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CSRIA Lays Out Financial Case
for Snake River Dams

by Glenn Vaagen
Washington Ag Network, November 20, 2019

Estimated Percentage of Crops by Type (from 2002 FR/EIS)
Crop % of Crop Type
Cottonwood/Poplar 23.2
Potatoes 14.9
Field Corn 13.5
Fruit Tree Orchards 11.1
Wheat 9.5
Vineyards 6.2
Sweet Corn 5.4
Onions 3
Undefined 13.2
Total 100
Because of the Columbia-Snake River ESA litigation, the study looking at the economic impact of removing the four lower Snake River dams, local irrigators have responded.

Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association has developed a Risk Mitigation Response Alternative to protect assets from adverse economic impacts caused by dam breaching and project pool draw downs. CSRIA said the Irrigation Sector assets are real, and dam breaching or pool draw down actions would critically impair pump station capabilities, agricultural production, and on-site processing operations. All of these direct economic impacts would have to be addressed under a responsible and market-based mitigation strategy.

The Association says if breached, the Ice Harbor/Upper McNary Pool Irrigation Sector impacts would hurt over 90-thousand acres, to a tune of between $446 and $622 million. CSRIA continued the combined BPA and state of Washington annual debt service would be about $24-$37 Million; for Ice Harbor/Upper McNary Pool, and those figures do not include the John Day Pool impacts.

Satellite image showing irrigated acreage near the Columbia and Snake River confluence (from CSRIA webpage) The CSRIA is prepared to discuss the Risk Mitigation Response Alternative with the Columbia River System Operations agency leadership, and Governor Inslee's Office.

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Glenn Vaagen
CSRIA Lays Out Financial Case for Snake River Dams
Washington Ag Network, November 20, 2019

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