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Troubled by Expulsion of Clallam PUD
from the Public Power Council

by Fred Mitchell
Peninsula Daily News, June 22, 2020

Map: The Draft EIS of the Columbia River System Operations released in March 2020, included this graphic in Appendix H revealing widespread electric retail rate decreases through most of the Northwest. The PUD's expulsion from the Public Power Council (PPC) is troubling.

I have worked with the PPC during my nearly 40-year involvement in regional power supply issues for Clallam County PUD.

While occasionally having different positions on issues than Clallam PUD, the PPC provided significant value to the PUD in minimizing power supply cost increases resulting from regional policy and operational choices.

Power supply represents approximately half of the district's $60 million operating costs and therefore deserves scrutiny.

The most effective way of influencing these costs is through collaboration with regional associations providing a louder unified voice on policy and cost issues.

The PUD's other costs deserve the same scrutiny.

Small 3-4 percent annual rate increases add up to a 20 percent overall increase in the last five years.

Perhaps more concerning is the local PUD board's inability to discuss issues locally and openly, in a professional manner, to reach conclusions or positions that represent a consensus that supports the PUD and its customers.

While requiring significant time and commitment, speaking with one voice on agreed upon issues is a much more effective way to influence both local and regional topics supporting the PUD's mission of "providing reliable, efficient, safe, and low cost utility services in an environmentally and financially responsible manner."

While the removal of the Snake River dams may be an interesting topic for some, I would suggest that it's time to move forward and discuss the many other local and regional issues that directly affect the PUD's customers.

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Fred Mitchell, Sequim
Troubled by Expulsion of Clallam PUD from the Public Power Council
Peninsula Daily News, June 22, 2020

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