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White Challenges Incumbent
Newhouse in 4th District

by 4th District Candidates
Methow Valley News, October 19, 2022

The Methow Valley News asked candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 4 (which includes the Methow Valley), to introduce themselves to readers, and to address several topics. Their responses follow.

The spillway of the Ice Harbor Dam on Wednesday with the fish ladder in the back. Dan Newhouse, Republican


I am a third-generation farmer from Sunnyside, I served as a state representative in Olympia for eight years, then as the Washington State Director of Agriculture for four years, and I have now represented Washington's Fourth District in Congress for the past eight years. I also have the honor of being elected by my colleagues in Congress as chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, a group of 80 members of Congress from across the United States who advocate for sound, commonsense policies that benefit rural America.

I first ran for Congress because I believe unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats thousands of miles away, who do not understand the unique agriculture of the Pacific Northwest, shouldn't be able to tell me how to run my farm, and they shouldn't tell you how to run your business, either. In addition to eliminating job-killing regulations, there are many other issues in Central Washington that I am working to solve. I am working to fix our broken immigration system, and I support eliminating the death tax and cutting taxes for the middle class, promoting sound fiscal policies that foster a healthy economy and business climate, advancing water storage solutions for our agriculture industry, and protecting the American dream for generations to come.

I serve on the House Committee on Appropriations, which is the House's most powerful committee, which allows me to help protect taxpayer funds from being spent wastefully and support important Central Washington priorities such as agriculture, water storage, wildfire prevention, Hanford cleanup, PNNL, and the Yakima Training Center. I have made it a priority to listen to all sides of every issue and team up with local community leaders to ensure the federal government hears Central Washington's voices. For example, I was proud to work with the Methow Headwaters Campaign in 2018 that successfully fought to protect hundreds of thousands of acres from mining. This was truly a community-led effort on a priority for North Central Washington and the region's thriving recreational economy, and I was proud to team up with this diverse group of stakeholders and work to get my legislation signed into law to preserve the natural beauty of the Methow Valley.

Water/hydropower/Snake River dam removal

There is no doubt that construction of dams throughout the Pacific Northwest placed significant impacts on fish and our environment, but these species began declining long before the Lower Snake River Dams were even built. We have two multi-year, multi-million dollar studies implemented by both Republican and Democratic administrations that came to the conclusion that dam-breaching would not benefit our native salmon species. In the 1940s, '50s, and '60s, the state of Idaho quite literally poisoned their lakes and waterways systematically to exterminate native salmon populations because they weren't “good fishin.'” It is also important to note that the greater threats to the salmon population include poor ocean conditions, excessive predation, and environmental degradation like sewage dumping. Today, we have done more than just overcome these impacts. We have taken steps to restore and protect our native salmon populations, including continued investments in research and development, as well as new technologies to improve fish passage. Our dams have fish ladders and well over a 90% fish passage rate, and our salmon are showing record levels of recovery. Every day, fish biologists, local conservation partners, tribal neighbors, and federal agencies work hard to protect and revitalize this population.

Dams are not the problem, and to compress all these factors into one singular argument -- that dam breaching is the only answer -- is a disingenuous perspective that should be rejected. We should not only reject calls to destroy our existing infrastructure, but we should be expanding the use of hydropower throughout the United States. Highlighting its benefits and encouraging its expansion have been a large focus of mine in Congress and as Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus.


As a farmer, small business owner, and representative of our agrarian district here in Central Washington, one of my top priorities has been to pass immigration reform that secures our southern border and keeps American communities safe, humanely deals with the undocumented immigrant population currently living in the United States, and overhauls the H-2A program and creates a lasting, legal, and reliable workforce solution for American agriculture.

I have written and worked to pass legislation that does just that. I'm proud to report that my legislation, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, has now passed the U.S. House of Representatives twice. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act creates a workforce solution for American agriculture by providing stability, predictability, and fairness to one of the most critical sectors of our nation's economy. Without an adequate workforce, our crops will go unharvested, and our already-delicate food supply chain is placed further at risk. By ensuring a legal and reliable agricultural workforce, we can secure our food supply, strengthen our national security, humanely deal with the undocumented immigrants living in the shadows, and reduce food costs. I'm working tirelessly to educate my Senate colleagues on the importance of this legislation so we can move the bill to the President's desk.

