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State Fish and Wildlife Columbia
River Regional Fishing Reports

by Mark Yuasa
Seattle Times, March 1, 2015

Fishing for Columbia River salmon from the bank and from a boat are both popular activities in the Pacific Northwest. SALMON AND STEELHEAD

Cowlitz River -- 10 boat anglers kept 4 hatchery winter run steelhead and released 2. 39 bank anglers kept 3 hatchery winter run steelhead.

Lower Columbia mainstem from the I-5 Bridge downstream -- Last week we sampled 276 salmonid anglers (including 67 boats) with 2 adult spring Chinook and 6 steelhead. Both of the adult spring Chinook and 4 of the 6 (67%) of the steelhead were kept.

The Dalles and John Day pools -- Light effort and no catch observed for steelhead.

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Lower Hanford Reach Steelhead Fishery -- WDFW staff estimates that 838 anglers fished for steelhead in the Hanford Reach (Hwy. 395 to Hanford) in February. WDFW technicians interviewed 152 anglers with 52 steelhead. The majority of the steelhead were caught and harvested by the boat anglers. Fishing picked up in February and should continue to improve through the month of March.

Based on the sampling data, an estimated 285 steelhead were caught in February of which 204 hatchery steelhead were harvested. Catch and harvest this February was very similar to last year and well above the ten-year average (catch=168, harvest=103). This season, 5,255 anglers have fished for steelhead in the Hanford Reach catching 1,437 steelhead and harvesting 1,044 hatchery steelhead.

Anglers fishing in the Columbia River near Ringold Springs Hatchery averaged 10.7 hours per steelhead during the month of February. Boat anglers had the best catch per hour at 8.3 hours of fishing per steelhead. 85% of the steelhead landed have been clipped hatchery origin steelhead.

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Mark Yuasa
Oregon Fish and Wildlife Columbia River Regional Fishing Reports
Seattle Times, March 1, 2015

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