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Sockeye Steaming in to Stanley,
Second Largest Run Since 1975

by Roger Phillips
Idaho Statesman, August 22, 2011

(Greg Gilbert, Seattle Times staff photographer) A knot of adult Sockeye in preparation for spawning What a difference a few years makes. There's been 286 sockeye returned to Stanley so far in 2011, and it already feels routine to see that many back. The counts over Lower Granite have only exceeded 200 fish five times since 1983. That's just across the dam, not all the way to Stanley. Since 2008, the annual sockeye counts over Lower Granite have been 909, 1,219, 2,201, and 1,496 (so far this year with a few more fish trickling in).

Before that, the runs varied from zero in 1990 to 531 in 1976, which was the second year after counting started at Lower Granite.

There's a whole lot of biology and politics wrapped up in sockeye and Idaho's other endangered or threatened wild salmon and steelhead runs, but seeing those sockeye numbers spiking for several years in a row is good news. Let's hope it continues.

Some is way better than none. Submitted by Phisto on Mon, 08/22/2011 - 4:40pm.
However, I will not celebrate until we can put 3 or 4 zeros behind the current number. It is time for the Corp to get serious about recovery, and remove the lower snake dams.

BS Submitted by Steve_ID on Mon, 08/22/2011 - 9:22pm.
There is no way that the runs will ever reach those kind of numbers even if the dams are removed. Redfish Lake can't handle those kind of numbers and I highly doubt that numbers of Sockeye returning to Redfish have ever been much more than what have been recently returning. Removing the Snake River dams would have no bearing at all over the Sockeye that return to Redfish since they head up the Salmon River before they reach the first dam on the Snake. I would at least try and get your facts straight before opening your trap.

Full of yourself dude. Submitted by Galena on Mon, 08/22/2011 - 11:20pm.
You haven't been living in Idaho that long have ya?

1- Ya really believe the numbers of fish returning haven't historically been more than what we have currently? Where were you in the 60s? 50s? 40s?

2- What are talking about with the 'Fish go up the Salmon before the dams on the snake'???????? The above poster said LOWER SNAKE RIVER DAMS.... and theres 4 of em' downstream of the salmon on the snake. I promise amigo.

And then you got the nerve to tell a fella to shut his 'trap' and quit telling 'lies'.

Welcome to Idaho. Learn a little geography and history while yer at it.

Humble pie. Enjoy!

Roger Phillips
Sockeye Steaming in to Stanley, Second Largest Run Since 1975
Idaho Statesman, August 22, 2011

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