payment, they don't need credit scores if you want to put your roof to work.

Despite what might seem like a complex system, Yeloha is just like Airbnb for solar energy. The Sun Partner doesn't even need to step out of his home to turn to solar energy while Sun Hosts just add a layer of photovoltaic cells to their roofs to cash in.

Leo Lutero
Yeloha Connects Roof Owners with Those Who Want Renewable Energy and Vice Versa:
PSFK, August 28, 2015

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