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"The Columbia River used to have one of the largest salmon runs in the world. Idaho's Redfish Lake used to host 25,000 Sockeye Salmon spawning along its shores. Last year only one fish returned. One fish! What is the number for extinction? What is necessary for existence?"
- Jimmy Fairchild, Sixth Grade
narrates the film
RedFish BlueFish
Best Narration International Wildlife Film Festival
Don't Can It The Recycler's Handbook, 1990 The Earth Works Group
Ocean, Sun & Idaho's Salmon Patagonia, Fall 1999 David James Duncan
Harmony and Control Idaho Mountain Express, 9/27/00 by Dick Dorworth
Salmon Support 137 Other Species Environment News Service, 7/6/00 by Ed Hunt
To Save The Salmon Pamphlet, 9/97 Army Corps Engineers
Occurrences of the word "Sockeye" in FCRPS BiOp 2008 Supplemental Comprehensive Analysis, 5/5/8 by NOAA Fisheries
Officials Draw Line in the Water to Halt Quagga Mussels Capital Press, 9/1/11 by Sean Ellis
Unique Boat Wash System to Prevent Spread of Invasive Mussels Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/8/11 by Staff
Inspectors Find Quagga Mussel on Sailboat Near Flathead Lake Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/11/11 by Staff
Water Managers on Watch for Aquatic Invaders Capital Press, 2/25/11 by David Wilkins
Report: Mussel Invasion In Upper Snake Likely Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/16/10 by Staff
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WSU Study Shows Big Loss in Historic Columbia River Salmon Genetic Diversity The Chronicle, 2/8/18 by Staff
WSU Research Shows Dramatic Decline in Genetic Diversity of Columbia/Snake Chinook Salmon Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/12/18 by Staff
WSU Researchers Discover Shrinking Gene Pool Among Chinook Salmon Populations Spokesman-Review, 1/11/18 by Chad Sokol
Dramatic Decline in Genetic Diversity of Northwest Salmon Charted Science Blog, 1/11/18 by Staff
Pacific Northwest Salmon Are in Big Genetic Trouble Science Magazine, 1/10/18 by Robert F. Service
Salmon Help Their Offspring by Dying on the Spawning Grounds, 12/15/17 by Staff
Steelhead Trout Population Declines Linked with Poor Survival of Young Fish in the Ocean, 6/26/17 Canadian Science Publishing
Diversity Runs Through Idaho's Wild Steelhead Spokesman-Review, 9/14/16 by Rich Landers
Research Looks at How Cumulative Pathogens May Create More Hazards for Migrating Salmon Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/4/16 by Staff
Scientists Review "Critical Uncertainties" in Columbia Basin Fish/Wildlife Research Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/5/16 by Staff
Successful Salmon Homing Requires Both Olfactory Imprinting, Geomagnetic Navigation Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/22/16 by Staff
Study Shows Most Smolt-to-Adult Returns Not Enough for Recovery NW Fishletter, 1/4/16 by Laura Berg
2015 Salmon Survival Report Updates Smolt-to-Adult Return Data for Columbia/Snake Salmon Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/29/15 by Staff
Songbird Study Shows River Ecosystem Recovery After Dam Removal, Return of Salmon Nutrients Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/29/15 by Staff
Prelim Numbers Show High Juvenile Steelhead Passage Survival in 2014; Modeling Methods Reviewed Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/17/14 by Staff
Questions Over NOAA's Latest Juvenile Survival Analysis NW Fishletter, 10/23/14 by Bill Rudolph
Stream Temperature Variability: Why It Matters to Salmon Science Findings, 7/11/14 by Marie Oliver
Economists Suggest Ways to Improve Next F&W Program NW Fishletter, 4/3/14 by Bill Rudolph
Smolt-To-Adult Data Shows Gap Narrows Between Lower Snake In-River/Transport Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/20/13 by Staff
Latest Results from Corps' Annual Research Review NW Fishletter, 12/12/13 by Bill Rudolph
FPC Memo Defends CSS Spill Analysis NW Fishletter, 11/7/13 by Bill Rudolph
2013 Prelim Data: Chinook Survival from Above Lower Granite to Below Bonneville at 52.3% Columbia Basin Bulletin, 11/1/13 by Staff
Improving Salmon's Success in the Wild and Aquaculture Science Daily, 9/23/13 by Staff
