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Multiple Wind Farm Proposals Explained

by Danica Lawrence
KIDK, November 4, 2010

(Steven Lane) Hundreds of wind turbines rise from the dryland wheat country of eastern Klickitat County, where wind farms are permitted outright under county zoning. The county has seen 624 of the 41-story turbines rise in the past four years. SOUTHEASTERN IDAHO - "This is the largest Wind Farm in Idaho," says Ridgeline Energy representative, Randy Gardner.

It took Ridgeline Energy eleven years to see it's Goshen North Wind farm Project up and spinning, and Friday, the four-mile stretch was complete.

"Ridgeline has a lot of people who have been putting their heart and soul into this, BP, Alternative Energy has brought a lot to this project," says Gardner.

There are 83 wind turbines at the Goshen North wind farm, but that's not it for Ridgeline Energy, they are hoping to build another 75 over at the Meadow Creek wind project, which is just east of the Goshen North one.

That's not the only proposed Wind Farm to Bonneville County Commissioners, UAMPS, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, also wants to build 67 wind turbines, 6 miles east of Bone Road.

Both proposals are under review. Ridgeline is also looking to build in Bingham County.

"Ridgeline took an application to Bingham County called Goshen South. We started the permit process about two years ago. It was appealed. We replied. It was appealed, got sent back to planning and zoning," explains Gardner.

Ridgeline wants to build 50 wind turbines there. Another company called Blue Ribbon Energy, wants to build another 50. In February, Bingham County commissioners did approve 33 wind turbines for a third company called Western Energy, but those are not built yet. Keep in mind Ridgeline Energy also has the Wolverine Creek wind farm, which splits between the two counties; 13 in Bingham and 30 in Bonneville.

Danica Lawrence
Multiple Wind Farm Proposals Explained
KIDK, November 4, 2010

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