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Sockeye Count Hits 165

by Staff
Wood River Journal, August 23, 2000

Idaho Fish and Game biologists had predicted 100 sockeye salmon would return to the Sawtooth Basin this summer. The figure as of August 11 stodd at 165 of the endangered salmon successfully navigating the 900-mile journey from the Pacific to Redfish Lake. ( bluefish calculates a 0.115% Smolt to Adult Ratio)

The sockeye run, which left Idaho as smolts in 1998, this year far outpaces any recent return, according to IDFG officials and is larger than the total of all runs since placed on the federal endangered species list.

In 1998, an estimated 143,000 sockeye smolts left the Sawtooth Valley en route to the Pacific Ocean. 81,000 yearling smolts were released for the 900-mile journey. Joining this small army, 60,000 other smolts migrated from Redfish, Alturas and Petit lakes; 2000 other wild or natural smolts also made the downriver journey.

Fisheries biologist Paul Kline said most of the adults will be released to spawn naturally in the three lakes, while 10 or 20 may be kept an incorporated into the spawning program at other Idaho hatcheries.

Sockeye Count Hits 165
Wood River Journal, August 23, 2000

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