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Take the Challenge

by Rick Rogers
Lewiston Tribune, April 5, 2022

Map: USA Solar Resources The Lewiston Tribune publisher values the Opinion page editor as a "numbers guy."

A simple challenge, numbers boy: Analyze Washington State's "Clean Cars 2030" initiative, beginning with House Bill 1287. Compare the energy usage of average gasoline cars to that required by electrics from the grid. Remember to add the cost of all the new infrastructure needed. Subtract the energy lost after removing the lower Snake River dams, another Tribune favorite.

Washington State staff reports, "One million EVs will need to be driving on (Washington) roads by 2030 ... to meet ... the statutory greenhouse emissions goals ... in our 2021 Energy Strategy."

That's only 14.8% of all Washington cars. Analyze just that impact on the grid.

Officials hope to replace lost gasoline taxes with a "... road usage tax ..." (on all cars). Gov. Jay Inslee vetoed HB 1287 only because it relied on the "road usage tax" that is not (yet) law.

Marty Trillhaase normally ridicules such mathematical stupidity. He might note, for example, the physical space required for the 1-to-8 hour charging time while millions of vehicles wait in line.

Sen. Liias, D-Everett, said: "Passage of this legislation takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of the electric vehicle transition by creating a clear timeline with the data, tools, and guidelines needed to help businesses, developers, governments and consumers plan with confidence".

The Tribune knows this won't happen in eight years or 80, but it is all in on the climate change virtue signal.

Facts don't matter. ...

Rick Rogers, Clarkston
Take the Challenge
Lewiston Tribune, April 5, 2022

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