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Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Report

by Alan Liere
Spokesman Review, November 7, 2008

Steelhead action on the Clearwater was slow last week, with anglers averaging a fish every 14 hours. This year saw some of the best ocean conditions in a long time, and the fish are in extremely good condition. On the North Fork Clearwater, anglers averaged a fish every eight hours. On the Snake downstream from the Salmon, the average was six. Upstream to the dam, it was seven hours per fish. A friend who fished from shore at Wawawai this week said he was the only bank angler on the river. He had one take-down in 10 hours and caught a wild hen steelhead.

The Grande Ronde is running higher these days and the steelhead are moving upriver from Heller Bar, where the action has slowed.

Fishing for steelhead has been off in the Pateros- Bridgeport area because of the unseasonably warm water. The recent cool weather and rain should stir things up again.

The Snake River at Little Goose Dam has also been slow this week for steelhead. It is fair near the hatchery, where a few salmon (which must be released) are making things more interesting. The Tucannon River has been good, but a lot of the fish are stacked up at the mouth waiting out the salmon spawn and needing some rain to get them moving.

Steelhead angling is picking up for boat anglers in the Columbia River above the John Day Dam. It remains fair for boat anglers.


Alan Liere
Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Report
Spokesman Review, November 7, 2008

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