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Chaney Letter:
Dams and Salmon

by Ed Chaney
Idaho Statesman, December 7, 2016

Graphic: Operation & Maintenance Costs of federal dams of the Pacific Northwest. Graphic Detail: Operation & Maintenance Costs of federal dams of the Pacific Northwest. Your Nov. 27 article asked, "Can federal dam operators save Northwest Salmon?"

Can pigs fly?

Federal agencies for 50 years subverted the law and drove Snake River salmon onto the list of Endangered Species. Federal courts repeatedly acknowledge this. Portland District Court Judge Simon recently ruled that the feds had been naughty, but gave them another five years to study the studies of the studies.

This was the default objective of the federal salmon killers. Study Snake River salmon to death.

Contrary to the implication in the article, the lower Snake River dams are not an economic asset, they are a liability. They bleed the Northwest and the nation economically, ecologically and socially and impoverish future generations.

Demolishing these destructive pork barrel projects would not require "... even more sacrifice by the region's residents ..." as stated in the article. This is the Big Lie that has nourished Snake River salmon killers for a half century. See the con revealed in The Northwest Big Short:

Deconstructing the four lower Snake River dams and holding all stakeholders harmless (including the welfare waterway shippers and irrigators) would be an economic boon to the Northwest and the nation.

Data Sources for graphic:
Integrated Program Review & Capital Investment Review Detail Publication, Bonnevlle Power Administration, 2016
Federal Columbia River Power System Full Asset Strategy, Bonnevlle Power Administration, 2016

Ed Chaney Eagle, Idaho
Chaney Letter: Dams and Salmon
Idaho Statesman, December 7, 2016

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