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CORPS: Ice Harbor Mooring
"Dolphin" Declared Hazardous

by Staff
Tri-City Herald, February 29, 2012

Burbank - A mooring structure one mile up from Ice Harbor Dam has been declared extremely hazardous after an Army Corps of Engineers inspection Tuesday.

Advanced American Constructing Inc. of Portland will remove it Saturday under a $33,000 contract, and in the meantime boats should steer clear.

Six mooring structures, called dolphins, make up the mooring facility on the north shore of the Snake River near Ice Harbor.

They are used to secure commercial barges waiting to use the navigation lock and to provide moorage for commercial river traffic in bad weather.

The fourth dolphin, which was installed in 1973, is close to structural failure and could be dislodged from its piling if it is hit by a barge or boat, according to the Corps.

It and the third and fifth dolphins were declared unsafe for use in February 2009 and marked with signs.

The first, second and sixth dolphins remain safe for use, according to the Corps

CORPS: Ice Harbor Mooring "Dolphin" Declared Hazardous
Tri-City Herald, February 29, 2012

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