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McMorris: We Must Protect our Dams

by Congressman Cathy McMorris
Press Release, November 15, 2006

Washington D.C. -- Congresswoman Cathy McMorris released the following statement in response to a press conference held today by special interest groups regarding the removal of the dams on the Snake River system:

It greatly concerns me that environmental groups are so quickly pushing for the removal of dams in the Pacific Northwest. Every session there are members who introduce legislation to remove or breach our dams. We must do everything possible to protect our dams and ensure that they remain a viable source of renewable energy production.

These special interest groups choose to ignore the facts. We have proven that keeping our dams and having healthy salmon does not have to be mutually exclusive. Removal of the dams would only cause detrimental harm to the economy and lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest. Our dams provide 40 percent of our region's electicity and are a major source of renewable energy. They also provide water for irrigation, which is critical to our agriculture industry, help manage flood control, and provide for recreational opportunities.

We need to develop the multipurpose use of our rivers that protects the salmon, without calling for drastic steps such as the removal of all dams.

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Congressman Cathy McMorris
McMorris: We Must Protect our Dams
Press Release, November 15, 2006

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