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Snake River Dams:
The Wrong Story

by Ron Richards
Seattle Times, April 24, 2019

Commodity Tonnage traveling through the Columbia/Snake River 1990 - 2010 Ron Judd’s Snake River dams article claims dam proponents “have suffered the consequences of not telling (their) story.” In fact, they should suffer the consequences of not having the right story to tell.

Judd attempts to compensate for that, but falls short.

It has been made clear by real facts in many court cases that “billions spent on salmon passage at the dams” has not “improved the lot of salmon.”

The dams’ usefulness has waned. Despite attempting to sugarcoat the figures, even Judd admits the shipping on the Snake has declined between half and two-thirds from its peak.

“State of the art” fish passage facilities fail in the absence of large spills needed to create strong currents required to flush downstream migrants through reservoirs.

What is necessary is a free-flowing lower Snake to again provide currents, cooler and more oxygenated water, prevent siltation, restore the spawning grounds, reduce predator fish habitat, and provide the other conditions that the salmon and steelhead must have for survival.

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Ron Richards, Port Angeles
Snake River Dams: The Wrong Story
Seattle Times, April 24, 2019

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