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Northwest Conserved 254 Megawatts

by Becky Kramer
Spokesman Review, October 13, 2011

(bluefish notes: 254 aMW is roughly equivalent to the power output of one Lower Snake River dam.)

The Pacific Northwest had a record year for energy conservation in 2010, saving enough megawatts to provide power for 153,900 homes.

The 254 megawatts saved is the single largest one-year gain in energy efficiency in the past 30 years, surpassing the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's goal by 25 percent. The council tracks energy efficiency.

Ratepayers saved approximately $135 million from energy efficiencies. The savings are calculated based on surveys of the region's electric utilities, the Bonneville Power Administration and others.

About half of the savings occurred at commercial businesses and industries. Improvements to residential lighting accounted for another 28 percent. Replacing water heaters, furnaces, washers and other appliances with energy- efficient models accounted for another 18 percent. More than 90 energy-efficiency measures are tracked, including installation of programmable thermostats, adding insulation and replacing machinery.

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Becky Kramer
Northwest Conserved 254 Megawatts
Spokesman Review, October 13, 2011

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