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Wheat Industry Increases Push to Convince
Trump Administration to Re-enter TPP

by Matthew Weaver
Capital Press, February 23, 2018

U.S. wheat industry representatives will reach out to Trump administration officials to outline why re-entering TPP
would avoid loss of market share in Japan, the largest and most valuable market for the industry.

A high-level U.S. Wheat Associates officials says the industry must keep up its pressure on the Trump administration to re-enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Nearly 90 percent of the wheat grown in the Northwest is exported to Pacific Rim customers. The U.S. wheat industry is amping up its efforts to convince the Trump administration of the importance of re-entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

That includes "formal outreach" to officials in the administration outlining why re-entering TPP would avoid the potential loss of significant market share in Japan and the resulting effects on prices, said Steve Mercer, vice president of communications for U.S. Wheat Associates.

Trump withdrew from the TPP last year, promising to negotiate individual trade deals with the 11 other TPP members. Instead, they have decided to approve the trade treaty without the U.S. and have shown no interest in negotiating individual treaties.

Points the industry hopes to convey about TPP include:

Re-entering TPP would help protect the Japanese wheat market and help open new markets such as Vietnam, according to the fact sheet.

"American agriculture now counts on the president to re-engage on TPP and American wheat farmers, facing a calamity they would be hard-pressed to overcome, now depend on it," the fact sheet states.

Other activities are planned that will be closely tied to such events as the signing of the new TPP 11 agreement, slated for March 8 in Chile, Mercer said.

State organizations have been just as active, he said.

"We take this issue very seriously," he said. "It's going to take as many people as possible to build awareness and develop solutions that support the administration's goal of negotiating better deals for farmers and all Americans."

Matthew Weaver
Wheat Industry Increases Push to Convince Trump Administration to Re-enter TPP
Capital Press, February 23, 2018

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