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Autumn Fishing Choices Plenty Along Columbia
River for Salmon, Steelhead and Walleye

by Mark Yuasa
Seattle Times, September 29, 2016

Photo of a nice upriver bright fall chinook courtesy of Dave Graybill.

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Salmon, Steelhead and Shad

Salmonid catch rates ranged from fair to good on the Columbia River this past weekend. In the gorge, boat anglers averaged 1.22 Chinook and 0.06 steelhead caught per boat, while anglers fishing in Troutdale averaged 0.2 Chinook and 0.03 coho caught per boat. In the Portland to Tongue Point area, boat anglers averaged 0.41 Chinook and 0.02 coho caught per boat, while anglers fishing Buoy 10 averaged 0.08 Chinook and 0.50 coho caught per boat. Bank anglers fishing the Portland to Westport area had no observed catch.

Gorge Bank: Weekend checking showed two hatchery summery steelhead kept and three wild steelhead released for 27 bank anglers.

Gorge Boats: Weekend checking showed 60 Chinook adults, seven Chinook jacks and three hatchery steelhead kept, plus one Chinook adult released for 50 boats (155 anglers).

Troutdale Boats: Weekend checking showed 29 Chinook adults, three hatchery steelhead, five Chinook jacks and three coho adults kept, plus two coho adults released for 144 boats (343 anglers).

Portland to Westport Bank: Weekend checking showed no catch for 10 bank anglers.

Portland to Tongue Point Boats: Weekend checking showed 55 Chinook adults, nine Chinook jacks, two hatchery steelhead, two coho adults and two coho jacks kept, plus eight Chinook adults, one coho adult and one wild steelhead released for 155 boats (371 anglers).

Estuary Boats (Tongue Point to Buoy 10): Weekend checking showed one Chinook and four coho kept, plus two coho released for 12 boats (33 anglers).

Bonneville Pool (Bonneville Dam upstream to The Dalles Dam):No report.

The Dalles Pool (The Dalles Dam upstream to John Day Dam):No report.

John Day Pool (John Day Dam to McNary Dam): No report.

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Mark Yuasa
Autumn Fishing Choices Plenty Along Columbia River for Salmon, Steelhead and Walleye
Seattle Times, September 29, 2016

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