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Dams, Altered Environment Have 'Elicited an Adaptive Response in Snake River Fall Chinook' Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/12/13 by Staff
Latest NMFS Analysis on Seasonal Barging Strategy NW Fishletter, 3/29/13 by Bill Rudolph
Review of NOAA Fisheries' Life-Cycle Models of Salmonid Populations in the Columbia River Basin NW Power & Conservation Council, 3/25/13 by Erik Merrill
The Density Dilemma: Limitations on Juvenile Production in Threatened Salmon Populations Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 2/25/13 Walters, Copeland, Venditti
The ISAB Weighs in on Fish Goals, Spill Benefits NW Fishletter, 11/12/12 by Bill Rudolph
Review of Salmon Survival Study: Smolt-to-Adult Return Goals Should be Reassessed Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/26/12 by Staff
Snake River Sockeye Broodstock Program Preserving Population's Genetic Diversity Columbia Basin Bulletin, 8/10/12 by Staff
Idaho Fish and Game Warns of Jaw Tags in Salmon KIVI TV, 6/28/12 by Jaclyn Brandt
Measuring the Salmon Data in the Streams of the Columbia River Basin The Oregonian, 6/23/11 by Scott Learn
New System Helps Explain Salmon Migration Science Daily, 1/15/10 by Staff
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Salmon Migration Mystery Explored on Clearwater River e! Science News, 9/12/7 by Nate Poppino
Dworshak & Brownlee Hydro Operations Science Policy Exchange, 9/12/7 by Greg Haller
Flow/Spill - Fall Chinook Migration Characteristics Science Policy Exchange, 9/12/7 by Jerry McCann
Survival Rates: In-river, Ocean and Climate Conditions Science Policy Exchange, 9/12/7 by Schaller & Petrosky
Linking Plume and Ocean to Salmon Growth and Survival Science Policy Exchange, 9/12/7 by Ed Casillas
Effects of a Removable Spillway Weir on Juvenile Salmon Science Policy Exchange, 9/12/7 by Adams, Plumb & Rondorf
Direct Survival of Migrating Salmonid Smolts Science Policy Exchange, 9/12/7 by Smith, Williams, Muir,
Zabel, Faulkner
Fish 'An Ally' Against Climate Change New Scientist, 1/16/9 by Catherine Brahic
Tribes Advance DNA Testing on Salmon The Seattle Times, 1/17/9 by Joseph Frazier
Is This Picture in Danger of Disappearing? The Daily Astorian, 12/26/8 by Michael Burkett
Amid Climate Change, Fish Struggle to Adapt The Spokesman-Review, 12/13/8 by Keith Chaplin
Transporting Juvenile Salmon Hinders Adult Migration Eureka Alert, 12/5/8 by Press Release
Spectrometer Reconstructs Historic Idaho Sockeye Runs ISU Headlines, 8/8 by Staff
Salmon Fossils Dated to 1 Million Years The Olympian, 10/19/6 by John Dodge
As the Chinook Go, So Go the Orcas Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/5/6 by Peggy Andersen
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Poor Returns for In-River Migrants in 2001 Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/26/3 by Barry Espenson
Preserving Salmon Biodiversity American Scientist by Levin & Schiewe
Supporting Dam Removal Letter to President Bill Clinton from 200+ Scientists
Urging Dam Removal Letter to President Bill Clinton from 200+ Scientists
Issue Papers Overview Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Sediment Considerations Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
The Ocean Influence Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Fish Health & Stress Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Genetics Perspective to Fitness Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Headwater Nutrient Loss Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Delayed Mortality Hypotheses Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
1950s and 1960s Productivity Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Ocean and Estuarine Predators Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Ocean and In-river Harvest Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Smolt Transportation Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Causes of Decline Idaho's Fish: Status & Recovery Idaho Fish & Game
Linking Delayed Mortality to Hydrosystem Experience American Fisheries Society, 2002 Budy, Thiede, Bouwes,
Petrosky & Schaller
