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Columbia River Salmon and
Steelhead Returns Updated

Mark Yuasa
Seattle Times, September 17, 2007

The Columbia River's Washington and Oregon Fish and Wildlife Technical Advisory Committee has updated some fish runs today.

The Upriver Bright (URB) fall chinook run size to 206,000 adults at the river mouth. The pre-season forecast was 269,700. TAC also thinks that the URB run is early.

Adult fall chinook counts at Lower Granite Dam are no longer tracking at similar levels to 2008 but they are still higher than average. Jack returns to Lower Granite Dam are still at record levels with a peak jack count of over 2,158 on Sept. 14.

Adult coho passage at Bonneville Dam through Sept. 15 totals 106,189 fish. Coho passage is typically 50 percent complete on Sept. 15.

TAC has updated the Group A steelhead run to 565,000 fish compared to the preseason forecast of 278,900 at Bonneville Dam.

The Group B steelhead run is expected to be smaller than the forecast (56,900) with a run size of between 40,000 and 50,000 at Bonneville.

The overall summer steelhead run may still be close to the record run of 630,200 fish observed in 2001.

Mark Yuasa
Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Returns Updated
Seattle Times, September 17, 2007

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