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Recall Waddell

by Mark White
Peninsula Daily News, June 14, 2020

Map: The Draft EIS of the Columbia River System Operations released in March 2020, included this graphic in Appendix H revealing widespread electric retail rate decreases through most of the Northwest. In response to the article titled "Public Power Council Expels Clallam PUD," I would like to ask why we have a public utility commissioner working against the good of the ratepayers?

Jim Waddell's DamSense is working to breach the Snake River dams.

Those dams produce electricity as well as make Lewiston a seaport.

Less abundant electricity would mean higher electric rates.

So our elected representative in the PUD works to raise not only the rates of the residents of the Olympic Peninsula, but also the entire Northwest.

Mr. Waddell says that he had nothing to do with organizing the rallies or the marches at the Public Power Council.

That could be true, but that is not a denial that he leaked the information that made those rallies and marches possible.

In certain circles Mr. Waddell's actions would be considered treason; in this case, maybe only a severe conflict of interest.

The PUD is in the business of distributing power reliably and at the best rate possible.

Mr. Waddell needs to be recalled for working against those principles.

This should be a reminder to all of us, our social or pet programs have no business at our places of business when we work for the people.

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Mark White, Port Angeles
Recall Waddell
Peninsula Daily News, June 14, 2020

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