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Steelhead are Safe When I'm Around

by Pete Zimowsky
Bellingham Herald, October 13, 2010

Steelhead fishing is always good when I'm not there. The reports coming out of the Salmon River near Riggins from White Bird upstream to Shepp Ranch are darn good.

Anglers are even catching steelhead in the Little Salmon River, even though it sounds like it's a trickle with low flows.

I had some buddies who nailed some steelhead in Hells Canyon last weekend.

Hunting's going to have to take a backseat to steelheading, for sure.

Back to the Salmon River. Flows in the river at White Bird are at about 4,700 cfs, which is ideal for back-trolling.

I love it when there's enough cushion going over rocks on the right side of Blackhawk Rapids so you don't ding up your drift boat.

Plugs like Hot Shots and Hot N' Tots are popular, especially in metallic colors. Some anglers swear by rattling plugs.

Not the snake, but the plugs with rattles inside.

Just a warning: I'm going to be on the Salmon River later this month, so expect the fishing to take a dive.

Triple header: If you're into reservoir fishing you might want to try a triple-header in the Cascade area. Lake Cascade, Warm Lake and Horsethief Reservoir have turned on for fall fishing.

Plan a camping trip in that neck of the woods and try out all three places. You're bound to hit it right at one of those areas.

See the fishing report for more details.

Trout sandwich: I had to let you know about this tidbit. I got it from Idaho Fish and Game's Magic Valley Region.

Magic Reservoir expert Don Harpmen recommends the following rig for the reservoir's trout. He calls it a "Magic Sandwich."

Get a No. 18 treble hook on a 3-foot leader and add one piece of corn, a nightcrawler and a small marshmallow on the barbs.

Trout have strange tastes.

Pete Zimowsky
Steelhead are Safe When I'm Around
Bellingham Herald, October 13, 2010

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