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Writer Wrong About Dam Removal

by Jim "Holly" Hollingsworth
Roundtable, Spokesman Review, October 17, 2002

Robert Stokes' Oct. 7 guest column, "Dam removal advocates wrong, but here to stay,'' feigns expertise and objectivity, then presumes to define the motivation and organizational skills of citizens who argue that a healthy river system is integral to a sound regional economy.

Furthermore, to suggest that the "dam huggers" are at a disadvantage and asleep at the switch is ludicrous. The dams were built by the federal government to create an artificial economy that provides subsidies to special interests. The natural economy that provides cost-free benefits to all God's children is ignored and excluded from "modern" accounting practices.

One need only follow the labyrinth of government subsidies to expose the politically connected interests that control the destiny of all our rivers. It is no small wonder that breaching their cash cows has little regional congressional support. The politicians, corporate executives, attorneys, accountants and regulators are all on the same revolving gravy train.

Frankly, salmon advocates don't really care if environmental organizations are here to stay or not. It's the salmon that should be here to stay. That will be a reality when proud and clever men understand that the gifts of the natural world are not theirs to destroy no matter how many dollars can be accumulated and justified by their capricious accounting systems.

Jim "Holly" Hollingsworth, Veradale, WA
Writer Wrong About Dam Removal
Spokesman Review, October 17, 2002

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