I have also consistently voted and advocated for a constitutional and humane solution for DACA recipients. These young people are upstanding members of our communities who follow our laws and contribute to our workforce. They were brought to our country as children through no fault of their own, many of them when they were just infants, and they should not be punished or live in fear of having their lives uprooted for the actions of their parents or guardians. I remain committed to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to finally pass a lasting and humane solution for DACA recipients.


Americans' No. 1 concern right now is how to make ends meet and afford gas, heat their homes, and provide the proper nutrition for their families. The Consumer Price Index was up by 8.3% year-over-year in August. Food prices alone have risen by more than 13.5% from last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Inflation is a direct result of high transportation costs driven by high fuel prices, and it has been further exacerbated by the federal government, under one party rule, spending too much money and pumping too many dollars into the economy. To lower inflation, we need to restore American energy independence to increase the supply of energy and lower its cost, and elect fiscally disciplined leadership to Congress.

Abortion rights

As a Christian and father of two, I am pro-life. I support exceptions in cases of rape, incest, and to protect the life of the mother.

Health care

I'm committed to working to advance solutions that ensure Americans have access to affordable prescription drugs and quality healthcare. I support the expansion of Health Savings Accounts, and a free-market based, patient-centered health care system. The federal government should not get between a patient and their doctor.

I've also been working to improve healthcare access and outcomes for underserved rural communities. I am proud that my legislation, the Rural MOMS Act, was signed into law. The Rural MOMS Act provides much needed investment in training and technology to offer greater maternal health services and takes great strides in addressing the maternal mortality rate in the United States. Unfortunately, according to the CDC, the maternal mortality rate in rural areas is over 60% higher than the rate in large metropolitan areas. Expanding and creating grant programs and other resources focused on rural maternal and obstetric care is critical to addressing the devastating mortality rate in rural America. I am working to level the playing field because moms in rural areas like Central Washington deserve the same standard of care as those in big cities.

Climate change

I support continuing to pursue an all-of-the-above energy strategy. In Central Washington, we are blessed to have so many sources of clean, renewable energy. From our powerful hydroelectric dams, to our advanced nuclear reactors, we're truly leading the way in this field. Unfortunately, Gov. Inslee and Sen. Murray are trying to remove our hydroelectric dams with no energy alternatives in place. Not only would this increase emissions drastically, but it would cost taxpayers billions of dollars. If we want to help our planet heal, we have got to be smart about our energy policies.

I also support locally led conservation efforts, because it's the men and women who live in our communities who know the needs of our communities best. I introduced the Conservation and Innovative Climate Partnership Act to allocate funding for land-grant institutions to partner with local farmers to boost conservation and innovative climate practices. Farmers are already responsible stewards of the land, and this legislation empowers producers to voluntarily adopt practices that suit their individual needs while enabling the federal government to build on the successes already taking place in agricultural communities.

Gun control

I have spoken to hundreds of police officers, chiefs and sheriffs about potential solutions to mass shootings, and they all agree taking away citizens' access to firearms will not stop criminals from committing these atrocities. We should be focused on solutions that work and protect Americans' constitutional rights, like improving school security and coordination between local, state and federal authorities to prevent known criminals from acquiring firearms. I have supported two pieces of legislation that do just that. The School Resource Officer Act directs additional funding toward school resource officers, who play a critical role in making students feel safe and are responsible for developing school safety plans. I also supported the passage of NICS Denial Notification Act, which requires the FBI and ATF to notify local law enforcement within 24 hours when a convicted felon in their jurisdiction attempts to purchase a firearm illegally and fails the NICS background check. This important legislation improves public safety by giving local law enforcement a chance to track down and arrest dangerous criminals before they can acquire a gun through any other means.

Doug White, Democrat


My family has farmed Central Washington across four generations. I was born and raised in Yakima and grew up tending cows and picking fruit on our family farms. Mine was a union household; Dad retired from Hanford as a union pipe fitter. As the first in my family to go to college, my career path was a little different. First, I was a global project manager implementing large-scale, multinational technology solutions and I owned a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong for a decade and a half. More recently, I created a Farm2Table restaurant in Yakima which I had to pause to devote full time to my campaign.

My time away provided me with a global perspective that makes me appreciate what we have here so much more. Working together, I know that we can make our communities in the 4th District better places to live, where we're connected and more energy secure, and where ample water supplies support a balanced economy. We can build both a thriving agricultural sector and high-technology jobs.

