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All the Wrong Interests

by John Traynor Jr.
Spokesman Review, May 26, 2007

I read with interest Rep. McMorris Rodgers' guest opinion this week regarding the ongoing evaluation of the fish recovery and dam removal issue ("Study fish recovery, not just dam removal," May 19). I found it ironic that she cited her proposed Endangered Species Transparency Act as an example of responsible analysis of the cost of fish recovery. Given her voting record on environmental and land-use issues, as well as her relationships with the business and energy interests funding the erosion of the stewardship interests, at one time important to the Republican Party, it is clear that science and transparency are not what she is after.

Why didn't she propose transparency in the workings of Vice President Cheney's energy panel, which was stacked with industry heavyweights and protected from public scrutiny by a kangaroo-court ruling designed to conceal the workings of the executive branch over the public interest? I share her interest in letting local communities, instead of federal judges, make decisions regarding the use of our rivers. Unfortunately, the walls of separation between policy-makers in the White House and well-funded industry interests have been eliminated due to a lack of oversight by congressional members such as McMorris Rodgers.

This is not about science or transparency. This is about politics and monied interests.

John Traynor Jr., Spokane
All the Wrong Interests
Spokesman Review, May 26, 2007

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