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embarks on an Alaskan Adventure 2008 itineraries from Majestic America Line
<P align="left"> Majestic America Line, one of the world's premier river cruise lines and the largest cruising company in America, has announced its 2008 itineraries which include 238 departures to some of the most famous rivers in the United States. Majestic America Line's fleet of seven vessels will coast the waters of the Mississippi, Ohio and Alaska's stunning Inside Passage.

The 2008 line-up is a feast of American culture, history and natural wonders and covers America's Heartland and Lower Mississippi, the Columbia and Snake Rivers of the Pacific Northwest and the picturesque landscape of Alaska.

Alaska's Inside Passage
Travel the World and Majestic America Line are offering cruise-only prices from US$3,418 on the 7-night Alaska Adventure Cruise onboard the 223 passenger Empress of the North. The Juneau round trip includes the ports of Skagway, Glacier Bay National Park, Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell and Dawes Glacier. Along the way you will experience soaring mountains, massive glaciers and Alaskan native culture, making this a trip guaranteed to create lasting memories.

The Alaska Adventure Cruise has 18 departure dates from 10 May until 13 September 2008. Cruise-only prices start at US$3,418 per person twin share for an Outside Stateroom and US$3,718 for a Verandah Stateroom, and include all meals and entertainment whilst cruising.

Travellers onboard the elegant Empress of the North will enjoy modern facilities combined with 19th century charm. The appropriately named Paddlewheel Lounge is ideal to relax with a drink and live music, the 24-hour Calliope Bar & Grill caters for all tastes with self- serve casual dining, while the Romanov Dining Room serves up a full-service breakfast, lunch and five-course dinner.

America's Heartland and Lower Mississippi
Journey through America's heartland onboard the grand American Queen, the magnificent Mississippi Queen or the historic Delta Queen. The year long schedule departs from major ports such as New Orleans, Memphis, St Louis and St Paul and promises travellers the chance to soak up Cajun culture, marvel in the Tennessee and Cumberland River countryside and walk in the footsteps of American icon, Mark Twain.

Columbia and Snake Rivers of the Pacific Northwest
Boutique cruising options are available through the Pacific Northwest with passenger numbers limited to 223 or less on the Empress of the North, Queen of the West or Columbia Queen. There are 80 departures between March and December and highlights include the contrasting landscapes of lush rainforests and rolling wheat fields, cruising through eight locks and dams on the Columbia River Gorges and adventurous shore excursions such as a jet boat ride on Snake River and a visit to the awe-inspiring Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Observatory.

Travel the World can arrange individual packages to include flights, transfers and accommodation.
To obtain more information about Majestic America Line, please contact Travel the World on 02-8296 7075 or visit their website, www.traveltheworld.com.au

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