I'm running to represent Washington's 4th District in Congress to end wasteful spending, protect our Constitutional rights and freedoms and give rural Washingtonians a voice at the decision-making table.

I'm running for Congress to bring the voice of everyday people like me and you to DC. I've traveled to every corner of our district, and everywhere I go I hear the same thing -- from small business owners, farm workers, parents, you name it: Nothing ever changes.

After decades of the same kind of leadership in Congress, we've made almost no investment in drought resilience, our immigration system is absolutely broken, and our infrastructure is crumbling underneath us. D.C. insiders like our current Congressman are so obsessed with deciding how women should receive health care -- they've forgotten what they're supposed to be doing in Congress.

I am committed to making government work for the people. We know what problems we need to address -- they're the same problems we've had for decades. Droughts are getting worse each year and threatening our livelihoods. We have plenty of water, but we urgently need to build sufficient water storage and secure the Odessa aquifer to protect us. We're long overdue for real investment in our roads, our bridges, our waterways, and our power grid. I will make sure more of our federal tax dollars stay right here in Central Washington to invest in our infrastructure. We know immigration is vital to our communities and our economy, but the immigration system makes it too complicated and too expensive for workers to stay and work with our small farms and businesses.

DC politicians are too interested in power and control. People like my opponent have lost sight of the fact that Congress works for the people -- not the other way around. The bottom line: Congress needs to get out of our personal business (let women decide what happens to their bodies) and focus on rebuilding our economy, bringing business back and creating good, local jobs for our families.

Water/hydropower/Snake River Dam removal

This debate has been going on for at least 70 years. I'm troubled that our leaders' lack of vision will keep us clinging to the past. Change is inevitable and we need leadership that can plan for the future. My plan is to close the gap for on-demand energy, rebuild rail to provide a more comprehensive solution to moving people and products and ensure no harm to our environment from toxic chemicals in the silt behind the dams. This is not a matter of whether the dams come down or not, this is about the best future for all of us.


I believe we are, for the most part, a country of immigrants. It is unacceptable that we approach immigration as an attack on our country when it is so essential to our growth. Our current immigration progress is too complex and costly. Amnesty for those that have invested their lives into this country, correct the gaps and open up the H2a visa process and, most importantly, have a clear path to citizenship.


It's not acceptable that the people that live and work here can't afford to buy the things we make and grow here. We used to think big in Central Washington but petty partisan politics have left us all stuck in survival mode. When we work together we can do great things. I will work with whoever's willing to get things done -- even go against my party. It's time to bring our tax dollars home to rebuild our infrastructure and economy, attract new industries and create good-paying, local jobs in our district.

Abortion rights

I support our state's strong protections for reproductive rights and believe that women have autonomy over their bodies. It is imperative that we protect individual rights and freedoms. Government must be restricted from unwarranted invasion of our privacy -- which absolutely includes managing our own bodies.

Health care

Despite the fact we have the best doctors and medical treatment in the world, our health care system is broken. It's unacceptable that families are being bankrupted by medical costs, seniors on Medicare still can't afford their prescription drugs and diabetics are rationing their insulin. Not to mention that rural areas like Central Washington have lower Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates, making hiring and retaining health professionals a challenge in rural areas and limits access to quality care. We must make the morally and fiscally responsible decision for single-payer insurance. By removing insurance companies and negotiating for medicine our costs are cut in half and we can provide coverage for everyone.

Climate change

Each year, our farmers are losing crops as weather patterns change, tree lines recede, drought worsens and the threat of wildfire increases our district's agricultural livelihood. As an agriculturally dependent region, we must address the impact of climate change -- particularly as it relates to water security. I want to build sufficient water storage and secure the Odessa aquifer to protect us against drought. Central Washington is a leader in the nation for carbon-free energy production and science. Thus, we are in a position to lead the nation in creating new and sustainable energy that will bring family wage jobs into our district.

Gun control

I grew up around guns and learned at an early age how to handle and be respectful of their power. The process of being taught is important and absent from most gun ownership today. How do city people learn how to use a gun properly? They don't. The best way forward is to demand education and accountability for gun owners. Owning a gun is a right and a responsibility.

Getting money out of politics

Congress has stopped getting anything done for the country and for Central Washington. Partisanship, extremism, and special interest money have kept Congress from getting results, and our current Congressman has not shown the ability to get anything done for our area. It's time for a change.

4th District Candidates
White Challenges Incumbent Newhouse in 4th District
Methow Valley News, October 19, 2022

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