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Hatchery Fish Can Crowd Out Wild Stock NW Fishletter, 7/22/3 by Bill Bakke
Scientists Rank Innovative Proposals Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/22/00 by Barry Espenson
Recovery Options for Chinook Salmon Nature, 11/3/00 by Kareiva & Marvier
PATH Updates Fall Chinook Findings Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/15/99 by Mike O'Bryant
IDFG, CRITFC Criticize A-Fish Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/17/99 by CBB staff
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Biologic Decision Analysis Conclusions, January 1999 Oregon Fish & Game
Where Salmon Die Idaho Farm Bureau News John McKern (ACOE)
New Approach in Idaho Underway to Better Direct Salmon Habitat Restoration, Measure Results Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/1/17 by Staff
Cattle Grazing Suspended on Two Parts of Central Idaho Miami Herald, 7/14/17 by Keith Ridler
Feds Suspend Grazing on East Fork Salmon Idaho Mountain Express, 7/12/17 by Greg Moore
Scientists OK Six Large Columbia Basin Habitat Projects, with Caveats NW Fishletter, 4/3/16 by Laura Berg
Nez Perce Helping to Purchase Easement to Provide Habitat for Spawning Salmon Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/9/16 by Staff
Idaho Power River Restoration Project Nears Completion Idaho Press-Tribune, 11/16/16 by Olivia Weitz
Pole Creek Gets More Conservation Protection Idaho Mountain Express, 10/14/16 by Greg Moore
Stanley Firefighters Extinguish Two Wildfires Challis Messenger, 8/4/16 by Todd Adams
Council Looks at Past Efforts Before Preparing Fish RM&E Plan NW Fishletter, 8/1/16 by Laura Berg
Restoration at Yankee Fork Resumes Idaho Mountain Express, 1/15/16 by Greg Moore
Fish Restoration Resumes on Yankee Fork Challis Messenger, 1/14/16 by Gannet News Service
Fish Restoration Work Resumes in Yankee Fork Times-News, 1/12/16 by Gannet News Service
Middle Fork Could Regain Role as Salmon Nursery Idaho Mountain Express, 26/2/16 by Greg Moore
Cold Headwater Streams Appear Least Vulnerable to Climate Change, Offer Refuge for Cold Water Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/8/16 by Staff
Study: Intensive, Long-Term Monitoring Key to Determining Effects of Habitat Restoration Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/5/16 by Staff
Salmon River Ranch Protected Idaho Mountain Express, 1/13/16 by Staff
Conservation Easement Preserves Historic Ellis Ranch KMVT, 1/12/16 by DeSiree Fawn
Idaho Ups Water Enforcement Efforts Capital Press, 12/2/16 by Sean Ellis
Washington Orchard Accused of Water Theft Capital Press, 12/3/15 by Don Jenkins
Study: Habitat Restoration Projects Often Fail to Target Highest Priority Needs for Ecosystem,Salmon Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/4/15 by Staff
Salmon Habitat Protected in Eastern Idaho Conservation Easement KIRO TV, 7/30/15 by Keith Ridler
Forest Plans Fish Habitat Project at Yankee Fork Idaho Mountain Express, 7/8/15 by Bart Gamett
Fighting for Idaho's Anadromous Fish Moscow-Pullman Daily News, 6/28/15 by Associated Press
Workshop Takes a Look at How Wildfires May Help Or Hurt Columbia Basin Salmon Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/22/15 by Staff
Fish Recovery Efforts May be Limited by Habitat Constraints NW Fishletter, 3/6/15 by Bill Rudolph
Gold Mine Plan in Central Idaho Wilderness Draws Objections Washington Times, 3/22/15 by Keith Ridler
Report States Need to Protect Rivers Idaho Mountain Express, 3/4/15 by Staff
Independent Science Board: 'Density Dependence,' Diminished Habitat Constraining Salmon Recovery Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/27/15 by Staff
Monument Could Help Salmon Recovery Idaho Mountain Express, 2/25/15 by Betsy Mizell
Spawning, Rearing Habitats Not Always The Same Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/12/14 by Staff
Animal Training Can Benefit Water Quality Capital Press, 11/21/14 by Doug Warnock
Fuel Reduction Project Near Redfish Lake Seeks Comments Times-News, 10/13/14 by Tetona Dunlap
Forest Thinning Project Proposed for Redfish Idaho Mountain Express, 10/13/14 by Greg Moore
