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Stories on Salmon
Too Often Skewed

by John L. Cox
Tri-City Herald, September 13, 2018

Young children poised to sing Woody Guthrie's 'Roll on Columbia' before a congressional subcommitte hearing in Pasco, Washington (September 10, 2018). There has been a lot of skewed stories in the Tri-City Herald (TCH) over the past few months about the benefits of the dams and in particular the lower Snake River dams.

The TCH does a disservice to the news profession and the general public by not carrying balanced news and education on the subject. Who speaks for the salmon and other life forms impacted by dams? What are the long-term negative impacts of the dams? Just as sure as the scientific community is of man-caused climate change, they are sure that dams are detrimental to salmon and one of the principal causes of their demise.

I believe the salmon are one of the foremost Northwest icons, and that we ought to do more to save them. Surely a community that contains the organizations with big ideas and a prestigious National Research Laboratory could unbiasedly identify the roots of the problem and chart and help with a solution. I don't want to be known as someone who stood by and did nothing, similar to the case with Celilo Falls, where one of the greatest landmarks of the Pacific Northwest was destroyed by The Dalles Dam.

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John L. Cox
Stories on Salmon Too Often Skewed
Tri-City Herald, September 13, 2018

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