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Against Breaching

by Honus James
Letters, The Idaho Statesman, November 1, 2003

This is in response to Jonathan Davis´ letter on Oct. 22, titled “Favor breaching.” In his opening he tells of how more and more businesses are becoming online services, thus doing away with the need for power from the dams to power the physical establishments doing business.

Unfortunately, Mr. Davis, our Internet doesn´t give birth to the products that we buy online. The products that we buy from the Internet must be produced, stored and delivered in very real, job-creating, establishments.

Then Mr. Davis brings up Lewiston. I lived in Lewiston for the first 15 years of my life, I´m now 17, and I wonder if Mr. Davis has even passed through that smelly place. I grew up around the facts, slanted to fit the local view no doubt, but facts none the less.

Dams provide countless benefits and breaching them has been proven to worsen the economy and environment of the surrounding area.

I know, because I was there when they were doing the tests. I do agree with Mr. Davis that everyone needs to compromise. It is essential to solving any such problem, but people sometimes are stubborn and nothing ever gets solved.

Honus James, Eagle
Against Breaching
The Idaho Statesman, November 1, 2003

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