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Time for New Ideas

by Brian Schreiner
The Idaho Statesman, June 12, 2005

Regarding the Dams & Salmon and the "Working Snake River" articles in your newspaper:

I think that a recovery of salmon runs could bring cultural and economic benefits to the Northwest.

I believe that the salmon might bring us together.

The four dams on the Columbia River and the four dams on the lower Snake River represent great 1950s technology. Fish ladders were built with good intentions that did not work for the salmon.

It's time to put 21st century design thinking to use to reconfigure and update these dams with a solution that provides for a free-flowing river and the reservoirs for shipping to sustainably coexist.

It may be possible to have the power, the shipping and the salmon all at the same time.

The Bonneville Power Administration might work with our universities and engineers to create a plan to rebuild these dams as part of a Northwest comprehensive energy plan including hydropower, solar and wind to look ahead to our increasing energy needs. Maybe a design competition is the way to arrive at a win-win solution.

Come on. Let's work together and try some new ideas.

Brian Schreiner, Boise
Time for New Ideas
The Idaho Statesman, June 12, 2005

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