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Upstream Battle

by David Liberty
Seattle Times, February 19, 2008

John Balzar's recent opinion regarding sea lions has some good points but poor logic.

The dams are killing federally-protected chinook salmon, but Balzar makes no suggestion that dams should be removed as part of the solution. Dams also provide a bottleneck for spawning salmon that now have a very narrow path of escape if they want to get upriver. This provides sea lions with a feast like they have never seen. Their impact directly affects the tribes who have fishing rights above Bonneville Dam. Yet Balzar suggests we do nothing.

Each year the sea lions arrive earlier and stay longer. Indeed, killing sea lions won't save federally-protected chinook salmon, but it may help a few more get to their spawning grounds. I say it's worth it.

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David Liberty, Hood River, Oregon
Upstream Battle
Seattle Times, February 19, 2008

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