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More Juvenile Fish Die
at Little Goose Dam

by Annette Cary
Tri-City Herald, May 20, 2017

Little Goose Dam in southeast Washington state backs up a 37 mile reservoir on the Lower Snake River, known as Lake Bryan. More young fish have died at the Little Goose Dam juvenile fish bypass system because of debris swept into the unusually high waters of the Snake River this spring.

The Army Corps said Friday that screens that act as barriers to protect fish in the bypass system of the dam were damaged by debris. Juvenile steelhead and salmon were trapped between the mesh of the screens and plates that control the flow of water.

About 1,800 fish died as a result, with about 1,400 of those juvenile hatchery steelhead.

Corps staff discovered damaged fish screen panels early this month and began working up to 24 hours per day to remove accumulated debris and to remove and repair panels, according to the Corps.

The Corps plans to reinstall a debris barrier at the dam this coming winter.

Earlier this spring, about 2,240 juvenile salmon and steelhead died when an opening at the juvenile bypass system was plugged with debris.

The juvenile bypass system helps them avoid the hydropower turbine by routing them through a series of water-filled channels and flumes.

About 10 million juvenile fish migrate downstream at Little Goose near Starbuck each year.

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Annette Cary
More Juvenile Fish Die at Little Goose Dam
Tri-City Herald, May 20, 2017

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