Flows Adjusted for Chinook Salmon Idaho Mountain Express, 10/10/14 by Staff
Building Bridges for Fish BPA Journal, 10/14 by Staff
Idaho, BPA Reach $40 Million Deal on Wildlife Mitigation Funding Idaho Statesman, 9/23/14 by Governor "Butch" Otter
Biologists Focus on Revitalizing the River Connections, 8/14 by Idaho Power
Conservation Sales Protect Salmon Habitat, Wilderness Idaho Statesman, 8/22/14 by Rocky Barker
Juvenile Salmon Growth Study Highlights Stream Habitat/Temperature/Food Complexities Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/18/14 by Staff
In Upper Salmon, A Project for Fish Idaho Mountain Express, 4/23/14 by Greg Moore
Study of 91 Stream Restoration Projects Shows Most Increase Over-Wintering Capacity for Salmon Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/4/14 by Staff
Feds Spent $392M to Manage Idaho Ground Capital Press, 2/7/14 by Heather Smith Thomas
Feds Spent $392M to Manage Idaho Ground Capital Press, 10/9/13 by Associated Press
Researchers, Tribes Detail Climate's Effects on Salmon Capital Press, 10/8/13 by Steve Brown
Newest Fish Plan Adds More Habitat Actions NW Fishletter, 9/19/13 by Bill Rudolph
Draft Plan Details Actions to Benefit Fish BPA Journal, 9/13 by Staff
Draft Report Shows Gains for Fish BPA Journal, 8/13 by Staff
The Heat Is On For Salmon Idaho Statesman, 8/3/13 by Rocky Barker
Columbia System Gets Hotter and Deadly for Salmon and Steelhead Idaho Statesman, 7/30/13 by Rocky Barker
Fire at Redfish Lake Closes Campsites, Lodge Times News, 7/24/13 by Kimberlee Kruesi
Fire Continues to Burn near Redfish Lake Times News, 7/23/13 by Kimberlee Kruesi
Idaho Town, Farmers Aim to Bust Dam to Help Fish ABC News, 7/16/13 by John Miller
New Science Could Benefit Sockeye Idaho Statesman, 6/5/13 by Rocky Barker
Army Corps Wants Cattle Off Its Land Capital Press, 4/23/13 by Matthew Weaver
Panel Says Stick with Expensive Habitat Monitoring Programs NW Fishletter, 4/18/13 by Bill Rudolph
Makeover Planned for Tucannon River Lewiston Tribune, 3/17/13 by Eric Barker
Native Plants get a Boost at Hells Gate The Missoulian, 1/11/13 by Eric Barker
Council Launches Review of Columbia Basin Fish Habitat Projects Funded by BPA Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/7/12 by Staff
Salmon Study Predicts Trouble for Idaho Fish NWCN, 11/6/12 by Associated Press
Listen Salmon the Focus of Northwest Rivers Initiative Northwest Public Radio, 10/30/12 by Aaron Kunz
Skeptical Ranchers Mark Salmon Project's 20th Year Capital Press, 7/22/12 by John Miller
Forest Service Purchasing 1,481 Acres Along Imnaha River Wallowa County Chieftain, 4/6/12 by Staff
Forest Service Buys Small Parcels in ID, OR, and WA National Public Radio, 4/9/12 by Amelia Templeton
Estimating Fish Benefits from Habitat Actions may Take Decades NW Fishletter, 1/19/12 by Bill Rudolph
Council Recommends BPA Funding For 8-Year, $10 Million Tucannon Project Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/14/11 by Staff
Measuring the Salmon Data in the Streams of the Columbia River Basin The Oregonian, 6/23/11 by Scott Learn
Salmon Abundance Brings Productivity of Riparian Plant Life Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/25/11 by Staff
Researchers Test Feasibility of Trucking Returning Sockeye Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/9/10 by Staff
Monster Trucks are Headed for the Columbia & Snake River Blue Oregon, 8/10 by Staff
Wanted: Salmon, Dead and Wanted: Salmon, Dead and Alive Idaho State Journal, 6/13/10 by Scott Collins
Project Aims At Restoring Fish Habitat in SF Salmon River Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/11/10 by Staff
Nez Perce Sue Over Irrigation Plan Capital Press, 6/10/10 by Associated Press
Tucannon River and Pataha Creek Water Quality Report Department of Ecology, 4/15/10 by Jani Gilbert
Three-way Grazing Argument Centers on Steelhead Capital Press, 4/3/10 by Mateusz Perkowski
Property Acquired to Benefit Salmon, Agriculture The Nature Conservancy, 2/23/10 by Staff
Evaluating Relationship Between Roadways, Restoration University Arizona, 9/1/9 by La Monica Everett-Haynes
Biologists at Bonneville Track Heat around Salmon Habitat KUOW, 8/14/9 by Tom Banse
