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Use Common Sense with Dams

by Mike Cloke
Spokesman-Review, September 3, 2022

Graphic: Photovoltaic Solar Resource of the United States. Nice to see Sen. Murray and Gov. Inslee made the right decision regarding dam breaching.

For those that say electricity is not needed from the Snake River dams, they are not paying attention to future electricity demands. Conservation alone will not meet this growing need, and wind and solar systems alone will not deliver the needed power.

Idaho is quickly growing in the number of people and Washington state is banning the sale of new fossil fueled vehicle and is phasing out fossil fuel for all new homes (time will come all new vehicles will only be available as nonfossil fuel-burning vehicles in all of the states). All of these vehicles and homes and additional people are NEW demands for electricity.

The Seattle Times Editorial Board asked a great question when it said, "What is the next step if dam breaching of the Snake River dams has little to no effect on fish runs?"

There is also the common sense solution to the reported fish challenges. There are limits on the taking of game animals and sometimes due to low number of animals, no animals may be taken. Common sense would say if fish runs are endangered, stop fishing. Do not be so greedy by saying it is "our right" to fish until the fish are gone.

For those who still believe dam removal is needed today, turn off the power to your home or business so you will become accustomed to a lack of electricity.

Mike Cloke, Clarkston
Use Common Sense with Dams
Spokesman-Review, September 3, 2022

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