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Favor Breaching

by Jonathan (J.J.) Davis
Letters, The Idaho Statesman, October 22, 2003

Just recently, Mike Crapo has tried to bridge the two sides of saving the salmon run in Idaho.

He has a great point of making both sides of the issue look at it as a combined effort, not a win-lose situation. We must think of the future. In our future, more and more companies are going to go online, which will use less power than an actual establishment.

Granted these dams are not used entirely for power. Without these dams, Lewiston would not have its seaport. This isnīt that big of an issue because Potlatch is the main user of the river, and it has shifted most of its shipping to train rather than down the river. Iīve read that economists havenīt given enough credit to the riverīs potential to produce revenue without the dams. The riverīs dams do not give a sufficient amount of power to stop consideration of breaching the dams.

I am for breaching some of the dams and restoring as much of the salmon run as possible. For the people of Idaho to get anywhere on this issue, we must get past each otherīs all-or-nothing ideas and be willing to compromise.

Jonathan (J.J.) Davis, Boise
Favor Breaching
The Idaho Statesman, October 22, 2003

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