Tucannon Lakes may be Lost if Repairs are Not Made The Seattle Times, 7/27/9 by John Trumbo
Idaho gets Nearly $200K for Water Quality Work Capital Press, 5/21/9 by Associated Press
Conservationists in Deal to Protect Salmon Habitat KIVI TV, 4/28/9 by Associated Press
Environmental Groups say Idaho Gravel Mine Violates Laws Idaho Statesman, 4/27/9 by Rocky Barker
Nature Conservancy Uses Funds to Protect Salmon Habitat Idaho Statesman, 3/23/9 by Rocky Barker
Otter: Give Us Credit for Billions Spent on Salmon Effort Idaho Statesman, 3/11/9 by Rocky Barker
Couple Protects 160 Acres in Pahsimeroi Valley Idaho Mountain Express, 2/4/9 by Jason Kauffman
New Strategy Targets Abundant Salmon Runs KOMO News, 9/14/8 by Associated Press
At Hanford Reach, Nuclear Plant Preserved Nature The Seattle Times, 8/23/8 by Linda Shaw
Mine, Environmentalists Hail ID Cobalt Mine Deal The Seattle Times, 8/18/8 by Todd Dvorak
Conservation Group Strikes Deal with Mining Company Idaho Statesman, 8/14/8 by Rocky Barker
Seeking Solutions for the Clearwater KLEW TV, 5/30/8 by Matt Loveless
Loan Propels Project Argus Observer, 4/8/8 by Larry Meyer
Projects to Make Travel Easier for Fish on Touchet River Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 4/5/8 by Carrie Chicken
Most Columbia Water Users Agree to Report Diversions The News Tribune, 9/4/7 by Staff
Ecology Monitoring Irrigation Water from Columbia River KNDO/KNDU, 9/3/7 by Staff
Bonneville County Is Getting Rid of Salt Cedar Environmental News Net, 9/3/7 by Staff
Hardiness Map Shifts with Climate Capital Press, 8/17/7 by Dave Wilkins
Conifer Losses Alarm Residents Idaho Mountain Express, 4/18/7 by Sabina Dana Plasse
Students Work to Return Cool Water to Lapwai Creek Indian Country, 6/4/6 by Brad Gary
Idaho, Feds Agree on New Forest Program Capital Press, 11/3/6 by Pat McCoy
'Following Salmon Science' Not Easy Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11/2/6 by Robert McClure
Flathead System a Control for Salmon Studies The Daily Inter Lake, 9/20/6 by Jim Mann
How Ripe is the Bug-Killed Kindling for Wildfires? Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 9/7/6 by Shannon Dininny
Agencies Working to Fix Bark-Beetle Problems Idaho Mountain Express, 9/6/6 by Wiggins & Troyer
Miles of Fencing Going Up in White Clouds Idaho Mountain Express, 9/1/6 by Jason Kauffman
Trailhead Fire Threatens Stanley Idaho Mountain Express, 8/25/6 by Steve Benson
Beetle 'Epidemic' Rends Northwest Forests Environmental News Net, 3/24/6 by Associated Press
Low to Moderate Pesticide Runoff in Basin Project Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/2/6 by Shannon Dininny
Report: One-fourth of Idaho's Water Marred The Olympian, 1/20/6 by Staff
Energy Will Wait to Ship Nuclear Waste to WA Site Environmental News Network,1/10/6 by Shannon Dininny
Help Salmon, Plant a Shrub Seattle Post-Intelligencer,12/29/5 by Lisa Stiffler
Idaho Water Quality Work on Schedule Capital Press, 12/23/5 by Patricia McCoy
Group Says Snake River Deficient in Dirt Baker City Herald, 11/29/5 by Jayson Jacoby
Salmon Plans Heard at Workshop Union-Bulletin, 4/22/5 by Andy Porter
Protecting Timber Industry Against Legal Action Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/10/5 by McClure & Stiffler
'Critical Habitat' for Salmon in Peril The Columbian, 1/9/5 by Erik Robinson
Conservation Security Watersheds Named Capital Press, 11/12/4 by Patricia McCoy
Idaho Salmon Recovery may get Federal Boost Lewiston Tribune, 9/17/4 by Staff
Salmon Recovery Board Has Public Workshop Lewiston Tribune, 9/12/4 by Staff
Salmon River Cleanup Volunteers Needed Idaho Mountain Express, 9/8/4 by Staff
Salmon Float Restrictions Revised Idaho Mountain Express, 8/11/4 by Greg Stahl
Beetles Eat at Sawtooth Pines in Natural Cycle Idaho Statesman, 7/21/4 by Rocky Barker
SNRA Battles Pine Beetle "Epidemic" KBCI TV, 7/20/4 by Jon Hanian
Global Warming's Unlikely Harbingers High Country News, 7/19/4 by Michelle Nijhuis
Pine Beetle Infestation Creates Fire Danger Times-News, 5/30/4 by Jennifer Sandmann
Subbasin Plans, Issues Out for Comment Columbia Basin Bulletin,10/15/4 by Barry Espenson
One-Fourth Subbasin Plans Scientifically Sound Columbia Basin Bulletin, 8/27/4 by Barry Espenson
