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Award winning film RedFish BlueFish

  2003 Dahlonega International Film Festival
Best Editing in a Documentary

1999 International Wildlife Film Festival
Best Narration
Best Use of Music
Best Script, 2nd Place
Merit Award for Conservation Message
Special Jury Prize for Extraordinary Achievement

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  1998 World Population Film/Video Festival
Grand Prize
Global Vision Award

RedFish BlueFish begins with the story of the damming of a wild river, and expands to examine the broader problem of energy production, the philosophy behind Western culture, and perhaps the most fundamental conflict of this time: economy vs. ecology; with gripping natural cinematography.
- The Times-Independent

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Film Reviews

Trisha: I'm a bit biased as I studied Environment Sciences (all) and my research paper topic was about the Columbia River Dam project. Absolutely the best ecological video I've ever watched! It was creatively presented in many "layers"! It was stunning and emotional- had great musical overlays/segways blending ideas visually and verbally. Narrated intelligently, from a young boy who spoke to all generations.(which was great creatively- as his young voice innocently captures the attention of children =future and adults= now. Too many people(values,cultural norms=offspring=more people) on earth and are using up resources.In the end nature usually wins through catastrophic means- more processes and cycles. It is challenging to reach/educate the masses. I hope that most people could understand the vocabulary, as the concepts may have been tough for those without a good one. I loved it and am purchasing the video ASAP!

Gaylan (of Steelworkers Union): I enjoyed the film. The footage was beautiful. I wholly agree that repairing the damage done in the past will be much easier to accomplish if we begin to examine the causes for the damage in the first place. Saving the environment at the expense of working men and women will be possible, if you enrich the business community as you save the earth - this however, is not a desideratum. Steps must be taken to expand the use of informed democratic decision making processes if we are to prevent the destruction of our environment and stop the attack on the working class and poor. We are a business run society. Money and control drive every policy, even those policies that seemingly move in the best possible direction. Good decisions made for the wrong reasons only assist in concealing the illegitimacy of our current socioeconomic order.

Let's restore the salmon runs, while we question the legitimacy of the institutions that have brought us to this point. Who has more clout in DC, the inorganic institutions Alcoa, Kaiser, or Boeing, or the united voices of the NW's Native Americans?

No solution will be lasting or holistic if we continue to ignore the more serious questions of our societies.

Again, I enjoyed the film, and look forward to meeting you again.

Robert: Great video. I hope that something can be done before it is too late. As a native Idahoan I have regretted that I was never able to enjoy the Salmon when they were in abundance and took for granted that I would at some time in the future. We know Charlie Ray personally and glad to see Cecil Andrus joining in the cause. I have to put Andrus right up there with Frank Church because he is not afraid to take on sensitive issues. If I can assist in any way I would feel honored.

Jim(Teacher): Hey, my friend, I enjoyed the film very much. Cogito ergo sum remains a permanent tenant (tenet) in the overcrowded slum of my consciousness. Indeed, it's one of a handful of thoughts occupying the walls of my classroom. The translation of that thought into an evolving cinematic image -- the way water thinks and therefore is, the way an industrial society thinks and therefore is -- was, to my mind, as sophisticated as it was artistic. The sparseness of the voice-over allowed -- even demanded -- that the images take up the refrain. And using a child as a narrator added a useful texture, too. All honest thinking is naive, and it was pleasing to have important observations offered in a voice that seemed to be discovering them for the first time.

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RedFish BlueFish

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RedFish BlueFish script, songs, preview & order
Discussion forum
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Tutorial on the Salmon issue
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Award winning film RedFish BlueFish
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