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'Wind Turbines Best Alternative

by Robert J. Carson
Tri-City Herald, April 15, 2021

(Steven Lane) Hundreds of wind turbines rise from the dryland wheat country of eastern Klickitat County, where wind farms are permitted outright under county zoning. Global climate change and associated sea level rise and ocean acidification are the worst environmental, social and economic crisis Earth has ever faced. We must do everything possible to reduce our addiction to fossil fuels. Nothing is worse than fossil fuels, including radioactive waste, the dams that reduce fish passage and wind turbine problems with views, birds and other animals.

Farming and grazing can be done immediately adjacent to wind turbines. The loss of birds is terrible, but not as great as from fossil fuels and related pollution and temperature rise. Although everywhere on Earth is sacred to Native Americans, some of whom object to the proposed wind farm, the use of fossil fuels causes much more damage to the land, sea and sky. Yes, conservation is much better than any new energy facilities, but the sale of electric and even hybrid vehicles is minuscule, and I don't see a whole lot of citizens bicycling.

When I see wind turbines, I see clear skies and imagine less coal mining and black lung disease, less oil drilling and spilling and less leaking methane. Let's support the new wind farm, not because it's ideal, but because it's better than anything except conservation.

Robert J. Carson, Walla Walla
'Wind Turbines Best Alternative
Tri-City Herald, April 15, 2021

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