Subbasin Plans Make Deadline Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/4/4 by Barry Espenson
Agreement Could Set Water Rights for Idaho Columbia Basin Bulletin, 8/27/4 by CBB staff
$117,000 Goes to Restore Stream Banks Capital Press, 7/30/4 by Staff
Sportsmen Thumbs Down on Bush Rule Lewiston Tribune, 7/15/4 by Associated Press
Water Settlement Would Affect Logging Lewiston Tribune, 6/11/4 by Eric Barker
Forest Officials Hope to Reduce Fire Risk Lewiston Tribune, 6/8/4 by Eric Barker
Feds Suspend Take Permits for 'No Surprises' Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/18/4 by CBB staff
Cooperation Brings Success to Grand Ronde Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/4/4 by CBB staff
Court Declines Appeal of Water Diversions Lewiston Tribune, 5/4/4 by Staff
PNW Watersheds Chosen for Conservation Capital Press, 5/21/4 by Mitch Lies
Idaho Receives New Salmon Money Capital Press, 4/9/4 by Patricia McCoy
Idaho Landowners Eligible for Habitat Money Lewiston Tribune, 4/6/4 by Eric Barker
Judge: BLM Must Consult Over Diversions Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/2/4 by CBB staff
Gorge Comm. Closing In on Land Use Rules, 2/25/3 by Associated Press
Council: Subbasin Plan 'Response Loop' Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/20/4 by Barry Espenson
Flaws and Strengths of First Subbasin Plan Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/13/4 by Barry Espenson
Nez Perce Sue Over Logging Proposal Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/23/4 by CBB staff
Environmentalists Challenge Timber Sale Lewiston Tribune, 1/8/4 by Eric Barker
'Water Transactions' Improves Flows for Fish Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/12/3 by Barry Espenson
States, Tribes Asked for Habitat Info for BiOp Columbia Basin Bulletin, 12/5/3 by Bill Crampton
Ranchers Make Wildlife-Friendly Compromises Idaho Farm Bureau Quarter, 11/3 by John Thompson
Judge: Logging Needs Pollution Permits Post Register, 10/17/3 by David Kravets
Feds Want Big Cuts in Grazing of Whiteclouds Idaho `, 10/16/3 by Staff
Stream Projects to Benefit Endangered Fish Idaho Mountain Express, 10/15/3 by Greg Stahl
Kempthorne Signs on Species Protection Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/17/3 by CBB staff
Governor Signs Fish Deal Post Register, 10/14/3 by Kathleen O'Neil
Idaho Signs Conservation Pact Idaho State Journal, 10/10/3 by Associated Press
State Signs Pact to Help Aid Salmon Recovery The Idaho Statesman, 10/9/3 by Staff
Salmon Restoration Begins with Habitat The Columbian, 8/21/3 by Erik Robinson
NOAA Releases Habitat Improvement BIOP Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/11/3 by Mike O'Bryant
Spending Bills Keep Salmon Recovery Flat Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/18/3 by CBB staff
$5 Million Approved for Channel Deepening Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/18/3 by CBB staff
USFWS Award Millions in Conservation Grants Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/18/3 by CBB staff
Habitat Document Available Capital Press, 7/18/3 by Staff
BPA, Others Fund Purchase of Asotin Land Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/18/3 by CBB staff
Bills Give Funding Boost for FWS ESA Work Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/18/3 by CBB staff
Buy Expands Asotin Creek Wildlife Area Lewiston Tribune, 7/17/3 by Eric Barker
Funding Fish Screens on Non-Federal Facilities Capital Press, 7/4/2 by Larry Swisher
USFWS Gives Landowners Incentives Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/27/3 by CBB staff
Bill Allows Rec Bureau to Fund Off-Site Work Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/27/3 by CBB staff
NPCC Approves $2 Million for 11 Subbasins Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/9/3 by Barry Espenson
USFWS Unveils Fish Passage Support System Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/20/3 by CBB staff
Water Temperature History Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/23/3 by Gene Spangrude
Scientists Outline Difficulties in Determining NW Fishletter, 4/15/3 by Bill Rudolph
Study: Importance of Nutrients for Salmon NW Fishletter, 4/15/3 by Bill Rudolph
