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Wild Logic

by Dick Sherwin
Opinion Letters, Lewiston Tribune, June 21, 2003

Improved ocean conditions have resulted in the return of unexpected numbers of Snake River salmon, in spite of the four lower river dams. Looking at the numbers of the past three years, one might correctly conclude it is true that we can have both, fish and dams.

While most people are delighted with the returning numbers of the big fish, others still find reason to complain. They claim that even though ocean conditions have improved and more fish are returning, those fish are not genetically perfect. These returning fish are somehow genetic freaks of nature. Their numbers mean nothing because they are not "wild" stock.

Since the only way to be certain which of these fish are wild and which are inferior imitators is by extensive DNA testing, logical people might believe saving the economy of the entire region and having hatchery stock fish in the river would be a good compromise. It certainly proves we can have both a suitable fish run and a stable economic atmosphere.

As for logic, there are still those who will never waver from their goal of removing the dams at any expense. There is no compromise capable of satisfying these illogical hardliners. If they can't have "wild" fish, they prefer no fish, no economy and no compromise. Just in case people start catching on to their lunacy, they are now starting to complain about the demise of the lamprey eels. Anyone care to guess when the first eel hatchery will open?

Dick Sherwin, Clarkston
Wild Logic
Lewiston Tribune, June 21, 2003

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