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Can't Orcas Be Taught to Switch
from Salmon to Sea Lions?

by Stan Walker
Everett Herald, December 9, 2018

A baby orca whale calf known as J-51 swims with J-19, who is believed to be its mother, near San Juan Island Feb. 12, 2015. (Photo DAVID ELLIFRIT/CENTER FOR WHALE RESEARCH) Is the agenda of the people who want to tear out the Snake River dams really saving the orcas or something else ("Solutions for saving our salmon and orcas," The Herald, Nov. 18)?

Do they really believe that all the sewage and street chemicals run-off from the population around Puget Sound will be off-set by tearing out dams that are not even in the same drainage area?

There is no place else to put the billions of gallons of treated sewage and all the untreated sewage water from Canadian cities except into the Sound. Maybe removing all the population from around the Sound would help restore the salmon, but I am not believing that will happen any time soon.

Wouldn't a better idea be to teach the orcas to eat sea lions? They do eat seals so why not sea lions? Maybe we should capture one or two them and teach them to eat something besides salmon and then turn them loose to teach the others before we destroy valuable non-polluting power sources?

Stan Walker, Mount Vernon
Can't Orcas Be Taught to Switch from Salmon to Sea Lions?
Everett Herald, December 9, 2018

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