Legislation Would Free BuRec BiOp Work Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/11/3 by Mike O'Bryant
Economics Board Reviews Clearwater Plan Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/11/3 by Mike O'Bryant
ID Judge Rejects Lawsuit Filed over HCP Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/4/3 by CBB staff
WDFW Loses Funds for Upland Restoration Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/4/3 by CBB staff
Model Helps Choose Watershed Projects Columbia Basin Bulletin, 4/4/3 by CBB staff
BPA Helps Salmon Passage on Lemhi River Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/21/3 by CBB staff
ID May Net $20 Million for Salmon Recovery Idaho Statesman, 3/16/2 by Staff
USFWS: $5 Million in Grants for Habitat Columbia Basin Bulletin, 3/3/3 by CBB staff
U.S. Unveils Plan for Columbia Basin Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/24/3 by Associated Press
Council Earmarks $1 Million for Subbasins Columbia Basin Bulletin, 2/21/3 by Staff
Council's Project Funding for Five Provinces Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/20/2 by Barry Espenson
Salmon Return to Ancestral Spawning Beds Idaho Mountain Express, 8/14/2 by Greg Stahl
Water Metering Ordered Tri-City Herald, 7/3/2 by Mike Lee
Improving Water Quality in the Lemhi River Idaho Farm Bureau News, 7/2 by Staff
House Bill Would Protect 13 Million Acres Columbia Basin Bulletin, 6/7/2 by Staff
Officials Propose New Floating Permits Idaho Mountain Express, 4/24/2 by Greg Stahl
Habitat Projects Could Get $26.3 Million Lewiston Tribune, 4/1/2 by Associated Press
Plan: Drop 14,000 Salmon Carcasses Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11/15/1 by News Service
Forests & Salmon Depend On Each Another Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 9/28/1 by United Press Intl.
Tribes Target State Road Culverts Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1/16/1 by Associated Press
Oregon Feeds Carcasses to Salmon The Oregonian, 11/3/00 by Jonathan Brinckman
Russian River may be Key to NW Fish The Daily Interlake, 3/2/00 by Jim Mann
Fish's Role in Ecosystem Recycling Seattle Times, 2/6/00 by Jeff Barnard
Ultimate Sacrifice New Scientist, 9/6/97 Sharon Levy
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ACOE Gets Earful about Sediment Problems Lewiston Tribune, 2/16/7 by Eric Barker
Comments Sought on Lower Snake River Dredging Plan Dredging Today, 1/12/13 by Staff
EPA Forms Posse to Fix 'Broken' Endangered Species Regulations to Speed Pesticide Approval Washinton Examiner, 1/31/18 by John Siciliano
Organizations Working to Clean Up Oil Spill in Columbia River Estuary Near Astoria Columbia Basin Bulletin, 1/26/18 by Staff
Cleaning Up Columbia River Oil Spill Could Take Weeks Greenwire, 1/23/18 by Staff
Watch Astoria Oil Spill Cleanup Could Take Weeks The Oregonian, 1/22/18 by Anna Marum
Listen NOAA says Pesticides Killing Northwest Salmon, Orca Public News Service, 1/12/18 by Eric Tegethoff
Oil Spills into Snake River at Lower Monumental Dam Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 1/12/18 by Staff
Oil Spills into Snake River in Franklin County Tri-City Herald, 1/11/18 by Annette Cary
NTSB Issues Report on 2016 Columbia River Bulker Grounding Marine Link, 1/19/18 by Joseph Keefe
Coast Guard Responds to Bulk Carrier Aground in Columbia River near Crims Island Tillamook County Pioneer, 12/16/17 by Staff
Grain Freighter Runs Aground on Columbia The Oregonian, 12/15/17 by Allan Brettman
Yakama Nation Demands Accountability for Columbia River Sewage Spills KUOW, 9/27/17 by Ericka Cruz Guevarra
Drill, Baby, Drill: Agencies Practice Emergency Response to Columbia River Oil Spill East Oregonian, 9/27/17 by George Plaven
742 Gallons of Oil Dripped into Snake River near Kahlotus Tri-City Herald, 8/9/17 by Annette Cary
Corps Confirms Oil Leak at 810-MW Lower Monumental Hydro HydroWorld, 8/9/17 by Elizabeth Ingram
Corps: Oil Leaked from Dam into Snake River Over 7 Months U.S. News & World Reports, 8/9/17 by Associated Press
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Narrow Inlet Could House Piles of Sediment Portland Tribune, 4/21/14 by Steve Law
No More 'Wait and See' at Hanford Nuclear Site: Guest opinion The Oregonian, 4/14/14 by Brett VandenHeuvel
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Toxic Waters: Focus Should be Clean Up, Not Do Not Eat, Tribal Leaders Say Indian Country, 1/12/14 by Terri Hansen
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Either a Major Victory or a Devastating Defeat, Over Wastewater Treatment Plan Pacific Northwest Inlander, 7/25/13 by Daniel.Walters
Cooperative Conducts Oil Spill-Response Practice at Port of Longview The Daily News, 7/18/13 by Erik Olson
Watch Hanford Officials Hid Leak Evidence from Advisory Panel King 5 News, 5/21/13 by Susannah Frame
NRC: Feds Need Coordinated, Common Approach for Pesticides' Impacts on ESA Species Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/3/13 by Staff
Portland Harbor Companies Ask EPA to Drop $125,500 Superfund Fine Columbia Basin Bulletin, 5/1/13 by Aaron Mesh
Agency Fines Portland Harbor Interests $125,000 Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 4/17/13 by Associated Press
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EPA Criticizes Clean-Up Study for Portland Harbor Superfund Site Oregon Public Broadcasting, 1/24/13 by Amelia Templeton
Colville Tribes Claim Columbia River Pollution Court Win PS Business Journal, 12/17/12 by Staff
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State Study Finds Columbia Water 'Generally Good' Capital Press, 11/27/13 by Mitch Lies
Pesticide Makers ask Court to Overturn Restrictions Capital Press, 11/1/12 by Mateusz Perkowski
Agencies Disagree on Buffers Capital Press, 11/1/12 by Mateusz Perkowski
OR Commission Rejects Pesticide Restriction Petition, says Several Programs Addressing Issue Columbia Basin Bulletin, 11/9/12 by Staff
As Ongoing Project, Columbia Riverkeeper Collects Toxin Data in Fish Caught by Anglers Columbia Basin Bulletin, 10/26/12 by Staff
Toxic Algae Warning Issued for Little Goose Dam Tri-City Herald, 10/3/12 by Staff
Court Rules Against Clark Co. in Polluted Runoff Case KOIN Local 6, 9/25/12 by Associated Press
Teck Resources Admits it Polluted Columbia River in US Environmental Leader, 9/17/12 by Staff
Teck Metals Concedes Canada Smelter Leached Heavy Metals into Upper Columbia River Columbia Basin Bulletin, 9/14/12 by Staff
Mining Company Teck Admits Polluting U.S. Waters; Damage to be Assessed The Province, 9/10/12 by Dene Moore
Teck Resources Admits Polluting Columbia River in U.S. Vancouver Sun, 9/11/12 by Gordon Hoekstra
Canadian Mining Company Admits Pollution Spokesman-Review, 9/10/12 by Staff
Teck Admits to Polluting River Over Course of Century The Nelson Daily, 9/10/12 by Kyra Hoggan
Canadian Smelter Refines its Legal Case with Admission Seattle Times, 8/13/12 by Lance Dickie
Colville Tribe, Teck go to Court Over Columbia River Pollution Seattle Times, 8/12/12 by Staff
Portland Harbor Cleanup is Too Important to Get Hung Up on Fine Print The Oregonian, 8/3/12 by Editorial Board
Portland Harbor Cleanup Dispute Centers on Fish Consumption Oregon Public Broadcasting, 7/31/12 by Bonnie Stewart
Lower Willamette Group Not Complying with Superfund Cleanup Order for Portland Harbor The Oregonian, 7/31/12 by Scott Learn
Tribes Work to Raise Awareness of Consumer-Product Pollution in Columbia River System Indian Country Today, 7/2/12 by Terri Hansen
Copper Exposure Damages Salmon's Sense of Smell, Less Able to Detect Predators Columbia Basin Bulletin, 7/13/12 by Staff
Barge Owner Guilty of Polluting Columbia River KGW, 7/12/12 by Associated Press
WA Scrap Dealer Pleads Guilty in Botched Salvage of Barge Davy Crockett The Oregonian, 7/12/12 by Scott Learn
Governors Unite to Remove Derelict Vessels from Columbia Bend Bulletin, 7/1/12 by Rachel La Corte
Washington State may Change Fish Consumption Estimate Wenatchee World, 6/19/12 by Associated Press
Lots of Fish, Lots of Toxins; Officials Looking to Change That Yakima Herald, 6/18/12 by Phil Ferolito
Nine-City Study Reveals What's Contaminating the Columbia River The Daily News, 6/16/12 by Natalie St. John
Columbia's Needs Go Beyond Salmon Recovery Oregon Public Broadcasting, 6/1/12 by Cassandra Profita
Hanford's Latest Insult to Taxpayers